Marriage Tarot Spread

The marriage Tarot spread is a very powerful tool in the pursuit of personal happiness. The cards weed out unworthy contenders for the girl’s hand and heart, leaving only real knights. You can call this approach too practical, devoid of feelings. However, do not forget that the fate of a person is at stake. After all, in the end, everyone wants one thing – to love and be loved. Marriage is a kind of indicator of this reciprocity.

Key features of the marriage Tarot spread

The most important difference between the Tarot spread for marriage and divination for personal life is the seriousness of intentions. Based on the name, it is already becoming clear that the querent is focused on stability, fundamentality. And the deck allows you to find out everything related to the issue of creating a family, marriage. It does not matter whether there is a potential groom. The cards are able to lift the veil of secrecy over the future, to show exactly what the husband will be like. You can also call the deck a personal psychologist who will determine the appropriate type – appearance and character.

Also, the Tarot spread for marriage will show the future prospects of the family. Based on the information received, we can conclude whether it is worth agreeing to the proposal and having a wedding. After all, it is not uncommon for a couple to get along well at first, to live a romantic period. However, when approaching, it turns out that people have too different views on everyday issues, life priorities. The spreads for marriage will help to find out the compatibility of partners in advance, while no mistakes have been made yet. And, it is possible that loving hearts are simply made for each other. In the same case, the cards will also help to make the final choice.

When is the best time to do the spread

The marriage spread on Tarot cards is best done at the beginning of an acquaintance. Thus, the questioner will know how family life will develop with this or that person. That is, you should think about future prospects immediately. If we talk about the practical side of the issue, then the Tarot spread for marriage should be done in the dark. The moon enhances intuition, sharpens the sixth sense. But experienced tarologists are able to work at any time. If the client flow is large enough, it becomes impossible to receive people only in the evening. Then you already need to bet on additional talismans that allow you to quickly enter a trance state upon request.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

For the Tarot spread for marriage, all the cards of the romantic group are suitable: Victorian Fairies, Cupid and Psyche, the Path of Dreams. The deck should have a love connotation, because the prediction affects the sphere of feelings. If the fortuneteller is a beginner, and he does not have such tools in his arsenal, then only the Minor Arcana of the suit of Cups can be used. Even such a limited number of cards can show the true intentions of the conceived person, the perspectives of the querent himself.

But there is another approach to considering the issue of family life. The marriage Tarot spread can also be done on "money" decks: Gnomes, Romani, Urban. Relationships can be conditionally called the exchange of energy, resources. These cards will allow you to assess the liquidity of such a "project". As in business, everything will be decided by the honesty of both parties.

Preparation and rules of the spread

Foremost, the practitioner should tune in to silence, calmness within himself. You need to stop the endless stream of thoughts. If this is not done, then the information received during the Tarot spread for marriage will be mixed with inner feelings, speculation. That is, personal problems will certainly affect the final “verdict” – the predictor will simply tell about himself, and not about the client. Therefore, the main emphasis should be on the ability to let go of the chains of the mind.

The second stage is the preparation of space. The Tarot spread for marriage should be carried out in a specially designated place in which the querent is engaged in magical practice. It is not necessary to create a whole office, you just need to take care of a comfortable environment. There can be altar figurines of deities, wax candles, stones that enhance the intuition and energy of the tarologist. In this case, it is best to give preference to natural materials – wood, bronze, brass, and so on. Plastic candlesticks, flowers or caskets are empty energetically, they cannot accumulate a charge.

Setting goals and formulating questions

First, the querent must decide on his request. The Tarot spread for marriage is able to show both personal prospects, if the girl is still alone, and a joint future. And marriage is not always possible at all. Someone, on the contrary, wants to find a suitable person who prefers an open relationship without living together and having children. And here the spread will help to find out the true motives, desires of a new acquaintance. Another woman, for example, is only looking for a serious man, focused on creating a strong union.

If there are problems of a psychological nature, then in this case, the Tarot will indicate the right path to happiness. After all, not always a girl cannot get married just because there are no potential suitors. Often, negative attitudes work, blocking the making of new acquaintances. The Tarot spread for marriage is able to give a complete analysis of behavior and thinking. As usual, the reason is the relationship of the parents. But everything can be fixed if there is a strong desire to change life.

Schemes of the marriage Tarot spreads

In general, any scheme can be adjusted to the format of considering the possibility of marriage. It is only necessary to indicate the question of interest. However, here are examples of several Tarot spreads for marriage, which were originally created for a specific request. After all, personal life does not always mean a stamp in the passport and vice versa. Rather, this divination shows the possibility of a happy union, mutual love and respect on a long-term basis.

