Future Tarot Spread

The future Tarot spread can replace the crystal ball in the fortune-teller’s office. After all, why try to see events and people in the reflections and shadows, when there is a special tool for this. The cards show the characters, the place of action, the time of year. Practice is only to transfer these images to the real world.

Key features of the future Tarot spread

In general, the Tarot spread for the future may not be tied to any particular area of life. Sometimes, the person himself does not fully understand what exactly interests him. Therefore, fortune-telling of this type simply shows the most important events, key points. Their focus will depend on the accompanying cards, as well as the abilities of the practitioner. But you can make the task easier by initially setting the "parameters". Thus, it will be much easier to interpret the fallen Arcana.

Another important point is the responsibility of the questioner himself. It is important to understand that any future Tarot spread shows only those moments that a person attracts into his destiny. A person is currently creating distant events with thoughts, attitudes, and inner mood. Therefore, this spread should be taken as the key to today’s changes. Any negative scenario can be rewritten. There are always alternative options, you just need to find the right ways to solve the problem. Do not take the prediction as a kind of sentence.

When is the best time to do the spread

It is best to conduct a Tarot spread for the future before making any important decisions. It is worth laying straws before indulging in all serious. If you follow this approach, you can do without pitfalls. The Tarot deck is a powerful tool in the hands of an experienced master. But, if we talk about the time of day, then everything is much simpler. It is worth choosing the period that is most to the liking of the most fortuneteller. Some people like the night, others like the morning. It is important to track the moment when a person is at a certain energy peak. Everyone has a similar surge occurs at different times of the day.

Therefore, the success of the spread for the future depends to a greater extent on the mood of the tarologist. It is important not to take cards in a bad mood or in a state of severe overwork. Psychic energy is necessary for correct interpretation. This resource can be replenished with sleep, walks in the park or forest, along the seashore. The power of the elements is able to nourish the personality, to give a "second" wind. It is only necessary to turn to nature more often, to draw a resource.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

For the future Tarot spread, it is best to use classic decks. They cover all spheres of life, give short answers. Such cards do not focus only on love, career or self-development. Waite Tarot, Visconti-Sforza, Marseille – time-tested tools. And so that working with Arcana does not turn into a routine, you can give preference to original editions. There are decks with golden cuts, holographic images or shiny elements.

The spread for the future on Tarot cards is best done using the Arcana of all suites. They exhaustively characterize the upcoming events. In addition, it also happens that the querent concentrates on one area, for example, on private life, and the cards give out information about work. That is, the decisive moment will be the question of career, earnings. If you interact with narrowly focused decks, you can lose the thread of prediction.

Preparation and rules of the spread

To begin with, the questioner must put his thoughts in order, calm down. The Tarot spread for the future requires concentration, the ability to move away from conditioning. After all, global changes may lie ahead. Therefore, all expectations should be removed initially. Next, it is worth preparing a place for the spread. Any quiet space will do. However, before starting work, you can clean it with a lit twist of wormwood. This plant is able to remove unnecessary energies. Wormwood works like a magical eraser, erasing vibrations of any direction.

To work with the deities or not is the choice of everyone. You can put figures of those archetypes that the practitioner prefers. The easiest way is to choose assistants according to your gender. So, women are able to receive the patronage of Bastet, Mary or Freya. Men will like working with Odin, Veles, Dazhdbog. It is important to understand that it is best to choose a spirit that is similar in character to a person. The universal method for “strengthening” the Tarot spread for the future is the use of fabric with the image of magical symbols. These can be signs of planets, elements, and so on. That is, the cards should be laid out on a special tablecloth.

Setting goals and formulating questions

Before conducting a future Tarot spread, it is worth considering the initial request. If the querent is already in some kind of confusing situation, he needs to find out how everything will turn out in the future – this is one way of divination. In the same case, when a person is simply interested in his fate, does not have clear plans for the near future, then a different approach is needed. However, the very name of the spread already dictates its own rules. That is, there are several areas to cover.

