Meeting Tarot Spread

The meeting Tarot spread is a whole roadmap that allows you to bypass dangerous places in personal communication. After all, it is better to know in advance whether it is worth seeing a person at all. The first date, communication after a long separation – all this is sometimes confusing. Tarot cards will help you prepare for an important event.

Key features of the meeting Tarot spread

In the age of high technology and communication in social networks, real dates have become something exceptional. People are used to hiding behind avatars, retouched photos and wise statuses. A meeting outside of gadgets and computers turns into a real quest. You need to prepare for it in advance, preferably by collecting all the important information about a new acquaintance. This will help the Tarot spread for the meeting. He will show the true motives of a person, outline further prospects. After all, it may happen that a single date will lead to the creation of a family. Well, or will be the first and last.

It is also possible to view a meeting with a friend, business partner, ex lover. It is better to play it safe and find out all the key points. Therefore, the meeting Tarot spread is not limited to the love sphere. It all depends on the specifics of the situation. Tarot cards are a universal tool for finding truth. It is only necessary to slightly modernize the scheme for yourself, and now it already answers all the disturbing questions.

When is the best time to do the spread

The meeting spread can be carried out even before acquaintance a specific person. In this case, it is worth thinking of a hypothetical partner. If a date is possible, then the Arcana will definitely show it. In the presence of a potential lover, the task is simplified. You can make a Tarot spread for a meeting immediately before going to the cinema, restaurant, and so on. However, it is better to give yourself some time to decide if the game is worth the candle. It is possible that this undertaking will only take precious time.

If there was a quarrel with someone, then you need to wait a bit, calm down. The decisive moment will be the state of the questioner. Stress, depression, fatigue will interfere with the mood for divination. In this vein, the meeting spread on the Tarot cards also implies looking at the perspective. It may turn out that people no longer need to see each other. That is why you need to be prepared for a negative prediction.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

For a Tarot spread for a meeting, decks of a love group are perfect: Valentine, Romantic, Shakespeare. They are geared towards these kinds of questions. However, if the meeting is not about love, then you can choose any tool that shows the psychology of a person. Shaman decks are great for this. Images of animals will reflect the true motives of behavior, hidden desires. Animal Totems, White Sage, Shaman – all these Arcana will give the correct description to any person.

Better not to use dark decks. They will initially give an unpleasant connotation to the Tarot spread for a meeting. It is worth giving a chance to a person of interest, not labeling her. After all, a meeting with a man can exceed all expectations, if you do not expect a catch in advance. Beginners are advised to work only with the Major Arcana, so as not to get confused. You can try to lay out all the cards of the suit of Cups and interact only with them. This is also a good way to work out the Arcana of the Water element, which are responsible for feelings and emotions.

Preparation and rules of the spread

An important rule when preparing for the meeting Tarot spread is to try to get rid of expectations. You should not draw romantic pictures in your head with the participation of a handsome prince. Reality often differs from children’s fairy tales. That is, you need to be able to correctly read information from cards, not to try to see what is not there. The same applies to negative attitudes. Therefore, the fortuneteller must tune in to the reading in advance, let go of the internal dialogue, the flow of thoughts.

Setting goals and formulating questions

Before holding the Tarot spread for a meeting, you should decide on the purpose of divination. If the querent is interested in a date with a former partner, then you need to tune in to his image, think about the prospects. In the case when the questioner wants to meet a new acquaintance, you should also just think about this person. The attitude is important. You don’t even have to ask any questions.

Schemes of the meeting Tarot spreads

All schemes for the Tarot spread for a meeting are conditionally divided into different levels of complexity. For beginners, small schemes with a small amount of information are suitable. Experienced tarologists are able to work with detailed spreads. It is important for a neophyte to understand that more complex ones must first be tried on yourself, and then on clients. However, this is simply necessary, because professional growth is possible only with a constant increase in workload. This applies to both sports, art, and divination.

One card

This is a standard Tarot spread for a meeting. One card will show the true motive of a friend, his expectations or future prospects. The querent has the right to ask any question. If the answer seems incomplete, you can get an additional card. It is best to use all the Minor Arcana to get the most detailed prediction possible.

