Feelings Tarot Spread

The feelings Tarot spread is a way to find out the innermost secrets that a person does not want to share. After all, not everyone has a heart wide open. Most people are used to hiding behind outer masks. However, Tarot cards will help you find out who is a true friend, lover, and who is the real enemy, a traitor. And, sometimes, expectations will not converge with reality. But, since a person has decided to find out the truth, it is important to perceive information without negativity.

Key features of the feelings Tarot spread

The human soul is a mystery. Sometimes dislike is hidden behind a radiant smile, and love, on the contrary, is hidden behind coldness. All people are different. Someone is open, sincere, while others are afraid to show true emotions. The Tarot spread for feelings will help to break all the masks and find out who is the enemy and who is the friend. But, of course, new acquaintances leave the most questions. Especially when it comes to romance. Tarot cards will reveal the intentions of a man, will call his soul to confession. The same applies to former or current partners.

However, you still need to be able to work with the information received. The Tarot spread for feelings will reflect the real state of affairs, but the next “move” will be up to the questioner. You do not need to directly declare the prediction to the person of interest. Most likely, the person will perceive such a conversation as an invasion of personal space, which will lead to quarrels and rejection of the querent. It is better to silently draw conclusions and take advice from the Arcana regarding behavior.

When is the best time to do the spread

The feelings spread on Tarot cards can be carried out at any stage of the relationship. Even if they are long gone. The deck is able to show the secrets of a former partner with whom there is no contact. Such information will allow you to understand exactly how you should behave. It happens that a past lover is still waiting for a girl, but is afraid to show up. Then in the hands of the fortuneteller there is a strong trump card. If people have just met, divination will also not be superfluous. The cards will reflect the true goals of the opponent, his plans. The spread for feelings is like a spy who digs into the soul, everything that the individual hides.

In this matter, it is not the time period that is important, but the ability of the querent to adequately perceive information, interpret the Arcana. The Tarot spread for feelings can be carried out both during the day and in the evening, on any lunar day. Everything will depend on the skill of working with the deck, the ability to read images and transfer them to real life. But it is better not to touch the deck in a state of depression, chronic fatigue. A divination session assumes the presence of a reserve of energy. If it doesn’t exist, then magic won’t happen.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

For the feelings Tarot spread, decks that reflect the emotions of people are suitable. Moreover, this spectrum should be quite extensive – from hatred to love. Therefore, preference should be given to erotic or romantic decks. Their main message is the relationship of people. Manara, Decameron, Sexual Magic These decks will come in handy. Do not focus only on the sexual aspect. In fact, the true message may not touch on intimate topics at all. It is important to look at the faces of the characters, their actions.

But those decks on which there are no people will not work. Such Tarot cards will make the feelings spread very difficult. It is better to simplify your task and choose the right tool in advance. It is also possible to work only with the Major Arcana. But here is a group of Cups, symbolizing emotions, it is better not to use solo. The querent needs all the Minor Arcana in order to correctly consider a person, his intentions, the background of actions.

Preparation and rules of the spread

Before you make a Tarot spread for feelings, you should calm down internally, let go of all expectations. It is important to be able to control yourself, not to hope for anything, but also not to be afraid of anything. Sometimes, the Tarot shows the fortuneteller’s thoughts, as they are very "faint". And this will inevitably lead to an erroneous prediction, which means incorrect behavior. Therefore, it is necessary to close psychologically, to tune in correctly.

Then you should prepare a place for holding a Tarot spread for feelings. Such a space can serve as any secluded corner in the house, garden, on the terrace in the summer. You need to focus on your feelings. The place should calm and energize. If the questioner works in his room, then you should take care of additional attributes. It can be houseplants that purify energy, some precious stones, rolled candles. It is also worth choosing intuitively or according to astrological correspondences.

Setting goals and formulating questions

The feelings Tarot spread implies a concentration on the soul of another person. No more questions needed here. One has only to mentally imagine how someone else’s heart opens. For this, the visualization of the key in the hands of a fortuneteller, with which he unlocks the door, is suitable. However, it is also possible to view yourself. After all, it also happens that the questioner himself does not understand what exactly he feels. This is possible when a person has experienced too many negative, painful moments and therefore closed.

