Moving Tarot Spread

Life in another city or even abroad can be perceived only in shades of pink. At first glance, it seems that there are more vacancies, better conditions, and even the people themselves are different. However, in order to prevent a fatal mistake, it is worthwhile to make a Tarot spread for moving in advance. It will help you decide and find out what awaits the querent in a new place. It is possible that wishes will indeed come true and the questioner will never regret the decision made.

Key features of the moving Tarot spread

Tarot spread for moving is a powerful tool for predicting future life. In conditions when everything changes and the usual routine steps aside, a deck of cards can help. A change of residence, even if it is desirable, is always stressful. A person has to adapt to new conditions, adapt to the environment. At the same time, the scale of changes is unimportant: moving abroad, to another city or another country can become a trigger for new achievements, choosing a completely different fate. Such a Tarot spread primarily illuminates the life of the querent himself, his further events.

Of course, behind a radical change of scenery, there is hope for a better future. However, the Tarot spread for moving can also show negative consequences. For example, the questioner has to leave his native nest due to problems with money, debts, or illness of a relative. Also, moving and changing jobs can bring only adversity. This happens when a person has chosen a goal beyond his strength and, as a result, is not able to catch on, consolidate the result. In this case, the fortuneteller can even return with nothing.

When is the best time to do the spread

Tarot spread for moving is best done at least three months before the intended event. This is a good period to weigh everything and make a final decision for yourself. At the same time, it is important to analyze the current situation. In any case, the querent needs to give himself time to jump – do not make such decisions at random. Also, for the questioner, the psychological state is important while working with the Tarot deck. It is best to choose the time of day at which a person feels relaxed. For some it will be evening, for others it will be early morning. It is worth proceeding only from observing your own state during the day.

But when you definitely don’t need to make a spread for moving on Tarot cards, it’s immediately after the appearance of a profitable offer. At such moments, the psyche is excited, a person cannot correctly read the messages of the cards. All images in the spread will be mixed with internal experiences, and the prediction will turn out to be false in the end. Also, do not take cards in moments of extreme fatigue. Even reading the spread requires energy. If it is not, then all the answers will seem empty and faded.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

The spread for moving can be associated with another topic: personal relationships, work, study. That is why for each specific goal, it is worth choosing a specific tool. If the querent is interested in moving to a man, then they will help: Manara, Decameron, Casanova. In the case when it comes to leaving for another country for permanent residence, you should definitely turn to universal Waite’s deck. The Tarot spread with this tool will show all areas of life, how, in principle, fate will develop in a new place. It is also possible to use the cards of the spiritual group – the Light Seer’s, the Intuitive Night Goddess.

For the Tarot spread for moving related to work, a deck of Gnomes is suitable. It will show whether it makes sense to change the vacancy or profession. If the questioner wants to move to another apartment or city, then the choice can be given to Housewives Tarot. This is a very down to earth deck that will cover all everyday issues. Experienced craftsmen can work with reversed positions. But beginners should limit themselves only to the Major Arcana, so as not to make a mistake in interpreting combinations.

Preparation and rules of the spread

The most important step in the Tarot spread for moving can be considered the very approach to the question. The querent should tune in well to own situation, present it in bright colors. If the question is not so exciting, asked for fun, then it is better not to touch the cards at all. Tarot spirits will not tolerate games. Otherwise, the deck begins to confuse, give out conflicting images that only confuse. In order to tune in to a divination session, you can read a prayer, sing a mantra. Self-adjustment to the result is important here.

Further, the Tarot spread for moving involves the use of a photo of a new apartment, a city or country of interest. If the change of residence is associated with a relative or a new man, then his picture is also needed. You just have to take the photo in your hands, mentally imagine that the move has already taken place. You need to try to feel the aura of the place, your inner state. This mental attachment to the new home will play into the hands while working with cards.

Setting goals and formulating questions

The Tarot spread for moving can be conditionally divided into three categories. The first is when a new house involves a change of apartment, district or city. In any case, the move is implied within the native country. Here the emphasis should be on your own opportunities that life in this place opens up. The second category is cardinal changes, moving abroad. Here, the spread already implies whether a person will be able to fit into a new culture for him, into other realities. You should definitely ask the cards if such measures are necessary at all.

Separately, we can note the Tarot spread for moving to a man. This topic is closely related to the love sphere. That is why a person must look at the true intentions of the second half, future prospects. It may be that the beloved will turn away at the most crucial moment, will not help, or even ask to move out in a month. In any case, the personal comfort of the querent should come first. Before agreeing to such proposals, you need to weigh all the pros and cons. The deck in this regard will help to look into the future and draw certain conclusions.

Schemes of the moving Tarot spreads

Any scheme for the Tarot spread for moving conditionally refers to a certain area of life – love, health, business, and so on. You should choose based on your own situation. At the same time, questions can be independently modified, substitute those of interest. The most important thing is to leave the position that is responsible for the final result, gives advice. If there are insurmountable obstacles ahead of the querent, then it may be worth postponing or even abandoning the idea of moving.

«Moving to a different city»

This scheme implies a change of city or district for permanent residence. This Tarot spread for moving highlights the topic of resources – financial, spiritual, energy. Next, you should compare what a person has in the current place and what will appear in the new one. It is possible that these acquisitions are not of equal value. Or it may be that even the questioner may lose something important in the pursuit of happiness. The spread gives comprehensive answers to all the most important questions.

