Love Tarot Spread

The love Tarot spread is the key to finding the second half and knowing yourself. After all, it is the partner who often teaches the most important lessons in life. Love can both give wings and make it impossible to fly. But its attractive force will always pull people to each other. After all, she is the foundation of this world. Therefore, the divination on this topic will always be relevant and in demand.

Key features of the love Tarot spread

So, the Tarot spread for love, as the name implies, illuminates the sphere of personal life. If communication with the opposite sex implies only friendship, then it will be a completely different story. Still, such fortune-telling focuses on romance, a date, or even the creation of a family. Personal happiness will be at the forefront. In addition, the love spread will help you understand both yourself and your partner, if you already have one. For those who are in search, the cards will show the reasons for loneliness. Separately, it is worth highlighting the situation when the issue of choosing a partner between several candidates appears. Here the Arcana will also dot the “i”, help you decide.

When is the best time to do the spread

It is best to perform the love Tarot spread in the evening or at night. An important role here will be played by a mysterious atmosphere that sets you in a romantic mood. But whether the fortuneteller is in any relationship at the moment does not play any role. The deck will help to lift the veil of secrecy over the future and see the betrothed or betrothed. Tarot will also give a description of the potential partner of interest, if any. The cards will indicate the merits and demerits of the beloved, after giving a chance to determine the compatibility of the couple for themselves.

However, it is not recommended for those who are especially impressionable to carry out the Tarot spread for love immediately after meeting. In this case, the cards can "lie" and show only the expectations of the querent, passing off dreams at face value. Thus, you can be deceived and take wishful thinking. As always, everything is decided by the mood of the practitioner, his ability to step back from what is happening, not to get involved in the game with himself.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

The love tarot spread is best done with the help of the deck that resonates with the fortuneteller. So, a romantic group of cards is suitable for one: Jane Austen, Love, Valentina’s. All these decks show the interaction of people in the context of a couple. Here the emphasis is on marriage, wedding, romance with a logical continuation. However, more passionate fiery natures are recommended to work with erotic Arcana: Manara, Decameron, Kamasutra. The main thing is to be able to see the main message of the deck behind explicit scenes. It shows compatibility at the level of sex, physiology. And this is the most solid foundation, the foundation of any union.

Separately, we can note the magic group of decks. The love spread on Tarot cards can sometimes relate to something mystical or spiritual. If the querent is conjuring to find the other half, working with his energy, or wants to highlight the issue of karma, then a completely different approach is needed. Here will help: Osho Zen Tarot, Sexual Magic, Love Oracle. But it is always worth remembering that any predictive system initially sets limits, immerses in its own unique world. What is good for one is unacceptable for another. Therefore, it is worth choosing based on the internal request, character traits.

Preparation and rules of the spread

Before conducting the Tarot spread for love, you need to plunge into certain vibrations. To relax before the session, you can take a bath with rose petals, scented with a scent that evokes a romantic mood. Next, you should do any calming meditation technique or resort to Sufi whirling. All this is necessary in order to open the heart chakra, to open up. All tightness can be viewed on the cards as a kind of negative or emptiness. In general, the emphasis should be on your own attitude. Lighted scarlet candles will not be superfluous.

Those who practice working with deities can turn to patrons. The love Tarot spread implies "cooperation" with Lada, Herodiana, Aphrodite, Lakshmi and so on. Everything will depend on the tradition chosen by the questioner. Giving preference is worth the energy that is closest to the personality. Next, you need to present gifts to the goddess in order to find help and patronage. A universal offering is wine, apples, any sweet fruits, sweets. In this case, the love spread will serve as a kind of connection to a certain egregore. Higher Forces will give the necessary advice, help in choosing and protect from dangerous people. After a divination session, it is worth taking gifts under any living tree. Birds and animals will help to "transfer" energy to another dimension.

Setting goals and formulating questions

Before you make a Tarot spread for love, you need to decide on point "A". Whether the question concerns a certain person or the querent does not yet know the future passion. Who to choose, how to behave, what to focus on. All these points should be taken into account. In any case, you need to concentrate on your heart, the energy of gratitude. The cards will take this as a basis and give the truthful answer.

Schemes of the love Tarot spreads

Each practitioner must choose the appropriate Tarot spread for love. Someone needs a short prediction, but capacious. Others will prefer more voluminous spreads that will provide extensive information. It is also worth remembering that any card can be supplemented with one or three more Arcana. It all depends on the skill, the ability to read images. The use of reversed cards is also a personal choice for everyone. Such a situation simply shows less manifested events and energies, but the essence remains the same.

