Children Tarot Spread

The theme of procreation is one of the most popular in the mantic world. Tarot cards can be an alternative to lifeline analysis. The deck will allow you to find out in advance whether family life will work out with one or another partner, whether it will be possible to have a child. With such a powerful tool of divination, the querent is able to wisely choose a wife or husband. The Tarot spread for children can replace astrological or numerological calculation. It is only important to learn to feel the cards and correctly read their message.

Key features of the children Tarot spread

The spread for children is a whole group of divination on the Tarot Arcana. It involves viewing situations related to the child of a fortuneteller. These include: relationships with peers, well-being, character and future victories. In addition, the Arcana can show in general how many offspring there will be, when and what gender. It all depends on the request of the questioner. In any case, it should be understood that the deck will reproduce the most likely scenario for the development of events. However, most of the responsibility rests with the parents themselves. The child will take character traits, habits and attitude from mom and dad.

The other side of the coin is fate. It is possible that the heir should become a great poet, scientist, physician or engineer. In this case, the Tarot spread for children will help determine the approach to the future star. Parents will be able to find out exactly which clubs or sections to bet on. It may also be that a person does not have any special bright manifestations, inclinations. Here, adults are required to show patience and gentleness. One way or another, they are obliged to love and care for the child no matter what. This also includes various diseases, deviations from the norm. All this deck is able to show in the spread.

When is the best time to do the spread

You can take cards at any time – from pregnancy planning to the very transitional age. When yesterday’s baby grew up, became sexually mature and independent, it is better not to interfere in his life. Yes, parents can look at something on the Tarot, but still this information should be kept to yourself. Excessive pressure is more likely to harm family relationships. The Tarot spread for children involves viewing a future personality that has not yet been fully formed, it can be influenced. But adult children will no longer belong to this category.

If we touch on the technical side of the issue, then the Tarot spread for children should be carried out in the evening. It will allow you to concentrate on the question, strengthen intuition. It is better for pregnant women to wait until the big terms. At an early stage, hormonal changes are possible, which lead to emotional surges. All this directly affects the interpretation of the fallen Arcana. Do not overload yourself with unnecessary information and concentrate on the bad. Moreover, the prediction may turn out to be erroneous if it was made in a state of stress.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

When choosing a deck for a Tarot spread for children, you should focus on the aura of the cards, you need to rely on illustrations. It is worth choosing those Arcana that show the fairy-tale world, and the main characters have not grown up yet. After all, their psyche is too impressionable, they are far from prosaic reality. And such stories will help the querent to plunge into a wonderful world in which everything is possible. Such group of decks includes the Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot. But Waite would do just as well. In the "classic" there are standard cards symbolizing babies.

At the same time, it is better to put dark decks aside. The questioner should hope only for the best, so as not to worry about the future. Any spread for children on Tarot cards is only a possible perspective. But most of it depends on adults. Relationships in the family, ambitions of parents, spiritual maturity – all this will affect the final result. Even bad experiences in the past can teach you how to make the right choice. This applies to those issues that affect the topic of birth and health. If there is no prospect with one person, perhaps the querent should try to establish a personal life, find a new, more suitable partner.

Preparation and rules of the spread

As a standard, the Tarot spread for children implies preliminary preparation. The fortuneteller must get all extraneous thoughts out of his head. The right attitude will help you focus on the issue of interest. If this is not possible, then meditation will do. The main thing is to choose the right practice. You should focus on your own preferences and do exactly the opposite. For example, active people need a quiet technique. It will balance the energy. But the slow ones should choose, on the contrary, increased activity.

After the querent has achieved the desired mood, the space should be prepared. The Tarot spread for children implies a family, a home. Therefore, the pagan goddess Lada can be placed on the altar – she will become the patroness and mentor. You should choose a figurine made of wood, a picture, embroidery – in a word, everything that the soul lies to. The image of the necessary deity itself will play a decisive role. It already carries a certain necessary charge, energy. It is also possible to use incense in order to tune in to the desired wave. Jasmine, lily of the valley, lilac – fresh aromas symbolizing new life.

Setting goals and formulating questions

Before you conduct a Tarot spread for children, you need to decide on the questions. You can divide them into three groups. The first is everything that concerns the future child. This is the case when the questioner only plans family life, thinks about the number and gender of offspring. The second group is pregnancy or the presence of a child under the age of 12 years. Here questions will affect the character of the new person, his future accomplishments, strengths and weaknesses. And the third group is the analysis of relationships with teenagers. Here, generational conflicts will already be touched upon, and the path to reconciliation will be shown.

