Destiny Tarot Spread

Each person comes into this world for their own unique experience. Life allows you to know love, happiness, grief and sadness. Such a range of various phenomena helps to carve out individuality. Each successive incarnation is just a step towards one’s self. The Tarot spread for destiny gives the key to understanding fate. All troubles and joyful moments add up to one unique pattern. Experience behind shoulders gives certain talents and gifts. The main thing is to open this door to creative manifestation in yourself. Even the most trivial interests will give a feeling of fullness and boundless bliss. It is only important to accept yourself and not want to go to someone else’s path.

Key features of the destiny Tarot spread

The Tarot spread for destiny is a beacon in the raging ocean of life. After all, only by realizing your highest goal, you can move towards something more. It is important to understand that it is not always necessary to strive for a specific result. In such a matter, the path itself is more important. In the process of overcoming difficulties, character is formed, the will is tempered, the spirit is strengthened. Often, questions about one’s destiny are asked during difficult periods of life. The space seems to deliberately generate negative events, mistakes are repeated over and over again. Often this happens because the questioner does not live according to his destiny. He chose the wrong road, the vector of development. Karma is nothing but the living of someone else’s reality. A person stuffs cones and does not draw conclusions.

In this case, the Tarot spread for destiny will help. Yes, the path to your calling cannot be easy. But inside the individual will always feel relaxation, satisfaction with his life. This is the difference between temporary difficulties and choosing the wrong path. Thousands of temptations will arise before the personality. One dream will soon replace another. Here it is important not to get confused, to be in contact with the “higher” Self. Destiny implies both the material side and the spiritual side. It is necessary to find a life’s work, a hobby, to reveal talents. It may be that it is important for a person to create a family, to continue the family. There are no two mirror-like destinies. Everyone goes through their own lessons and thus grows. Someone should pay attention to purely mundane things – the search for a better job, raising children and grandchildren, housekeeping. Others simply need to choose the spiritual path and deal with the available abilities.

When is the best time to do the spread

The destiny spread is best done after midnight. This is the time when dark energies rule the ball. Do not consider such vibrations as something evil or bad. Night is an enveloping haze, temporarily erasing the boundaries between the worlds. During this period, one can easily let go of the reins of a restless mind. The Arcana will give much more information if you learn to include intuition. For beginners, the dark hours before dawn will be the door to the other world. Experienced practitioners are able to work absolutely at any time of the day. The skill itself is important to switch, to dissolve thoughts, to move away from dialogue with oneself. It’s better to practice beforehand. In this regard, meditation in any form will help.

Separately, it is worth noting the inner mood of the fortuneteller. The destiny spread on the Tarot cards requires certain forces. If the querent is energetically weakened, then nothing will work. A person can drain his potential in different ways: overeating, lack of sleep, a sedentary lifestyle, constant quarrels with loved ones. If you remove these root causes, then in 3–4 days the resource will be restored. It is important to be able to constantly gain energy and try to spend it wisely. Great heights in mantic practice are reached by people who know this secret. But all this requires constant work on oneself and awareness.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

For the Tarot spread for destiny, cards of a certain kind will be required. It is best to give preference to sublime decks. The Arcana should reflect the spiritual plane, be metaphorical. Angel Tarot by Travis McHenry, Notoria Tarot in Light, Fountain Tarot are good tools for comprehending the “higher” self. Decks can indicate a person’s talents, his weaknesses and strengths. At the same time, one should not ignore the dark mantic systems. Goetia Tarot, Gothic, Vampyres – these cards will highlight unconscious aspects, allow you to pull energy from hidden resources. This also includes the Deviant Moon Tarot and Nicoletta Ceccoli.

However, sometimes the destiny spread can give out quite ordinary images. If any conditionally spiritual systems do not provide the necessary information, then simple solutions should be resorted to. Thelema, Tarot of Oppositions, Illuminati are good all-round decks. They combine both material and something higher. If the practitioner is afraid of making a mistake in the prediction, then a selection of cards can be made. Using only the Major Arcana in the spread will allow you to see the most important. The major group shows both talents and weaknesses. But the Minor Arcana are more variable. For a certain question, the querent has the right to choose a certain suit. Everything, as usual, depends on intuition and the initial request.

