Personality Tarot Spread

The personality Tarot spread is an express method to get a complete description of the individual of interest, without even communicating with him personally. In this way, you can find out the smallest details, down to the field of activity and past problems that influenced the present. Possession of such information will allow you to choose the necessary strategy of behavior in order to achieve the goal.

Key features of the personality Tarot spread

Sometimes, an unsightly inside is hidden behind a beautiful picture, or vice versa. It is not always possible to understand this or that individual, to choose a model of behavior in relation to him. In this case, the Tarot spread for the person will help. This fortune-telling will highlight the minuses and pluses of the personality, bright character traits. And it’s not always about love. You can view a colleague, friend, potential business partner, and so on. Cards, on the other hand, will focus on the most important information that is relevant at the moment. But it is also possible to “see” a so far unknown future partner. The Arcana are able to show his appearance, the sign of the zodiac.

In addition, the personality Tarot spread can be applied to yourself. A magic deck is able to open your eyes to the weaknesses and strengths of the querent. After all, not everyone manages to adequately evaluate themselves. There are times when a person closes his eyes to his own talents, losing good chances over and over again. Or the questioner behaves selfishly, but cannot realize this. Life deliberately closes any doors in front of him. This is where this spread comes in handy. It will serve as a kind of mirror that shows only the truth.

When is the best time to do the spread

The Tarot spread for the person personality can be done at any time of the day. No need to follow the lunar calendar or wait for "male" or "female" days. It is worth focusing only on your own energy. A breakdown, physical illness or depression will turn into an obstacle to the goal. Therefore, you should take care of your condition, do not overload and not be in a state of stress. You need to choose a time when you will feel calm inside. This attitude will already do half the job. The next 50% is the practical experience of reading cards.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

To choose the right deck for the personality spread, you should decide on a request. So, if a fortuneteller is most interested in appearance, then preference should be given to cards that depict characters of various types. In this regard, Illuminati Tarot well-designed, because real photos of people were taken as the basis. Also suitable: Shaheen Miro, Light Seer’s, Thelema. If the questioner is interested in the inner world, the nature of the personality, then it is best to take Totems Tarot. The image of the animal will reflect the behavior, the way to express themselves.

The world of feelings in the personality spread on Tarot cards will display erotic or romantic decks: Casanova, Decameron. In this way, a thorough analysis can be made. In addition, experienced practitioners are able to work with several predictive systems at once. In this case, you need to lay out a card of another deck corresponding to the question for each position. Beginners can limit themselves to using only Major Arcana. This is a great way to explore the base by drawing parallels between the energies of the cards and human manifestations.

Preparation and rules of the spread

At first, it is worth throwing unnecessary thoughts out of your head, concentrating only on the Tarot spread for a personality. To do this, you can take a contrast shower, engage in physical activity or just meditate. In general, the main thing is to shake things up, recharge your batteries. The next step is to prepare the space. It is best to work with Tarot always in the same place. It will "store" energy, and then feed the fortuneteller. If you neglect this condition, you can get a scattered prediction, as well as a general inability to concentrate. It is better not to guess in bed or at the dinner table.

Separately, it is necessary to mention the purity of the physical. In addition to energy "noise", dust, dirt and other things should be avoided. Therefore, it is worth respecting the spirits of the cards. If you carry out the personality Tarot spread in a cluttered, untidy place, you can find the wrath of egregor. It will manifest itself in the inability to read information. The Arcana would seem to confuse the querent, showing conflicting situations and characteristics.

Setting goals and formulating questions

Before conducting the personality Tarot spread, you need to decide on the questions. Sometimes this or that action, feelings, thoughts may be of interest. A similar approach is applicable to the questioner himself or to someone already familiar. In the case when they look at a stranger, for example, a future boyfriend or husband, you should just think about yourself, your personal life. And if the subject of interest is the fortuneteller himself, then you just need to relax and not ask a question at all.

Schemes of the personality Tarot spreads

Any personality Tarot spread is able to illuminate various areas of life. Thus, you can find out exactly what the person is doing, what she thinks or feels. The past of the individual will not slip away. The questioner is able to immerse himself in someone else’s life and even come into contact with carefully hidden secrets. Here everything will depend on the accumulated experience, the stock of the internal resource of the practitioner himself.


