Curse Tarot Spread

The curse Tarot spread is like a litmus test for human energy. Not always an appointment with a specialist will be a 100% guarantee of the result. It is possible that the practitioner is deceiving the querent for his own gain. It is best to try to independently determine the presence or absence of magic on yourself.

Key features of the curse Tarot spread

When troubles begin to haunt a person, thoughts of a negative magical effect may creep into his head. Constant quarrels with the family, failures at work, poor health – all this undermines, takes strength. However, this state of affairs can be a common coincidence. The Tarot spread for the curse will help you understand the most confusing situation and find the true root of the problem. After all, the faster the questioner diagnoses a destructive program, the easier it is to get rid of it. This is the case when you should not wait.

There are many types of negativity. Damage is just a collective image. This includes both love spells and birth curses. In a word, this is everything that destroys the mental and physical bodies of a person, his soul. The Tarot spread for the curse will reveal the worst in the life of the querent and show whether the “find” belongs to the world of magic. Thus, you can find out who cast the spell, for what reason. Also, the cards will give advice on adjusting the fortuneteller’s own behavior and actions in general. The Tarot spread for the curse will show whether it is possible to remove the negative on your own, or whether you should contact a specialist.

When is the best time to do the spread

In this matter, speed is important. The faster a person orients himself, the greater the chances for a positive outcome of the situation. The spread for the curse should be done immediately, as soon as there are guesses about magical intervention. Perhaps a lining was found at the threshold – needles, liquids, strange objects. You should not rely on fate – it is better to check on your own whether the destructive program has gone down.

There is another side of the coin. The curse spread on the Tarot cards can be done by the operator himself. If the enemy really got what he deserved, then this approach is very acceptable. In this case, the Arcana will show exactly how the program lay down, which area it hit. Diagnosis can be made after one to two weeks. During this time, the energy should have time to “untwist”.

If we talk about the practical side, then the Tarot spread for the curse should be carried out in the dark. Since the topic is very specific, evening or night should be preferred. During this period, intuition sharpens, the line between the worlds becomes thinner. However, if the questioner is afraid, cannot tune in to the Tarot spread for the curse because of his own fears, then it is better to simply turn to another practitioner. Often, it is help from the outside that is needed, since it can be difficult to determine the impact on oneself on one’s own.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

Traditionally, dark decks are chosen for the curse Tarot spread. They most accurately convey the nature of the impact, show the objects used for witchcraft. The Gothic Tarot by Joseph Vargo, Shadows, Baphomet – all these cards will make the task of the querent easier, help to find evil. Here there are images of Demons, various paraphernalia. In addition, these decks can show whether the enchantment was deservedly or not. It often happens that the person himself is not to blame for anything, but his ancestors did something bad. Here is the law of karma already enters, retribution for the sins of the parents. From the point of view of the Higher Forces, this is quite justified.

Beginners can only use the Major Arcana to conduct the Tarot spread for the curse. All archetypes have a shadow side. The same Empress in this context can be read as the presence of a family curse on the maternal side. In this case, you need to focus on the environment. And this is where the Minor Arcana will help. They will supplement the prediction with details, show exactly what bad luck manifests itself in. It may turn out that all problems are exclusively in the thoughts of the questioner and have nothing to do with witchcraft.

Preparation and rules of the spread

Before you carry out the Tarot spread for the curse, you should sensibly assess your strengths. No need to be biased, set yourself up for a single result. The answer may be unpredictable. Therefore, the querent is recommended to let go of the situation, to calm down. There is no need to clear the space here in any way – if there is a negative, then fortune-telling will definitely show it. It is better to meditate in advance, take a bath with sea salt. The emphasis should be on your own crystal clear perception.

Setting goals and formulating questions

The Tarot spread for the curse implies various effects and ways to direct them. Before starting work, you should determine in advance the questions of interest. It is possible that a person just so far only guesses about the negative, wants to know for sure. In another version, the querent already suspects someone, wants to check his thoughts. And the third case – when the context is not important to the questioner, he is simply tired, he wants to be freed from a heavy burden without any revenge. Everywhere, you should first relax, tune in to your own image. Openness to cards will help to obtain reliable information.

