Negative Tarot Spread

There are many ways to determine the presence of a curse or evil eye. However, the Tarot spread for negative is a simple method that is suitable for both beginners and pros. The Arcana illuminate the problem from all sides, which in the future helps to work on oneself, to grow. After all, even the presence of destructive magic can push for development. Often people with a difficult fate achieve much more than those who have not encountered serious problems along the way.

Key features of the negative Tarot spread

The Tarot spread for negative is a proven way to reveal the magical effect on yourself or on loved ones. The cards will help to reliably find out if there is a curse, love spell, evil eye. However, the destructive is not always limited only to the energy message. This also includes: poor relations with relatives, low self-esteem, constant criticism from the environment. All this leaves an imprint on the human aura. As a result, such vibrations begin to work as full-fledged damage. The querent may notice that his health has worsened, his thoughts are constantly revolving around negative scenarios. Such self-adjustment is also destructive and dangerous.

Also, the Tarot spread for the negative can be done on the person of interest. It is possible that a husband or girlfriend has dramatically changed their behavior, behaving somehow strangely. Foremost, it is worth checking if there is magic here. Often sorcerers induce such influences in order to turn friends and relatives away from a person, to drive him into a corner. Another cause of negativity can be banal envy. If the questioner has a good relationship with a partner, love and trust reign in them, someone may not like it. In the world of magic, there is the concept of "drawing luck." This is a certain impact that literally steals all the best in the life of a fortuneteller and transfers it to an envious person.

When is the best time to do the spread

The negative spread on the Tarot cards is best done immediately, as soon as the first doubts appear. Constant quarrels with loved ones, lack of understanding, atypical behavior โ€“ all this should alert. The faster the querent finds the true cause of what is happening, the more likely it is to replay the situation. If the destructive program has been introduced for a long time, then it can lead to irreversible changes in the character of the individual. Therefore, the questioner must have time to tackle the problem. And the first step for this will be the diagnosis of the negative. It will show who exactly caused the problems. Also, the cards will highlight the method of guiding the program and the method of removing it.

In technical terms, the spread for the negative is best done in the evening. In women, intuition is especially aggravated during the full moon ๐ŸŒ•. You can work with Arcana on any day of the week. Separately, it is worth noting certain periods when the line between the worlds becomes thinner: Christmastime, holidays of the Wheel of the Year, lunar and solar eclipses, Easter. However, if the questioner feels an urgent need to get to the bottom of the truth, then all this does not matter. In this question, it is worth betting on having time to solve the problem before the appearance of fatal consequences.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

As a standard for the Tarot spread for the negative, you should choose dark decks: Royo, Necronomicon, Demons, Vampires. Such cards perfectly show unkind manifestations, destructive feelings. But if the fortuneteller does not have such tools in his arsenal, then you can limit yourself to the classics โ€“ Waite. This deck is considered universal. She, too, is able to determine the presence of negativity. The prediction will simply be less painful. If the dark Tarot is hard rock, metal, then Waite is Bach or Mozart.

If more positive decks are close to the querent, then the choice can be given to: Light Seerโ€™s, Osho Zen, Totem. In any case, the Tarot should reflect the flow of energies. These decks are spiritual, focusing on aura. If there are negative emotions, then the Arcana will definitely show them. The main message will fall on the major group. But the Minor Arcana can reveal everyday problems, which will be quite simple to solve. Also, the Tarot spread for the negative implies the use of reversed positions. They will give more shades to the prediction, help to focus on important details.

Preparation and rules of the spread

The most important condition before holding the Tarot spread for the negative will be the observance of emotional hygiene and stability. Strong feelings, such as anger or, conversely, joy, will distract from the task. Whatever happens in the life of a querent, it is worth letting go of emotions, trying to calm down. Then you need to take care of comfort. It is necessary to remain alone, ask loved ones not to disturb for about half an hour. As a rule, about this much time is enough for a detailed interpretation of the Tarot spread.

Next, the querent should prepare a place for working with cards. To conduct a Tarot spread for the negative, you can contact the patron gods in advance. The dark incarnations of entities โ€“ Veles, Hekate, Anubis will give the greatest response. You should choose depending on the religion, the culture that is closest in spirit. Also, before work, you can burn incense, light black candles. All this will set you up for the wave necessary for the practice, give you energy. From another deck, you can get the High Priestess, the Devil, or the Moon. These Major Arcana will help you tune in to fruitful work in the right direction.

Setting goals and formulating questions

If the fortuneteller holds the Tarot spread for the negative on himself, then you just need to concentrate on the problem. It is necessary to remember all the failures of recent times, all insults and quarrels with loved ones. It is possible that a strange streak of bad luck, monetary losses, constant breakdowns of equipment will come to mind. Then you should directly start working with the Tarot deck, keeping all these problems in mind. It is not at all necessary to know in the face of your enemy, you just need to remember all the negativity as vividly as possible. Tarot will show everything that was hidden from the questioner.

In the event that the spread for the negative is done on another person, then you need to have his photo. Electronic images are also suitable. However, you should choose those pictures in which the person of interest is alone. It is better to give preference to photos taken recently. Any personal item is also suitable for conducting a Tarot spread. It can be jewelry, clothing. In a word, everything that has been in contact with the body and energy of the individual for a long time.

