Friendship Tarot Spread

Relationships with loved ones equally bring great joy, but also pain and sadness of the same intensity. After all, the more a person opens up, lets into his heart, the higher the chance of being misunderstood and rejected. And all this applies not only to the issue of love relationships. The Tarot spread for friendship will help you learn everything about your close circle. It will allow you to correctly prioritize so as not to fall into the trap.

Key features of the friendship Tarot spread

The Tarot spread for friendship is not too different from divination for relationships with the opposite sex. Strong emotions, support, common goals – all this is also found in the tandem of friends or girlfriends. However, there are also difficulties. It is possible that the questioner is not completely sure of the new friend, does not know whether he can be counted on. But often the situation can relate to joint projects, earnings. It is also not uncommon for there to be concerns about a friend’s dishonest intentions. The closest people can lead a partner away from a fortuneteller, inflict a heart wound.

In any case, the Tarot spread for friendship will help clarify the situation, see the true face of the person of interest. It may turn out that all doubts are in vain, there is nothing to worry about. But it is better to prepare in advance for a possible blow of fate. In addition, Tarot cards will help you learn to understand people before letting them near you. Separately, it is worth noting the opportunity to look at the prospect for the future after a quarrel. The ability to find true friends is a real art, which a deck of cards will help to master.

When is the best time to do the spread

The spread for friendship is best done in the evening. Closer to the night, intuition is aggravated even among those people who cannot boast of hypersensitivity and empathy. Therefore, viewing a question or situation should be postponed until dusk. At the same time, you need to make sure that others do not interfere with the process. Distraction to solve everyday problems, answering calls or SMS can be confusing. It is necessary to take a responsible attitude to the Tarot spread for friendship, even if there is still no honed skill in reading the Arcana. All this will come with experience only to those who believe in themselves.

If we talk about the most interesting situation, then there is no universal recipe. Someone communicates with a friend or girlfriend from childhood, trusts as to himself, shares happy and painful moments of life. But even in such a friendship, betrayal is possible. Even trusted relationships can end. The friendship spread on Tarot cards can be carried out at any stage. Loss of trust or strange behavior can play a key moment. Be especially careful with new acquaintances who want to get closer.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

Given that there are no sexual overtones in matters relating to friendship, then preference should be given to certain decks. Often they will seem at first glance naive or childish. However, this is the most suitable tool for viewing the relationship of friends or girlfriends. St. Patrick’s, Celestial, Vintage Postcards – all these decks will make it easier to understand the Tarot spread for friendship. Do not bypass the classics – Waite. These are universal cards that will show the true motives of the persons involved, the development of any situation.

If the questioner has already suspected deception on the part of a friend, betrayal, then you can choose specific decks – Necronomicon, Dark Mirror. Here, the Tarot spread for friendship should help to tear off the masks from a loved one, to find out his secret thoughts. If his conscience is clear, then neutral Arcana will fall out. You can not be afraid that dark cards will lead away from the essence. They will give a true prediction, devoid of embellishment. By the way, you should also be prepared for this. Not everyone can calmly accept the information that his kindred person needs only money, patronage, or the other half of the querent. Instead of dark decks for the Tarot spread for friendship, it is possible to use reversed positions. Thus, the cards will set off the prediction, often making a negative note.

Preparation and rules of the spread

To begin with, the questioner must reasonably assess his own mental state. You need to be calm, confident in your abilities. Sadness, anger, or irrepressible joy will distract from working with the deck. As a result, the cards can consider the emotional background of the querent, give conditionally false information. The Tarot spread for friendship will be true only if the fortuneteller takes care of his mood in advance. To do this, you can sing soothing mantras, read sutras or prayers.

Next, you should do the cleaning, prepare a place for reading cards. It is best to work with the Tarot deck each time in the same space. Over time, the energy itself will support and nourish the resource of the questioner. Before you make a Tarot spread for friendship, you can contact the gods or spirits of the elements in advance, ask them for help in the correct interpretation. It would be useful to light incense, arrange crystals, apply special runic signs to the body that enhance intuition.

Setting goals and formulating questions

In principle, the Tarot spread for friendship does not need a clearly posed question. Each scheme will illuminate to the maximum all incomprehensible moments, hidden motives. The fortuneteller just needs to concentrate on the image of a person, on some common memories. In any case, the cards will show all the pitfalls, if any. Often, after all, it also happens that the question itself has not yet matured, there are no guesses, but a certain tension in communication is felt. Arcana themselves will show what you should pay attention to.

Schemes of the pregnancy Tarot spreads

All schemes for the Tarot spread for friendship can be conditionally divided by topic. The first is when people often quarrel, cannot find a common language from a certain point. The second is a new acquaintance, a work colleague, to whom there is no trust yet. The third – when a quarrel has already occurred and friends are silent. All schemes are quite voluminous, so beginners can get confused. To facilitate the task, it is possible to use only the Major Arcana in work.

