Pregnancy Tarot Spread

The pregnancy Tarot spread is a very accurate, but dangerous way to know the future. Everything will depend on the approach of the querent. If a girl is able to perceive information adequately and without emotions, analyze it, draw conclusions, then everything is fine. The cards will allow you to find out not only the physical side of the issue, but also the spiritual one. The main thing is to work correctly with Tarot cards, to feel them. Mistakes in this topic can be confusing, take away the very motivation to move on.

Key features of the pregnancy Tarot spread

If a girl suspects that she is in a position, it is best to contact an antenatal clinic. However, at the moment, the Tarot spread for pregnancy can help. It will allow you to make the most likely forecast of events, find out the sex of the child or how the birth will go. Well, or dispel doubts about conception in general. In addition, the ability to look through such questions develops intuition, helps the tarot reader to improve. But here you should be especially careful, because the topic is very sensitive.

When is the best time to do the spread

The pregnancy tarot spread is best done before the planned conception. The very condition of a woman expecting a child is very specific. The energy seems to be thinning, and therefore all magical influences fall quickly on both the mother and the baby. Also, viewing this topic is possible at an early date. If the girl is in the second or last trimester, it is better to refrain from fortune-telling. But if we talk about the time of day, then the night or evening, early morning is suitable. Darkness allows you to sharpen your intuition in order to begin to hear the voice of the heart.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

To simplify your task and get the correct prediction, you should pay attention to those decks on the Minor Arcana of which people are depicted. That is, for the pregnancy spread, the Thelema Tarot, Visconti-Sforza is immediately swept aside. It is better to give preference to the classics, such as Rider-Waite. It is also possible to use only court Arcana from any deck. However, it is better to choose more mundane cards. Osho Zen, the Intuitive can be confusing. But all this applies only to beginners in Tarot. Experienced practitioners are able to get a true prediction using any deck.

Preparation and rules of the spread

Before performing the pregnancy spread on Tarot cards, it is worthwhile to soberly assess the internal state. If the querent is sick, very worried, depressed, then it is better to postpone the divination session until quieter times. Here it is important to constantly monitor yourself, try to feel a certain emptiness and silence. To do this, you can throw out all the negativity in advance with the help of vocals, sports, dancing.

Setting goals and formulating questions

The first step is to determine the right question based on your situation. The Tarot spread for pregnancy can cover various periods of childbearing, as well as illuminate the future of the baby. It’s all about health. Otherwise, the cards will show the moral side of the issue. This includes the compatibility of future parents, their readiness for replenishment in the family. Another situation is when a woman is still alone and only tries on the role of a mother. Everywhere you need an individual approach. The universal method will be concentration on yourself and the new person. If we talk about spirituality, then the mother can be compared to the guide of the soul who wants to visit this world. You need to understand that the child is a separate individuality. And he also has a lot to teach his parents.

Schemes of the pregnancy Tarot spreads

Any scheme of the pregnancy Tarot spread can be applied “pointwise”. The main thing is to correctly interpret the received prediction. However, the questioner has the right to do several spreads in a row in order to view the situation from all sides. Or it may turn out that there is no pregnancy at all and further reading of the cards becomes meaningless. Therefore, a fortuneteller should focus only on his own intuition and choose a scheme based on an internal request, external circumstances.

One card pregnancy spread

This Tarot spread for pregnancy can serve as a substitute for a pharmacy test. He will show whether the girl is in position or not. Also, with the help of one card, you can see the gender of the future child or the compatibility of partners. Beginners are advised to use only the Major Arcana, so as not to make a mistake. This group of cards already contains all the archetypes.

Pregnancy card

Arcana indicating pregnancy:

«Independent planning»

This Tarot spread for pregnancy will help prepare in advance for the appearance of a miracle. The scheme is especially suitable for those women who have health problems, fear of bearing a child. The spread also illuminates the moral state of the girl. After all, in addition to desire, there must be a favorable environment. The spread can also be done for those ladies who are preparing for the “eco” procedure, do not have a partner. In this scheme, the cards show only the questioner herself.

Willingness to get pregnant
Possible problems
Auspicious time
Pregnancy course
How will the birth go?
Baby health

S – significator. They will be any card drawn at random from the deck. The Arcana will show the likelihood of becoming a mother, in the near future to conceive a child.

  1. Readiness to give new life. Moral state or physical.
  2. In what period can conception occur. Auspicious time.
  3. Problems, weaknesses.
  4. The course of pregnancy.
  5. How will the birth go?
  6. Baby health.

In this Tarot spread for pregnancy, you should take a closer look at card number 2. This position can show a specific day, time period. You need to pay attention to the number of the card. The suits will show the seasons or the time of day. It all depends on the initial request. You need to focus and set some limits. However, initially the significator must show that pregnancy is possible. If there is a negative Arcana here, then the scheme can not be considered further.

Example of reading cards in position 2:

«Mutual planning» for both partners

This pregnancy Tarot spread is useful for couples who are responsible for planning children. One row of cards will show the side of the mother, the other – the father. The querent must carefully analyze all the Arcana and understand how compatible he is with his half. Also, the diagram will show pitfalls, magical effects, if any. The spread is especially suitable for those people who cannot have children for a long time.

Compatibility of future parents
Physical condition of a woman
Physical condition of a man
Women’s reproductive health
Man’s reproductive health
Psychological health of a woman
Psychological health of a man
Aura of a woman
Aura of a man
Fate of a woman
Fate of a man
Opportunity to get pregnant
Joint future of the couple
  • S1 – Woman.
  • S2 – Man.
  • 1, 2 – Physical state.
  • 3, 4 – Health, specifically of the genital organs. The ability to conceive a child.
  • 5, 6 – Psychological blocks, if any.
  • 7, 8 – Magic, negative.
  • 9, 10 – Karma, fate.
  • 11 – Compatibility of future parents, how harmonious their couple is.
  • 12 – Whether pregnancy will occur within a year or the planned period.
  • 13 – How the child will affect the relationship of partners. The future of the family.

Foremost, in this Tarot spread for pregnancy, it is worth assessing physical health. If there are no problems, then you need to move on and look at psychology. The absence of blocks, diseases can lead to the idea of magical intervention. However, if everything is fine here, then the problem is in karma. It happens that people are not destined to become parents. It’s not bad or good, it’s just a given. But such a factor as fate must converge with two partners. In the case when one person cannot comprehend the joy of motherhood or fatherhood, the second is not obliged to humble himself. Therefore, the emphasis in this Tarot scheme should be done precisely on the comparison of the two sides.

Cards indicating the impossibility of having children:

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

In any Tarot spread for pregnancy, those cards that depict children are important. Moreover, in different decks, these Arcana will be different. It is worth focusing on the selected Tarot cards. They are able to reflect both the sex of the child and the appearance. In some cases, the Arcana is able to show even twins. For example, in the Tarot of Ancient Scroll, two children of different sexes are depicted on the Sun card. And Waite has only one on the same Arcana. Moreover, it is rather difficult to understand whether it is a boy or a girl.

There are also situations when conception is quite possible, but the trimesters will be difficult. That is, the Tarot spread for pregnancy should be taken as a kind of hint – is it worth having children in the near future. Sometimes medicine is not able to give an absolute guarantee that the child will be born healthy. In this case, the mantle will help. Based on the forecast received, the expectant mother will be able to draw conclusions for herself – to decide or to temporarily abandon her idea. But this is only if all this is planned. It is better for girls in a position not to disturb themselves at all and not to think ahead.

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