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Any message boards are full of profitable offers. It sells renovated apartments cheaper than market value and cars with almost zero mileage at ridiculous prices. But this is only a presentable facade, behind which anything can be hidden. Not to get confused and not to become victims of dishonest sellers will help the Tarot spread for the purchase. It will allow you to remove the masks and find out the hidden details.

Key features of the purchase Tarot spread

The buy Tarot spread is a secret way to find out all the most important information about a planned purchase. Of course, this method is more suitable for analyzing an apartment, a car or a private house. Maps will help you make the final choice between several options, show all the pitfalls. Often the verdict of the Arcana will be very different from what the seller says. It is best for the questioner to trust the deck and his intuition. After all, a large sum is involved in this issue. No need to act hastily.

However, even if the seller does not hide anything, the purchase spread is still necessary. He will prompt the right decision, show how the acquisition will change the life of the querent. It is possible that moving to a new home will be associated with changes in fate – meeting a partner, having a child, changing jobs. The same applies to cars. You can perceive the Tarot spread for the purchase as a kind of mirror reflecting a new reality. But to join it or not is the choice of the most fortuneteller.

When is the best time to do the spread

It is best to carry out a purchase spread on Tarot cards as early as possible, just before the deal itself. The margin of time will help to evaluate all the pros and cons of the "product". This applies to both physical characteristics and energy. For example, a house or apartment will bring bad neighbors as a bonus, and a car will serve as a conductor of negativity from the previous owner. It is worth checking all the nuances as carefully as possible. Especially if the price is too low. It may be that, as a result, the buyer will pay many times more – in health, relationships or financial losses later.

There is another option – when the Tarot spread for the purchase will allow you to hit the jackpot in time. It is possible that the offer in question is indeed very profitable. The seller may be in a hurry due to a move to another city, a revolution, and so on. And here, just the same, Tarot cards are able to hint at a successful combination of circumstances. In any case, it is best for a fortuneteller to analyze a future purchase in advance, compare several different ads.

If you cover the issue technically, then the Tarot spread for the purchase is best done in the evening. Darkness and silence help to concentrate on the process of divination. Thus, the querent will receive the most correct prediction, easily applicable in real life. However, experienced craftsmen can tune in to the desired wave at any time. The important thing is to listen to yourself.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

For the Tarot spread for a buy, it is best to use special decks. They should include an image of the object in question. A great "talking" tool is Haunted House. This deck will show both external advantages and disadvantages, as well as hidden, energy ones. Of course, you can also use Rider-Waite Tarot. This is a kind of classic that can be easily applied to any topic.

If there is a suspicion that the seller is cunning, not saying something, then you can take a dark deck. Necronomicon, Vampire, Goetia – these mantic instruments are able to tell about thieves, transfers, or about cheating for money. With them, the Tarot spread for the purchase will allow you to avoid critical mistakes. Even if a real estate or a car looks like it looks like it’s worth digging deeper. An energy check will never be superfluous.

Preparation and rules of the spread

To begin with, the questioner must reach the required state. Whether it’s a Tarot spread for the purchase, for relationships, or health, the inner mood is important everywhere. To do this, it is worth plunging into a meditative state. Mantra chanting, mandala painting, Sufi whirling are just a few of the thousands of possibilities. You should choose what resonates in the heart, does not create contradictions. A person should feel the silence, calm the endless stream of thoughts.

Then you need to prepare the tools for work. The Tarot spread for the purchase involves the use of photographs of objects of interest. You can open an ad on the Internet. If this is not possible, it is worth presenting an apartment or a car as brightly as possible in all details. Binding is also possible on a mental level. In the case of real estate, you can simply think of an address.

Setting goals and formulating questions

Before conducting a Tarot spread for the purchase, it is worth deciding on the task. In one case, the querent will consider one thing, trying to see all the nuances. Tarot cards will generally show whether it is worth making a deal now, or whether you need to wait until better times. This approach is especially relevant if the fortuneteller is going to get a car loan or a mortgage. The use of borrowed funds involves viewing the future financial situation. The scheme briefly outlines the distant prospects.

It is possible that a Tarot spread for the purchase is required to choose between multiple offers. The Arcana will help you make the final choice. Here it is worth making a spread first for one ad, then for the second, third, and so on. Conclusions will need to be made by the querent himself. It is worth paying attention to the scheme that issued the most positive cards. Major Arcana will hint at major changes in life after the acquisition of a particular home, car.

Schemes of the purchase Tarot spreads

All schemes for the Tarot spread for the purchase superficially reveal the general criteria. The well-being of the questioner himself is taken as a given. Based on this, the cards will already show negative and positive points. However, more voluminous spreads will provide additional information. The choice should be made based on the current level of work with Tarot. Beginners may not use the Minor Arcana.