One card

The Tarot spread for marriage can be done using one position. The card will show the true motives of the partner, if he already exists, or the image of the most suitable man. That is, you can experiment with questions and get a short answer. Also, the Arcana is able to give advice on how a girl should behave in order to get married. If the fortune-telling turns out to be “empty”, that is, it does not show a person, then it may be worth looking for the cause of loneliness in the field of esotericism.

Marriage card

Interpretation of the court Arcana for the marriage Tarot spread:

These characteristics can be used both in the context of a particular person, and to clarify which partner should be next to a woman. The choice of a "problem" person is determined by internal stereotypes and beliefs. The Tarot spread for marriage will help you understand yourself and correct the image of a potential partner.

«Marriage» to an alliance with a specific person

This scheme is suitable for those girls who already have a boyfriend. This Tarot spread for marriage will show whether to trust the chosen guy. The cards will help to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a person, they will also give advice on how exactly the questioner should behave.

Thoughts on marriage
Manifestations in society
Thoughts on family
Acceptable behavior
Needs and expectations
How to improve relationships
  1. What does the partner generally think about the conclusion of a formal union.
  2. How a man broadcasts himself in society.
  3. His thoughts on starting a family with a querent.
  4. What the partner is willing to put up with.
  5. What needs a man will meet in marriage. His expectations from such a decisive step.
  6. How to improve relationships, get even closer.

In this Tarot spread for marriage, you should pay attention to position 5. The card will show the true motives of the groom’s behavior. Both negative and positive Arcana can fall out here. Based on the information received, we can conclude whether it is worth marrying such a person at all.

Examples of "negative" motivation:

  • The Devil – for cover there is a high probability of betrayal, deceit.
  • The Tower – to splash out anger and resentment; painful relationships.
  • The Hanged Man – in order to shift the responsibility to the partner.
  • Wheel of Fortune – temporary solution, failure to be consistent.

Cards responsible for "positive" motivation:

«Will I get married?» for single ladies

This marriage Tarot spread is for single women. However, it is also suitable for those girls who have unstable relationships, who want to find a serious reliable partner. The diagram shows the obstacles on the path to happiness and also a specific way out, a way to change the situation in your favor. While concentrating on yourself, before conducting the spread, it is also worth thinking about a period. It is best to choose a year or two – maximum.

Girl’s self-esteem
Opinion of others
Attitude towards family life
Requirements for a partner
Circumstances of the meeting
How to speed up events
Causes of loneliness
Advice in personal life
Probability of marriage
  1. How the girl feels about herself.
  2. What people around her think about her, how they evaluate her.
  3. How a woman will manifest herself in family life.
  4. What kind of person does she want to see next to her.
  5. Those places, circumstances that will allow you to meet your destiny.
  6. What the questioner should do to speed things up.
  7. Karmic or magical causes of loneliness, if any.
  8. Important advice from the deck.
  9. The probability that a woman will marry in a given period.

Here it is worth taking a closer look at position number 6. Most of the events still depend on the person himself. It is only important to correctly interpret the cards in this Tarot spread for marriage. Here is an example reading:

  • The Empress – it is worth taking care of the house, immersing yourself in everyday issues, working out the Mother archetype.
  • Four of Pentacles – appear less first, not broadcast your success in your career, work.
  • Eight of Cups – do not show feelings, do not become attached, so that a man wants to know better.
  • Two of Wands – you need to evaluate the prospects of a partner in advance, so as not to try to correct him in the future.

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

To make your task easier, you can carry out any Tarot spread for marriage only on the Major Arcana. The cards of this group already include the main aspects of the interaction of the sexes: the male side (The Emperor), female (The Empress), children (The Sun). These archetypes are able to answer the most important questions. However, if negative cards fall, such as the Moon, the Devil, the Hermit, then it is worth considering whether this marriage is needed at all. After all, painting does not guarantee happiness in your personal life.

But the Minor Arcana are also eloquent in the Tarot spread for marriage. Of course, it is preferable when all suits fall in approximately equal proportions. This will mean balance, harmony between people. If only Wands fell out, then marriage is built on passion, momentary attraction. The charm will pass quickly, but the responsibilities will remain. However, this cannot be said about the suit of Cups. If relationships are built only on love, reciprocity, then no troubles will become an obstacle to happiness.

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