Monthly Tarot Spread

The monthly Tarot spread is a good way to find out the near future in order to have time to prepare for it. This period is a decent time. After all, significant events can happen during this time. However, they will still depend on the mood of the querent. After all, today’s attitudes, thoughts affect the future fate.

Key features of the monthly Tarot spread

Firstly, the Tarot spread for a month is distinguished by a significant amount of information. For such a rather large period, a detailed consideration of the obtained prediction is required. After all, a large spread shows a whole story that will happen to the questioner. However, do not consider the prophecy immutable, and fate – the villain. The fortune-telling will simply highlight some points, give an approximate forecast. And how exactly to dispose of knowledge is everyone’s business. Still, most of the responsibility is borne by the person himself, and not some fate. Therefore, it is worth considering the information received as a powerful weapon that can be used for your own purposes.

For an experienced practitioner, the monthly Tarot spread will give a mini-instruction on how to act, and how it is not recommended. It will show the important events of the coming thirty days. And this is a rather long period during which fundamental events can play out. It is important to take into account the fact that the deck always answers even unasked questions. That is, the Tarot spread for a month ahead will turn in such a way that important points for the fortuneteller himself will be highlighted. Whether it’s work, study, the sphere of personal life – not a single detail will escape the gaze of the spirits of the cards.

When is the best time to do the spread

The practitioner himself must decide which month he is interested in. The fortune-telling can be done long before the designated period. The main thing is to arm yourself with a notebook and a pen to write down the results. This method is suitable in cases where a few weeks will determine the next year. For example, an important business trip, visiting a loved one or a busy time passing all the exams. That is, the monthly Tarot spread is a universal key that opens the door to the future. It is only important to determine your priorities in advance.

If the monthly Tarot spread is done simply for the sake of interest or checking the cards, then it should be done just before the start of the period. This will make it much easier to track the new energies and the departure of the old. Beginners are advised to repeat the divination every 30 days, and at the end always compare the prediction with the final results. This is the best way to learn the meanings of the Arcana in a variety of combinations. Particularly interesting ones should be recorded with the help of entries in a special diary.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

The questioner must first decide which area he is interested in. Based on the initial request, you can choose a deck for the monthly Tarot spread. It should reflect one of the areas of life – relationships, finances or personal growth. There is an individual tool for every situation. For example, Manara Tarot or Decameron perfectly show the relationship of the sexes. Illuminati and Money reflect the situation with work, give the necessary advice on how to increase the financial flow. And Wild Unknown Tarot will show the way to yourself, will reveal the archetype of a person and his strengths. Choosing the most suitable deck is already half the work.

And to simplify your task even more, you can generally use only Major Arcana. Thus, the monthly Tarot spread will become as clear as possible. The major group of cards will focus on the most important and significant events. Everything secondary will be a priori pushed aside. Another way is to use only Minor Arcana, and of a certain suit. Preference should be given to the element that most fully reflects the area of interest. So, Cups or Chalices show relationships, and not always love ones; Swords or Blades – intelligence, abilities, as well as the ability to defend themselves; Pentacles, Coins – the opportunity to build a career, monetize knowledge; Staves or Wands – true desires, needs.

But all these methods of weeding out extra cards are only good for beginners. After all, an experienced predictor is already able to navigate complex combinations. Therefore, for the monthly spread on Tarot cards, if desired, you can even use several decks. An additional one from another system should be added to the fallen Arcana. Thus, the scheme will turn out to be even more voluminous, rich in information. The main thing is to consider only the first card as defining, and the subsequent Arcana as only clarifying. You should not throw out images, even if they are very negative, unpleasant.

Preparation and rules of the spread

In working with Tarot cards, it is not even the deck that is important, but the person himself, his condition. Therefore, first, you need to calm down, stop the internal dialogue. Constant thoughts will knock down and tune in a completely different way. To get reliable answers in the monthly Tarot spread, you need to feel inner emptiness. Only such a state will sharpen intuition. And for people of different nature, their own settings are required. So, mobile and energetic individuals can practice meditation in order to calm down. And, on the contrary, slow people should shake themselves up. For this, sports, active yoga are suitable. Extremes are always fatal. You need to stick to the golden mean.

