Breakup Tarot Spread

The breakup Tarot spread is sometimes the only way to sort out your relationship. After all, it happens that a partner is emotionally closed, not ready for a sincere dialogue. Tarot will help you navigate the causes of what is happening. Often, intuition suggests the most optimal solutions than dry logic.

Key features of the breakup Tarot spread

All issues related to the breakup of relationships are always painful. After all, love is what brings maximum joy, but also disappointment. Sometimes, it is very difficult to deal with all the nuances. On the one hand, happy moments spent with the second half come to mind. The querent may miss that period when everything was fine, mutual understanding reigned between him and his lover. But, since it is necessary to carry out the Tarot spread for breakup, it means that not everything is so smooth in the pair.

This fortune-telling will help you look at relationships from a different angle. After all, the questioner is completely immersed in his experiences, and therefore cannot give an objective assessment of what is happening. Tarot cards will allow you to rise above your problems. The breakup spread will show whether it is still possible to maintain the relationships, or the point of no return has already been passed. Those moments that push people away from each other and prevent them from being together will be highlighted. The fortuneteller will understand whether it is worth working on these problems or whether you need to leave.

When is the best time to do the spread

The breakup spread on Tarot cards is best done in a kind of relationship crisis. This is the time when quarrels become too frequent, the partner ignores the questioner, does not compromise. That is, circumstances are developing in such a way that a breakup becomes almost inevitable. However, nothing may be clear until the end, there is hope for reconciliation. In this case, the Tarot spread for breakup will be useful.

In the "technical" terms, it is worth choosing the evening time. During this period, intuition is sharpened, it is easier for the practitioner to enter a trance state. But you should not do the Tarot spread for breakup immediately after a quarrel, scandal. Emotions will not allow you to relax, let go of the grip of negative thoughts. The internal state of the tarologist is already half the success. It is also not necessary to conduct a divination session immediately after parting, if it happened recently. You need to give yourself time to move away from stress, and then see if there is a chance to return everything.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

The very specificity of the Tarot spread for breakup implies a certain negative. Therefore, it will be appropriate to work with specific decks here: Mad Moon, Dark Mirror, Forbidden Dreams. These cards reflect the psychological aspects of a person, the true background of his actions. It is better to consider a person for repressed emotions, hidden requests, than to focus on external manifestations. Perhaps it will be possible to come to harmony through the crisis. Well, or leave forever, so as not to spoil the second half of life.

For beginners, for the Tarot spread for breakup, the classic Waite deck is suitable. However, it is worth choosing the educational edition. There, on each card, the meanings of key symbols are written. This approach will allow you to get a true prediction, even if the practitioner is not yet very well versed in the Tarot. There is also a classic approach – the use of love Arcana. In this case, the issue of breaking up the relationship will be considered from a romantic angle. The answers won’t be as painful.

Preparation and rules of the spread

Before conducting the Tarot spread for breakup, the querent must find inner silence, peace in the soul. The attitude to work already solves half the battle. It is worth doing meditation or sports. It is important to calm down and at the same time be full of energy. Reading cards also takes a resource – after a divination session, your head may hurt. To avoid such a state, you need to be filled with strength in time. You should not work with unpleasant people and those who do not fully trust. Such clients will only take time.

The place for holding the Tarot spread for breakup must be prepared in advance. The use of incense, the lighting of program candles is welcome. You can make a whole altar, put on it the figures of deities that respond to the soul. Before work, you should contact the spirits and ask them for help. From time to time it is necessary to leave gifts in the form of fruits, alcohol or cigarettes, depending on the egregor with which the practitioner interacts.

Setting goals and formulating questions

The purpose of the Tarot spread for breakup can be the desire to find out why the breakup occurred, is there a chance to return the relationship. Or the questioner is interested in the possible probability of leaving his partner. In any case, it is always a painful situation, a dead end, a crisis. If thoughts of parting appear, then everything is not so good in a couple. The emphasis in asking a question can simply be on the relationship. It is important to be able to concentrate, not to be distracted by your own thoughts.

Schemes of the breakup Tarot spreads

The choice of a scheme for the breakup Tarot spread depends on the current situation, as well as on the level of preparation of the querent. The more cards are used, the more detailed answer the questioner receives. However, you need to be able to read information from so many Arcana. A beginner can simply get confused. If the fortuneteller is not confident in his own abilities, it is best to opt for a spread in one position.

