Desire Tarot Spread

A brilliant career, a luxurious villa, an ideal partner – many only dream about it. Someone is motivated by the envy of others, while others are guided by comfort and harmony in the soul. In any case, each goal requires effort and of course sacrifice. The Tarot spread for desire will allow you to face the truth. It will determine the current point and final destination. The cards will guide you along a difficult but necessary path. With every step, the impossible will get closer, slowly becoming something ordinary. That is why it is necessary to dream big or gradually increase the scale. This approach will stimulate development, not get stuck on one level.

Key features of the desire Tarot spread

The Tarot spread for desire is a way to find out if it will be possible to fulfill a dream, to achieve a goal. Scale doesn’t matter here. The querent may dream of buying a car, acquiring real estate, or building a profitable business. Everyone determines the scope of what is permitted, decides how much he deserves this or that. After all, for someone, Lexus means nothing, while for an ordinary person with a small salary, a premium car is considered something unrealistic. It all depends on the scale of the personality. In addition, as small goals are fulfilled, excitement appears. The mind will set more difficult tasks. The person himself will set foot on the path of development of willpower. Only a systematic movement will make sense.

That is why it is important to perceive desire as achievable. It is necessary to believe and be inspired by the examples of other people. In this case, you should not envy or fall into melancholy. The key factor is constancy of intentions. The Tarot spread for desire helps to build a whole path to a dream job, a happy relationship, or good health. The task itself should be broken down into small steps. Only in this way is it possible to achieve a dream. It requires self-control, some kind of sacrifice in the form of effort and time spent. On this path, others may not believe in the abilities of the fortuneteller. He needs to support himself and not be guided by the opinions of other people. As a result, the same environment will subsequently ask for advice and help from someone who has decided to take a bold step.

When is the best time to do the spread

The desire spread is best done in the evening or early in the morning. This is the perfect time to start talking to yourself. The absence of extraneous noise, perpetual motion will allow you to hear the true needs. It may be that the querent simply wants, not some kind of collectible perfume or expensive watch. He wants to make friends, become the epicenter of events. Purchasing a luxury item may not bring the expected joy. It will be much more valuable and useful to make a preliminary analysis by asking leading questions. This self-talk is best done at a specific time. A person should not be hungry, angry or sleepy. It is necessary to close all primary needs in advance.

Also, the Tarot spread for desire requires some preparation. It may turn out that the questioner will determine several global goals at once. In this case, you should choose something more meaningful and easier to achieve. The cards will build a specific route, but the most important thing will remain for the querent – to follow this path. It is worth taking the Tarot spread as a conversation with a person who has already achieved similar results. It has a lot to share. But after the main session, you should often take up the deck. You need to check your direction with a given route, so as not to deviate from the path. Daily practice with one Arcana will allow you to bring what you started to its logical conclusion.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

In order for the desire spread on the Tarot cards to be as accurate as possible, you should choose the appropriate decks. You should start from the specifics of the dream. For example, the Pagan Tarot or the Animal Totem Tarot, Romani, Gnomes will perfectly show the sphere of finance. These are mundane Arcana, reflecting worldly affairs. But Casanova Tarot, Manara, Sexual Magic are suitable for the theme of relationships. The cards will show the way to achieve happiness in your personal life. The Tarot spread will advise the right changes in terms of behavior or appearance. All this together will work like a magnet in order to attract the right partner into your life. Well, or become a very popular person with a bunch of fans.

The Tarot of the 78 Doors, After, Heaven and Earth can be considered universal decks for a desire spread. These Arcana already contain various manifestations and energies. If the querent is interested in the spiritual realm, then certain tools are needed. Dark Grimoire, Witches Tarot, Thelema will reveal the presence of magical abilities. These cards will help determine whether it is worth achieving what you want in principle. They will show all the pitfalls, give advice on a particular goal. In this case, you can only work with the Major Arcana. The major group perfectly shows the whole path to the dream. But the Minor Arcana will give more details, highlight all the nuances.

Preparation and rules of the spread

Before you conduct a Tarot spread for desire, you need to accurately determine your dream in advance. It is necessary to choose the goal that really resonates with the soul. If the very thought of desire does not bring joy, it may be that the person was mistaken. You can unconsciously copy someone else’s life and try to impose it on your own destiny. A true dream always causes happiness, fills with energy, and does not take it away. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a preliminary analysis, some revision of thoughts. Only after the preparatory stage is it worth starting directly to work with the cards.

The Tarot spread for desire can be supplemented by turning to the spirits for help. These may be deceased relatives with whom there were good relations, some deities. You need to leave an offering to the Higher Forces on the altar table, ask in your own words to manifest and indicate the right path. Cards in this case will only be a tool. They will become a bridge connecting the consciousness of a person with a certain egregor. After the Tarot spread, gifts should be taken to a park or forest, left under a tree. It is best to cook sacrificial food yourself, putting the energy of love and gratitude into it.

Setting goals and formulating questions

Any Tarot spread for desire requires a sufficient level of concentration. This skill must be constantly practiced. If thoughts jump all the time, then the querent will not be able to correctly count the images, add them into a single picture. Therefore, one should abstract, forget about problems and unresolved tasks for a while. Next, you should take some kind of binding that will be associated with a dream. Some make special wish boards. Magazine clippings, printed photos, car accessories or keys to a house that does not yet exist are sent here. The questioner can simply imagine in detail the object of desire. It’s important to have a good imagination. It is not necessary to use photographs.

