Past Tarot Spread

Many people dream of a time machine. The theme of returning to the past is colorfully shown in famous films and books. However, according to physicists, all three times are woven into one. The cards offer to embark on a mental journey, open the door to distant memories. The tarot spread for the past allows you to even penetrate other people’s secrets and find out the necessary information. If the practitioner knows how to listen to the whisper of the Arcana, then a green road opens before him. This is a powerful tool that should only be used for good.

Key features of the past Tarot spread

The Tarot spread for the past is a great way to make an analysis of past events. Indeed, often at the moment you can give up, not have time to say something or fight back. And over time, emotions calm down, the mind “cools down”. Sometimes it is useful to go back to the past and try to understand what lesson should be learned from there. In addition, such a Tarot spread is good not only for the questioner himself, but also for clients, relatives or the second half. It is especially important to find out the necessary information about a new fan in advance so as not to accidentally fall into a trap. It is worth listening to what the person says, trusting, but also checking with a deck of cards.

In general, the Tarot spread for the past can be perceived not only in the context of any narrow topic. The querent has the right to lift the veil of secrecy over his incarnations. It is possible that he will receive answers to his own questions only during the analysis of a past life. It happens that a person has not fully completed something, and now the soul repeats an unlearned lesson over and over again. Thus, one can perceive life as a kind of school in which people work on consciousness, body and spirit. However, it is worth digging so deeply only when the current incarnation really brings only pain and suffering, and the true reason for all this remains a mystery.

Retrospective is important when analyzing today’s problems. When working with clients, the past spread on the Tarot cards will help to understand what exactly the person is doing wrong. It is possible that his failures are closely related to the decisions he made. Karma is karma, but no one has canceled the law of free will. Indeed, often people in most cases themselves lose good chances due to self-doubt, laziness or elementary inattention. The fortuneteller himself is also able to draw parallels of the events that happened to him with the current reality. The main thing is to learn the right lessons for yourself and try to change fate, break the usual negative pattern.

When is the best time to do the spread

The Tarot spread for the past can be carried out only when feelings have cooled down a bit. A person has the right to worry, but the emotional state should be more or less stable. This is the case when the question concerns the querent himself or his client. For beginners in magic, proper attunement to the process is also important. It is best to do a spread for the past late in the evening or even at night. Dark energies will allow you to relax, tune in to the flow of information. You can not work in a bad mood, during illness or in a state of severe stress. All these nuances will be confusing, preventing the deck from fully opening up and interacting with it correctly.

Experienced masters can do the Tarot spread for the past at any time of the day. A well-established connection with the Arcana allows you to tune in to the flow as if at the click of a finger. However, even such people should not work with cards while intoxicated. The Tarot deck is just a tool, a conduit that connects the operator to another person who needs help. When the energy is opened with the help of alcohol, the risk of drawing someone else’s negativity onto yourself increases. If the querent wants to make a Tarot spread for the past in order to look at himself from the outside, then here, too, intoxication will only confuse. The prediction will be false, since the cards do not tolerate a conniving attitude.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

The choice of a deck for the Tarot spread for the past will depend on the specifics of the question. If the querent is interested in the last relationship of the second half, then the Arcana should be of a love theme. Erotic Fantasy Tarot, Decameron, Romantic – all of them are suitable for analyzing the partner’s personal life in the past. The cards of this group are good because they show the habitual behavior of the second half, her or his repeated mistakes. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of a loved one, you can try to avoid conflicts and build strong relationships for many years.

If the Tarot spread for the past implies a psychological analysis of the personality, its karma, then deep decks should be preferred. Osho Zen, Pagan, Klimt – this group is responsible for the soul, mind and heart. These Tarot decks offer a look at past experience from the position of an outside observer, without bias. They give a chance to show empathy, to forgive yourself or another for mistakes or inaction. If the fortuneteller wants to plunge into past lives, then dark decks will do: Gothic Tarot, Haunted House, Royo Dark. Still, the former incarnations have already turned into ashes, and a mantic instrument that is suitable for vibrations is needed.