Preparation and rules of the spread

The Tarot spread for destiny requires careful preparation. The very choice of topic initially implies an important issue that affects all areas of life. If a person does not know where to go, then at best he will stagnate in the next years. At worst, it will begin to degrade, indulge in all serious. Nothing just happens. The very birth of a person automatically implies the presence of a certain place in society, in the system, in the universe itself. However, most people vegetate the time allotted to them, do not live as they would like. Therefore, the Tarot spread should be taken seriously, as a kind of indicator where and why to go.

In order not to make a mistake, you can resort to the help of higher powers. The Tarot spread for destiny will be as accurate as possible if you connect the cards with the energy of the deity. A prayer should be read in advance to the power with which the practitioner works. Those spirits that are close will respond best of all. For example, a church egregor “hears” a Christian, a pagan is supported by native gods, and so on. Even if the querent has not delved into this before, everything is decided by the ethnic heritage or the achievements of the ancestors, the family. It is important to identify patrons for yourself, learn to hear them, understand the signs. During practice with cards, it is necessary to put any object associated with power – an icon, a cross, a pentacle.

Setting goals and formulating questions

Destiny can be broken down into three levels. The first one is point. Here, the choice of vacancy, second half, place of residence will depend on the answer of the deck. In the process of working on himself, the querent recognizes his personality better, reveals himself. The second level is talents and abilities. Here, the Tarot spread for destiny will show the uniqueness of a person, his vocation. The fortuneteller will understand which way to go, which will help on the way. Often at this level, the Arcana shows the ability to sing, excellent acting skills, culinary talents. It is important not to devalue yourself, not to compare with others. The third level already concerns the highest destination. Here questions of self-identification, work with certain egregors are raised. Sometimes in the spread for destiny, there will be information from all three levels. It is important to trust the cards and accept everything with gratitude.

To get a reliable prediction, the querent needs to relax. You need to throw out all the experiences, pause the internal dialogue. The Tarot spread for destiny requires a good level of concentration. You should focus on your own self, discarding expectations along the way. Sometimes cards can show what a person longs to see. Illusions, on the other hand, lead to a dead end, do not allow you to escape from the cage you have built with your own hands. You should be as honest as possible with yourself and not fantasize. It is important to take the information received from the spread into account and apply it to your own benefit. Mere interest tends to be more destructive, as it feeds the ego without producing concrete results.

Schemes of the destiny Tarot spreads

All schemes for the destiny Tarot spread are divided by topic. If the querent is confused, does not know how to solve pressing problems, then the “Right way” will suit him. This is a litmus test that determines the position of a fortuneteller. Often you need to correct just a few strokes in order to get a completely different picture at the end. The destiny spread “Abilities”, as the name implies, will help to reveal talents, move on to a more positive line of life. Using one’s gift gives a feeling of fullness, moral satisfaction. But the Tarot spread “Higher purpose” reflects only the magical side. This scheme allows you to select a specific egregore, to receive information from your ancestors.

«Right way»

This Tarot spread for destiny will help in moments of despair. Getting fired, getting out of a difficult relationship, lack of money, quarrels with loved ones – all these are signs of a wrong choice in the past. It’s time to rewrite your own history, to start getting to know yourself better. Moreover, the spread can show both the area of finance, and relationships, or even spirituality. The deck will indicate the "sinking" spheres. After all, even if outwardly a person seems successful, it is not a fact that them is happy. This spread allows you to connect the material with the higher, achieve balance and take a step towards your present.

Development stage
Possible result
Faithful helpers
Way of the querent
Bad habits
Real purpose
Useful qualities
  1. The true purpose of the moment.
  2. Is the querent going the right way.
  3. What qualities should be developed.
  4. What you need to eradicate in yourself.
  5. What or who will help you find your way.
  6. What results the querent will achieve.
  7. At what stage of development is a person.

In this destiny Tarot spread, it is important to focus on the current moment. Often a person wants to know the whole path, but it is enough to see only the next couple of steps. A big goal can be broken into dozens of small ones. This approach is needed so that the querent does not give up in advance. Moreover, at this stage of life, it may be important to learn how to interact with loved ones, to live out of love and compassion. Sometimes you just have to take care of the house, read books, get to know yourself. Position 7 in the destiny spread will show the big picture. It may turn out that in 5, 10 or 15 years the questioner is really destined to become a great writer, actor or artist.

