Career Tarot Spread

The career Tarot spread will help you not get confused in a rapidly changing world. After all, if earlier people were engaged in one single activity all their lives, then in the age of capitalism this approach has lost its relevance. And in order not to get confused in choosing a new road, Tarot cards will help. They will not let you go astray, they will tell you the right direction and push you to one or another action.

Key features of the career Tarot spread

Sometimes, work and money are things that are not directly related, or even completely mutually exclusive. Some people are accustomed to having a reliable rear, which provides permanent employment. But not the fact that it brings a good income. It’s about psychology and the need for security. For the sake of an example, we can cite a hypothetical pensioner who no longer needs to work, there is a certain reserve of resources. But a person simply needs respect, the relevance of his person. Therefore, the Tarot spread for career is very variable. Everything will play an important role here: from the request to successful or not very external circumstances. After all, it’s really better for someone not to work for an organization, but to develop their own business or just home and family. To understand yourself, and this fortune-telling will help.

When is the best time to do the spread

The career Tarot spread is best done when a person really hits the wall. The answer should be very important, to promote certain actions. Simply being "interested" usually won’t lead to any positive change. Therefore, here it is necessary to focus on the relevance of the issue itself. For example, a person is on the verge of being fired and wants to know the prospects for the future – whether they will be able to quickly find a new vacancy. Or he "burned out", tired of his profession. In this case, you need to focus on finding a new field of activity. But, one way or another, the querent will crave an answer. Inside, he may already know what to do, but he needs confirmation from the outside.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

For the career Tarot spread, the deck that displays the activity of the individual is best suited. This approach will eliminate unnecessary points that need to be clarified with additional positions. For example, the querent is working with people. He cares about psychology, the mood of clients. In this case Romantic Tarot will do. If labor is associated with large capitals, investments, then another tool will be needed. It can be Romani Tarot, Gnomes. In the case when the querent is engaged in magic, practices something, other cards will do. Rune Tarot, Necronomicon, Pagan – the choice will depend on the direction that the person himself has chosen.

Preparation and rules of the spread

The Tarot spread for career can be done at any time of the day. Here the attitude of the practice is more important, the ability to hear the whisper of intuition. Beginners are advised to stay alone, morally, as it were, isolate themselves from the whole outside world. This will help you focus on yourself and your goals. For customization, you can also take your diploma, wallet, and so on. In a word, everything that is a symbol of labor for a fortuneteller. You need to tune in to active energy. The Magician card can help with this, as it reflects the very vibrations of doing. You should look at the Arcana for several minutes, feel its energy before conducting the spread.

Setting goals and formulating questions

Firstly, the questioner must deal with the current situation in which he is. Based on the initial data, the choice of career Tarot spread will depend. So, a person may not work at all at the moment. Perhaps he chooses the first job for himself or wants to combine several vacancies at once. You need to tune in and ask the question that interests you the most. After all, sometimes the opinions of others can be confusing, not allow you to hear the true "I".

Schemes of the health Tarot spreads

Each career Tarot spread can be modified, changed for yourself. Everything will depend on the initial request. At the same time, more extensive options are suitable for already experienced practitioners. It is important to correctly assess your strengths so as not to get confused in reading.


This career Tarot spread implies only one position. It is brevity that matters here. The spread can show the current situation, prospects for the planned time, give advice on changing the scope of activity. Beginners should only use cards of the suit of Pentacles, while advanced Tarot readers should use the entire deck. Thus, the scheme becomes universal.

Career card

It is worth rejoicing if they fell out:

You need to be careful if fall:

In addition, this career spread can show the most suitable activity for the querent. In it, he will reach maximum heights, realize his inclinations, talents. In this case, you should use only the major group.

