Business Tarot Spread

Business has ceased to be something frightening and distant. Now even people without any education, without experience in entrepreneurship, can succeed. In the age of the Internet and social networks, it has become very easy to promote your own services or products. That is why business Tarot spreads have become very popular. Moreover, it does not always mean the opening of huge holdings or the purchase of gold mines. Selling jewelry, creating a clothing line, making candles or soap – all this has a place to be. Especially these simple areas are good for starting a business. Further, it is possible to develop the project, invest in yourself and in new industries.

Key features of the business Tarot spread

The Tarot spread for business is a very frequent request from customers. The sphere of profit is of interest on a par with personal life and health. And, it should be noted that any prediction on this topic is very risky. The material well-being of the querent, subsequent success or resounding failure depends on it. This is due to the fact that starting any business requires an initial investment. Most people take loans for business, borrow from relatives, which is extremely dangerous. The spread offers to preview possible problems and prospects in advance in order to bypass all the pitfalls. Indeed, in the event that the idea gives a result, the questioner will be proud of himself that he once did not give in to difficulties.

In general, the Tarot spread for business can be applied to activities of any kind. Even if the fortuneteller has a clothing store at home or bakes cakes to order, all this equates to a full-fledged business. There is the purchase of goods or consumables, advertising, the sales process itself. At the same time, the business spread can be done for projects that have not yet been implemented. A similar step refers to the creation of the initial plan. A future entrepreneur needs to assess the profitability of the chosen area in advance, analyze competitors, organize an advertising budget, and much more. On the way to the goal, additional items of expenditure will appear, unforeseen situations may occur. The main thing is to be mentally prepared and not give in to problems.

When is the best time to do the spread

It is best to conduct a Tarot spread for a business long before starting your own business. This will save you from common mistakes. After all, even if the selected area is now at its peak, you can simply be late. Yes, the questioner will do everything right, but things will not work, as the time has come for a decline in consumer demand. It is necessary to take into account many nuances so that the invested funds at least pay off. And ideally, a businessman should go into a strong "plus". Therefore, it is best to have a stable permanent job and at the same time develop a strategy for your future project. A business plan should take into account even the most unforeseen and unlikely outcomes. This will allow you to find escape routes in time with minimal losses.

It is also best to do a business spread on Tarot cards before all the articles about the chosen field of activity are read. The cards will show “clean” information that the training authors or experts may not know. The fact is that the deck gives the key to the questioner. And it is worth opening the door to a brighter future alone, despite the exclamations of others. After all, most often impressive results are achieved by those who go into the area that has not yet been “trodden down”, where there really is money. But everything will depend of course on the ambitions of the querent. Even in a small enterprise, the Arcana will indicate the right path leading to prosperity.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

For the Tarot spread for business, fairly mundane decks are suitable. They should reflect the path of resources and the interaction between people. Victorian Fairy Tarot, 78 Doors, Gnomes are great for viewing this topic. It is worth choosing the system that is most understandable, responds to the heart. Someone would like to work more with the classic Waite deck or its analogues: Before Tarot, After or Oppositions. These are instruments created on the basis of the classics. You can mix several mantic systems, supplementing the answer with another card from another deck. It all depends on the preferences and skills of the practitioner.

In addition, the business Tarot spread can be well revealed by dark decks. Such cards will show all the pitfalls and allow you to prepare for difficulties. After all, it is better to know in advance that the chosen area will not bring money or even drive you into debt. It is also possible that a business will only give a good income for a while, and then turn into a yoke that is not so easy to remove. This happens when people take as partners those who are much higher level or attract investments from already established businessmen. To work out these issues, decks are suitable: Night Sun Tarot, Occult, Deviant Moon. Also, the querent has the right to use reversed positions, only the Major Arcana, or a certain group of minor ones.