Schemes of the feelings Tarot spreads

To choose the right Tarot spread for feelings, you should focus on the level of your skill. It can be difficult for beginners to work with a large flow of information. However, over time, it is worth taking on voluminous spreads in order to improve your Tarot reading skill. As always, progress starts outside the comfort zone. Just remember that at first you should train on yourself, and not on clients.

One card

This Tarot spread for feelings is done using one position. The Arcana will indicate the true relationship of the conceived person to the querent. What it will be: plans, emotions or secret desires – it is up to the fortuneteller to decide. Here, it is necessary to define the initial request in advance. You can use only the major group, but it is best to include the Minor Arcana in the work. They will reflect all shades, a whole palette of emotions.

Feelings card
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Arcana, responsible for positive:

Cards symbolizing negative moments:

«Man’s feelings»

This scheme of the feelings Tarot spread reveals all the secrets of the person of interest. It can be a former, current or potential partner. It is worth using the spread in the case when there is no mutual understanding, the opportunity to discuss something directly. The problem may relate to the closeness of the partner, his complex nature. Sometimes cards can show treason, the presence of a rival, or simply a bad temper.

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  1. How does a man see the fortuneteller herself?
  2. How does he evaluate his attitude towards her?
  3. What are true feelings?
  4. What does he want, what does he secretly dream about?
  5. Plans for the future?
  6. What’s really going on in your personal life? (with querent or separately)

Position number 5 will reflect the real state of affairs. Therefore, you must first focus on this card in this Tarot spread for feelings. It happens that a person lives one day and his emotions by and large mean nothing. It is better to bet on real actions.

Card reading example:

  1. Three of Cups. The partner perceives the girl as a light nature, inspired and free. It is pleasant to spend time with her, to communicate.
  2. Seven of Cups. Man wants to believe in illusions. He does not want to descend from heaven to earth.
  3. Three of Swords. A man is not ready for something serious, subconsciously aimed at deceiving, using a woman.
  4. Four of Pentacles. The partner wants financial well-being, but personal life relegates to the background. He can also be stingy with emotions, used only to receive, but not to give.
  5. The Fool. There are no plans, a man lives one day.
  6. The Devil. There is another partner.

«Thoughts, feelings, actions»

This is a classic Tarot spread for feelings. At the same time, the cards affect not only the aspect of emotions, but also specific plans, actions, which allows you to draw conclusions for yourself. This spread can be carried out on any person: relative, partner, friend, colleague. Four suits will reflect the different facets of relationships – from romantic to formal. Triplets are laid out from top to bottom.

Thoughts, card 1
Thoughts, card 2
Thoughts, card 3
Feelings, card 1
Feelings, card 2
Feelings, card 3
Actions, card 1
Actions, card 2
Actions, card 3
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  • 1, 2, 3 – cards showing thoughts about the questioner. If a person does not think about him, then “empty” Arcana will fall out.
  • 4, 5, 6 – true feelings. What cannot be hidden is the real underlying reason.
  • 7, 8, 9 – actions. How the conceived person will behave in relation to the fortuneteller. Sometimes, these three cards are the exact opposite of the previous group.

Reading this Tarot spread for feelings is complex. First, you need to perceive each card from the triplet as a chain, inextricably linked with other links. Neighboring Arcana will clarify the information. Then you should draw analogies with the rest of the groups of cards.

Example of reading triplet 4, 5, 6:

The Empress, the Sun, Ten of Cups – partner sincerely loves the girl. It is aimed at marriage, the creation of a family, the birth of children. The moment of respect for the partner, admiration for her also passes. The Major Arcana here are read as some guides.

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

In any Tarot spread for feelings, it is worth focusing on internal sensations during the interpretation of the cards. It happens that the querent loves his partner, but does not receive reciprocity. Internally, a person will seek reciprocal feelings even in the Tower or the Two of Swords. In no case should you carry out the spread several times in a row. Cards will confuse, mislead. The first prediction is the most accurate.

Separately, it is worth noting the nature of the mysterious person. Everyone perceives love differently. For some, intimacy is the highest degree of trust, for others it is just a comfortable stay without quarrels. The Tarot spread for feelings will reflect exactly what is important for a partner. But, this is the case if there is sympathy, affection in the heart. Hatred will always be displayed by Swords, negative Arcana.

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