Choice Tarot Spread

Some people believe in fate, some don’t. The Tarot system itself involves modeling any situations. Happy relationships, successful careers and self-realization are all possible. Life is essentially a game, and the person himself is the creator of his own reality. The main thing is not to get confused in your steps towards your dream. The Tarot spread for the choice will help with this. It will show the distant prospects of the decisions made, the final outcome of any business. However, the cards will only show the path, but the person himself will have to go through it.

Key features of the choice Tarot spread

The Tarot spread for the choice can be compared with string theory. The questioner is given a chance to look into the future and see its different options. The cards will show how life will turn out, whether the querent will be happy. After all, it often happens that the beginning of any business is quite positive. But the end result can turn into a complete failure. The Tarot deck allows you to correctly assess the consequences of the choice, make the right decision for yourself. It is worth taking the prediction as a recommendation. However, the fortuneteller himself will be responsible for his final choice.

In addition, this spread is not limited to two options. The more creative the querent chooses, the more diverse the scheme will be. Life is abundant, it is not only black and white. Therefore, the Tarot spread for the choice can be done immediately for several options for the outcome of the event. The scheme will help you navigate in professions, various vacancies, or in communication with potential partners. This approach is universal. The subject of the question can be anything.

When is the best time to do the spread

The spread for the choice should be done at the moment when the questioner has already formed a certain request. Events or relationships with people have the potential to have a future. It makes no sense to ask the cards about what a priori cannot come true. Therefore, the Tarot spread for the choice between two options can be done immediately before deciding which direction to go. It is the presence of a certain crossroads that will be the determining factor for choosing such a topic. At the same time, the querent should not be emotionally attached to one of the options. It is worth letting go of the situation and looking at it neutrally..

In technical terms, an evening or night is perfect for conducting a choice spread on Tarot cards. It is at this time of day that the intuitive perception of the world is aggravated. When working with Arcana, the questioner can even begin to feel what exactly the soul lies to. Many questions will disappear by themselves. That is, the hours after sunset have a positive effect on the state of the person himself, relax the mind. With this attitude, it will be easy to hear the voice of the heart without the intervention of the mind.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

A deck for a Tarot spread for the choice should correspond to the topic of interest. For example, romantic or erotic cards are suitable for the love sphere: Manara, Decameron, Casanova. Work and finances will reflect the Tarot of the Gnomes or Totem Animals. If you want to view all the spheres at once, then you need a universal Waite deck. Beginners can only use the Major Arcana. The major group contains any manifestations of the world. It reflects all facets of life – both spiritual and domestic. The interpretation will depend on the point of view, the chosen topic. The use of the Minor Arcana will allow you to get a more complete picture.

Separately, it is worth noting the "magic" decks. On them, you can make a Tarot spread to choose one or another effect. Necronomicon, Light Seer’s, Osho Zen – all these tools can be classified as a group of cards showing energies of various directions. You can also look at health issues. The Tarot of Sexual Magic will help you make the right decision in terms of the necessary method of treatment. The main thing is to finally consult with a specialist so as not to inadvertently harm yourself. After all, even a pro can make a mistake in reading cards. And in this case, it is simply unacceptable.

Preparation and rules of the spread

Foremost, before making a Tarot spread for the choice, the questioner should sensibly assess his condition. You can not work with the deck at the peak of strong feelings or in depression. First you need to rest, gain strength, because the cards also require energy. If you neglect this rule, then you can incorrectly consider the message of the Arcana. Instead of important truthful information, the fortuneteller will receive a lie distorted by emotions. He will see exactly what he wants, and not what is actually there.

Next, the querent must prepare the space. From time to time, you can fumigate the room with a twist of wormwood or incense sticks. Such magical cleaning will remove unnecessary and harmful vibrations from the energy-informational field. Also, before the Tarot spread for the choice, you can turn to the gods for help. They are able to increase the potential of the querent, sharpen intuition, give hints. The fortuneteller can note obsessive thoughts – this will be the answer to the request. Or a certain feeling will appear, which is also a way for spirits to communicate with the world of people.

Setting goals and formulating questions

Before conducting the Tarot spread for the choice, the querent must decide on the topic. It is conditionally possible to divide them into four areas – love, career, health and spirituality. However, the fortuneteller has the right to choose just a universal spread. In any case, you first need to concentrate well on your problem. It is necessary to introduce both people in detail – if the question concerns the choice between two partners. It is worth remembering their demeanor, habits, last words. In the event that the questioner is interested in choosing a profession or a new job, then you should concentrate on the educational institution or on the company of interest. You can look at the photo of the building, go to the website of the organization.

A Tarot spread for the choice between two or more options must be read in a certain way. To begin with, the querent needs to determine for himself the most important criteria for success. The cards will show exactly what the fortuneteller originally laid in the spread. It can be a feeling of happiness, freedom, satisfaction with life. Or – employment, high income. Here, everyone will have a different approach to the issue. To perceive the final answer is in accordance with the selected criteria.

Schemes of the choice Tarot spreads

All the schemes indicated here are conditionally divided by subject. So it will be easier for the querent to navigate the Tarot spreads for the choice. Personal life, work, spiritual growth – all these schemes are suitable for both beginners and professionals. Any of them can be upgraded by adding additional branches, thereby viewing more options for events. Beginners have the right to take a universal scheme for only two cards.