Preparation and rules of the spread

Before you conduct a Tarot spread for business, you must first tune in. To do this, the querent needs to perform meditation, chant mantras, or simply take a relaxing shower. Body condition is very important when interacting with Tarot cards. You should not practice during a period of strong emotional experiences – for a start, you should calm down, put your nerves in order. The same goes for intense joy. You need to come to the golden mean, do not expect anything from the Tarot spread, be ready for any outcome. Bias can play a cruel joke – the cards will begin to show the scenario that is most preferable. However, the reality will be radically different from the painted picture of the future dream.

Then it is worth preparing the space for work. It is best to conduct a Tarot spread for business in a quiet place where no one can interfere with the questioner. All surfaces should be wiped in advance, and regular cleaning should be done. The second stage is the fumigation of the room with incense. To do this, you can use any twists of herbs or incense sticks. Also, the fortuneteller has the right to light a program candle, which will enhance intuition, tune in to the desired wave. You can create such an artifact yourself or buy it in a specialized shop. In any case, you need to tune in to the process of working with the Arcana, try to catch a moment of inner silence.

Setting goals and formulating questions

The Tarot spread for business involves several approaches. The first is responsible for the situation when the querent is just preparing to open a new business. Previously, he might not have had experience in managing people or organizing business processes at all. A similar Tarot spread focuses on the very moment of transition from an employee to an entrepreneur who is not afraid of difficulties. In this case, it is worthwhile to carefully approach the choice of a niche or field of activity. It is better to choose something simple and understandable in order to fill your hand and expand in the future. Too risky schemes can kill the desire to discover something of one’s own, as well as faith in one’s own strengths.

Another type of Tarot spread for business is an analysis of the current situation and correction of errors. This is the option when the fortuneteller already has his own business and wants to “twist” all processes to a certain gold standard. Here the emphasis is on weaknesses, possible ways out of the situation. In this case, you need to look at all the components of the case and look for a gap. For any scheme of the Tarot spread, you just need to think about your business, tune in to the question. The decisive moment will be played by the ability of the querent to visualize the result, to present events, his business partners in colors. This skill can be developed by exercising for 15 minutes a day. If this is difficult for a person, then it is possible to use any documents or photographs to tune in to the question.

Schemes of the business Tarot spreads

All Tarot spreads for business are divided here according to various situations. You should choose based on your own initial data. In addition to yourself, it is also possible to view someone else’s business. This is especially true for competitor analysis. Such an approach will help to avoid typical mistakes and speed up your own development process. If the querent has already chosen a niche, then only one particular suit can be used. Beginners, on the other hand, have the right to work only with the major group, ignoring the Minor Arcana.

«New business»

This Tarot spread for business is the most difficult. This is due to the fact that the querent has many doubts that prevent him from opening a case. If earlier a person was not engaged in entrepreneurship at all, then the transition to a new status will become for him a kind of personal crisis. However, this scheme will help not to fall into the traps of business, generously scattered throughout the "forest" of the economic market. Or it may be that the questioner should not become an entrepreneur at all. The spread will tell about all this.

Suitable sphere
True motives
Income and risks
Entrepreneurial ability
Where to begin
  1. Whether the person is an entrepreneur.
  2. True motives.
  3. The most suitable sphere.
  4. Possible turnover, risk level.
  5. Is it worth taking a loan, attracting investments.
  6. Do you need a partner.
  7. Client portrait.
  8. What to focus on at the very beginning.
  9. Advice on the situation.

This Tarot spread for business is good because it allows you to sensibly assess your own prospects. Perhaps now is not the right time to open a case. The reason for this may be the situation in the country, family problems, or the internal unpreparedness of a person. Even the most brilliant idea can be "drained" if you do not believe in your own strength. Apathy and lack of motivation will play a cruel joke. In this case, special attention should be paid to the first position. In principle, it will show the potential of the questioner. If he does not have entrepreneurial abilities, then it is better not to get involved in adventures, but to give preference to a stable job.

Example of reading cards in position 3:

«Work on bugs» for an existing business

But this Tarot spread for business is suitable only for those people who have already set foot on the path of entrepreneurship. And it doesn’t matter how profitable the business turned out to be in the end. In any case, every businessman dreams of even greater turnover. This Tarot spread can also be used when there is a feeling of a certain wall blocking the path to success. You need to conduct a thorough analysis and understand what exactly does not allow you to move forward. In some cases it will be one factor, in others it will be several at once.

