Money Tarot Spread

The money Tarot spread is an urgent request for most people. After all, finances are an important part of the life of a modern person. But, as usual, the devil is in the details. Someone is interested of temporarily earning money, another – in expanding the business, and the third is looking for an area in which it is worth investing money. Based on the initial request, you should choose a suitable scheme for yourself.

Key features of the money Tarot spread

Foremost, any Tarot spread for money is a viewing of a person’s energy level. After all, material resources simply reflect a certain exchange. A person shares what she has in order to receive a physical manifestation of energy – money itself. It doesn’t matter if it’s cash or digital currency. You can compare the receipt of finance with the flow of water. Whether it will be a powerful waterfall, a stormy river or a dried-up swamp – it all depends on the fortuneteller himself.

Therefore, the approach here should be different. Someone wants to get a money Tarot spread in order to learn methods for increasing earnings. The other is to search for the true reason for the lack of finance. And "spiritual" people can look at their chakra system on Tarot cards in order to try to see the imbalance and eliminate it. In addition, this fortune-telling will help you find out the most profitable field of activity, eliminate internal blocks, and even see the maximum "ceiling" of income.

When is the best time to do the spread

The usual money spread on Tarot cards can be carried out absolutely at any time. Everything will depend on the ability of the querent to tune in to the process, relax and get the right information. But if, in addition to the Tarot spread for money, the tarologist wants to do a ritual, then it is best to choose the period of the new moon 🌑 or the full moon 🌕. The time of day is not taken into account. That is, the ceremony will be successful both in the morning and late at night. Only the vibrations of the "arriving" moon are important. Solstice days are also suitable. This is the peak period of natural energy, which should be used to your advantage. But all of the above concerns only the symbiosis of divination with ritual work.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

To conduct a money Tarot spread, their specific decks are suitable. Their main feature is the emphasis on material manifestations, events, as well as on the image of any objects and values on the Arcana. The universal instrument is, as usual, Rider-Waite or its variations, for example, “After Tarot”. The same list includes Tarot of the Gnomes, Casanova, Romani by Raymond Buckland. For a beginner, such cards will seem very simple to read for the Tarot spread on money. But experienced practitioners are able to work with any mantic instruments. After all, they all simply reflect the flow of energies, and the person himself paints them in one shade or another.

Preparation and rules of the spread

Before you make a money Tarot spread, you need to concentrate on finances. You can hold your wallet in your hands or mentally imagine paper bills and coins. In addition, lighting a special candle will help to tune in to the spread for money. It’s best to do it yourself. To do this, you need to take an ordinary wax candle of green or yellow color. It is this spectrum that most reflects the very essence of the financial egregor. Next, you should apply olive oil to the “base”, and then roll it in a crushed mixture of bay leaf, basil and mint. These plants will also help bring good luck.

Even the very lighting of a magic candle during the Tarot spread for money will already harmonize the space, purify the thoughts of a person. And if you supplement the whole process by laying out the necessary cards in a certain order, then success is guaranteed at all. It must be remembered that man himself is the master of his own destiny. He is able to build a new reality in which there will be no problems with wages, business or credit obligations. The tarot spread will simply show a possible perspective.

Setting goals and formulating questions

Initially, it is worth deciding what exactly the questioner is interested in. You need to understand your “A” point in order to move on. So, for that person who wants to learn how to increase his income, a certain Tarot spread for money will be suitable. Those who are interested in the reasons for low earnings need a completely different scheme. It is important not to get confused at the initial stage and make the right choice.

If a person is ready to work right after receiving the information, you can combine the money Tarot spread with the desired ritual. This method involves adjusting fate, cleaning and imposing a new life scenario. To do this, you just need to mentally christen the candle and put a certain program into it. For someone, it will remove obsessive thoughts, fears regarding the issue of finances. In another case, it will attract the right people, take away unreliable partners and colleagues.

Schemes of the money Tarot spreads

Here are some Tarot spreads for money. The querent should be guided by his level in terms of mantic, as well as the specifics of the problem. In this case, there is a universal way for almost any situation. In this case, it is important to hear intuition and be able to face your problems. It is also not worth asking a question about earning millions if now the practitioner has no money at all. Tarot cards will only point to castles in the air in the head. It is important to approach the field of finance soberly.

Universal spread «Lucky coin»

This Tarot spread for money involves only one card. In this case, it is best to use only the Major Arcana. They will most fully reflect the message of the deck, convey the most important idea. The only position will reflect the events of the next six months in the context of finance.