Meeting card

An example of reading the dropped cards to the question "How will the meeting go?":

  • Knight of Swords – crumpled, uncomfortable, very fast.
  • Two of Cups – sincere sympathy will be tied up, a pleasant impression will remain.
  • Three of Wands – new perspectives will open up, a joint path will become possible.
  • The Devil – possible intimacy on the first date.
  • The Sun – cheerful atmosphere, jokes, mutual understanding.
  • King of Pentacles – a man will give a gift or pay a bill.

«Meeting» for any kind of relationship

This Tarot spread for a meeting can be carried out on a colleague, girlfriend, boss. Divination is not limited to the love sphere. However, you need to know the person, the meeting itself must already be scheduled. Cards will help you deal with future prospects. The questioner will determine for himself whether it is worth getting in touch at all. It is possible that the outcome cannot be influenced in any way, which means that the conversation itself is meaningless.

Reaction to the questioner
Interlocutor’s behavior
Results of communication
Querent’s behavior
Reason for meeting
  1. The official reason for the meeting. How it is presented.
  2. The reaction of the second person to the questioner.
  3. Querent behavior.
  4. How the hidden person will behave.
  5. Communication summary.

In this Tarot spread for the meeting, it is worth noting position 5. It shows the prospects or their absence. Looking at this tarot card, you can draw important conclusions for yourself. Often the result is already a foregone conclusion, even if people have not yet met.

An example of reading cards in position 5:

«First date»

The same Tarot spread for a meeting is only suitable for viewing the situation with a new acquaintance. The deck will give a brief description of a potential partner, outline possible prospects for the future. Also, the cards will give advice on behavior on the date itself. The questioner will be fully armed, will minimize the risk of not being liked by another.

Future prospects
Querent plans’s before meeting
First impression of a new friend
First impression about the querent
Partner’s thoughts before date
Impression of a date
Querent’s plans after the meeting
Nature of the partner
Nature of the querent
Thoughts of a partner after a date
How to behave better in a meeting
  1. First impression of him.
  2. His feeling about a fortuneteller.
  3. What is the partner really like.
  4. The true essence of the questioner.
  5. The querent’s plans before the meeting.
  6. Partner’s thoughts on prospects.
  7. A fortuneteller’s plans after the meeting. Will there be changes.
  8. Thoughts of the second person. What will change.
  9. The general impression of the date. How will it go.
  10. Advice on how to behave in a meeting.
  11. Real prospects for the future.

In this Tarot spread for a meeting, all positions are important. It is worth analyzing thoughts with the present state of affairs. Often the reality will be very different. You also need to pay attention to position 11. It will show a specific outcome of events.

An example of reading the spread:

  1. The Emperor. The man seems strong and strong-willed, a real knight.
  2. Queen of Pentacles. The guy thinks that the girl works hard, has achieved heights in terms of career, business.
  3. Page of Swords. In fact, a potential partner likes to lie, to show himself stronger than he really is.
  4. Ten of Wands. The querent works hard and gets very tired. Her money is hard for her.
  5. Ten of Pentacles. The girl is counting on a partner to match financially.
  6. The Fool. The partner does not really think about the future.
  7. Three of Swords. The woman will be disappointed.
  8. Ace of Cups. A man, on the contrary, wants to get closer.
  9. The Hierophant. People are too different, the date will be very tense.
  10. The Hanged Man. A girl should not boast of her merits at work. It’s best to keep a low profile.
  11. The High Priestess. The date will get you nowhere. Most likely, the lady herself will refuse to continue the love affair.

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

In any Tarot spread for a meeting, it is important to look at the outcome. All people want only the best for themselves – so that the person they like reciprocates, the boss compromises, a friend supports in a difficult situation. However, what is good for one is bad for another. That is why interests often do not converge. It is worth paying attention to the large number of Swords in the spread. The cards will show a real conflict, negativity towards each other. It is possible that at first glance it will be veiled as humor or sarcasm.

You also need to look at positions that reflect true motives, desires. It is possible that the Tarot spread for the meeting will help to crack the gigolo, the cheater, the traitor. And it doesn’t matter how the person behaves if the querent already knows the real answer. Here it is best to show cunning and stop communication as soon as possible. However, you can go to the meeting itself out of interest or out of principle.

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