Weak areas
Existing deficiencies
Human factor
Internal changes
External processes
Results of inaction
Results of the changes

Current situation:

  1. Strengths of the business.
  2. Weak areas.

Refinement of the problem:

  1. Is there a negative in the product or service itself.
  2. The human factor, problems in the team.

What should be done:

  1. Within the company.
  2. Beyond, perhaps solve their own problems.


  1. Advice from cards about the business itself.
  2. What happens if you leave everything as it is.
  3. What will change if you follow the advice of the cards.

This Tarot spread for business is quite variable. In any case, the case will always have a strong point, even if it lies in the energy or creativity of the owner himself. But the downsides are inevitable. Growth is in working on mistakes. Foremost in income. Perhaps the spread will show that the querent needs to change the supplier, set up advertising, or check the work team. It is important to take your work seriously and not turn a blind eye to obvious defects. For example, even if the business has a wide range of products, excellent advertising, but the seller is simply unfriendly, all efforts will be in vain.

Example of reading cards in position 2:

«A glass of wine» for good luck in the subsequent business

This Tarot spread for business is intended for those who have already managed to build a business. Maps will show where to go next, whether to expand. Perhaps the querent is destined to have several businesses, increase capital and generally develop as an entrepreneur. This Tarot spread is no longer so risky, since the situation implies that the questioner has some experience. The emphasis here is on the goal of increasing income. It is possible that for this you will need to become an investor for a startup yourself. In any case, at this stage, the business is already turning into a kind of game that requires you to make the right bet.

What’s prevents
Important lessons
  1. Potential in a new business.
  2. What prevents you from moving forward.
  3. Is it worth opening something of your own.
  4. Is it worth investing in other people’s projects.
  5. Strengths to focus on.
  6. Which, on the contrary, should not be shown.
  7. What will the new project teach or give.
  8. Wealth outcome.

Here, the emphasis should be on position 7. It is possible that the querent will not earn much money, but will receive connections, a base of proven suppliers and the opportunity to resell the project as a franchise. This Tarot spread for business should also be taken as work on oneself. Indeed, in the process of creating a new business, the questioner becomes more savvy, erudite, pumps his communication. Not always the result will be measured in monetary terms. But if finances are currently the most significant resource for the querent, then, of course, attention should be paid to position 8.

Example of card reading number 2:

  • Two of Autumn – indecision, uncertainty.
  • Seven of Spring – the inability to manage multiple processes.
  • Four of Autumn – fear of losing stability.
  • Nine of Winter – focus on the challenges and challenges of new business.
  • Six of Summer – relaxation, contentment with the current.
  • The Stars – idealistic dreams, too high demands.
  • The Magistrate – an overly meticulous analysis, an attempt to foresee everything.
  • The Vicar – the desire to please everyone, the fear of refusing someone.

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

Any Tarot spread for business should be analyzed based on the predominance of a certain suit. The most successful can be considered those in which the cards of the group of Pentacles fells out. For finance, this will be the energy of choice. However, in addition to money, communication with people is also important. After all, all resources belong to someone. To make deals, you need to be able to negotiate. That is why the Tarot spread, in which Pentacles and Cups predominate, can be considered ideal. But here it is also worth looking at the numerical designation. If the meaning of any card escapes, it is possible to pull out an additional Arcana for clarification. In this case, a consonant deck is suitable, which reveals the spread even more. A mix of such mantic instruments will give the most detailed answer.

Separately, it is worth noting the appearance of "magic" cards in the Tarot spread for business. It is possible that some strong conditionally negative Arcana will fall on the position responsible for the minuses of a case or problem. These include: Devil, Tower, Temperance, Justice. This Tarot cards may indicate the presence of curse or the evil eye. These destructive programs will affect the welfare of the querent, preventing him from developing. It is possible that a competitor, business partner, or someone from the work team has become the operator. In any case, you should contact a specialist and remove the destructive program. The Tarot spread can only focus on the problem.

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