One card

This method is suitable for getting a short answer. It is especially relevant when the fortuneteller does not have time for a long analysis of the situation. One position can be used as advice – to make a deal or not. This Tarot spread for the purchase will also show if there are any negative points. The resulting verdict can be revealed using an additional card. However, do not get carried away and pull out the entire deck. If you need more information, then you should pay attention to other schemes.

Purchase card
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An example of reading cards to the question “Is it worth making a deal?”:

  • Last Judgment – definitely yes; the purchase will be relevant for a long time, it can even be inherited by relatives.
  • The Chariot – yes; the card will be played especially positively on the issue of purchasing a car.
  • The Fool – neither yes nor no; the acquisition will not bring significant changes in life.
  • Six of Swords – not worth it; the purchase has some drawbacks, it is better to refuse.
  • Ten of Wands – no; it will be difficult for the querent to maintain a car, an apartment.

"Purchase" – a universal spread

This same Tarot spread for the purchase can be used to view any property – both large and not very large. This includes household appliances, furniture, and clothing. In general, this is all that is a priori valuable for the questioner. He himself must perceive these things as expensive. And here everyone has their own measure of large expenses. It is possible that the querent wants to purchase a diamond necklace or an antique chest of drawers for later resale. All these items fit easily into the “weighty” column.

Deal probability
Physical state
Auspicious time
Price fairness
Purchase results
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  • S – object significator.
  • 1 – whether the transaction itself is possible.
  • 2 – the physical state of a thing, house, car; the presence or absence of shortcomings.
  • 3 – is it time to make a deal.
  • 4 – whether the declared price is equal to the real value.
  • 5 – the result, whether the fortuneteller will be satisfied with the acquisition.

In this Tarot spread for the purchase, you should pay attention to position 4. Often, sellers overestimate the cost at times. Here it is necessary to carefully study the issue. To confirm the information, you can compare the price with similar ads on the market. If the cost is underestimated, then it is necessary to close the transaction as soon as possible.

Example of reading cards in position 4:

  • Five of Pentacles – the seller gives the goods very cheaply.
  • Two of Cups – an opportunity to make concessions, a profitable offer for both parties.
  • Seven of Swords – deceit for the sake of one’s own gain, concealment of shortcomings.
  • Three of Wands – market fit.
  • Ten of Pentacles – overpriced, the desire to extract the maximum benefit; repurchase of goods.

«Real Estate» for housing analysis

This Tarot spread for the purchase is only suitable for viewing plots, cottages, apartments. It covers all issues related to both the acquisition itself and subsequent changes in the life of the querent. After all, a new house can become a kind of springboard, for example, allowing you to make a breakthrough in your work. Good location, presentable view, good neighbors – cards will help you make the right choice. You can immediately make several diagrams side by side to visually compare the two proposals. Positions are laid out in the form of a house.

Advice for the situation
What will remain in the past, card 1
What’s new in life, card 1
What will remain in the past, card 2
What’s new in life, card 2
Energy of house, card 1
Energy of house, card 2
Energy of house, card 3
Housing characteristic, card 1
Housing characteristic, card 2
Housing characteristic, card 3
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  • 1, 2, 3 – external characteristics of housing.
  • 4, 5, 6 – energy.
  • 7, 8 – what will pass from the life of the querent after acquiring a new house.
  • 9, 10 – what, on the contrary, will come.
  • 11 – advice on the situation, whether the purchase will justify hopes.

Here it is worth taking a closer look at the positions regarding the energy of housing. It happens that outwardly the apartment is pleasant, but something in it repels. Maybe it’s all about the negative aura. Past tenants could leave such a strong imprint that even cleanings will not help to remove this “trace”. This Tarot spread for the purchase will help to determine in advance such significant disadvantages. Particular attention should be paid to the Arcana of the suit of Swords.

An example of reading cards in positions 4, 5, 6:

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

To make the right choice, it is worthwhile to determine the criteria for yourself in advance. So, any Tarot spread for the purchase will give all the necessary information. It highlights both the positives and the negatives. And all this can be used to your advantage. For example, if the querent is considering purchasing a home in order to rent it out in the future, then this is one approach. After all, even negative energy can be turned into something rational: the apartment where the crime took place is great for a magical salon, and the one in which not entirely successful people lived can be converted into a hostel.

However, if the querent is considering real estate or a car for himself, then a different approach is needed. You should not agree to the offer, which in the Tarot spread for the purchase is replete with the suit of Swords. This group of cards indicates the presence of damage, shortcomings. This is especially true for cars, because there is a direct threat to health. In any case, the querent must trust intuition. Only the ability to listen to your heart will avoid problems.

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