Man Tarot Spread

Men and women are like heaven and earth. They have different views on life, different approaches. However, all mystics unanimously say that a person consists of two energies: Yin and Yang are the basis of life. That is why people strive to find the source of the opposite energy, the one that is hidden inside. The Tarot spread for a man will allow not only to choose a suitable partner, but also to understand yourself. Indeed, often the second half is a reflection of what is happening inside the questioner himself.

Key features of the man Tarot spread

The Tarot spread for a man can be done both for a new partner, and just for an acquaintance, friend. Cards will help to find out the secret thoughts and intentions of a person. Also, this group of spreads shows the future personal life. Arcana are able to describe a man on the threshold, even if the girl is not yet familiar with him. With the help of Tarot cards, you can analyze your own requests, find out exactly what a suitable partner should be. Character, habits, appearance – all this will show the deck.

It is also possible to do a Tarot spread for a man for a real partner. Even if the couple has been together for a long time and the woman knows her beloved well, there is still a chance to get even closer. The cards will show the way to the guy’s heart. You can do the Tarot spread during a quarrel or even parting. In any case, the deck will answer the most important questions. The prediction should be taken positively and used to your advantage. Even negative moments can be replayed if you know the approach to your man.

When is the best time to do the spread

All manipulations with cards are best done in the evening. The Tarot spread for a man is no exception. In the dark, there are more chances to be alone, to work calmly with the deck. Intuitive perception is also sharpened during these hours. The images themselves from the Arcana are perceived as "more voluminous". The questioner can smell perfume, hear the timbre of a voice remotely, or even see facial features clearly for a second. All this is worth remembering or writing down for the future.

The man spread on Tarot cards can be carried out both by singles and those who have a partner. What matters is only interest in a certain person or future personal life. It happens that the current lover does not fit in character, or the feelings are in the past. Then the fortuneteller should turn to the deck with a request for a new relationship. Another case is when a friend or colleague shows increased attention, but does not dare to act. And here the cards will help to understand the situation, to choose the right strategy of behavior for yourself.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

For a man spread, the classic Waite deck is perfect. It will reflect the character traits of the guy, his external data. The Major Arcana will be responsible for the unshakable principles or the track along which a person is used to moving. Hiding here are the archetypes that a man most often manifests. But the Minor Arcana will reflect transient circumstances, feelings at the moment. Beginners can only work with a major group in order to avoid mistakes in interpreting cards.

But for more experienced practitioners, specific decks are suitable – Muse, Light Seer’s or Romantic Tarot. They will allow you to look into the soul of a loved one, to see the situation through his eyes. Also, for the Tarot spread for a man, erotic cards are perfect: Manara, Decameron, Casanova, Sexual Magic. When choosing a predictive tool, you should focus on the images of heroes. It is best to give preference to those decks where the strong half of humanity prevails as characters: Fountain, Illuminati. The use of reversed positions is recommended only for experienced tarot readers. Beginners can get confused and give a completely wrong prediction.

Preparation and rules of the spread

Before you conduct the Tarot spread for a man, you should first enter a meditative state. Stress at work, quarrels with loved ones, depression or sadness can be confusing. The querent will be distracted by his experiences, and therefore he will not be able to relax. In this case, it is best to postpone work with the deck until better times. Cards require the ability to focus and discard unnecessary thoughts, turn off the internal dialogue. The questioner should practice concentration as often as possible.

Since the Tarot spread for a man concerns the relationship of the sexes, it will not be superfluous to turn to certain deities. Aphrodite, Lada, Freya are the personification of love in different cultures. You can put a figurine of one of the goddesses on the altar table. Place a glass of milk, red apples or sweets nearby. After the spread, be sure to take the gifts under some living tree and leave them there with gratitude. The goddesses, in turn, will direct the querent’s attention to important things, "turn on" the necessary flow of thoughts and images.