One card love spread

This love Tarot spread is made using one position. Beginners should take only the Major Arcana, so as not to get confused. It is also possible to work only with the suit of Cups or Chalices. This is the group that implies relationships, feelings. The question may concern future success in personal life, a brief description of the partner, or advice on behavior with the opposite sex. As always, you can improvise and adjust the scheme for yourself. The main thing to remember is that the clearer the question, the clearer the answer.

Love card

Here are brief meaning for the most "talking" Arcana of such love spread:

  • The World – harmony in a couple, sincere feelings, reciprocity.
  • The Moon – quarrels and scandals, many secrets hidden from each other.
  • The Devil – betrayal, lies and betrayal; also a vicious fatal connection.
  • Wheel of Fortune – temporary relationship.
  • The Hermit – loneliness together.
  • The Chariot – a significant breakthrough, movement towards a partner.
  • The Magician – manipulation of feelings, game.
  • Ten of Cups – family, children.
  • Six of Cups – a partner from the past.
  • Six of Wands – selfishness, narcissism of the second half.
  • Ten of Swords – collapse, loss of a person or his trust.

«Love Pyramid» to view relationships with a specific person

This Tarot spread for love makes a brief analysis of a nascent or already stable relationship. The cards will also show possible prospects with the intended person. You may not even be familiar to use this scheme. It is only important to keep the image in mind, to concentrate on the object of sympathy. If there are two such people, then it is worth laying out cards for each separately, and then draw conclusions.

Identity of the querent
Current moment
  1. The identity of the questioner himself. The way the querent broadcasts and positions itself. This behavior affects the perception of the opposite sex.
  2. Partner. Bright character traits, a psychological model, the background of why he behaves in one way or another.
  3. The current moment. What’s going on right now. If the Major Arcana fell out here, then the situation serves as a kind of lesson for the questioner.
  4. The future. How will the relationship develop? The maximum of this love connection. Are there any prospects.

Separately for this love Tarot spread, descriptions for the group of Pentacles can be given. This suit is very difficult to interpret for beginners in the context of relationships.

  • Ace – a weighty person, "a gift from heaven".
  • Two – slow development of relations, indecision.
  • Three – willingness to offer something, perhaps in material terms.
  • Four – stinginess with emotions, feelings, tightness.
  • Five – lack of communication, rare meetings.
  • Six – the partner’s connection, the start of a dialogue.
  • Seven – the need to wait for something, the hope for future changes.
  • Eight – attitude to the issue of love as to work on oneself.
  • Nine – the desire to please a partner, to give gifts; abundance.
  • Ten – focus on creating a strong union, family.

«Dream partner» for singles

The same Tarot spread for love will show the future regarding personal relationships. The scheme can also be used by those people who are not sure about their current partner, they want to find a more suitable one. Also, the spread will give advice regarding behavior, work on oneself.

When the acquaintance
Circumstances of the meeting
First impression of a partner
Thoughts of a potential partner
Person’s character
Obstacles, difficulties
True intentions of a person
Lessons and tips
Future of the couple
  1. When acquaintance occurs.
  2. Circumstances of the meeting.
  3. First impression of a partner.
  4. Thoughts of a potential gentleman or lady about a fortuneteller.
  5. The character of passion.
  6. Obstacles, difficulties. What will interfere with being together.
  7. A person’s true intentions.
  8. A lesson for the querent to understand. Also, advice on behavior.
  9. The future of the couple. The maximum of these relations.

Particular attention should be paid to the first position in this love Tarot spread. In general, questions relating to time are quite difficult for beginners. Below are brief explanations of the suits. It is also worth paying attention to the numbers depicted on the Minor Arcana. They are able to show a specific date.

  • Cups – spring; day, week, quick events.
  • Wands – summer; month, the imminent development of the situation.
  • Pentacles – autumn; six months, a year or more.
  • Swords – winter; the distant future or the absence of positive changes at all.
  • Cards interpretation and clarification of details

    Separately, same-sex relationships can be noted. In this case, the Tarot love spread will also show curly cards: King-King or Queen-Queen. Pages fall when there is a big difference in age. In order not to make a mistake in reading of the spread, you can pull out the partner’s significator in advance.

    If we take the "classic" couples, then everything is also not so simple. Sometimes a person in a love Tarot spread can be shown as a character of the opposite gender. Thus, the Arcana gives a brief description, hinting at a certain bias in the context of the inner world. Sometimes, a strong man hides a subtle nature, and a real warrior behind a fragile girl. Tarot cards are able to count even what a person tries to suppress in himself.

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