After the practitioner is set up, the space should be prepared. The spirits of the cards love cleanliness. Therefore, you should not do the monthly Tarot spread in a dirty, cluttered room. Otherwise, the mind will be distracted, it will not be possible to relax and catch the wave. Magic attributes should be chosen based on your own preferences. So, someone will like crystals, incense sticks, and another – animal skulls and twists of wild herbs. It is important to understand that the space must be filled with the energy of the questioner, in order to then support and nourish him.

Setting goals and formulating questions

Before starting the Tarot spread for a month, the fortuneteller should decide on the initial request. You can simply mentally tune in to the area that interests you the most. You don’t have to ask the question out loud. However, it also happens when the cards show completely different events that have nothing to do with the situations of interest. This means that a person thinks a lot for himself, but he should actually pay attention to more relevant things.

But, one way or another, the monthly Tarot spread will show important events of the subsequent period. You can see the positive and negative moments, prepare for them in advance. The Arcana seems to grab the situation by the tail and begin to unwind it in the context of a given time. You can compare it to watching a short film. Even a few cards will already reflect certain trends. Therefore, you can not ask questions at all, but simply concentrate on yourself and the near future.

Schemes of the monthly Tarot spreads

For the Tarot spread for a month, there are many interesting schemes. These options will perfectly show all the energies of the planned period. You should choose according to your own preferences and skill level. The larger and more voluminous the diagram, the more difficult it is to read.

«Card of the month» spread

A single card in this monthly Tarot spread will give a brief assessment of the upcoming period. The Arcana will show the most important events. This is the energy that will dominate most of the time.

Card of the month

4 card spread

For this monthly Tarot spread, you need to draw out only four Arcana. The first three will represent each segment for a period of 10 days. The fourth position will give a general description of the entire envisioned period. In this case, all cards should be considered together. They will show the trends of the month, its vibrations. A certain story will turn out, the final of which will be the last position.

First decade of the month
Second decade of the month
Third decade of the month
Results of the month

5 card spread

This option is suitable when the fortuneteller wants to get the most out of the upcoming period. Any esoteric deck that reflects the flow of energies is best suited here. The querent for this monthly Tarot spread needs to lay out five cards horizontally.

Important event
Reason for what’s happening
What prevents development
What should be done
Important Lesson
  1. The most important event.
  2. The real reason for what is happening.
  3. What prevents you from developing, moving forward.
  4. What needs to be done to overcome the obstacle.
  5. Lesson to be learned for yourself.

9 card spread

This scheme for the monthly Tarot spread consists of nine cards. They are laid out in a fan, three in a row. Each of them will correspond to a decade – a period of ten days. That is, as a result, the questioner will receive a plan for the development of events. We can say that this is the beginning, the climax and the result in such a simplified format. However, brevity in this case is quite appropriate. It is also worth noting that all positions of one row are inextricably linked with each other. You can compare them to a small sentence – each word in it has a gender, number and case.

First decade of the month, card 1
First decade of the month, card 2
First decade of the month, card 3
Second decade of the month, card 1
Second decade of the month, card 2
Second decade of the month, card 3
Third decade of the month, card 1
Third decade of the month, card 2
Third decade of the month, card 3

27 card spread

This spread for a month is very similar to the previous one. However, as many as three "fans" of 9 cards are used here. The first will denote the sphere of relationships, love. Each row will show three decades and the events that will take place in the context of the partnership. The second "fan" is the sphere of work, finance. The third is health or self-development. In this case, you can change the purpose of the cards. It is worth guessing the area that worries the most.

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

Foremost, in the monthly Tarot spread, you should pay attention to the predominance of a certain energy. It is necessary to note for yourself the "mood" of the cards. So, conditionally negative Arcana will predict a difficult period. Tower, Devil, Three of Swords, Five of Pentacles and so on clearly do not promise love and acceptance. But, again, everything is decided by the combination. If a negative card overlaps with a positive one, then the person will come out of a crisis state. In this case, the deck simply fixed in space the most significant events for the questioner. But if at the moment nothing bad is happening in life, then a black streak will begin in the next month. This kind of cards never fall out just like that. They initially carry a powerful charge under the minus sign.

It is also worth paying special attention to the last row or extreme card. They will give the monthly Tarot spread a final answer. These cards will determine whether this or that event will dominate the querent in the future. If the ending is open, that is, the Major Arcana fell out, then this energy will spread to the next month or even a year. It all depends on the combination. The minor group will show transient circumstances. They will be significant in the context of the envisioned time, but will soon be forgotten on their own.

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