Setting goals and formulating questions

In any case, the focus and accuracy of the request is important. So it is in the Tarot spread for a man. To begin with, the questioner must determine for themself the start point: is there a second half, what kind of relationship do you want, and so on. For example, if a girl has no one, then you can make a request for a new man, a future husband. To do this, you just need to think about yourself, about your loneliness and think of a time period. In the event that a woman is already in love, you can think of your partner. The cards will show true intentions and possible prospects.

Separately, it is worth noting the situation where the guy’s motivation is not completely clear. For example, if he appears, then disappears, he does not say something. In this case, the Tarot spread for a man will help clarify the situation. The cards will show if he has someone, why he is shy and does not take steps towards. It can be an old friend, work colleague, business partner. In any case, the deck will give a clear answer to a pre-thought-out question. The chaos in the head will be reflected in the work with cards – they will also give out an answer that is not completely clear. As a reference, you can use a photograph or simply represent the image in detail.

Schemes of the man Tarot spreads

All schemes for the Tarot spread for a man are conditionally divided according to situations. However, the querent can adapt the positions for themself – remove some questions, while others, on the contrary, add. The main thing is not to get confused in the answers. Beginners can only use the Major Arcana in their work. Professionals have the right to draw additional cards to clarify the situation. In any case, the Arcana will show a portrait of the person of interest, but how to dispose of this information – everyone will decide for themself.

«Groom» for the future husband

This Tarot spread for a man is designed to analyze your personal life. The term can not be determined, since the deck itself will show the period of life when a suitable partner appears on the threshold. Only people with serious intentions are counted here. Transient acquaintances simply will not be noticed. The Tarot spread will show the person who will be ready for family, children, responsibility. You can consider this scheme as a kind of filter that helps you choose the right half.

How to communicate
How will the acquaintance
How to get married
When will the applicant appear?
What to avoid
  1. How long will a person appear.
  2. How the acquaintance will happen.
  3. Appearance.
  4. Character.
  5. Profession.
  6. Positive qualities.
  7. Disadvantages.
  8. Advice on how to communicate with him.
  9. What to do to bring the wedding closer.
  10. What not to do.
  11. Distant perspectives.

In this Tarot spread for a man, position 2 can be considered especially important. It will help you recognize “the one”. But card number 3 will give a clear description of external qualities. If a court card falls out here, it will simplify the task. The Arcana 11 will give an idea of more distant prospects. Not all couples want or can have a child, live a normal life. Some may travel, set up corporations or relief funds together. Everything is individual here. It should be understood that people are attracted by interests or energy. Therefore, the cards cannot be mistaken in showing future serious relationships.

An example of reading Arcana in position 2:

«Adam» to characterize a new acquaintance

This Tarot spread for a man is suitable for analyzing a new person in the environment. It is possible that he does not show attention, does not make romantic gestures. There are people who are very shy. It may be that the man became interested in a fortuneteller, but now is not the right time for a relationship. Problems at work, with health or banal self-doubt can become an obstacle to happiness. The questioner is invited to find out for herself everything that the person is hiding.

Behavior during the month
His thoughts on the girl
Actions for six months ahead
What does he feel
What does he want
What does not want
  1. What the person thinks of the girl.
  2. What it feels like.
  3. What he wants.
  4. What he doesn’t want.
  5. How it will manifest itself during the month.
  6. Actions for six months ahead.

Here, card number 2 will be an important position. It will reflect true feelings, set the tone for the entire Tarot spread for the future man. Then you can watch the next steps. It is possible that position 3 will include the manifestation of feelings on the part of the fortuneteller. A man can give the first step to a future partner in order to see a response. It is also worth taking a good look at card number 4 and not doing anything that will scare the guy away.

