Ex-Partner Tarot Spread

The ex-partner Tarot spread is sometimes the only way to find out something about the once loved person. The deck here will act as a conductor connecting the souls. But, the result will not always be good. It is possible that the door on which the querent knocks is forever locked with a heavy bolt. But, there are also exceptional cases when fate simply tests a couple for strength. It is important to be able to correctly interpret the Arcana, without wishful thinking.

Key features of the ex-partner Tarot spread

You cannot enter the same river twice. However, when it comes to personal life, then everything is not so simple. Sometimes you don’t want to let go of your ex-boyfriend or husband at all, even if the relationship brought only pain. It seems that you just need to make an effort and solve the problem. It will be different for everyone. Parents prevented some couples, others – the infidelity of one of the partners. Everything is individual here. The Tarot spread for ex will help you understand yourself. The cards will show whether the ex-lover is waiting for a call, whether the querent remembers. The deck is able to reflect a person’s life at the moment, his feelings for the fortuneteller.

As a result, you can get a brief analysis of the situation. All this will help to make the right choice – to restore relations or to put an end to it forever. After all, it also happens that the return will not solve anything radically. On the contrary, the second half will again make the same mistakes, hurt. The Tarot spread for the ex-partner gives a chance to avoid repeating the negative scenario. It is possible that parting was the only way out, and the questioner is just having a hard time breaking up. The Arcana of Tarot in this case will give advice on the situation.

When is the best time to do the spread

The spread for the ex-partner can be carried out on any day of the week, regardless of the lunar calendar. The time of the day is chosen in accordance with the energy of a person. Someone is full of energy in the morning, while the other has a surge of activity in the evening. While working with the Tarot, energy is also wasted, it is worth remembering this. It is best to conduct a small experiment – to set divination sessions at different times. This approach will allow you to independently come to the desired conclusion. However, for beginners, it is best to practice in the evening or at night – this is a time for sharpening intuition.

If we talk about periods, then ex-partner spread on the Tarot cards should be done during a certain lull. Immediately after parting, the querent will be confused, depressed. All this will be reflected in the received Tarot prediction. It is better to give yourself time, relax and calm down, move away from destructive thoughts. You need to implement a plan to return your love sober, otherwise there is a high risk of making mistakes.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

For all spreads that relate to love, romantic decks are suitable: Sexual Magic, Decameron, Casanova. These Arcana reflect the interaction of the sexes, different shades of feelings. Therefore, the ex-partner Tarot spread will turn out to be informative, complete. There will be cards with both positive content – giving hope, and negative ones – symbolizing care, closeness. After all, love also has different shades, a whole range of feelings.

Beginners, on the other hand, can conduct a Tarot spread for the ex-partner only with the help of cards of the suit of Cups. This group is responsible for emotions. In this case, the information on the outcome will be submitted very gently. It is also possible to use only the Major Arcana. More experienced tarot readers are able to work with the entire deck, as well as with cards from the non-romantic group. It all depends on your own experience. However, beginners are not recommended to do ex-partner spread with the help of the Tarot of Marseille, Thoth, Egyptian. These decks are difficult to read, since here the usual scenes are not shown on the Minor Arcana.

Preparation and rules of the spread

Before conducting the Tarot spread for the ex-partner, it is worth internally calming down, concentrating on yourself. Half of the success is the right attitude to work. Do not touch the cards in a bad mood. The negative vibrations of the Arcana are necessarily considered and the querent may make a mistake in the interpretation. Therefore, before a divination session, you can meditate, sing a mantra or color a mandala. It is worth choosing what resonates in the soul, soothes.

Then you need to prepare the work area. The Tarot spread for the ex-partner, like any other, cannot be carried out in a cluttered, dusty place. Wipe down all surfaces first. For cleaning, you can use water infused for three days on silver. It is considered charged, purifying negative energy as much as possible. Next, you should light scented candles, turn on quiet relaxing music. In general, it is worth doing everything that sets you up for the process.

Setting goals and formulating questions

The Tarot spread for the ex-partner can be produced in different variations. Someone is just interested in the past lover, his life at the moment. Others want to get to the bottom of the truth, to find out if there are feelings that a person thinks about a breakup. After all, even being in a relationship, not everyone is able to confess their love in time, to say everything that is in their hearts. It is this incompleteness that pushes the use of this spread. Also, the cards will help to find the true cause of disunity in a couple, so that the questioner can solve it.

