Divorce Tarot Spread

Marriage for some people is a real dream. A quiet life together, routine affairs, raising children – all this seems so desirable next to a loved one. However, family relationships can often come to a standstill. Sometimes interaction in an alliance is able to reveal only the worst manifestations in partners. To understand whether it is worth putting an end to, you need to turn to the Tarot spread for divorce. The cards will help you decide and not break firewood. Perhaps the couple still has a chance to start from scratch. Well, or it’s time to really think about cardinal changes separately.

Key features of the divorce Tarot spread

The divorce Tarot spread shows relationships from a pragmatic perspective. You can resort to the help of cards in the case when a serious conflict between spouses is just brewing or the couple is on the verge of parting. In any case, the cards will show the true state of affairs. The deck will highlight the disadvantages of such a relationship, reveal the feelings of both the questioner himself and his other half. As a result, the fortuneteller will be able to independently draw a conclusion whether it is worth continuing to be together. The spread for divorce will show a possible future, but subsequent actions depend only on the person himself. Often a marriage can continue with the inaction of the spouses. However, happiness and love in this pair will never be.

Also, the Tarot spread for divorce can be applied to other people. It is suitable for viewing relatives, friends and even a non-free partner. It is important to focus on the pair of interest. That is, the spread itself is useful even in cases where, objectively, everything is fine with lovers. The cards show precisely the future, how relations will develop, whether they will reach a dead end. If the husband and wife have children, then a such Tarot spread for divorce will become a kind of necessity. The Arcana will give advice on how to do the right thing so as not to injure the psyche of the child by the separation of the parents. Sometimes the deck will be adamant. Information can literally push to break a love relationship. Otherwise, the spread will focus on the positive, give a chance to start all over again, but with a different approach to your other half.

When is the best time to do the spread

The Tarot spread for divorce is best done at the very beginning of a conflict situation. The cards will show the true causes of discord. During this period, there is still a chance to fix everything without any special consequences. However, if people initially created an alliance being at odds, then the Arcana will simply duplicate the thoughts of the querent. The person himself may intuitively feel that he made a mistake by entering into this marriage. The prediction will focus on the truth, which is already hanging in the air. Living together only because of children will make all family members unhappy. That is why you need to try to pull yourself together and make a decision as soon as possible. In this case, the Tarot spread will become a good support.

The technical side of the issue is no less important. The Tarot spread for divorce should be carried out in the evening. You need to retire, ask loved ones not to disturb for a while. If scandals occur at home every day, then you need to change the place for the divination session. This may be the apartment of a relative, the parents of the querent, or even a relatively quiet area in some kind of shopping center, cafe. It is important not to take cards immediately after a quarrel. At this time, hormones can play in the querent. You need to calm down first, give yourself time to cool down. It might take a few days. If conflicts are repeated day after day, it is worth distancing yourself for some period, moving to relatives. An inflated state will not allow you to correctly read the message of the Arcana.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

For the divorce spread on Tarot cards, decks of love or psychological topics are suitable. Despite any human values, the birth of children and stuff like that, the union of a man and a woman initially implies a sexual connotation. When this spark goes out, the marriage can come to naught. The Manara Tarot, Decameron, Erotic Fantasy will perfectly show the true motives of the behavior of partners, their secret desires and expectations from the union. This also includes the Tarot of Klimt, Casanova and the Sexual Magic. Moreover, frank images should be interpreted from the standpoint of psychology. If people initially put on masks, did not show themselves real, then when they live together, this will play a cruel joke and directly lead to divorce.

When it comes to conflicts, it’s worth looking into the real cause of the scandals anyway. The Tarot spread for divorce can also be done on classic plot decks. New Vision, After Tarot, Before, Pictorial Key – all these variations of Waite will allow you to understand the true background of the behavior of the second half. The cards will show a possible future, give advice on what to do to the fortuneteller. Sometimes relationships can be fully restored even after betrayals, intrigues of relatives. And sometimes a couple does not have a chance for happiness, despite the fact that initially the family was built on love and trust. Everything is experience. And even officially registered relationships are no exception.