Schemes of the curse Tarot spreads

The schemes for the Tarot spread for the curse differ only in the amount of information. Any of them can be modified to suit you. Everything will depend on the skill of the tarologist. It is best to start working with a scheme on one card. This will help confirm or refute the guesses. If the presence of the evil eye or curse is confirmed, you can look for answers further. The ultimate goal is to find a way to get rid of the impact.

One card

This Tarot spread for the curse can be considered the first stage of work. One card will show the presence or absence of magic. If desired, the received answer should be supplemented with a couple of Arcana. They will denote the manifestation of negativity at the household level. A single position can also indicate the operator of the impact, the age of the program, the karmic lesson, or the method of withdrawal.

Curse card

Cards showing the presence of negative magic:


The same Tarot spread for a curse implies a more detailed assessment of the situation. You can compare it with the preliminary collection of information about your enemy in order to rush into battle. The querent is invited to look at the situation from a rational angle. Even such unpleasant events can be taken as a lesson for yourself for the future. Indeed, in most cases, magic is induced for some good reason. Cards are laid out in a row from left to right.

Is there a curse?
Sphere of influence
Purpose of the impact
How to remove magic
Lesson from the situation
  1. Is there really a curse?
  2. Which sphere does it hit the most?
  3. Who is the attacker?
  4. The purpose, the meaning of the impact. Why did the enemy do this?
  5. How can I remove magic?
  6. What is the lesson to be learned from the situation?

In this spread of the Tarot for a curse, it is worth taking a closer look at position 4. This card will show the true motives of the enemy. It is possible that the fortuneteller simply became a victim of an embittered person for no reason. Then the situation should teach to be more closed, strong. Trust and honesty do not always pay off handsomely.

Example of reading cards in position 4:

  • Three of Swords – revenge, the desire to make you feel your own pain.
  • Three of Wands – envy, an attempt to take away all the best for yourself.
  • Six of Cups – the reason lies in the past; it is possible that the magic was directed at the parent.
  • Knight of Wands – the desire to capture the attention, love of a person.
  • Four of Pentacles – greed, use for one’s own purposes.

«Three Troubles»

This Tarot spread for a curse involves viewing several options for events at once. It is possible that a person has an ordinary evil eye, and not a full-fledged "black" work. In addition, the cards will help to find the culprit of the identity, the one who did or ordered the casting of the spell. It is worth using this scheme in the case when there is no clear understanding of the situation. You should first draw out your significator card. This is the King or Queen of the suit that most reflects the character of the querent.

Is there a curse, card 1
Is there a curse, card 2
Is there a curse, card 3
Is there an evil eye, card 1
Is there an evil eye, card 2
Is there an evil eye, card 3
Is there a love spell, card 1
Is there a love spell, card 2
Is there a love spell, card 3
Curse initiator
Evil eye initiator
Love spell initiator
  • S – the questioner himself.
  • 1, 2, 3 – is there a curse or not really?
  • 4, 5, 6 – is there an evil eye?
  • 7, 8, 9 – is there a love spell?
  • 10 – who initiated the curse?
  • 11 – who jinxed it?
  • 12 – who bewitched?

In this Tarot spread for a curse, it is worth reading cards in groups. If the first three positions show a negative answer, then there is no point in opening the Arcana further. But, in the case when the triplet contains negative cards, it is worth moving on. Then you need to check all possible options for exposure. Often the cards here can show a whole mini-story by which it is possible to determine the cause and the method.

Reading the court Arcana in the context of the impact operator:

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

In any Tarot spread for a curse, you should pay attention to the negative Arcana. The predominance of cards of the suit of Swords will signal the presence of a destructive. The Air group in this context shows both mental and physical suffering. All this can be seen as the consequences of magical intervention. The group of Pentacles nearby will show material failures, lack of stability.

But the suit of Cups in the Tarot spread for a curse, on the contrary, indicates pure energy. This also includes the major arcana: The Fool, The World, Temperance. Judgement will speak of a deserved punishment, if any. Wands or Staves will show love works, kindling passion. Negativity has nothing to do with the Cups, because it is impossible to evoke sincere love by binding.

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