Deceased Tarot Spread

There is a very thin line between the world of the living and the dead. Often, it is generally erased at night and a person can see ghosts in reality. But this is possible only if you have certain abilities and skills. But the Tarot spread for the deceased gives a chance to touch the invisible for those who do not have the gift of clairvoyance. Cards in this case become conductors. They convey the images broadcast by the deceased. It is important not to be afraid of necrotic energies and to properly interact with the "guest". After all, with the wrong approach, you can not only not find out the necessary information, but also make problems.

Key features of the deceased Tarot spread

The dead person Tarot spread is a good alternative to the Ouija board. The cards will help to call the soul, talk to it and find out everything the questioner needs. Moreover, you can call both a close one – a relative, a beloved, and a complete stranger to work with clients. In this matter, the emotional connection between people is important. The fortuneteller himself can become an intermediary between the world of the living and the world of the dead. However, you should always keep the focus on the original question that interests you. Simple curiosity is often severely punished by the afterlife.

If during life people were not on good friendly terms, then in this case, the Tarot spread for the deceased is able to help establish a connection. Arcana will help to learn something from the departed to another world. But here everything will be decided by the mood of the soul. To try to find a compromise, you can remove the grave, leave your favorite treat. The deceased must feel that the querent treats him with respect. Death is a fiction, just a line separating two realities. After the death of a person, nothing ends. Therefore, the dead hear everything and understand the true motives of behavior. Communication with the help of cards will help remove guilt from the fortuneteller, remove the burden of sadness from him.

Separately, it is worth noting the use of the deceased spread on Tarot cards for criminal investigation. Perhaps the killer has not been found, or the motives of the deceased are not clear. In this case, the deck will act as a forensic scientist looking for the truth. If the soul makes contact, then the querent will have a chance to find out the truth. However, sometimes the deceased is unable to immerse himself in memories. Elementary, he does not want relatives and friends to delve into the past and make problems for themselves. In this case, it is worth respecting the request of the soul, letting it go and living on, no matter how difficult it is. After all, tears and constant negative thoughts keep the deceased nearby, do not allow him to calm down or be reborn.

When is the best time to do the spread

The spread for the deceased is best done after 40 days have passed from the date of death. The soul must calm down and realize that it has passed into another world. If you do the session earlier, it will be difficult to unhook the spirit from yourself. The questioner himself may be at risk. Problems will begin to pour in one after another, strange diseases will appear, and a feeling of anxiety will not leave. All this testifies to the presence of necrotic energy, binding the deceased to a living person. Such work at such an early date can only be carried out by experienced masters who practice interaction with the world of the dead on an ongoing basis. Therefore, it is better not to take risks.

Also, the Tarot spread for the deceased should not be carried out during a period of strong grief. Negative emotions will not allow you to tune in the right way. Only complete calmness will help to hear what the deceased wants to convey. The questioner himself can see what he wants, and not the real state of affairs. It is better to wait out the hard time, load yourself to the maximum with work and everyday activities. Physical labor or sports are especially good in this regard. But it’s worth taking on a deck only in a calm state, without distortions in plus or minus. If the querent conducts a Tarot spread for a client, then it will be easier for him to focus on the issue, since there are no personal experiences.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

Such work requires certain tools. For the Tarot spread for the deceased, all dark decks are suitable, as they symbolize the other world. Do not dwell on scary images. All this should be perceived as a manifestation of necrotic energy, rather than danger from a loved one. In this matter, suitable: Santa Muerte Tarot, Haunted House, Night Sun. Especially these decks perform well in situations related to crime. Dark Arcana will help to understand, find the perpetrators, or find out the true cause of death. Experienced practitioners are able to use the Goetia Tarot in Darkness. This deck connects to the work of demons. They will show the whole truth without embellishment.

The Before Tarot is also great. It will focus on the events preceding the fateful hour. If it’s hard for the questioner to come to terms with the loss, he doesn’t want to delve into the details, then preference should be given to light decks. Here may come up: Celestial Tarot, Klimt, Dreams of Gaia. Such cards have positive energy and smooth out all sharp corners. With them, any Tarot spread for the deceased turns into a heartfelt conversation that can inspire a fortuneteller. You should choose strictly from your own feelings and preferences. Waite’s deck can be called universal. It will help in cases where the requested information concerns the fate of the living.