«Happy ticket»

This Tarot spread for the choice is very simple and easy to understand. It includes two items. For each of them it is worth thinking of a certain person, any vacancy or vocation. The topic can be absolutely anything. The cards drawn will show whether the choice will bring happiness to the querent. Moreover, it is possible not to define the criteria for this concept in advance. The deck itself reads the energy of a person and determines what will be most important for him.

Option 1
Option 2
  1. The final result of the first solution.
  2. Perspectives of the second option.

When working with this Tarot spread for the choice, you can make a brief analysis of your true goals. In the event that cards of the same suit fell on both options, this will indicate what is important to the fortuneteller at the moment. For example, Swords will show education, obtaining new information. Cups will indicate family values, friendship and feelings in general. Pentacles put finances first. Wands will show the development of certain qualities, personal growth. In the interpretation, it is worth starting from the number of the card – the larger it is, the more suitable the option will be.

«String theory»

This Tarot spread for the choice can also be considered universal. He will show both issues of personal relationships and spiritual growth and health. A special feature is the view of the effects at all levels of life. So the querent can find out in advance how his relatives will react to his decision, whether there will be a planned result. This scheme can also be supplemented with vertical "branches", depending on the number of perspectives being viewed.

Probability of option 1
Probability of option 2
Does option 1 suit the querent
Does option 2 suit the querent
People’s reaction to option 1
People’s reaction to option 2
Events of option 1
Events of option 2
Hint for option 1
Hint for option 2
  • 1, 6 – is there any chance for the planned outcome of events.
  • 2, 7 – does it match the querent’s value system.
  • 3, 8 – how the environment reacts.
  • 4, 9 – how events will develop.
  • 5, 10 – advice on how to implement this "branch".

In this Tarot spread for the choice, it is worth focusing on predetermined criteria for happiness. It is possible that this or that solution will be only an intermediate one. That is why the attitude of the questioner is so important. After all, not all people want to do one thing for the rest of their lives without the right to further development. This scheme gives freedom in decision-making. It simply reflects the future without reference to stereotypes, simultaneously removing all the doubts of the fortuneteller.

Example of reading cards in position 4:

«Partner in destiny»

This Tarot spread for the choice is specially designed for questions related to the love sphere. In this case, you can do it for two or more people. The scheme is useful to those people who are just deciding to accept the proposal or are already in a love triangle. The emphasis here will be on a joint future, the strength of the couple. It is possible that the partner will not keep his promises, he should not be trusted. Find out all the secret thoughts and this spread will help. One "heart" – one person.

Partner’s personality
  1. A brief description of the partner.
  2. His thoughts about the fortuneteller.
  3. Feelings.
  4. Actions coming soon.
  5. Is there a cheat.
  6. Compatibility.
  7. Long-term outlook.
  8. Advice.

It is worth noting that this Tarot spread for the choice also leaves the decision to the querent. The cards will show the character of the person and the prospects with the fortuneteller. Based on the information received, it is already possible to draw certain conclusions. Card number 8 will give brief advice on exactly how to behave with this partner.

An example of reading Arcana in position 7:


But this Tarot spread for the choice will help you navigate in matters of spirituality. It will show in which direction the querent should go, which religion to choose, what to believe in. For each person, the path to integrity and breakthrough will be different. Meditation is suitable for someone, prayers or fasting for another. In any case, after conducting this Tarot spread, the fortuneteller will no longer have all questions regarding spiritual searches. In advance, you should determine for yourself a faith or a certain method. The left side will be responsible for one, the right side for the other.

Person’s characteristics
Entity of option 1
Entity of option 2
What method 1 will give
What method 1 will take
What method 2 will give
What method 2 will take
  1. Characteristic of a person.
  2. Whether the first method responds.
  3. What it can give in the future.
  4. What sacrifices are worth making.
  5. Whether the second method is appropriate.
  6. What will he give.
  7. Which, on the contrary, will take away.

In this Tarot spread for the choice, it is worth paying special attention to positions 3 and 6. There will always be victims, so you should understand what all this is for. The priority should be what the fortuneteller is deprived of at the moment. For example, peace of mind, faith in yourself. Active or monotonous meditation, going out to people or, conversely, solitude – position 1 can briefly highlight this issue, show the most striking character traits.

An example of reading cards numbered 3 or 6:

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

In the interpretation of any Tarot spread for the choice, first, you should pay attention to the presence of Major Arcana. That “branch” or side on which they appear will signal some kind of karmic lesson. And it will not always give a positive result. The energies of the Major Arcana reflect those events that are difficult or impossible to change. The querent should be ready for them or refuse such an option altogether.

It is also worth taking into account the repeated numbers in several variations. In a Tarot spread for the choice, they can say that the fortuneteller behaves in a certain way, plays out the same scenario with different people. You need to think about where it all came from and try to break the settings. Usually such looped events are negative, they act destructively on a person. The exit from the repetition will indicate the success of the querent. And it is possible that none of the options suits him, it is worth choosing something third in general.

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