Either way, focus on the past. It doesn’t matter which Tarot spread for the ex-partner is chosen – everywhere you just need to remember the old days, keep this image in front of your eyes. The cards will "catch" the vibrations of a person, that very wave. In this case, the formulation of the question can be any. It is important to be able to tune in, not be distracted by something else. The same meditation the day before will help stop the internal dialogue.

Schemes of the ex-partner Tarot spreads

The Tarot spread for the ex-partner is represented by several schemes. They differ in the amount of information, as well as the specifics of the issue. It is worth choosing the spread that resonates in the soul, does not cause a contradiction. It is possible that the querent is not yet ready to know the truth, so it is better to omit some details. Someone, on the contrary, needs a bitter truth.

One card

This Tarot spread for the ex-partner can be upgraded for yourself. One card will show the personal life of the past partner at the moment, his feelings for the questioner, or advice on the situation. The resulting prediction can be supplemented with another Arcana in order to most fully consider the situation. If the querent is not mentally ready to receive an answer, it is better to ask about something abstract. For example – what the beloved taught, how to use the experience gained in the future.

Ex-partner card
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An example of reading cards to the question “What does the ex-partner feel for the fortuneteller at the moment?”:

«Echoes of the past»

This is a very simple Tarot spread for the ex-partner in just three positions. The cards will show the attitude towards the fortuneteller at the moment. The deck will pull out secret thoughts, feelings. However, they will not always be clear to the querent. Sometimes the displayed behavior is strikingly different from the true experiences. This Tarot scheme can be used in the case when the former partner behaves strangely.

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  1. Feelings. What a person feels for the questioner now.
  2. Thoughts. What he thinks about, what plans he makes.
  3. Actions. How he behaves.

Here it is worth analyzing all three positions at once. It happens that one thing is happening in the heart, something completely different is going on in the head, and behavior has nothing to do with the emotions experienced. This Tarot spread for the ex-partner requires care.

Example of reading position 3:

  • The Sun – ostentatious joy, lightness.
  • The Devil – intrigues behind the back, revenge, gossip.
  • Queen of Swords – rejection, unwillingness to even talk about a person.
  • Page of Cups – a proposal to establish a connection, to start at least just talking.
  • Two of Pentacles – indecision; one step forward, two steps back.
  • Five of Wands – an attempt to prove their worth, competition.

«Ex-lover» for relationship analysis

This Tarot spread for the ex-lover implies a further perspective. The cards will show the possibility of returning to the past, an attempt to fix everything. It does not matter whether people are communicating at the moment. It happens that both are silent, but in their hearts they never let go of each other. And not always the cause of the gap will be fatal. It is possible that there is a chance to return everything and become happy.

Significator of relationships in the past
Reason for parting
Personal life of the querent now
What will help you get closer?
Does your ex have a relationship?
What do you have to deal with
Thoughts of the querent
Joint perspectives
Thoughts of the former
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  1. Significator of relations in the past.
  2. Qurent’s personal life now.
  3. Does your ex have a relationship?
  4. The questioner’s thoughts about getting everything back.
  5. Ex-partner’s ideas for reconnecting.
  6. The reason for parting, which prevents being together.
  7. What will help to get closer. Common ground.
  8. Something that cannot be changed. What you have to put up with.
  9. The final result. Is there a joint future.

It is best to focus on position 7 in this Tarot spread for the ex-partner. This is the factor that gives a chance to forgive each other, to start all over again. If you do everything right, you can cause an attack of nostalgia, an acute desire to return everything. In any case, there are points of contact, otherwise people would not be in the union.

An example of reading the dropped cards at number 7:

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

Foremost, in any Tarot spread for the former, it is worth evaluating the scheme for the predominance of certain Arcana. The Swords will signal that the relationship is painful enough, the querent wants to pull himself back into something negative. It is possible that he has a victim complex and without suffering he no longer sees his life. Here you first need to understand yourself, try to get out of the usual pattern of behavior. It may be that further you will no longer want to return the tyrant into your life.

But, if only Cups prevail in the Tarot spread for the ex-partner, this is a signal for action. The crisis is over, the couple can try to return everything. In any case, there are feelings. It may be that people parted because of stupidity, misunderstanding. And the sooner they go towards each other, the better. Focus on cards. After all, sometimes the behavior of the former second half can be very strange, contradictory. It happens that in this way, a person is simply trying to defend himself. It is worth taking advice from the cards and starting to act.

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