In this case, it is best to choose the "path of the Creator". The goal for the Tarot spread for the future can be considered the desire to understand yourself, get advice. A person is able to bypass dangers if he reads the warning from the cards in time. But the positive prospects should not be taken as having already come true. You need to be here and now, work on yourself and hope for the best outcome. Bets only on lady luck are not always profitable.

Schemes of the future Tarot spreads

Any scheme for the Tarot future spread can be modified in accordance with the request. However, it is best to choose the method that resonates in the soul. Some people will like short predictions, while others will like more extensive ones. It is worthwhile to determine in advance your level in terms of divination, so as not to be mistaken. If the tarot reader looks at himself, then you can try advanced schemes. This will increase the skill of reading the Arcana without prejudice to clients.

One card future spread

This is a classic tarot spread for the near future. It’s best not to think too long. 3-6 months is the maximum for this method. One position will give a brief description of the upcoming period. The Arcana will show the most important events, their focus. You can also get an additional card to get advice on how to behave at the selected time. Beginners have the right to use only the Major Arcana of the Tarot, so as not to get confused.

Future card
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Major cards symbolizing positive events:

Major Arcana with negative connotations:


This Tarot spread for the future highlights the events of today, the coming months, and years. Thus, it is possible to trace the development of man, his formation. There are only six positions, which are laid out as if at the corners of a six-pointed star. This symbol denotes the interaction of all energies in the manifested and unmanifested worlds. That is, this scheme is based on the alchemical principle of flowing one into another, harmony and balance.

Near future
Chain of events
Present moment
Future as a whole
Distant perspectives
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  1. The past. Something that is already gone, but still affects the querent.
  2. The present moment. How are things now.
  3. The future as a whole. Characteristics of the most significant events.
  4. Near future. What will happen within six months.
  5. A chain of events. Future from six months to a year.
  6. Distant perspectives. What a person will come to as a result.

In this Tarot spread for the future, special attention should be paid to position number 3. It is a kind of significator. In most cases, the vibration of the card cannot be "interrupted", changed. That is, the position shows those moments that can be called fatal. Here are examples of the fateful Minor Arcana:

«Celtic cross»

The same Tarot spread for the future is able to give a more detailed answer. The fortuneteller will be able to look at the situation from different angles, choosing for himself the most advantageous strategy of behavior. This method should be used in cases where a person is going through hard times. Cards will help you change events or grow yourself in order to perceive life differently.

Outcomes and results
Hopes or fears
Meaning of what is happening + Influence from outside
Opinion of others
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  1. The meaning of what is happening, the essence of the problem.
  2. Influence on the situation by others.
  3. Thoughts about what is happening.
  4. Feelings, attitude to the problem.
  5. The true reason, "the root of evil".
  6. How the situation will develop.
  7. What the questioner wants to achieve.
  8. The point of view of others, the position of the people involved.
  9. Hopes or fears of the querent, his hidden thoughts, subtexts.
  10. Result, results in the distant future.

Here it is worth taking a closer look at the card at number 5. Often, in this Tarot spread for the future, it will display the area of interest. After all, it often happens that the person himself does not fully understand what he wants. Well, or he deliberately hides a disturbing question from the practitioner. Thus, the fifth Arcana will reflect the essence of the situation without embellishment. It is also worth paying attention to position 2. If curly cards fell out here, then someone dominates the person.

An example of reading the court Arcana in position 2:

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

The first thing to do when reading any Tarot spread for the future is to pay attention to the suits that have fallen out. This will help determine the direction of events. If the Arcana fall randomly, without any logic, then it is worth focusing on today. The person himself cannot decide, and therefore makes mutually exclusive decisions. Such an approach will definitely not lead to the desired goal.

Separately, you can note the numbers. In the future Tarot spread, they can show the real date. Thus, it is possible to see the year of the event or the month and day. Everything here will depend on the skill of the fortuneteller. If a short period of time is chosen, then the numbers can refer to the days of the week. Such moments should be clarified with the deck by pulling out an additional card.

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