Schemes of the negative Tarot spreads

There are many schemes for the Tarot spread for the negative. All of them differ in the amount of information and the level of preparation of the querent. Some of them give only the initial diagnosis, to remove doubts. Such spreads are good for beginners. The following ones already cover the problem in more detail, allow you to identify the causes and the operator himself who directed the program. And the most complex spreads, in turn, "cling" generic scenarios. At any level, the questioner will be able to understand whether he is able to cope with the situation on his own or whether he should turn to a specialist.


This Tarot spread for the negative is quite simple and understandable. It serves as a kind of litmus test by which it is possible to determine the presence or absence of problems. After all, it happens that a person can perceive the negative attitude of an unloving partner, misunderstanding with parents, conflicts with children as an influence from outside. It is necessary to immediately exclude the option of a possible destructive in order to be able to fully solve the problem. Cards are laid out in turn in a row from left to right.

  1. Whatโ€™s really going on, whatโ€™s worrying.
  2. Is there a place for magic/true cause of trouble.
  3. What to do for a querent.

In this Tarot spread for the negative in position 2, you need to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. The presence of witchcraft will be shown by: the Moon, the Magician, the High Priestess, the Devil and the Tower. And here is his absence: the Sun, the Fool, the Empress (for women), the Emperor (for men), the World. If Minor Arcana fall out here, then the matter lies in domestic troubles. In either case, the questioner may draw an additional card to make the answer clearer.


But this Tarot spread for the negative should be done after the magic has been revealed. It is possible that the fortuneteller found a lining under the door, witnessed the conversation of his enemies. The scheme will show the way to salvation and help punish enemies. Since it is quite short, the answers will be very concise and simple. In addition, the Tarot spread will give advice on what to do with this whole story. It may be that the best way out is to leave the dysfunctional environment, quit your current job, or forgive your spiteful critics and move on.

Way of influence
How to remove magic
Advice for the future
  1. Who did the magic.
  2. In what way.
  3. How to remove the program.
  4. Advice to the querent for the future.

In this Tarot spread for the negative, it is worth comparing positions 2 and 3. Based on exactly how the spell is cast, a way will be found to remove them. So, if the enemy used the item, then the fortuneteller needs to find it and destroy it. Often magicians use needles, grave earth, charmed pectoral crosses. If a loved one conjured, then he could make a gift: an icon, jewelry, clothes. It is necessary to throw out or burn this item.

Example of reading cards in position 3:

ยซDiagnostics of the birth negativeยป

This Tarot spread for the negative is considered the most complex and voluminous. It touches upon the issues of karma. After all, it may turn out that the querent himself did nothing wrong, but his fate is very unenviable. The reason may be the sins of the fathers. Moreover, older relatives do not always know about past tragedies and problems. This happens when a person was engaged in magic and carefully concealed it from loved ones. However, if a mistake was made, then retribution will inevitably follow. And this fate will fall on the shoulders of children and grandchildren, for several generations to come.

Presence of negative
Peculiarities of the ritual
Inheritance line
Possible difficulties
Source of problem
Appropriate method
Influence of the past
Way to remove influence
It is possible to get rid of the negative
  1. Are there any generic corruptions, curses, or destructive programs.
  2. Which branch does it all come from.
  3. Where or what caused the problem.
  4. The influence of the past on the questionerโ€™s present.
  5. Can he remove the effect himself.
  6. How to do it.
  7. Whether the method chosen by the questioner is suitable for purification.
  8. What difficulties may arise along the way.
  9. What rituals will help overcome obstacles.

This Tarot spread for the negative implies the savvy of the querent in magical matters. He should already understand various methods of removing programs, cleanings. But this scheme can be adapted for joint work with the master. Position 8 will show the presence of so-called "locks" on the program. These are certain manipulations that do not allow simply removing the impact. Here a serious approach is already required, the search for methods for breaking the "fixed".

Example of reading cards in position 4:

  • Three of Cups โ€“ addiction to drunkenness, riotous lifestyle.
  • Five of Pentacles โ€“ pathological poverty, even in spite of hard work and education.
  • Ten of Wands โ€“ difficult life circumstances, the inability to find time for rest.
  • Five of Cups โ€“ unrequited feelings, loneliness.
  • Two of Swords โ€“ lack of prospects in any direction, limited life.
  • Three of Wands โ€“ inability to find oneโ€™s place, restlessness.

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

Any of these Tarot spreads for the negative can show not a magical effect, but only a certain scenario that was inherited from relatives. And he is also able to fully work as a destructive program. In this case, the querent needs to contact a psychologist or independently change the reactions and behavior, the decisions made. If, nevertheless, the cards show magic, you need to seek help from a specialist. Beginners can use only the Major Arcana for work, so as not to get confused in the images and meanings.

The suits in the Tarot spread for the negative can be responsible for the nature of the impact. For example, Cups usually show a tendency to drunkenness, entertainment. Wands symbolize irrepressible lust, as well as the inability to complete what has been started. Swords denote a bad character, an evil tongue. But Pentacles in terms of negativity can show poverty, lack of practical skills or knowledge.

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