Money card
  1. The Fool – easy money, as well as quick spending of everything available. Lack of savings or plans for the future.
  2. The Magician – active period, big ambitions. The querent will be able to achieve the goals.
  3. The Priestess – shaping future events. The time when you need to grow a "money tree".
  4. The Empress – help from relatives or spouse. Comfortable safe life. For girls – the opportunity to take a leadership position.
  5. The Emperor – a chance to purchase real estate, receive dividends from it; also a physical business.
  6. The Hierophant – a chance to conclude a mutually beneficial contract. Partnership or profit in the field of mentoring, training.
  7. The Lovers – multiple sources of income. Or the choice of business to your liking, work by vocation.
  8. The Chariot – a good breakthrough in business, an increase in the material level.
  9. Strength – the need to work long and hard in order to stay afloat.
  10. The Hermit – learning a new specialty, a period of searching for oneself.
  11. Wheel of Fortune – temporary results; the opportunity to catch the bird of happiness.
  12. Justice – official business registration, obtaining loan funds.
  13. The Hanged Man – poverty, lack of the necessary.
  14. Death – transitional stage, dismissal, loss of the previous way of earning.
  15. Temperance – "average" results, contentment with little.
  16. The Devil – a stunning success, but also foul play, deceit.
  17. The Tower – financial collapse, loss of work and stability.
  18. The Star – work that will bring success in the future, but not now. The need to persevere in achieving goals.
  19. The Moon – fears associated with finding a job, conducting a certain activity.
  20. The Sun – resounding success, outstanding results, wealth.
  21. Last Judgment – there is a chance to make a breakthrough. The past case can "shoot".
  22. The World – good cash flow, material stability. An opportunity to relax.

If you use the entire deck for this Tarot spread for money, then the cards can show the current state of the wallet. The minor group will reflect a small period of time. Also, the scheme can be optimized for various requests. The best area for investment, how to get rid of debts and how to behave in order to multiply financially – the question will depend on the querent himself. The only position is able to reflect important information briefly and succinctly.

«Horseshoe» spread for business development

For this Tarot spread for money, you will need to lay out five positions in the form of a horseshoe. The first and last cards will lie opposite each other. Only cards of the Pentacles suit should be used, including the court arcana. Such money Tarot spread will help you understand what exactly a person needs to do in order to develop his business. At the same time, you can guess a hypothetical business that the querent is not currently engaged in.

Current position
Maximum result
Cause of bad luck
Need for a loan
Right way
  1. Point "A". What is happening at the moment.
  2. What the person is doing wrong. The reason for bad luck, the inability to make a breakthrough.
  3. The right way. How to behave and what to do to achieve success.
  4. Is it worth taking a loan for a business.
  5. The maximum possible result, the "income ceiling".

A brief explanation of the Arcana for the «Horseshoe» money Tarot spread:

  • Ace – good jackpot, advantageous chance.
  • Two – slowness, standing still.
  • Three – the ability to work with cash flow, present yourself.
  • Four – stability, availability of results.
  • Five – poverty, suffocating loans and debts.
  • Six – financial assistance, injections from outside.
  • Seven – the need to invest, to wait a long time.
  • Eight – streamlined processes, client flow.
  • Nine – prosperity, wealth.
  • Ten – complete security, comfort, also real estate.
  • Page – a small income.
  • Knight – sustainable continuous development, business expansion.
  • Queen – female boss, hostess.
  • King – male businessman.

«12 houses» for money

And this is a more extensive and detailed Tarot spread for money using astrology. The scheme includes various areas of life. And where the most positive cards fell, all forces should be directed. Positions are laid out in the form of a rhombus. You need to use the entire deck, because this option is more suitable for professionals.

Broadcasting yourself
Spiritual development
Cash flow
Political activity
Immediate environment
Large corporations
Family budget
Travel and study
Creative process
Foreign resources
Health status
  1. Broadcasting yourself. Is it worth doing everything for show or, on the contrary, keep it a secret.
  2. Cash flow, purchases and spending. Is the querent managing its resources correctly or is there a bias.
  3. The immediate environment. Can they help with financial matters.
  4. Family. How relationships with children and spouses affect the money channel. State of the family budget.
  5. The creative process. Can a hobby bring money.
  6. Health status. Does well-being allow you to work more and earn more.
  7. Partnerships. Should I work alone or with someone.
  8. Foreign resources. Possibility to manage credit funds. Is it worth borrowing or not? Leveraged investment.
  9. Travel and study. Is it worth expanding the knowledge base.
  10. Large corporations, structures with a clear hierarchy. Can the questioner get good money here. Also, the position will show a person’s predisposition to make significant savings, not to spend savings.
  11. Political activity, having support from the people. Can a fortuneteller develop in the state apparatus.
  12. Spiritual development. Can meditation help you achieve your goals? Tarot, magic and everything connected with it. Is it worth it to engage in mysticism, turn to practices to increase income.

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

In any Tarot spread for money, firstly, you should pay attention to the position of the cards. In the reversed form, the meaning becomes less pronounced. But the negative Arcana will show only short-term problems. Whether to work with cards in the opposite form is the choice of the querent. They will help professionals get a more voluminous prediction, but they will simply confuse beginners.

It is also worth highlighting a group of cards for yourself. In the money Tarot spread, the major arcana will show significant events, decisive factors. They will be relevant for several months or more. But the Minor Arcana are less fatal. Rather, they predict passing events. In addition, each position in any spread can be supplemented with a clarifying card. The main thing is to put the first Arcana at the forefront. The following will only reveal the original message.

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