Cheating Tarot Spread

The cheating Tarot spread is a real cure for those who are tormented by doubts and guesses about the fidelity of a partner. When a lover begins to behave strangely, the most unpleasant thoughts come to mind first. This kind of spread brings to the surface those moments that require close attention. The deck will help you find out the whole truth, help yourself.

Key features of the cheating Tarot spread

The topic of lies, love triangles will always be acute and quite controversial. For some, a partner’s correspondence with another person is considered a cheating, while for others, even intimacy on the side will not mean anything. It all depends on the personal beliefs of the querent. Therefore, everyone should “tune” the Tarot spread for cheating for themselves. But, in any case, the cards will show the real state of affairs, help clarify the situation. If a loved one is tormented by jealousy, there is distrust, perhaps that he himself is deceiving the questioner.

But here it is already worth considering the relationship in a complex, comprehensively. There is no smoke without fire. It may turn out that her husband’s betrayal is just an attempt to avenge past grievances. Otherwise, infidelity will turn out to be a character trait that cannot be corrected. The Tarot spread for love cheating will dispel all doubts. It is better to check the partner’s feelings in time and build the right line of behavior.

When is the best time to do the spread

Ideally, it is better to do the cheating spread at the very beginning of the relationship. The deck will help to see all the weaknesses of a person, his dark sides. However, most often this cheating is resorted to when there are already some suspicions. And it doesn’t matter if you managed to find out something about your mistress, or the guesses have not yet been confirmed. The Arcana of the Tarot will still show the secrets of the beloved. The result can be anything – from having a second family to a crystal clear reputation. It is important to be able to read the images correctly so as not to be mistaken in such an important issue.

If we talk about the time of day, then it is better to carry out a spread for the love cheating on Tarot cards late in the evening. It is worth taking care of your internal state. No need to pick up the deck during a strong emotional shock, stress. The questioner must first calm down, come to his senses. The reliability of the prediction will depend on the ability to switch, "exhale".

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

Any erotic deck is suitable for the Tarot spread for cheating. Often the question itself implies intimacy. Manara, Decameron, Casanova – all these cards reflect the relationship of the sexes, show specific types of people. According to the Tarot decks, one can say with whom, when and under what circumstances there was a vicious connection. Well, either it wasn’t. In this case, the Arcana will show emptiness, hinting that the distrust of the fortuneteller is not supported by anything.

But it is better not to use cards of only one suit. After all, intimacy will not always be associated with love feelings. Wands, symbolizing passion, can fall out next to the Pentacles, which indicates a banal benefit, use. Therefore, it is better to work with the entire deck. The Tarot spread for cheating can also be carried out only with the help of the Major Arcana. There are already archetypes of both a permanent partner and a rival. It may turn out that the betrayal of a loved one refers to the questioner herself. That is, the third party is the querent.

Preparation and rules of the spread

Before you conduct the Tarot spread for cheating, you need to sensibly assess your own attitude. First, you need to calm down and relax. Obsessive thoughts will confuse, will not allow you to correctly read the information. Secondly, you need to stay alone, make sure that no one knocks down, does not distract from the divination session. Another person is able to interrupt the flow of mental images, redirecting the attention of the fortuneteller to himself. Therefore, it is best to work alone in the early stages. Of course, as you gain experience, the querent will be able to read cards even in a noisy environment.

Setting goals and formulating questions

The questioner needs to focus on his own situation, on his partner. You don’t even have to ask a specific question. The Tarot spread for cheating itself will illuminate everything that you need to know, take into account. The main thing is not to become attached to one point of view, not to try to see what is not there. Therefore, it is impossible to carry out the Tarot spread several times – the deck will only confuse even more. If you can’t find out the truth, then it’s worth rescheduling the session until better times.

Schemes of the marriage Tarot spreads

There are many schemes for the Tarot spread for cheating. They differ in scale as well as in specificity. After all, some want to know something pointwise, while others want to check their partner in more detail. Another choice of a suitable scheme should be justified by the level of training. It will be easier for beginners to read information from the only position on which the card of the major group fell out. But experienced practitioners can work with large schemes using the Minor Arcana.