Schemes of the children Tarot spreads

The choice of scheme for the Tarot spread should be based on the age group, the initial request. This specificity is considered one of the most difficult. Therefore, Tarot spread for children is a topic for experienced practitioners. Here the emphasis is on numerous questions, the ability to compare factors and summarize. Beginners can do the first spread to get a feel for the energy of the cards. All subsequent schemes should be perfected by viewing the kids of acquaintances and relatives. In this way, the meanings of the cards can be compared with the true manifestations in life.

«Will there be children?»

This Tarot spread for children can be carried out even for those people who do not have a partner at all. The scheme is rather entertaining in nature, outlines the prospects in the future. It also shows the most likely outcome. The behavior of the questioner is taken into account, what kind of people he attracts to his destiny. It all depends on the querent himself, the future is multivariate. The result should be considered as an analysis of the current state of affairs with the ability to correct everything if suddenly the cards gave out a negative.

Health of the querent
Amount of children
Approximate terms
  1. The state of health of the fortuneteller.
  2. Possible number of offspring.
  3. For how long.

Foremost, it is worth considering the reproductive system of the questioner. After all, if there are problems here, then the Tarot spread for children will become irrelevant. It is possible that the diseases concern the partner. In this case, it is worth clarifying the position with an additional card. The same goes for the second question. If the Arcana shows the unborn child, then the additional card will indicate the gender. But in terms of timing and quantity, numbers should be taken into account.

Tarot cards symbolizing the child and pregnancy:

«What will the child be like?»

But this Tarot spread for children shows the character, talents and abilities of a little person. The scheme can be used already during pregnancy. However, it is worth knowing the sign of the zodiac. Before you conduct a spread, you need to choose a significator card. It is the fundamental link on which the rest of the positions depend. The expectant mother can be guided by the estimated date of birth. If it varies and is at the junction of signs, it is better to make two Tarot spreads for each option.

Baby health
Relationship with parents
Communication with relatives
  • S – significator.
  • 1 – baby’s immunity, his health.
  • 2 – appearance characteristic, who is more like.
  • 3 – temperament.
  • 4 – intelligence, ability to know.
  • 5 – talents.
  • 6 – emotions, the ability to empathize.
  • 7 – sociability.
  • 8 – relationship with parents.
  • 9 – connection with other relatives.

In this Tarot spread for children, the emphasis can be placed precisely on the area that interests the parent the most. For some position, it is possible to lay out additional Arcana. Also, the scheme can be used to characterize a child under 12 years old. In this case, position 2 is omitted, not taken into account. You can practice on the characteristics of relatives – nephews, sisters, brothers.

«Parents and children»

This Tarot spread for children is a real lifesaver to prevent or smooth out conflicts in the family. Maps will show the most optimal path to reconciliation. At the same time, he will give practical advice on communicating with all family members. This Tarot spread will be especially useful in a difficult adolescence, when the true causes of quarrels are not completely clear.

Relationship between parents
Family relationships now
Attitude towards the child
Child’s feelings for brothers
Child’s feelings for father
Child’s feelings for mother
Child’s feelings for sisters
Important aspects
Child’s needs
What to avoid
Father’s behavior
Mother’s behavior
Future of the family
  • 1 – family relationship at the moment.
  • 2 – what happens between the parents.
  • 3 – their relationship to the child.
  • 4 – what the child feels for the father.
  • 5 – what to mother.
  • 6 – what you should pay attention to.
  • 7 – what he is afraid of or what he does not want.
  • 8 – what he needs.
  • 9 – how a father should behave.
  • 10 – and how – mother.
  • 11 – how family relations will change in a given period of time.

This Tarot spread for children implies the inclusion of additional positions in the scheme if the child has sisters or brothers. They will be located at the level of cards 4 and 5 and numbered as 4A, 4B (brothers) or 5A, 5B (sisters). In this case, special attention should be paid to position 8. It will show the true needs of the child. If one of the parents is missing, you can not include cards 9 or 10 in the scheme.

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

Any Tarot spread for children should be analyzed for the presence of Major Arcana. They will show the bright traits of the child’s character, his abilities or "mission". For example, the Sun symbolizes glory, the makings of a leader. The Moon characterizes a person as secretive, closed. The World is friendly and harmonious. But the Minor Arcana will show less pronounced features or temporary events, reactions and emotions. An analysis of the ratio of the major and minor groups will allow us to draw conclusions regarding the true inclinations of the child.

But the suits in the Tarot spread for children are able to show the time of birth. So, Cups symbolize spring or the young age of the querent; Wands – summer or the period of 23-30 years; Pentacles – autumn or maturity; Swords – winter or the wrong moment for conception. Focus on the original request. The Major Arcana here can show how many years a new family member will appear. Years should be compared with the Roman numerals depicted on the card.

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