Personal Life Tarot Spread

The Tarot spread for personal life can both inspire a person and take away a sense of joy. After all, the sphere of relations does not always imply the presence of a specific partner. It also happens that the questioner is alone for a long time, communication with the opposite sex does not go well. But do not despair, because a deck of cards can indicate the right path to personal happiness.

Key features of the personal life Tarot spread

The sphere of love and partnerships is very scrupulous. Working with this topic, you can raise a lot of internal blocks, psychological problems. The Tarot spread for personal life is a mirror in which the soul of the querent is reflected. After all, he can relate to the opposite sex only in the way he used to treat himself. In India, it is believed that a person is created from two energies – Yin and Yang. That is, in each personality, the archetype of a woman and the image of a man live inside. And, of course, the main foundation here is laid by the parents. It is their way of interacting with each other that serves as the basis for a future happy family life. Well, or is one of the reasons for loneliness.

However, not everything is so prosaic. In some cases, the Tarot spread for personal life can show magical intervention. After all, sometimes witchcraft interferes with meeting a reliable partner. Here we need an individual approach to the problem. Love spells, negative generic programs, damage – all this is quite possible to see on the Tarot cards. It is important to understand that in the first place, it is necessary to diagnose the situation. You should not try to shoot something that may not exist at all. But it’s not worth hoping for a bright future in your personal life, if the magical reason for loneliness is not removed. As always, the devil is in the details. The truth is hidden in the deck.

When is the best time to do the spread

It is best to conduct the personal life spread in the evening, in the dark. Twilight is introduced into a trance state, because the line between the worlds becomes very thin. Beginners in the mantic world will thus be able to sharpen their intuition in order to get a more reliable prediction. But experienced practitioners are free to conduct the spread for personal life on Tarot cards at any time. Only the internal setting matters.

However, you should remember a number of rules that will help prevent mistakes in the work. First, do not guess after a strong emotional shock, both positive and negative. The energy will "hit" the head when in fact it needs to be kept on the lower chakras. That is, the ideal state is similar to a kind of emptiness. The inner vessel should ring from such silence. Secondly, you do not need to conduct a Tarot spread for your partner’s private life. He simply can not believe in the forecast. In the worst case, misinterpreted information can destroy existing relationships.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

For the personal life Tarot spread, you must select the desired deck. And it won’t always be romantic. Of course, for starters, you can use specialized tools: Thousand and One Nights, Oracle of Mystical Moments, Rackham. All these decks plunge into the world of love, sensuality. From them breathes a fabulous flair. However, even these cards can show loneliness, bad choices, or problems on the way to personal happiness.

In such cases, special magic Arcana are needed: Necronomicon Tarot, Sexual Magic, Witches. It is worth checking whether the cause of failure lies outside the familiar world. The Tarot spread for personal life can turn into an analysis of all areas of the questioner. After all, the law of magic says that if you are unlucky in one place, then it will definitely be reflected in everything else. Appearance, interaction with money, relationships with relatives – absolutely everything collapses under a negative scenario. Therefore, it is worth excluding this kind of reason, or identifying it in time.

Preparation and rules of the spread

First you need to prepare a place for a divination session. In order to correctly interpret the Tarot spread for personal life, it is worthwhile to create a quiet space in advance. At the same time, there should not be distracting objects on the altar – for example, lucky coins, charmed bracelets for health. That is, it is important to observe some kind of magical hygiene. The tarologist himself must tune in to the theme of love. And for this, symbols in the form of hearts, doves will help. Water is also able to calm, give the right vibrations. Therefore, you can put small decorative fountains. But the aquarium in the workplace should not be placed. Living beings are able to take on the energy of both clients and a fortuneteller if he asks the cards about himself. And not always this charge will be positive.

Setting goals and formulating questions

Before you make a Tarot spread for your personal life, you should decide on the current situation. Someone will be interested in prospects with an already chosen partner, while the other is concerned with the question of how to find love. It also happens that today’s lover is not completely satisfied, that is, the querent is open to new relationships. The more complex the situation, the more detailed analysis it requires. It is worth giving a person the opportunity to see the future in its different versions. After all, the final result entirely depends only on the decisions of the individual himself.

Schemes of the personal life Tarot spreads

Any of the Tarot spread for personal life can be modernized, redrawn for yourself. The cards feel the master, they speak the same language with him. There are no clear dogmas and postulates. The main thing is the right attitude and faith in one’s own strengths. Experience will help to see the whole story, even in a single position.