Who will help you get used to
Long term prospects
What will interfere
Health in a new place
Career changes
Finance in a new city
Housing issue
Personal life in the future
Reason for moving
Unconscious motives
Emotional background now
Financial condition now
Physical capabilities now
Possible losses
Karmic lessons
New acquisitions
  1. The main reason for the decision.
  2. Unconscious motives.
  3. Current financial status.
  4. Emotional background.
  5. Physical abilities, health.
  6. Karma, spiritual lessons.
  7. Possible losses.
  8. Acquisitions due to relocation.
  9. Finance in a new city.
  10. Career changes
  11. How will the housing issue be resolved.
  12. Health in a new place.
  13. Private life in the future.
  14. Who or what will help you get used to it.
  15. What will interfere.
  16. Long-term outlook.

Positions from 8th to 16th in the Tarot spread for moving to another city are responsible for a person’s life in a new place. The querent needs to draw parallels and compare perspectives with what he has at the moment. If a lot of negative Arcana falls into the future, for example, the suit of Swords, then there is a great risk of losing everything. The fortuneteller needs to think carefully and compare what he can acquire with what is most likely to be in the past.

An example of reading cards in position 7:

«Moving abroad»

This Tarot spread for moving illuminates all areas of life in a new place. Here is a comparison of different cultures and mentalities. The main emphasis is on the personality itself – will it be able to find inner peace, peace of mind, in order to be able to fit into a new coordinate system. The querent may be faced with the task of learning a foreign language, immersing himself in the traditions of another country. For this Tarot spread, the use of the Minor Arcana is mandatory. They will give the overall picture a lot of shades.

External circumstances
If you agree, card 1
If you agree, card 2
If you agree, card 3
Motivation for moving
Reasons to stay
If you refuse, card 1
If you refuse, card 2
If you refuse, card 3
Personal life
Adaptation in society
Advice for the situation
  • 1 – the perceived reason for wanting to move.
  • 2 – external circumstances that push.
  • 3 – which, on the contrary, holds in place.
  • 4, 5, 6 – how life will turn out if the querent stays.
  • 7, 8, 9 – what will happen if you decide to change.
  • 10 – work.
  • 11 – health.
  • 12 – personal life.
  • 13 – adaptation in society.
  • 14 – advice on the situation.

Here, first of all, you need to compare branches of 3 cards. In principle, they will give an exhaustive answer to the main question. But the rest of the positions, starting from the 10th, will illuminate all the important areas of life in a new place. The Tarot spread for moving should be taken as a kind of analysis of the alleged cardinal changes. The Arcana number 14 will give the final verdict, advice on the situation.

Example of reading cards in position 3:

«Moving to a man»

This Tarot spread for moving is closely related to the issue of personal life. That is why joint goals and, in principle, interaction with a partner will come to the fore here. It is possible that moving to your man will serve as an impetus for the second half to change. It may be that such a step will bring closer to an official marriage. In another case, on the contrary, living together before the wedding will only hurt. A loved one can relax, understand that the goal has been achieved and marriage is no longer so important. That is why the querent is invited to independently analyze the situation and decide what to do.

Living conditions
Positive points
Relationships after, card 1
Relationships after, card 2
Woman’s intentions
Man’s goals
Relationships now, card 1
Relationships now, card 2
Negative points
  • 1 – the true intentions of the woman.
  • 2 – the targets of the man.
  • 3, 4 – what is the state of the relationship now.
  • 5, 6 – how they will change after the start of a life together.
  • 7 – what will be the living conditions.
  • 8 – positive moments, advantages of living together.
  • 9 – cons.
  • 10 – advice for the situation.

In this Tarot spread for moving, you can clearly trace the changes in relationships after the decision to live together. Well, if cards 5 and 6 show positive prospects. However, everywhere there are drawbacks, and they will be personified by Arcana number 9. A long road to work, the need to endure any everyday nuances or coordinate meetings with relatives and friends – as an example. Not necessarily the cons will be fatal and will affect relationships with a partner.

Example of reading cards in position 2:

  • Justice – desire to enter into an official marriage, start a family.
  • The Sun – support and help, inspiration for the second half.
  • Queen of Earth – shifting responsibility to a woman, the search for the archetype of the Mother.
  • Six of Water – play, frivolity.
  • Four of Earth – trying to keep the other half.
  • The Magician – desire for control.
  • Six of Air – deceit and infidelity.
  • Queen of Water – sincere love for a woman, affection.

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

Regardless of the specifics of the Tarot spread for moving, the querent needs to pay special attention to the appearance of the Major Arcana. They will tell about the fateful moments that can affect the formation of personality, inner growth. After all, even just a change of apartment can represent the beginning of a new stage. Positive cards are: the World, the Sun, the Magician, the Chariot. Negative: the Devil, Strength, the High Priestess, the Moon and the Tower. If two cards fall on any position at once, then this can be taken as a sign. It is worth reading both Arcana, trying to connect their meaning together.

However, even if the Tarot spread for the move shows bright prospects, you still need to listen to yourself. Perhaps now is not the time for drastic changes, the querent is simply not ready for them. Work on yourself, psychological attitudes will give confidence in your strength. By the way, for this you can meditate on the Arcana of the Empress or the Emperor, depending on the gender of the questioner. The Chariot card should be considered a symbol of the move. Frequent interaction with her will lead to the fulfillment of the desire to change the place of residence.

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