Preparation and rules of the spread

The Tarot spread for the past will be correct only if the fortuneteller is properly prepared to work with cards. This includes basic cleaning in the room, keeping the place clean. The Arcana itself should be wiped from time to time with a damp cloth, if the density of the paper allows it. Cards that are too thin can be cleaned with an eraser. On the energy plane, digging with wax and some kind of conspiracy in your own words will help get rid of the accumulated information. There should always be an amulet or a protective candle on the table. Such attributes will help you not to drag the negative onto yourself while viewing customers.

If the Tarot spread for the past is done with the help of any deities, then the work becomes even more serious. After the session, you should definitely leave offerings to the spirit that the practitioner called. If this is not done, then the deity may punish the querent. The negative will manifest itself in the form of a sudden illness, loss of money or a quarrel with loved ones from scratch. In any case, they will take energy from a person. Therefore, it is worth deciding in advance on the algorithm of work and clearly follow all the steps. Recklessness will not lead to anything good. In addition, the next time the cards may generally give out an incorrect prediction.

Setting goals and formulating questions

In any work, the initial intention, the vision of the ultimate goal, is important. Based on this rule, the Tarot spread for the past should be clarified. It is worth deciding which area the fortuneteller is interested in. If, in principle, the life of a person is important, then you can focus on the general energy, the most important events that influenced a person. Career, past relationships, childhood, health problems, negative experiences – all this spread can show separately. Focus is important, the ability to concentrate on one area. As a reference, you can use a photo of a person, his thing, or a mental image in bright colors.

If the Tarot spread for the past needs to be done on the querent himself, then the approach changes a little. Such a method requires concentration on oneself and also complete detachment from the outside world. When working with cards, it is worth focusing on your past image, some details of your appearance. For regression to previous reincarnations, children’s photos can be used as a reference. This is the same boundary, the frontier that allows you to quickly cross the river of time. If there are no such rarities, then the questioner is invited to think as close as possible to the state of childhood.

Schemes of the past Tarot spreads

All schemes of Tarot spreads for the past are divided by topic. You can use them both for yourself and for another person. Beginners can only use the Major Arcana. The major group will briefly but clearly reflect all the problems and lessons not learned. But the Minor Arcana will complement the Tarot spread with details. They will highlight the subtleties that still affect the life of the querent. Court cards will show specific people who took an active part in the fate of a person.

«Lock» for the analysis of the past

This Tarot spread for the past gives the key to today. The diagram shows why the querent is pulled back, unable to make a breakthrough to something better. Such a spread is useful in the case when a person is immersed in depression, does not enjoy his life. Cards offer to face the truth, delve into the past. It may be that some mistakes still affect the perception of the present, do not allow to grow. The main thing is to follow the advice of the Arcana and try to build a happy future, rather than continue to get stuck in the swamp of past days.

Source of experiences
Shadows of the past
Reason for sympathy
Old affection
Secret benefit
Negative consequences
Positive changes
What’s worth letting go
What will soon change
  1. Why it pulls back, the real reason.
  2. What hasn’t left a person yet.
  3. Is there a specific person to whom attachment remains.
  4. Why I am drawn to this person.
  5. What is the benefit of holding on to the milestone.
  6. Negative consequences of past events.
  7. Positive change, lessons learned or benefit
  8. What is worth letting go.
  9. What will change after jumping forward.
  10. What a person does not want to admit to himself.
  11. Advice on which way to go.

This Tarot spread for the past should be taken as an analysis of one’s own mistakes. Particular attention should be paid to position 5. It shows the secondary benefit from one’s own suffering. It is important to adequately assess your behavior and accept even the dark sides of the personality. Card number 9 is responsible for changes after a person releases the past. However, position 11 in the spread may clearly hint that the querent needs to return to someone and talk. This will mark the end of the cycle of action. As long as the personality has not finished something, the excess potential will not go anywhere. This is the burden that only accumulates over time and puts pressure on the soul.

