Daily Tarot Spread

The daily Tarot spread is a universal tool to prepare in advance for important events. However, it should be used with caution. After all, living your destiny is much more interesting when you don’t know for sure what lies ahead. The method under consideration is useful only when it is vital for a person to lift the veil of secrecy and receive a prophecy for today or tomorrow.

Key features of the daily Tarot spread

The most important thing in the Tarot spread for a day is brevity. Choosing such a short period of time, the questioner must understand that the information received will be very limited. The fallen Arcana will tell only about the most significant events of the envisioned day. Moreover, the answer can concern both situations in reality and the inner mood of a person. It is important to feel this fine line, so as not to be mistaken with the conclusions.

When is the best time to do the spread

It is best to conduct the daily Tarot spread at least a day before the period of interest. Thus, the cards will show the most important information for the fortuneteller, and it will be possible to have time to prepare for the predicted events. This method is perfect for working with clients. And don’t think too far into the future. A person creates his own reality, and therefore fate depends only on him. If they are guessing for the near future, then the deck will really show the already formed events. But they are also, for the most part, an extension of the querent’s thought and energy.

But for those people who want to better study the Tarot, to become professionals, it is recommended to make the daily spread at the end of the day. Thus, it is possible to compare the received information with the real state of affairs. Such an analysis will help to better understand the language of the cards and the chosen deck. The practitioner will understand what exactly the Arcana emphasized – feelings, thoughts, or events. As a rule, this will be the most significant area for the individual on the planned day. This is what left vivid impressions, I remember. In other words, the aura of the day.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

To choose a deck suitable for the daily Tarot spread, you should be guided by what area of life the questioner is interested in. For example, the issue of relationships is best illuminated by the cards of the erotic group: Manara, Decameron, Casanova. Candid images will help to understand the nature of the event, as well as the feelings of people. In addition, with the help of these decks, you can see the appearance of a person, his age, or the most striking personality traits.

For the sphere of money, business, career, their own tools are suitable – Tarot of the Gnomes, Romani of Raymond Buckland, Wheel of the Year. The plots here are more reflective of external circumstances, certain processes and specific actions of people. In the daily Tarot spread, such Arcana will give a clear and direct answer. Moreover, you can supplement the dropped card with others from the same group. This approach will give the most detailed prediction.

But for questions related to self-knowledge, inner work, spirituality, a specific tool is needed. Thoth Tarot, Osho Zen, I Ching – all these decks are metaphorical. They dive deep into themselves, confront face to face with existing problems. But in the end, the answer will already contain the key to change. Such Tarot spread for a day is a good way to understand yourself, the motives of behavior and, as a result, break out of the captivity of fears and insecurities.

If the questioner cannot decide on the area of interest to him, then it is best to give preference to Waite Tarot. This is a universal deck that reflects all planes of being at once – both internal and external. Such a daily spread of Waite’s Tarot cards will focus on the most important events, feelings. Perhaps it will be a little superficial, but simple and understandable. Still, beginners are advised to start working with this tool.

Preparation and rules of the spread

Like any other, the daily Tarot spread should be done only with a “cold” head. You need to turn off the internal dialogue and concentrate on the fortune-telling itself. To do this, you can create a favorable environment. For example, put out the light, light candles, get incense, turn on music for meditation. All this will set you in the right mood, relax. Then it is worth shuffling the cards properly. Some fortune-tellers read various conspiracies so that the deck shows only the truth. You can also hit it with the edge of your hand. This metaphorical gesture is also used to subjugate the spirits of the Arcana to one’s will.

Experienced practitioners do not need to be set up for work. They can do the daily Tarot spread in any setting. It is only important to maintain inner silence in order to be able to read the answer. Noisy shopping mall, city park or subway – the scenery does not matter. To make the task a little easier, you can only pull out the Major Arcana from the box. They most clearly convey the message of the day, its events. If the practitioner does not have many decks, then you can limit yourself to cards of the same suit. This approach should be applied in cases where a specific area is of interest.

Setting goals and formulating questions

Before you make the daily Tarot spread, you need to decide on goal setting. It is important to understand why exactly the querent wants to receive information. For some, a short answer on one card may be enough. In this case, a person just wants to get a capacious prediction. If you need information in a more detailed form, then the question should be asked more precisely.