One card personal life spread

This is a standard Tarot spread for personal life. One position is able to show the future partner, the presence or absence of negativity. Also, the card will give advice regarding the adjustment of behavior, appearance. You need to trust the deck, otherwise it will not work to correct the fate. Incomprehensible images can be revealed with the help of additional Tarot cards. However, it is best to limit yourself to one or two positions, because a short way of obtaining information was initially chosen. It is generally possible to use only the Major Arcana.

Personal life card

An example of reading the personal life Tarot spread for one position:

Question: «What kind of partner is waiting for me in the future?»

Card: The Hierophant

Interpretation: This person is needed for some lesson. He acts as a teacher for the questioner. Appearance and occupation can be clarified with an additional card. However, it is best to focus on the essence of this very lesson.

Additional card: Ten of Cups

Interpretation: this partner will teach you to trust the world. With him it is quite possible to build a family, have children. The questioner will have to find out what common happiness is.

«Crisis in relationship»

Sometimes love brings the most severe pain, brings only problems. In this case, this personal life spread is suitable. Only four cards are able to show the true problem, as well as indicate the path to healing. It is a saving beacon in a raging sea of conflicting feelings. Moreover, those people who are not in a relationship can use this scheme. In both cases, the Tarot spread for personal life will outline the root of problems and failures.

  • 1 – what has collapsed is in the past.
  • 2 – what to focus on to get out of stagnation.
  • 3 – how the negative will be lived, future key events.
  • 4 – what will comfort the heart, new relationships.

In this Tarot spread for personal life, you need to pay special attention to the second card. She directly gives advice on specific actions, a working model of behavior. An example of the interpretation of ambiguous Arcana in position 2:

  • Three of Swords – it is worth giving yourself time for tears, anger, impotence; you need to live through painful feelings to the end, suffer.
  • Five of Wands – the querent needs not to fail, to remain in a defensive position; maybe you should immediately seek solace in communicating with other people.
  • Two of Cups – only love will save a person, complete acceptance of the partner’s shadow sides, even if they part in the future.
  • Page of Pentacles – you need to go to work, everyday affairs.

Event spread for personal life

The same Tarot spread for personal life will show specific situations for the coming year. However, a detailed forecast also contains the key to overcoming negative moments. It is important to understand that each person is able to cope with the most difficult and unpleasant events and even learn a certain lesson, draw conclusions. In this spread, three Arcana are required for each position.

Next six months, card 1
Next six months, card 2
Next six months, card 3
Problem, card 1
Problem, card 2
Problem, card 3
Advice, card 1
Advice, card 2
Advice, card 3
Remaining half year, card 1
Remaining half year, card 2
Remaining half year, card 3
  1. The next six months. Will there be a new acquaintance, how will the current relationship develop? Is it possible to get married or have children? In general, the first triplet will show the most significant moments.
  2. The remaining half of the year. Here you can already track the dynamics of an existing or future connection.
  3. What will interfere with the sphere of love. Problems can concern both the querent and his partner. If the cards do not show anyone, then you should think about the presence of a magical effect.
  4. Which, on the contrary, will help build personal relationships. This is advice from the cards.

In this Tarot spread for personal life should focus on position number 3. Often, the most negative cards will fall out here. Here are examples of those Arcana that imply mysticism:

The Minor Arcana in the Tarot spread for personal life will help you find out exactly how the magic was induced:

You can also interpret the suits themselves in the personal life Tarot spread:

  • Cups, Chalices – blood relationship, family karma; something that was passed down from the older generation or relatives (it also happens that the negative was directed at a brother, sister, and so on, but was reflected in the questioner, since there is a strong connection).
  • Swords, Blades – impact through needles, pins.
  • Wands, Staves – love spells through intimacy.
  • Pentacles, Coins – a certain object on which a destructive program is directed (dolls, earth, flowers, money, icons).

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

The most important thing that can be noted for any of the personal life Tarot spread is the emphasis on the causes of negativity. If an unpleasant card has fallen, it must be taken into account. However, the next step is to consult a specialist. Even experienced practitioners may not be able to remove some kind of impact, and even more, so a beginner will only make himself worse. Therefore, one should always adequately assess one’s own strengths. Prediction is only half the battle.

But even if the Tarot spread for personal life did not show anything critical, you need to move on. It is worth taking advice from the deck. They will help to make the relationship even more harmonious, because there is no limit to perfection. However, in order not to jinx the future, you do not need to tell people about it. Happiness loves silence. After all, it is not always possible to consider envy in the closest. Sometimes, it is these people who become the cause of the subsequent black streak.

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