One card

This cheating Tarot spread is very simple. You only need to draw one card. The question may imply a monosyllabic answer "yes-no" or a description of a specific person, circumstances. In any case, the querent should focus on the problem, relax and ask exactly what is really of interest. This may also include the true reasons for what is happening, if the fact of infidelity has already been confirmed. The received answer can be refined with an additional position.

Cheating card

An example of reading cards showing the circumstances of cheating:

«Betrayal» to view relationships

This Tarot spread for cheating will show the relationship between the querent and the partner as a whole. The scheme will give advice on where to move on, whether it is worth keeping the pair. It does not matter whether the betrayal is confirmed or not. You can resort to this spread in the case when there is a suspicion that a loved one is corresponding with someone, hiding something. Tarot will reflect the true state of affairs, indicate the reason for such behavior.

  1. The partner’s feelings for the questioner.
  2. Does it actually change.
  3. The future of the couple, what are the prospects.
  4. The true reason for lying. If there is no betrayal, then the position will show the state of the relationship at the moment, their quality.
  5. Advice. What to do – leave or stay.

In this Tarot spread for cheating reveal, card number 5 will be the decisive position. It will show exactly how you should behave in such a situation. After all, it happens that in fact there is no betrayal. But relations may be at an impasse, with no chance for rapprochement between the two sides. The fact that the fortuneteller has suspicions already speaks of some difficulties, distrust.

Example of reading position 5:

  • Six of Swords – it is necessary to break off relations as soon as possible, to leave completely.
  • Five of Pentacles – it is worth moving away from your partner for a while, not putting pressure on him, going through hard times together.
  • Three of Coins – you need to work on relationships, perhaps contact a family psychologist; there is a chance to save everything.
  • Ten of Cups – it is worth saving the family, forgiving each other.

«Hidden pocket» to check a partner

Sometimes, the once sincere love of two people is going through difficult times, like a test of strength. In this case, this Tarot spread for cheating is suitable. It will allow you to analyze the current state of the relationship. Also, the scheme will reveal all the secrets of the beloved. It may be that the cause of what is happening is not betrayal, but something else. Here the emphasis is on the unconscious. And what actions the querent will take after the spread depends on her.

Reason for starting a relationship
Subconscious level, card 1
Subconscious level, card 3
Subconscious level, card 2
Partner’s secret
Subconscious level, card 4
Conscious level, card 1
Reason for the secrecy
Upcoming actions, card 1
Conscious level, card 2
Upcoming actions, card 2
Conscious level, card 3
Upcoming actions, card 3
  • 1. Why did the partner enter into a relationship with the questioner.
  • 2 – 5. How he truly relates to the second half. Subconscious level.
  • 6 – 8. How it appears. Conscious level.
  • 9 – 11. What to expect from a person in the next three months.
  • 12. Secret. The secret that the partner hides.
  • 13. The reason why he does it. Why can’t open.

Here, card number 12 will be an important position. This Tarot spread for cheating may not show proximity on the side at all. The cause of strange behavior is often completely different things. They can be associated with internal fears, complexes. After all, not always the person who is nearby opens up to the end, pours out his soul.

Examples of what the other half can hide:

  • Justice – the presence of debts, credit obligations; an attempt to hide litigation.
  • Ace of Cups – love, interest in another person.
  • Judgement – second family, children on the side.
  • Three of Wands – desire to feel free, young.

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

Any Tarot spread for cheating should begin by checking the most unpleasant guesses. To do this, you can get one card, symbolizing a monosyllabic answer. If the fears are confirmed, then you can already dig further, look for reasons. But in the case when there is no betrayal, it is worth radically reconsidering your relationship. Perhaps the partner lacks support, love, respect. All this he can look for at work, among friends, moving away from the second half.

However, most often it turns out that the suspicions were not groundless. If the cheating Tarot spread confirmed the guesses, you need to soberly assess your condition. It will not always be appropriate to clarify the details, to learn something about the opponent. Therefore, you can not reveal subsequent cards when the betrayal has already “surfaced”. For some people, it’s best to just walk away from an unfaithful partner and just forget everything, like a bad dream.

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