Simple option:

“The most important events that await me (date)?”.


“What will happen (date) in relationships/at work/with health?”.

Separately, it is possible to note the use of reversed cards. The questioner must decide in advance whether he will work with them. Beginners may not use opposite meanings at all. However, for experienced practitioners, such a tool will give additional meanings in the daily Tarot spread. To start working with reversed Arcana, you can choose for yourself a scheme for a single position. This will make it easier to get the gist.

Schemes of the daily Tarot spreads

Even such a seemingly simple Tarot spread for a day has many variations. The choice of schema will depend on the initial request. The more precise the question, the more voluminous and more targeted the answer. If you ignore this rule, you can get chaotic information that will be difficult or even impossible to count.

«Card of the day» spread

This daily Tarot spread is a classic. The querent needs to draw only one Arcana. However, there is no need to ask a question. You just need to focus on the day ahead. Thus, the position will show the brightest event. You can use this information as advice (if it is positive) or as a warning (if it is negative).

Card of the day
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Spread of question in the daily context

This method assumes only one position. The dropped card can answer a yes/no to the question in the context of the day of interest. For example: “Will such a person call me on January (date)?”. In this daily Tarot spread, you can ask questions for today, tomorrow, or for the near future. Moreover, the only position is quite capable of giving an exhaustive answer. In this case, brevity will only help to interpret the plot more correctly. And to complement the spread, you can add a couple more positions. The first will show the factors influencing the event, and the second – those circumstances that prevent it from happening.

Question for the day
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Spread for the time of day

For this method, you need to draw three cards. Lay out positions from top to bottom, in the form of steps on the stairs. The first will denote morning, the second – lunch, the third – evening. Such a detailed Tarot spread will show key events during the day. The method is suitable for important dates when a person wants to prepare for all the surprises in advance. In addition, sometimes one event can make a sharp turn. What seemed fatal early in the morning will turn into a topic for jokes by evening.

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Spread on thoughts/feelings/actions

This option is similar to the previous one. There are also only three positions. However, the first will denote the thoughts and ideas that the querent will visit during the envisioned period. The second will highlight the issue of feelings, sensations and attitudes towards everything that happens. The third will show specific events. Thus, this daily Tarot spread will affect all areas. According to it, one can understand exactly how certain events will affect the fortuneteller. Lay out the Arcana is vertically in one line.

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«5 rays» Tarot spread

This scheme for the daily Tarot spread will show all areas of life on a specific day. The cards should be laid out in the form of a pyramid, where the highest point will be position number 3. You don’t need to ask questions, you just need to concentrate on yourself, on current affairs and plans.

Health status
Love relationship
Will the plan come true?
State of affairs
Advice for the situation
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  1. How will things be in the most important area.
  2. Relationships in the family or with a partner.
  3. State of health and well-being.
  4. Will the conceived/innermost dream come true.
  5. Advice on exactly how to act in order to implement plans.

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

In the daily Tarot spread, foremost, you should pay attention to the group of cards. So, the Major Arcana will tell about some significant events that will affect a person for some more time. For example, the Chariot will show some progress or physical movement. It immediately becomes clear that a series of changes will follow in the life of the querent. Wheel of Fortune will also tell about significant changes. When such cards fall out, you should be extremely careful.

The Minor Arcana in the daily Tarot spread will show less significant, as if transient events. For example, the Four of Cups will hint at empty thoughts, and the Eight of Pentacles will indicate preoccupation with the work process. However, the deck will not show anything super important. The court group will point to specific faces appearing next to the person. You should pay attention to the gender of the character. Sometimes the Arcana will show the querent himself and the things he will be busy with.

For example:

You can always pull out an additional card and thereby make adjustments. But the Tarot suits themselves will give additional meanings to the daily spread. If all the positions were occupied by the Water group, then most likely the day will give vivid emotions. Air will show thoughts, detachment, withdrawal into oneself or negative events. Fire will demonstrate motivation, the desire to live and create, as well as passion. Earth will tell about work processes, about how things will be in terms of career, earnings. In any case, you should pay attention to the smallest details. After all, in a short spread, they are very important.

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