This Tarot spread for personality is made using one position. The card will show the answer to any question regarding the conceived personality. The situation may affect this or that action, the presence or absence of feelings, sympathy. The Arcana will serve as a kind of key that opens the door to the heart of the hidden character. You can also view yourself or a potential lover who has not yet met.

Personality card

Positive feature: The Sun, The World, The Star, The Magician, The Lovers, The Chariot.

Negative interpretation: The Devil, The Tower, The Hermit, The Fool, Judgement, Justice, The Moon.


This Tarot spread for a person shows several levels of manifestation at once – mentality, spirituality, and the physical plane. For each of the positions, you can lay out cards of the decks corresponding to the request. Thus, the spread on the personality of a person will turn out to be more complete, speaking. It is also worth clarifying the question in advance – whether all the information will concern the questioner or not. You can also guess for yourself.

  • 1 – thoughts, what is happening in the head, the world of ideas; opinion about the querent.
  • 2 – heartfelt feelings, soul; feelings for the questioner.
  • 3 – actions, manifestation of oneself; how he behaves towards the questioner.
  • 4 – pluses, advantages, all the best.
  • 5 – minuses, the shadow side of personality.

The emphasis in this personality Tarot spread should be placed on position 3. It reflects the background, the true cause of behavior. Also, this scheme can be supplemented with two cards. At this moment, it is worth concentrating on the hidden individual, mentally putting him on the road, conditionally leading from one point to another.

  • 6 – past
  • 7 – future

An example of reading this spread for a personality:

  • 1 – Six of Pentacles. This person is now thinking about money, material things. It focuses on the issue of obtaining assistance, calculates options for how to improve the financial situation. / Or he thinks about how to get in touch with the querent.
  • 2 – Three of Cups. Joy in the soul, good mood. / Sympathy.
  • 3 – Three of Wands. Mister X is moving forward, growing. / Strives to meet the querent, wants more.
  • 4 – The Tower. The ability to defend their rights, to say "no".
  • 5 – The Sun. Pronounced selfishness, inability to keep anything a secret.
  • 6 – Three of Swords. A betrayal that left a seal on the heart.
  • 7 – The Chariot. Rise in any area, promotion.


This Tarot spread for a personality will help you understand yourself or someone close to you. It will highlight the important aspects of life, character. We can say that this is an alternative to going to a psychologist. It is important to perceive information not just as a diagnosis, but as an incentive to work on yourself, to become better.

Meaning of life
  • 1 – the meaning of life, what needs to be done.
  • 2 – misconceptions that hinder growth.
  • 3 – fatal errors.
  • 4 – what else can be fixed.
  • 5 – a model of behavior, a way of expressing yourself.
  • 6 – a true calling.
  • 7 – related talents.
  • 8 – the cause of negative thinking, the root of trouble.
  • 9 – dependencies.
  • 10 – what you should limit yourself to.
  • 11 – which is absolutely impossible to do.
  • 12 – what you can lose because of your stupidity.
  • 13 – in which direction to move.

Particular attention in this personality Tarot spread should be paid to positions 2 and 8. They will reflect the causes of failures in life, which lie in the subconscious. You can work with your own beliefs and already radically change your life. Position 9 will not always show addiction to alcohol, drugs, and so on. Here, a painful passion for video games or your partner can manifest itself. It is necessary to perceive the message of the cards more flexibly.

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

In any of these Tarot spread schemes for a person, it is worth paying attention to a group of cards. So, many Minor Arcana will tell that everything is in the hands of the individual himself. She has the power to change lives, solve most problems. Minor Arcana show transient circumstances. But the major group symbolizes fateful events that are difficult or impossible to change, avoid. It is also worth paying attention to suits. They immediately reflect the direction of the situation.

In the Tarot spread for a person “Key”, only court cards can be used if the question concerns the future chosen one. The characters of the court Arcana will show hair color, figure, age, as well as personality. Sometimes, cards are able to reflect the smallest details, down to scars, moles or tattoos. That is why in this case you should use special decks.

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