Preparation and rules of the spread

Before you carry out the Tarot spread on the deceased, you must definitely take care of your own protection. Necrotic energy is very strong. It can be destructive to a sick person or someone who is weak in spirit. And it’s not about the mood of the departed. Communication with the dead in itself is not a kind of negative. Dark energy comes into play. The spirit returns to the world, but with a minus sign. In order for him to be able to speak and show certain images, to transmit information, he needs to draw a resource somewhere. And the conductor itself becomes such a battery. That is why it is impossible to conduct a seance during a protracted illness.

As protection during the Tarot spread for the deceased, you can use icons, church candles, or consecrated water. The querent will need the attributes of the egregor to which he belongs. A universal way is a circle of salt, in which you have to be during the entire session. Before starting work with the spread for the deceased, you need to mentally turn to the soul and politely call her for contact. After all the questions are sorted out, you should definitely let go of the spirit. To do this, you must also mentally turn to him and ask him to leave the living.

Setting goals and formulating questions

Before you conduct any Tarot spread for the deceased, you need to designate the task in advance. Everything will be decided by maximum accuracy. If the querent wants to know exactly how a person died, what was the true cause of death, then such a spread can be attributed to a criminal one. In this case, you need to rely on the mood of the soul, its desire to make contact. It is possible that it is not known for certain whether the person died. Here, just the same, it will not be superfluous to carry out a spread for the deceased. In any case, the soul communicates, transmitting all the information. If it turns out that the person is alive, then all thoughts and their mood will be transmitted to the questioner.

A different approach is needed for the Tarot spread for the deceased, if the querent is more interested in today. Advice from the heart can be actionable and applicable. After all, everything looks much better from the other world. This approach is perfect for communicating with loved ones, but dead people, close relatives with whom the fortuneteller was on good relationships. If during their lifetime they took care of him, then even after their death they will show only positive aspects, give advice regarding their personal life or career. The deceased can know the future. He sees it in every detail, because in the next world time does not exist.

Schemes of the deceased Tarot spreads

The choice of the Tarot spread for the deceased depends on the primary task. Here all the schemes are divided into categories. "Death" will help to find out the answers to all disturbing questions, will allow you to understand what happened. Indeed, often even the verdict of doctors or the police by relatives may not be perceived at all as an indisputable truth. "World of the Dead" will finally allow the soul to let go, having done something important for it. And "Skull" gives a chance to sort out their own problems through the departed. You can carry out both one Tarot spread, and several at once, depending on your goals. It is better to learn everything in one session than to disturb the spirit often.


This Tarot spread for the deceased was created for heartbroken relatives who want to understand what happened. Moreover, the prescription of the fatal event does not matter. You can search for the truth even after 5 or 10 years, because for the soul there is no statute of limitations. It is only important to intuitively determine her mood, whether she wants to communicate in principle. If the querent does not have abilities in terms of black witchcraft, then it will not work to make the silent spirit speak. Here you need to pay attention to the appearance of closed cards in the spread of the deceased. They will notify about unpreparedness for revelations.

Health status
Before death
Place of death
Chance to change fate
Intervention from outside
Description of the killer
  1. The significator of the departed.
  2. The period before death.
  3. Was there a chance to influence fate.
  4. State of health at the time of death.
  5. Was the death an accident.
  6. Was there any outside interference.
  7. A description of the killer.
  8. Place of death.

In this Tarot spread for the deceased, position 7 should only be opened if card 6 indicates the fact of the murder. It is possible that the person was simply sick and died from his illness. External circumstances only aggravated his condition, but did not become decisive. Also, this Tarot spread will help in the event that a person is missing. Card number 1 will show if there is a chance that he is alive. It is necessary to pay special attention to the Major Arcana that fell out here. Although the percentage of such an outcome of events is small, it is still there.

Example of reading cards in position 3:

«World of the Dead»

And this Tarot spread for the deceased gives a chance to make contact, even if people were in difficult relationships. The scheme allows you to calculate the state of the soul, its energy. Also, the cards here focus on today’s circumstances, put the situation in the hands of the querent. He is able to correct long-standing conflicts, in order to firstly calm down himself. This spread for the deceased is good if a person often dreams, tells something, or leaves requests. The scheme will separate the wheat from the chaff. The spread will give out the dry residue in the form of an indisputable truth from the mouth of the deceased himself.