An example of reading cards in position 6:

«Past relationships»

But this Tarot spread for the past specifically shows what partner the person interacted with earlier and why it all ended there. A similar method is good for analyzing a new lover, in which there is still no due confidence. After all, the way he treated the former second half can say a lot about the characterization of the individual. It is possible that the couple simply got each of their unique experiences and dispersed on a positive note. But most often, the spread for the past will still show insurmountable obstacles on the way and disagreements that interfere with love. The querent has the right to arm himself with this information in order to avoid the same type of mistakes.

Current communication
Positive sides
Personality of former partner
Negative sides
Relationship characteristics
  1. The personality of the former partner.
  2. A brief description of these relationships.
  3. What was positive.
  4. The negative that led to the exit.
  5. Are these people communicating now.

Although this Tarot spread for the past is rather small, it still provides comprehensive information. Some positions, if desired, can be revealed using an additional card. Arcana number 5 will show the state of the relationship now. It may be that the other half itself holds on to the passed stage of life, unable to let it go. It is important to show wisdom and not to break firewood. Perhaps the querent will simply have to step aside himself so as not to feel superfluous.

Example of reading cards in position 4:

  • Eight of Fire – haste, unwillingness to wait.
  • Ace of Water – new love.
  • Five of Air – non-reciprocity of feelings.
  • Ace of Earth – domestic issues, unmet needs.
  • Seven of Air – departure of a partner in English.
  • The High Priestess – the appearance of a mistress.
  • The Punishment (The Hanged Man) – irascible character.
  • Strength – painful attachment, desire to possess.


This Tarot spread for the past shows the events of bygone days. It is believed that in the afterlife there is no time. However, in order to be reincarnated by the standards of reality, the soul waits long enough. Such dissonance most often refers to the past incarnation, which was 40, 50 or more years ago. In some special cases, something prevents a person from being reborn, and he can wait for his turn for more than a century. Problems and unlearned lessons, unfulfilled tasks turn into karma. Therefore, it is worth looking behind the scenes of the theater of life and trying to repay all debts. This is where the spread for the past incarnation will help.

Past incarnation
Past life purpose
What failed to complete
What happened
New mission
Advice for the future
Personality trait
Current difficulties
Lesson of the present
  1. The general character, the past incarnation itself.
  2. The purpose of that life.
  3. What failed to complete.
  4. What did you get to buy?
  5. New mission for the current life.
  6. The most important lesson of the present.
  7. What is the obstacle now.
  8. The most pronounced facet of the current personality.
  9. Advice for the future.

This Tarot spread for the past shows a person’s life in general terms. However, this approach allows us to separate the wheat from the chaff, to obtain only important information applicable now. Indeed, in fact, some small details will not give the querent anything. Even if he was a king or a great scientist, it doesn’t matter now. The questioner still encounters problems, perhaps does not know how to build relationships or achieve success in a career. The scheme focuses on the last position in this spread for the past. By following the advice of the Arcana, you can radically change and let go of the burden of the past.

Example of reading cards in position 1:

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

When analyzing any Tarot spread for the past, you should pay attention to the appearance of cards of the courtyard group. They will show people who influenced the very life of a person earlier. Often such a significant figure can be a mother, the first lover, or some serious enemy. The suits in this spread are responsible for the nature of the relationship with this person. So, Swords will symbolize intellectual disputes, conversations. Wands will indicate passion, intimate relationships. Cups denote true love, affection. And Pentacles can show working relationships, various agreements. If the meaning of the card is not entirely clear, then it is worth supplementing it with another Arcana.

Also, the Tarot spread for the past should be analyzed by the appearance of a major group. There are special cards that show the division of life into "before" and "after". The Tower, the Last Judgment, the Wheel of Fortune can mean cardinal changes in a person, a transition to a new line of life. But to what exactly these changes led, it is worth judging by the Arcana lying next to it in the spread. Someone is able to soar after the betrayal or departure of a loved one. Others can fall hard and put an end to fate even after minor events. Everything depends on the strength of the spirit.

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