Schemes of the desire Tarot spreads

All schemes for the Tarot spread for desire are divided by the number of positions. The more cards, the more informative the work will be. If the querent has conceived something not very large-scale, then the "Citrine" spread will suit him. He will tell you the fastest way to finding happiness. If the desire is quite difficult to fulfill, requires good effort, then you should choose "Emerald". This scheme emphasizes internal changes coupled with external manifestations. You can’t make a wish come true and stay the same. But "Brilliant" is already showing a long and difficult path to a cherished dream. The Tarot spread affects several areas of life at once, in which changes will occur. After all, reaching another level is always associated with losses, working through oneself.


This Tarot spread for desire should be used for not too grandiose goals. It is a kind of litmus test that allows you to determine the truth of intentions. As a result, you can compare what you have now with what you so much want. Perhaps the dream is just a fiction. In fact, the querent only has to look at himself from a different angle. It often happens that the environment imposes other people’s goals. It is important to hear yourself, not to be influenced by others. The spread is useful in the case when it is not yet completely clear whether the fulfilled desire will make you happy.

What to do, card 2
What to avoid, card 2
What to do, card 1
What to avoid, card 1
Current life, card 1
Current life, card 2
Current life, card 3
  • 1, 2, 3 – what is happening in the life of the querent now.
  • 4, 5 – what needs to be done to promote.
  • 6, 7 – what not to do.
  • 8 – result.

In this Tarot spread for desire, it is important to pay attention to the first three positions. If cards of the suit of Swords fall out here, then this is a signal for change. The querent does not live the way he would like, he is forced to put up with something. Often the desire itself may concern the necessary minimum, but it is perceived as something unattainable. If the first positions of the spread do not show a clear conflict, then perhaps the questioner is already happy. However, the cards will still give a clear plan regarding the achievement of the goal. To use it or not is up to the individual.

An example of reading cards in position 8:


This Tarot spread for desire offers a kind of game with the subconscious. To achieve the dream life, it is necessary to imagine that the querent already has everything he wants so much. However, from the reality in which the questioner is immersed, it will not be easy to do this. Gradually it is necessary to introduce changes of character along with external transformations. For example, someone will need to change their wardrobe in order to get a dream job. The other is to smile more, to remove the habit of frowning in order to win people over. One way or another, the wish will come true. It is only important to take the right steps, get rid of the ballast.

When the dream comes true
Internal changes, card 3
External transformations, card 1
Internal changes, card 2
External transformations, card 2
Internal changes, card 1
External transformations, card 3
Area of interest, card 1
Area of interest, card 2
Area of interest, card 3
  • 1, 2, 3 – what is happening now in the area of interest.
  • 4, 5, 6 – what qualities of character should be changed.
  • 7, 8, 9 – whether external transformations are needed.
  • 10 – when exactly the dream will come true.

In this Tarot spread for desire, each position should be perceived as interconnected with the previous one. Internal changes lead to external ones. Only in this state will a person be ready to take a step forward, to enter a new reality. If you are unprepared, you can miss a good chance, a good offer. The final card in the spread will tell you about the specific deadlines for the fulfillment of the plan. In some cases, enough time should pass – from six months to a couple of years. In any case, everything is achievable. The main thing is faith in yourself and your own strengths.

An example of reading cards in position 10:


This Tarot spread for desire implies grandiose goals. Moreover, the scale should be assessed from the position of the querent himself. No need to compare yourself to friends or colleagues. The desire itself can concern both spiritual aspects and material ones. In any case, it should be perceived as weighty and rather difficult to achieve. However, nothing is impossible. The spread itself will always adjust the prediction depending on the point at which the querent is located. It is recommended that after the session, from time to time, ask the cards for point advice. This will help you not to go astray, to divide the goal into many small tasks.

Cause of failure, card 1
Cause of failure, card 2
Cause of failure, card 3
What to change in yourself
What to change in appearance
Social circle, card 1
What to avoid, card 1
Social circle, card 2
What to avoid, card 2
What needs to be abandoned
  • 1, 2, 3 – the reason for failures.
  • 4 – what should be changed in yourself.
  • 5 – what to change in terms of appearance.
  • 6, 7 – which people to communicate with.
  • 8, 9 – which is absolutely not worth doing.
  • 10 – what should be discarded.
  • 11 – the result.

In this Tarot spread for desire, it is important to analyze the first three positions. They will give a clear answer why there are no significant changes. If the querent fights for a long time, but does not get the result, the approach should be changed. Cards numbered 6 and 7 in the spread will indicate the required society. It’s often important to let go of relationships with people who are dragging you down. Positions 8 and 9 in the spread will tell you what absolutely should not be done so that the dream still comes true. For example, Arcana here can show squandering, laziness, bragging, or, conversely, modesty.

An example of reading cards in position 10:

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

When analyzing any Tarot spread for desire, it is important to take into account the appearance of reversed cards. They will signal an incorrectly chosen approach, the need to work out some points. So, a wish made may not come true just because the querent does not use his talents. For example, the reversed Ten of Pentacles indicates the availability of a resource from the family. However, the questioner himself does not want to ask for help, perceives this as a humiliation. As a result, he himself blocks the path to achieving the goal. Internal prohibitions work against the personality. If he had used the help, he would have long ago risen one step higher and would have repaid his loved ones a hundredfold.

Any Tarot spread for desire is simple. It shows a specific path to the conceived without magic and higher meanings. There is no question here whether the wish will come true or not. Everything is possible. The main thing is to choose the right path to the goal. Partly to understand yourself will help the final cards of the spread. They will show the inner feeling, emotions. You should focus on this position. If negative Arcana appear here, then this is a signal to change the vector of movement. Perhaps the dream will come true. But at the same time, she will take something important in the form of relationships, friends, favorite work. Not all desires should be fulfilled. It is important to hear yourself and strive for balance.

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