Cause of death
Psychological condition
Is anyone really to blame
Is the deceased worried?
State of mind
Does anyone feel guilty
Could you help
  1. Physical cause of death.
  2. Psychological state before and at the moment of transition.
  3. Whether the deceased believes someone is guilty.
  4. Could the environment help the person.
  5. Current state of mind.
  6. Does the deceased have any concerns.
  7. Is someone really to blame for the death.
  8. What the deceased wants to convey to loved ones.
  9. Is there a request.

In this Tarot spread for the deceased, special attention should be paid to the last position. She will give concrete advice to the living how to act. Card number 5 will show the state of the soul, whether it has calmed down. Indeed, in such a sensitive issue, the wishes of the departed should be considered a more important factor than those of his loved ones. It may be that it is not worth digging at all, the deceased is already at peace and does not want to be disturbed. And the people themselves need to worry about life’s problems, to solve primary tasks.

An example of reading cards in position 7:


This Tarot spread for the deceased is very energy-intensive. That is why the querent should sensibly determine in advance their own readiness to make contact with the other world. In fact, the soul will answer questions that concern the fortuneteller and relate to him. The deceased here is a kind of guru giving advice. It is important not to feel fear, but also not to drag out the conversation too much. If the soul is detained, then it can become attached to the fortuneteller and spoil his life. You need to find a middle ground and listen to your intuition so as not to make mistakes.

Spirit significator, card 1
Spirit significator, card 2
Spirit significator, card 3
Answer to the first question, card 1
Answer to the second question, card 1
Answer to the first question, card 2
Advice on the first case
Advice on the second case
Answer to the second question, card 2
Answer to the first question, card 3
Answer to the second question, card 3
Advice for the current situation, card 1
Advice for the current situation, card 2
Advice for the current situation, card 3
Empty chores, card 1
Empty chores, card 2
  • Forehead (1, 2, 3) – the significator whether the right person has arrived.
  • Left ear (4, 5, 6) – the answer to the first question.
  • Left eye (7) – a tip for this case.
  • Right ear (8, 9, 10) – the answer to the second question.
  • Right eye (11) – a tip for this case.
  • Chin (12, 13) – the answer to the least important question.
  • Mouth (14, 15, 16) – general advice on the current situation in the life of the querent.

This Tarot spread for the deceased should begin with the opening of the forehead cards. The Minor Arcana can fall here, describing the nature of the spirit that has come. Perhaps the appearance of a court cards, which will be a direct signification. If a negative combination of Arcana falls here, then it is worth finishing the Tarot spread and asking the soul to return to its world. The cards of the suit of Swords can be considered a red flag. It is not uncommon for completely different spirits or dark entities to come instead of relatives. The first three Arcana and will help determine the deception.

An example of reading group of cards at the mouth:

  • Ten of Cups – need to spend more time with family.
  • Five of Pentacles – You need to think about your financial situation.
  • Two of Cups – you need to build a relationship with your partner.
  • Nine of Swords – the querent should take care of the internal state.
  • Four of Wands – household chores will allow you to escape from grief for the deceased.
  • Ace of Swords – it is important to be alone from time to time, to say no.
  • Seven of Swords – in the case one should show cunning and resourcefulness.

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

Any Tarot spread for the deceased should be analyzed first according to the card that is responsible for the mood of the person. It is possible that the soul is not at peace, but it requires justice, action from the querent himself. It can appear in dreams and show something in the form of images. It is better to listen and fulfill the last will of the deceased. However, it also happens that the Tarot spread shows an incoherent picture, something incomprehensible. This may indicate the unwillingness of the spirit to communicate. It also happens that the querent does not have the energy or the proper abilities to conduct a session. Here it is worth sensibly assessing yourself and not taking on too difficult a task.

Particularly difficult in the interpretation of the Tarot spread for the deceased can be considered the positions responsible for finding the perpetrators. Sometimes, as if distracted cards fall here. If such information does not suit the questioner, then he may ask the deceased to show the culprit in a dream. However, if the answer never came, then it is worth considering that the spirit does not want to move things forward, to worry about what is happening. Such an opinion must also be treated with respect. After all, sometimes the truth can only aggravate the condition of loved ones. It is better for them to live in ignorance and resign themselves to fate.

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