Health Tarot Spread

The health Tarot spread is a real lifesaver. After all, both career and relationships will not be a joy when acute pain pesters. Such a spread can calm a person, instill confidence. The mental attitude will already do half the work. However, do not forget that Tarot cards are a magical tool. They are able to give such information that, at times, no doctor can provide. Everything will depend on the experience of the practitioner. But, in any case, magic should be combined with trips to specialists. Self-medication is fraught with negative consequences.

Key features of the health Tarot spread

Any Tarot spread for health is inextricably linked with the mentality of a person and higher matters. After all, the state of the physical body directly reflects the inner mood, and in some cases even karma. Therefore, one way or another, everywhere you need your own approach. Tarot cards can not only show the cause of the disease, but also give advice on treatment. And the emphasis should be on healing. And this may require drastic changes. Daily routine, diet and diet, physical activity – sometimes the path to health lies precisely through these three pillars. But there are many nuances that need to be taken into account, since there is no universal remedy.

When is the best time to do the spread

The health Tarot spread can be done at any time of the day. Emphasis should be placed on the state of the fortuneteller. After all, if he feels bad, then he will not be able to get a correct prediction. Any magical practice requires strength, energy. And when there is no resource, then the result will not be achieved. In such cases, it is worth contacting an experienced tarot reader to make a spread. However, if the querent is in remission, then independent divination is possible.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

For a health spread, you should choose decks depicting people and body parts. This is if you are interested in the physical state, the work of the organs. The Gustav Klimt’s Tarot deck is perfect choice. The author showed the different ages of the characters, focused on their poses. And, oddly enough, any erotic decks will also come in handy. They also focus on the human body, and therefore it will be easy for a fortuneteller to create an associative series.

But for that health Tarot spread, which concerns mentality, the psyche, other decks are suitable. They should reflect a certain fictional world, somewhere fantasy, fabulous. For example, Victorian Fairy Tarot, Mermaid or Witches. These unusual Arcana are able to reflect the work of the mind as in a mirror. But do not forget about the features of character. Infernal cards like Necronomicon Tarot are more suitable for some people.

Separately, one can single out the influence of fate or, simply, karma. Sometimes, the health Tarot spread clearly hints that the roots of the disease lie outside the human being. The deeds of the ancestors, both good and bad, could affect the current state. For good deeds, the querent could be awarded a beautiful appearance, strong immunity. And for the "sins" of the fathers – serious illnesses or a repulsive appearance. If there is a suspicion of such a nuance, you should use Tarot of Dark Powers and Cards of Hell by Vera Sklyarova. The concept of these cards well reflects the principles of karma, retribution. In any case, the practitioner himself must feel which deck to take. This is where intuition plays a big role.

Preparation and rules of the spread

If the querent feels well, then he can independently attend the Tarot spread for health. Otherwise, diagnostics by photo or video link is welcome. Do not neglect your own physical and moral condition. The current energy level is able to interrupt the flow of information, and therefore the cards will give out one negative. If the practitioner is guessing for himself, then in this case, you need to listen to intuition and not try to deceive the egregor.

When a person feels well, does not suffer from any disease, then everything is much easier. The health spread on Tarot cards can also be carried out to prevent ailments, that is, for prevention. Arcana are able to show the vulnerabilities of the body, which are worth paying attention to. After all, you always need to take into account the risks, so as not to get into a difficult situation. Constant stress, overload, overwork at work can make a strong person weak and often sick.

In any case, the Tarot spread for health should be carried out only in a cheerful state. External factors such as lighting, music, scenery are not important. However, beginners are advised to create a favorable, peaceful environment. You can take a shower in advance, wash your feet and hands with wormwood infusion to cleanse the aura. Then you should light your favorite incense. In this regard, everything is very universal, you just have to listen to yourself.

Setting goals and formulating questions

And here, any Tarot spread for health can be conditionally divided into three groups. The first is the case when a person is full of energy, but he is interested in the future. And some diseases initially have no symptoms. This is where a spread will help. It will not replace a full-fledged examination by a specialist, but it can push you to engage in prevention. After all, most likely, there are no completely healthy people. And no one canceled the factor of bad habits and the external unfavorable environment.

The second group is already the presence of the disease. In this context, the Tarot spread for health will tell you the right treatment, as well as display the true cause of the disease. As mentioned above, it can be hereditary or acquired. But it’s best to always dig deeper. After all, any illness can become a spiritual lesson, change life for the better. You can read about this in Louise Hay, an author who connects the physical problems of the body with diseases of the soul.

And the third group is a separate category of practitioners who focus on the reserves of their body. Yogis, shamans, healers – they all do not deny the role of the body in comprehending the truth. In this case, the health Tarot spread is able to lift the veil of secrecy. The cards will tell you what exactly is worth changing in yourself, what to do in the first place. After all, the heart is not just an organ that pumps blood throughout the body. It is also the receptacle of the soul, universal love. And problems with this organ can lead to the inability to fully accept a partner, enjoy life, and so on. Thus, the usual at first glance Tarot spread for health turns into something more serious. Everywhere you need an individual approach and the area under consideration is no exception.