Preparation and rules of the spread

The Tarot spread for divorce must be carried out in a specially prepared place. Since the topic concerns love relationships, it is worth holding the symbols of marriage on the altar. It could be some kind of memento. Wedding candles or an attribute of clothing from a wedding are suitable: a glove, a tie, a tiara. There should be a binding to a pair of the questioner and his partner. It is even possible to use a regular joint photo. In addition, figurines of the patron goddesses of marriage can be placed on the desktop. The choice will depend on the religion of the querent. For Christians, the icon is suitable. You can take both large options and pocket ones.

Next, the questioner should take care of his own condition. The Tarot spread for divorce suggests a sense of inner peace, balance. To achieve harmony, you can meditate, sing mantras, read prayers. Suitable for any monotonous activity. It plunges you into a trance state, allows you to sharpen your intuition. Immediately before the divination process itself, you can cast a conspiracy over the deck so that the cards show only the truth. Here the emphasis is not on the words themselves, but on the mental state of a person. Certain formulations, the timbre of the voice put the querent himself into a trance.

Setting goals and formulating questions

In addition to answering the main question regarding the breakup, the Tarot spread for divorce can illuminate the future of the couple, the true intentions of the partner. The querent just needs to focus on the current state of that relationship. You can mentally imagine yourself next to the second half. To get answers to all your questions, you should choose the appropriate spread. It is better not to focus on the details, let the cards show the most important and give advice. In working with the deck, the attitude to the search for truth is important. It is possible that the Tarot spread for divorce will not show at all what the questioner would like to see. You just have to trust the cards and make the right decision for yourself based on the prediction. In any case, the choice always remains with the person.

Schemes of the divorce Tarot spreads

All schemes for the Tarot spread for divorce are divided according to the degree of conflict. You should choose the option that is most suitable in the current realities. The “Sincerity” spread is needed at the very beginning of marital relations. It covers the most important topics, shows how honest the partner is and, in general, compatibility for the family. You can spend it before marriage in order to prevent all unpleasant moments in advance. The Tarot spread for divorce "Possible breakup" is suitable for acute conflicts. The cards in this case will show further developments. But the Tarot spread “Relationship crisis” is needed when the couple has already firmly decided to leave. The Arcana will predict the future not only of former lovers, but also of their children, if any.


This Tarot spread for divorce should be used at the very beginning of a relationship, or only when the first conflicts arise. Perhaps this is just a stage of getting used to each other. If all disputes are resolved on time, then the couple has a chance for a happy future. At the same time, the Tarot spread shows the true feelings of the querent himself to the partner. The cards will try to find the root of the problems of this union. The final Arcana will make the most likely outcome of events. Even if a person takes some steps to improve relations or, on the contrary, destroy the connection, there is still a certain fate.

Feelings for a partner
Prerequisites for divorce
Cheating in relationships
Sexual compatibility
Financial difficulties
Source of controversy
Selfish interest
Partner’s addictions
Advice for the situation
Probable outcome
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  1. Are there any prerequisites for divorce.
  2. The querent’s true feelings for the partner.
  3. Is there cheating in a relationship.
  4. Are there any financial problems.
  5. Are the partners sexually compatible.
  6. Why the spouse does not want to compromise.
  7. Does the other half have any dependencies.
  8. Whether the partner is manipulating.
  9. Advice on the situation.
  10. Probable outcome.

In this divorce Tarot spread, the emphasis is on the sincerity of both people from the union. Position 2 shows exactly the querent’s feelings for the second half, and not vice versa. Often people marry for profit or "because everyone does it." This Tarot spread for divorce invites you to face the truth. But card number 3 can show betrayal, unpleasant conversations behind your back in the circle of relatives. Often, even the closest person is able to commit meanness. It is better to check all these points in advance so as not to be in the position of a victim of circumstances. The Arcana number 9 will give specific advice on exactly how the fortuneteller should act.

An example of reading cards in position 10:

«Possible breakup»

But this Tarot spread for divorce is already intended for the analysis of acute conflicts – a scandal could occur between spouses or someone else interferes in the relationship. The cards will show the true causes of disagreements, give advice on how to avoid quarrels in the future, if possible. Or perhaps a divorce from a husband or wife is inevitable. In this case, the Tarot deck will outline the actions of the partner, his hidden motives for behavior. There are situations when it is impossible to influence a person’s decisions. Here it is worth accepting his point of view, thanking him for the gift of experience, and step aside. This Tarot spread for divorce is especially good when the questioner himself does not understand what is happening in the relationship.