An example of reading Arcana in position 4:

«Is it fate?» for current partner

It often happens that a once loved person becomes just a friend. Past feelings go away, but the partner invariably remains nearby. In this situation, this Tarot spread for a man will help. All cards here are laid out in the form of a Roman numeral 10. In the Tarot system, it corresponds to the Wheel of Fortune – a fateful card. There are two positions in the middle. Foremost, you should open the first Tarot card, and at the very end the last one, to find out if this man is really “fate”.

Querent’s plans for the future
Partner’s plans for the future
Querent’s feelings now
Partner’s feelings now
Reason for the meeting + Joint future of the couple
Querent’s feelings in the past
Partner’s feelings in the past
Querent’s original intentions
Partner’s original intentions
  1. Why people met at all.
  2. Did your partner have feelings in the past.
  3. His original intentions.
  4. His feelings now.
  5. His intentions at the moment.
  6. Feelings of the questioner in the past.
  7. Her intentions are in the past.
  8. Her feelings now.
  9. Her plans for the future.
  10. Result, whether the couple will be together.

In this Tarot spread for a man, you should carefully consider positions 2 and 3, then connecting them with cards 4 and 5. You will get a certain gradation. Often, intentions will be radically different, and feelings will remain somewhere in the past. Or it may be that the person initially did not want to enter the union, he did it for some good reason, but not out of love. In any case, it is worth paying tribute to position 10 and focusing on it when the fortuneteller makes the final decision.

An example of reading cards in position 10:

  • The Devil – constant cheating and betrayal, a person abuses trust.
  • The Tower – Relations are destroyed, there is no point in saving something.
  • The World – people complement each other, all problems are temporary, they go as a lesson to both.
  • Ten of Swords – final breakup.
  • Nine of Pentacles – the partner is considered as a sponsor.
  • Four of Wands – strong stable relationship, possibly for the rest of your life.

«Ideal» for finding the right person

And this Tarot spread for a man can be considered as a psychological analysis of the girl herself. The cards will show what kind of partner is needed and where it is possible to meet him. This Tarot spread is perfect for those ladies who have not fully figured out themselves or are just getting out of a painful relationship. The deck will give a hint in which direction to move, who exactly to search for.

How to keep a person
Career achievements
Image of an ideal woman
How to bring acquaintance
Family values
Purpose in life
Where can you meet
  1. External data.
  2. Character.
  3. Family values.
  4. The image of the ideal woman.
  5. Career achievements.
  6. Strengths.
  7. Weaknesses.
  8. Hobby.
  9. The purpose of all life.
  10. Where to meet.
  11. How to bring the questioner closer to the acquaintance.
  12. How to keep a person, advice about your own behavior.

This Tarot spread for a man will not always show an exemplary family man. It is possible that the girl is subconsciously looking for a "bad" guy with a dubious reputation. In this case, you should first understand that the fortuneteller herself attracts such people into her life. Here, work with a psychologist will be needed in order to change behavior patterns. The Tarot spread will help you orient yourself and manifest suppressed desires so that in the future you can remove them.

Example of reading cards in position 4:

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

When interpreting any Tarot spread for a man, special attention should be paid to the dominant suit. So, the Wands will show a real leader who is used to taking matters into his own hands. However, such a person can quickly lose interest in a woman and go to conquer new heights. The Cups, on the contrary, will show a romantic nature, faithful and loving. However, excessive care can dampen the partner’s impulses, cut off oxygen. Swords in the Tarot spread will reflect intellectuals who have a lot to learn from. But the same knowledge can often interfere – a man will buffoon around, devalue the achievements of the second half. Pentacles will become a symbol of a rich man. But spiritual poverty can be hidden behind material security.

You need to understand that every person has flaws. Any Tarot spread for a man will help you navigate, firstly, in the shadow side of the personality. With proper work on oneself, these traits can transform and disappear altogether. Often, the partner will be a reflection of a woman or, conversely, her antipode. Opposites attract, just like people with similar attitudes. The Tarot spread will tell everything about the person of interest, but the final choice and subsequent actions will remain with the querent themself.

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