One card

This diagram gives a short one-word answer. This Tarot spread for breakup will help you find out the reason for leaving, the likelihood of resuming communication, as well as how life will turn out after, already without a conceived person. It all depends on the question the querent asks. You can only use the Major Arcana to further simplify your task.

Breakup card

An example of reading cards to the question “Why did the partner leave?”:

  • The Tower – excessive temper, incompatibility of characters.
  • The World – lost interest, the person wants to remain friends and move on.
  • The Star – the partner lived with hopes, dreams and did not appreciate what he had.
  • Three of Swords – betrayal or cheating.
  • Five of Wands – constant disputes, the struggle for leadership in a pair.
  • Six of Cups – return to a ex partner.
  • Three of Pentacles – going to work.

«Parting» – when both are at choice

This Tarot spread for breakup is suitable in situations where people cannot decide whether to be together or not. The cards will give arguments for and against, give the necessary advice. In this case, you should choose two significators in advance – yourself and a partner. It is worth focusing on the sign of the zodiac, appearance or character traits. You can also draw two random Arcana. They will characterize people at the moment.

Querent’s expectations
Significator of the querent
Significator of the partner
Nature of the relationship
Arguments for breaking up a relationship
Arguments for maintaining a relationship
Advice for the situation
Probable outcome
  • S1 – the querent card.
  • S2 – the Arcana of the second half.
  1. Relationships at the moment. What partners are going through.
  2. What the questioner truly wants. Factor to focus on.
  3. Reason to end it.
  4. What brings people together. Reasons for maintaining a relationship.
  5. Advice on the situation.
  6. Probable outcome. Will there be a break.

Particular attention in this Tarot breakup spread should be given to position 5. It offers an effective method, gives the necessary advice on how to do it right. Sometimes what a person wants (position 2) runs counter to what he really needs.

An example of reading cards in position 5:

  • Ten of Wands – you need to take the situation into your own hands, prepare for a difficult period.
  • Three of Cups – it is worth taking things easier, more rest.
  • Six of Wands – you need to take the role of leader, to lead.
  • The Hierophant – there is a chance to agree, to come to a common opinion.
  • Six of Swords – must leave for good.
  • Ace of Pentacles – you need to give a chance to a person, try to transfer more responsibility to him.

«After breakup» – to renew relations

This breakup Tarot spread is suitable for those people who have already broken off relations, but want to return. The cards will show how expedient such a decision was, whether there is a chance to get closer to a ex partner. After all, leaving could be a mistake made on emotions. It is best to use the entire deck here along with the Minor Arcana. The cards of this group will reflect small, but significant nuances.

Reason for parting according to the querent
Internal state of the querent
What to do to restore communication
Reason for parting according to partner
Does the partner want to come back
External reasons preventing reunion
What should not be done
Likely outcome of the situation
Future prospects
Advice or warning
  1. The reason for the breakup according to the querent.
  2. Its internal state at the moment.
  3. What can be done to reconnect.
  4. What not to do.
  5. The real reason for leaving, according to the former second half.
  6. Does he want to come back.
  7. External circumstances, factors that prevent a couple from reuniting.
  8. Probable outcome of the situation.
  9. Prospects for the future.
  10. Advice or warning from Tarot.

Here, the emphasis should be placed on position 7. Often, external circumstances can become the cause of the breakup. That is, what is difficult to control often cannot be changed. This Tarot spread for breakup will not always speak of a lack of feelings, betrayal. Sometimes the reason is completely different.

Possible obstacles to happiness (card number 7):

  • Eight of Pentacles – work, lack of time for personal life.
  • The Chariot – frequent travel, long distance relationships.
  • The Devil – deception from friends, relatives.
  • The Hanged Man – diseases, debts, addictions.
  • Ten of Cups – parents who are opposed to a person (cards of a given suit may indicate the presence of other relationships).
  • Justice – problems with law.

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

In any Tarot spread for breakup, you should pay attention to the abundance of certain cards. If a lot of negative Arcana fell out, then the relationship has already become obsolete. The questioner should not suffer, he is simply wasting time on a suitcase without a handle. The only right decision will be the final withdrawal. However, if the cause lies in external circumstances, then the crisis will turn into a lesson. It is worth fighting to the end, not giving up.

If a card is hard to read, you can add it. The second Arcana will reveal the essence, prompt the necessary thoughts. It is possible to use several decks at once. The main thing is to choose those that are combined with each other. The breakup Tarot spread will only point you in the right direction. But whether to go along it – the questioner will decide for himself. Tarot is neither a sentence nor a panacea.

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