  • The Fool – the ability to do anything or not work at all.
  • The Magician – any active activity, "achievement".
  • The Popess – the sphere of beauty or magic.
  • The Empress – obstetrics, gynecology; parenting.
  • The Emperor – real estate, business; leadership position.
  • The Pope – teaching, medical activity.
  • The Lovers – marriage agencies or earnings on a hobby.
  • The Chariot – travel, business trips.
  • Strength – military affairs, professional sports.
  • The Hermit – science, experiments, knowledge of the new.
  • Wheel of Fortune – temporary employment, short-term projects.
  • Justice – judicial activity, state apparatus.
  • The Hanged Man – any hard work, but for which they pay well.
  • Death – work as a forensic expert, with the remains; also excavations.
  • Temperance – psychology, the ability to calm people down, find a common language.
  • The Devil – acting skills, the ability to transform.
  • The Tower – work in the field of liquidation of something.
  • The Star – the creation of certain images, modeling business.
  • The Moon – good vocal skills, the field of music.
  • The Sun – speaker skills, a chance to become a motivator, a coach.
  • Judgement – spirituality, church.
  • The World – freelance, remote activity.

The suit of Wands can be distinguished separately. These cards in the Tarot spread for career will indicate development and breakthrough in the future. In any case, these Arcana do not promise anything negative. After all, even the Five of Wands simply speaks of competition, and the Ten speaks of difficulties. But all this can be solved, the main thing is that the vacancy itself will be, the person will not be left out of work.

«Choice» or «Green light»

This Tarot spread for career will show the situation in two ways. The first three cards – what will happen if the questioner goes the intended path, and the second triplet – if he refuses to change something and leaves everything as it is.

Current situation
Option A, card 1
Option B, card 1
Option A, card 2
Option B, card 2
Option A, card 3
Option B, card 3
  • 1 – the current situation, what is happening at the moment.
  • 2, 4, 6 – how life will change if the fortuneteller goes to a new one. Three cards will reflect the most important events. They will show whether it is possible to build a career, reach significant heights.
  • 3, 5, 7 – how fate will turn out if you leave everything as it is.

Another variation is an old and a new place, or a comparison of two areas of activity. The querent must himself evaluate the career Tarot spread and draw conclusions. The line on which there will be more positive Arcana should be considered lucky. In this case, it is worth paying special attention to the 6th and 7th positions. They will draw some conclusion. After all, sometimes the beginning looks promising, and the end is very prosaic.

«New job»

This Tarot spread for career is useful for analyzing a new vacancy. The scheme will highlight the most important points, but the choice will still remain with the person. This Tarot spread should be used when new doors have already opened for the applicant, there really is a chance to get a position of interest.

Chances of Success
Complexity and effort
Relations with colleagues
Relations with superiors
Important Aspects
Maximum result
  • S – the fortuneteller himself, his current state of affairs.
  • 1 – whether he will be hired for this position, what are the chances.
  • 2 – how much the person wants to work here.
  • 3, 4 – two positions that will show the level of salary, salary, as well as labor costs.
  • 5, 6 – psychological "climate", relationships in the team between colleagues and superiors.
  • 7 – what to pay attention to here.
  • 8 – the maximum that can be achieved in this job.

Separately, it is worth noting positions number 1 and 2. If negative arcana are present there, then this Tarot spread for work can not be further disclosed at all. After all, an unloved business will not bring anything good, even if big money is spinning there.


This Tarot cards spread will help you make an important choice. The question should be about a change of profession or just a vacancy. At the same time, the cards will tell you in detail about all the nuances. At the forefront is the querent himself and his future prospects. Here the emphasis is on his desires, ambitions.

Current position
Cons and risks
Real desires
Arguments against, card 1
Arguments against, card 2
Advice for the future
Arguments for the search, card 1
Arguments for the search, card 2
  • S – significator.
  • 1 – how things are at the current place of work.
  • 2 – what you like, suits.
  • 3 – cons and risks.
  • 4 – what you really want.
  • 5, 6 – arguments against the current location.
  • 7, 8 – arguments "for" dismissal and the search for something new.
  • 9 – advice for the future, what to do.

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

As always, foremost, when reading the career Tarot spread, you should pay attention to the group of cards. Major Arcana shift the emphasis of prediction. These are the most important events and factors to be taken into account. And here is Minor Arcana tell about transient energies, fleeting desires. It is also important to look at the suit. Pentacles will directly point to money, documents and everything connected with it. Cups they will also reflect in the spread the relationship between the querent and partners, competitors or subordinates, if a person occupies a leadership position. Staves or Wands symbolize projects under development, the opportunity to get promoted. And Swords will show either intellectual activity or negative aspects.

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