Schemes of the health Tarot spreads

Each of these Tarot health spreads can be modified for yourself. The main thing is that the practitioner should decide in advance on his level, capabilities. Next, you should ask an extremely clear question, and you can start reading the spread. Any scheme is capable of giving a complete answer if a person can read between the lines. Whether to use reversed positions is also the choice of the practitioner.

One card health spread

This health spread is very simple and intuitive. The only position is able to answer whether the querent has a disease, which organ suffers, and also what is the cause of the disease. Requests must be made in advance. It is possible to view the situation for the future or search for a trigger in the past.

Health card

Pay special attention to Major Arcana. In this Tarot spread for health, they will mean the following:

  • The Fool – empty experiences, lightness in the body, carelessness.
  • The Magician – active struggle with something, treatment.
  • The Priestess – infertility, remission or asymptomatic course.
  • The Empress – a healthy reproductive system.
  • The Emperor – strong immunity, sport activities.
  • The Priest – old age, head diseases.
  • The Lovers – sexually transmitted diseases, abuse.
  • The Chariot – hiking, the importance of being in good shape.
  • Strength – hardening, therapeutic douche, wrestling.
  • The Hermit – weakness in the body, the need to take a vacation, rest from everything.
  • Wheel of Fortune – temporary cold, lethargy.
  • Justice – the need to adhere to the prescribed treatment.
  • The Hanged Man – bad state, regression.
  • Death – sometimes, physical death, but sometimes a frozen pregnancy; sometimes – loss of an organ, limb.
  • Temperance – the ability to find balance.
  • The Devil – the wrong way of life.
  • The Tower – a sharp deterioration in well-being, injuries.
  • The Star – fictitious diseases, wandering in the clouds.
  • The Moon – hypochondria, many fears.
  • The Sun – youth, body activity.
  • Last Judgment – what was passed down from the ancestors.
  • The World – beauty and self-care, relaxation.

«7 chakras»

This Tarot spread for health connects the organs and systems of the body with a certain energy center. Influence on him will contribute to recovery. In total, you need to lay out 7 cards in order. Particular attention should be paid to negative Arcana. Such cards will reflect blocks in the body that interfere with the proper flow of energy.

  1. Muladhara. Immunity, skeletal system. To work out, you should move more, play active sports.
  2. Svadhisthana. Reproductive organs, genitourinary system. Stretching is recommended, women should use a jade egg.
  3. Manipura. Stomach and intestines. Self-massage is useful, you should also stick to a healthy diet and laugh more.
  4. Anahata. Heart, circulatory system, blood vessels, spleen, liver. It is worth visiting the fresh air more often, openly expressing your feelings, not being afraid to receive and give love.
  5. Vishuddha. Throat, lymph nodes, nose, ears. It is recommended to engage in singing, try to take responsibility, take a leadership position. A block in this place causes pain in the teeth, a choked voice.
  6. Ajna. Eyes, perception of the world by sense organs. You need to try to look straight ahead, not to hide your eyes, and also not to shrug off solving problems.
  7. Sahasrara. Brain, nervous system. There are mental issues here. In order to work them out, you need to trust yourself, as well as study the world around you more, not close yourself.

«Lemniscate» on health

This health Tarot spread will allow you to make an extensive magical diagnosis of the body. Positions are laid out in the form of a horizontal eight. Positions 3 and 7 intersect. Beginners should only use major cards. More advanced ones can read information from Minor Arcana. These cards show the whole picture.

What to avoid
Consequences of inaction
Consequences of ailments + Improvement of state
What helps
Karmic lesson
Environmental influence
  1. The current state of the organism. Well-being.
  2. What will be harmful to humans. What to avoid.
  3. The consequences of long-standing ailments, chronic diseases.
  4. How the environment affects how you feel.
  5. What will be useful. What to focus on in order to live longer and better.
  6. What will health be like if nothing is done, everything is left as it is.
  7. How the state will change if you start working on yourself.
  8. A karmic lesson that the soul passes through physical ailments.

Spread for surgery

This Tarot spread for health is used only when there is a need for surgical intervention. Also, this scheme is suitable for those people who want to resort to "beauty shots" or other similar procedures. It is best to know the outcome in advance in order to be able to prepare for the consequences or even refuse the operation altogether.

Is an operation necessary?
Current health
How to help
Result after intervention
  • S – significator. The querent himself chooses a card, according to gender and age.
  • 1 – whether to do the operation.
  • 2 – current state of the organism.
  • 3 – what you need to feel better.
  • 4 – under what conditions you can resort to the procedure.
  • 5 – how the operation will go.
  • 6 – how long the rehabilitation period will last.
  • 7 – how the state of health will change after the intervention.

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

Any of the Tarot spreads for health can be supplemented with one or more cards. In this case, initially, emphasis should be placed on the elements of the Arcana. Suits will denote different systems of the body. For example, Cups will show the water balance, hormonal background. Swords – intelligence, serious ailments. Wands imply resumption of strength, but in a negative context – tumors. Pentacles indicate the digestive system, hereditary traits, both appearance and character. To better understand the card, you can open it with the help of an additional one.

In general, the health Tarot spread is considered difficult to read. This requires skill and experience. It is best to test any combinations on yourself. This will help to avoid unpleasant situations with customers, to prevent mistakes. After all, if in terms of work or personal relationships, a tarologist can give the wrong advice due to his inexperience, then in the field of health, any oversight can become fatal.

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