Example of reading cards in position 1:


This Tarot spread for destiny highlights the topic of talents. Often, people resort to the question of their uniqueness when basic needs are closed in life. This is the time when delicious food, a cozy home and a favorite job have ceased to please. Inside there is a desire to comprehend something new, to know another facet of one’s own personality. Cards here can show the presence of talents and gifts. And they are not always congenital. In general, the destiny spread illuminates the possible path that the querent will take. With due effort, he will achieve significant results. Everything has a technical side. If the questioner has the minimum necessary data, then a new path will open before him.

Negative consequences
How to overcome difficulties
Hidden talent
Ability development
How to use the gift
  1. Gift or hidden talent.
  2. How to develop abilities.
  3. What is it for, how to use it.
  4. What negative consequences will the development of talent bring.
  5. What will help overcome all difficulties.
  6. What will this talent give in the future.

In this destiny Tarot spread, position 1 can highlight a whole range of skills. The ability to communicate with people, to lead, to bake cakes, to sew outfits is just a small list of all possible forms of talent. Even if in the past the querent was engaged in something else, it is never too late to learn a new profession, to challenge yourself. Sometimes the Tarot spread for destiny can show the gifts of a magical sense – clairvoyance, strong intuition. In order to clarify the position, one should draw out another Arcana. An additional tool is best to choose a dark deck. It will show whether the questioner actually has magical abilities, or whether he is wishful thinking.

Example of reading cards in position 4:

«Higher purpose»

This Tarot spread for destiny covers the topic of magic and egregores in more detail. This scheme is suitable for people who have observed some oddities. Prophetic dreams, heightened intuition, the ability to influence events through the word – all this is an example of such "anomalies". The Tarot spread will help you understand yourself, separate truth from fiction. It is important to notice the presence of extrasensory abilities in time, so as not to harm yourself and others. The spread will help you choose patronage, as well as the vector of further movement. However, in some cases, the Arcana will advise you not to go into higher matters, focus on your usual life, and realize your talents through creativity.

Magic abilities
Spiritual development
Real calling
Working with clients
Protection of ancestors
Protection of spirits
Protection of Gods
Help of ancestors
Help of spirits
Help of Gods
Advice from a higher power

Human potential:

  1. Do you have magical abilities?

What higher powers expect from a querent:

  1. Spiritual development.
  2. Getting information about a craft.
  3. Is it worth working with clients.

Support search:

  1. Which egregore to contact.
  2. To what rank.
  3. What will be the exchange.


  1. Will your ancestors help?
  2. What exactly.
  3. Is there a patronage of spirits.
  4. What it is.
  5. Is there protection and help from the gods.
  6. How it manifests itself.

Final card:

  1. Council of higher powers regarding destiny.

This is an open Tarot spread. Depending on the answers, the querent must understand whether it is worth reading the cards further. If closed Arcana fall out in the first position, then it is necessary to stop the Tarot spread for the destiny. Sometimes it happens that the questioner does not have a magical gift, but the clan helps him. In this case, do not go into details. It is necessary to gratefully accept protection and patronage, while doing ordinary things. An example of closed cards in the context of magic: Two of Swords, Ace of Swords, Two of Pentacles, Seven of Cups. These Arcana say that a person thinks a lot of things. In fact, his problems relate to mundane things. It is necessary to shift the focus of attention to the family, work.

An example of reading cards in position 5:

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

For any destinyTarot spread, it is possible to use several decks at once. It is best to have on hand some kind of conditionally light tool and its opposite. If the position implies a negative, then the card should be drawn from the dark system. However, you can always choose a universal deck. Beginners should generally only work with the Major Arcana group. It already contains all manifestations. But there is a nuance. For example, the Moon in one case will show the ability to divination, and in the other – the ability to sing. The Fool symbolizes acting, but also the egregor of Chaos. In order not to get confused, it is worth pulling out a clarifying card.

If a certain suit predominates in the Tarot spread for destiny, then this is a sign. Thus, the cards are advised to devote more time to some area of life – work, family, own health. Even the brightest talents can fade if you do not take care of yourself. However, sometimes the presence of a purpose directly indicates many hardships. This is also a lesson to be learned. A person thus becomes more developed, strong and independent. Many knowledges multiply sorrows. Don’t forget about it. It is only important to correctly understand the meaning of the cards, so as not to invent some moments, not to dream about the unrealizable.

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