«Relationship problem»

This Tarot spread for friendship will help to find the root of all problems, misunderstandings. In addition, it will illuminate the future in two ways at once. In any case, the responsibility for the situation and the relationship lies with both. It may turn out that one side is trying to drag everything on itself, and the other is just going with the flow. The scheme for the Tarot spread will show the views of both on a joint future, so as not to inadvertently fall into the trap of their own illusions.

Querent’s readiness to compromise
Querent’s attitude
Friend’s attitude
Friend’s readiness to compromise
Cause of controversy
Essence of the problem
Possible outcome
How to proceed
  1. What is the problem.
  2. Why did it even exist.
  3. How the questioner perceives all this.
  4. And what about the other side.
  5. What is the fortuneteller ready to go to solve the problem.
  6. What a friend can do.
  7. How circumstances will develop if nothing is done.
  8. Advice on what the querent should do.

In this Tarot spread for friendship, it is very important to pay attention to the last position. Before that, it is worth comparing cards 5 and 6. It may turn out that the views of the parties differ radically. The last Arcana of the Tarot will complement the situation, give a specific plan for the future. This advice can be positive or negative. It is important to perceive the spread as a whole and not try to see what is not there.

Example of reading position 8:

  • Six of Cups – should treat the situation with humor, forgive.
  • Three of Pentacles – you need to work on relationships and on yourself.
  • Ten of Swords – friends have no future, it is necessary to leave everything as it is.
  • The High Priest – the partner teaches something, you should listen to his advice.
  • Five of Pentacles – A person needs help, possibly financial.

«True motives»

But this Tarot spread for friendship will help to see in advance the true face of a new acquaintance. It will also come in handy in the case when an old friend suddenly began to behave strangely, to keep something back. It is possible that he simply has some problems that he is afraid to flaunt. In any case, the scheme will slightly open the veil of secrecy, will allow you to better navigate the situation in order to draw the right conclusions.

Demonstrated behavior
Conversation topics
Real actions
True feelings
Hidden thoughts
True goals
  1. How the person is showing.
  2. What it actually experiences.
  3. What tells the questioner whether he is lying.
  4. What he really thinks.
  5. How he behaves, what he does.
  6. True goals in a relationship with the querent.

In this Tarot spread for friendship, you need to compare positions with each other. In the event that they differ radically, you can think about stopping communication. It is possible that the questioner is in touch with the hypocrite. Particular attention should be paid to position 6. It will show the real intentions and motives of a person’s behavior.

An example of reading cards in position 6:

  • Three of Swords – a long-standing resentment will sooner or later force you to take revenge on the fortuneteller.
  • Six of Pentacles – envy, an attempt to draw money and other resources.
  • Three of Cups – sincerity, desire to spend time together.
  • Page of Swords – collecting gossip, humiliating the querent.
  • Five of Wands – competition, insincerity.


This Tarot spread for friendship will come in handy in a morally difficult situation, when both people are silent, the relationship is on pause. The cards will show the final outcome. To remain in uncertainty is worse than the very breaking of any connection. Arcana will outline further prospects, help you orient yourself in your own feelings. However, the spread should not be done immediately after the scandal. You need to calm down, take control of yourself. It may not take a day for this to happen.

Cause of the quarrel
Querent’s feelings
Friend’s emotions
Querent’s desires
Friend’s desires
Querent’s actions
Friend’s actions
Chance to save friendship
  1. The reason for the quarrel.
  2. The querent’s feelings at the moment.
  3. Friend emote.
  4. What the questioner wants.
  5. What the partner wants.
  6. A fortuneteller’s action plan.
  7. What the buddy will do.
  8. Possible reaction to the querent’s attempt to maintain friendship.
  9. The end result.

Here it is worth comparing the last two positions. It is possible that a person will first show himself from a negative side. Especially if the reason for the quarrel lies in the behavior of the questioner. However, then the relationship will improve, everything will be forgotten. And it happens otherwise – when someone alone endures unacceptable behavior for a long time, accumulates anger. And at one fine moment, he explodes, or even worse – deliberately takes revenge. This Tarot spread for friendship is designed to clarify all the hushed up problems. It is only important to draw the right conclusions in time.

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

Foremost, each of these Tarot spreads for friendship should be considered for the presence of court Arcana. They will show specific faces that interfere with the relationship of two people. It is possible that these are secret "well-wishers", relatives, second halves. Their influence can have a negative effect, even if there are no objective reasons for quarrels. Also, an abundance of cards of the same suit can become a signal beacon. So, Cups will show sincerity, Wands – competition, envy, Swords – open malice, and Pentacles – self-interest. However, all Arcana should be considered only in combination, that is, not to take the meaning out of context.

Separately, one can note the "mirroring" of the Minor Arcana. For example, in the Tarot spread for friendship, only Fives of different stripes fall out. As a result, a certain gradation is obtained, which takes place under one “slogan”. The main connecting thought will be considered the meaning of the number – competition, struggle, pulling over. So, from the initial longing or resentment (5 of Cups), a desire to take revenge may develop in order to conditionally put everything in its place (5 of Swords). It is important to be able to correctly read the background of the numbers.

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