Significator of the querent
Characteristics of the partner
Querent’s desires
Current relationship
Partner’s desires
Next 3 months, card 1
Next 3 months, card 3
Querent’s actions
Next 3 months, card 2
Partner’s actions
Probability of divorce
Arguments for
Arguments against
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  • 1 – the querent’s significator.
  • 2 – a brief description of the partner.
  • 3 – what actually happens in the relationship.
  • 4 – desires of the questioner.
  • 5 – what the partner wants.
  • 6, 7, 8 – what awaits in the next 3 months.
  • 9 – actions of the querent.
  • 10 – what the other half will do.
  • 11 – the probability of divorce.
  • 12 – arguments for parting.
  • 13 – arguments against.

This Tarot spread for divorce involves the final decision by the querent himself. Particular attention should be paid to the analysis of positions 4 and 5. Often, spouses may simply not meet the expectations of marriage. This will cause constant quarrels. The cards numbered 6, 7 and 8 will build a whole storyline for subsequent events. Even if the questioner behaves perfectly, fully adapts to the partner, the other half will still make its own adjustments to the joint future. The last positions should be regarded as a recommendation. If at number 12 only negative Arcana fall, then this is a serious reason to think about divorce.

Example of reading cards in position 3:

«Relationship crisis»

This Tarot spread for divorce is already applicable for the most hopeless situations – the couple has come to a mutual decision to leave and is thinking how to do it most painlessly. It may be that such an approach is inherent in only one of the partners. In any case, there are global problems in the family that cannot be solved in any way. This Tarot spread is suitable for couples with children. It doesn’t matter if the child is adopted or adopted. At the forefront is the concern for whom the querent is responsible. The cards will show the true face of the partner, but how to manage this information depends on the questioner himself.

Relationship status, card 1
Relationship status, card 2
Relationship status, card 3
Wife’s motives
Husband’s wishes
Influence of divorce on wife
Influence of divorce on husband
Influence of divorce on children
Ex-husband’s relationship
Ex-wife’s relationship
Departed parent’s relationship with children
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  • 1, 2, 3 – the current state of the relationship.
  • 4 – the true motives of the wife’s behavior.
  • 5 – real desires of the husband.
  • 6 – how the divorce will affect the spouse.
  • 7 – how the breakup will affect the spouse.
  • 8 – how the divorce will affect the children/child.
  • 9 – how the ex-husband will treat his wife.
  • 10 – how the ex-wife will behave after the divorce.
  • 11 – how the relationship of the departed parent with the child / children will develop.

In this Tarot spread for divorce, it is important to see the true motives of the behavior of the second half. It may be that the cause of the discord was a relationship with someone else, or a choice in favor of a career rather than a family. According to positions numbered 6 and 7, we can conclude about the future life of each of the spouses. Often, for one of the former couple, things will go uphill, while for the second person everything will be the other way around. Fate can be unpredictable – the traitor will be useless to anyone, and his former second half will find true love.

An example of reading cards in positions 1, 2, 3:

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

Foremost, any of the Tarot spreads for divorce should be analyzed for the presence of Major Arcana. The major group is responsible for fateful moments, obstacles or karma that is not easy to overcome. These include: cultural and religious differences, relationships between relatives, health problems. It happens that even the strongest love cannot overcome such obstacles. Difficulties harden, however, on an ongoing basis, they also extinguish any feelings. The Devil, the Tower, the Wheel of Fortune, the High Priestess are some of the stop Arcana for a similar question. Any card can also be revealed using an additional position. If an Arcana falls nearby in a reversed position, it is worth interpreting it as a kind of decline in energy, a factor that influenced in the past.

The predominance of the suit of Swords in the Tarot spread for divorce should be read as an important signal. It says that relationships are destroyed, people hate each other. If possible, they will disperse as quickly as possible. Wands will hint at betrayal, as well as pathological jealousy for a partner. Cups, on the contrary, will give a chance to solve problems amicably, to make peace. Pentacles often speak of a financial crisis, debts. All this directly affects family life. The Minor Arcana can clarify some details. The minor group of cards will complement the main message of the spread. Beginners, on the other hand, have the right to work only with the Major Arcana.

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