Question Tarot Spread

There are a huge number of spreads on a variety of topics. This includes personal relationships, spiritual growth, and career advancement. However, if there is no desire to consider only one area, you can simply resort to the Tarot spread for the question. The cards themselves will decide what is important for a person now, where to move. You just need to be able to correctly interpret these images. It is important not to become attached to the result, to perceive calmly any outcome of the situation.

Key features of the question Tarot spread

The Tarot spread for a question is an express method for obtaining accurate information using cards. In this case, the situation can relate to anything: the sphere of relationships, career, business or health. The final answer means "no" or "yes". This is the most important and applicable that Tarot cards will give. Based on the received prediction, you can independently correct thoughts, attitudes towards something, as well as further behavior. Arcana here serve as a kind of guideline that helps not to stray from one’s own path.

If the questioner has a specific question that implies a monosyllabic answer, then the deck will help to find out the truth. This group of schemes focuses on the aspect of interest. The spread of the question does not lead into any jungle, does not overload with information. In the end, the fortuneteller sees the further road, knows how to get to his goal. However, you can choose a more detailed spread, which will highlight the situation in more detail. In any case, the cards will help you adjust your life path so as not to run into serious problems.

When is the best time to do the spread

The question spread on the Tarot cards can be carried out at the same minute as the dual situation arose. Most often, such circumstances do not tolerate delay. The querent needs to get an answer as soon as possible in order to orient himself, to make the final choice. Yes or no – that’s what the fortuneteller should start from. Therefore, such a Tarot spread is not tied to any date or to a specific time of day.

It is only important not to be on emotions, to calm down if something is very disturbing. The spread for the question will be correct only if the querent knows how to control himself. Strong feelings, anger or joy, can leave an energy trail on the deck. As a result, the prediction will simply reflect the emotional plan, and not the event plan. So the emphasis here should be on preparation for working with mantic.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

But the choice of a deck for a question Tarot spread should be related to the specifics of the situation. As usual, Waite’s cards can be considered a universal tool. All the suits here already have an emotional color, which is easy to project into “yes” or “no”. For example, Swords symbolize coldness, so if a card of this group fell out, the querent will receive a negative answer. The Major Arcana will be responsible for any long-term factors, fate. These are the events that you need to overcome and then learn from them. The Minor Arcana of the Tarot show less significant domestic circumstances. At the same time, the querent has the right to choose whether to work on the entire deck at once or use only the major group.

But if you expand the approach to the problem, then you can pay attention to specific cards. So, if the Tarot spread for the question concerns the love sphere, then you need to choose the appropriate mantic instruments: Manara, Decameron, Casanova. For the health sector, oddly enough, an erotic group of cards is also suitable. After all, the emphasis here is on the human body. Therefore, the final answer will be quite simple to associate with the image. Everything related to business, career, work is easily viewed on the deck of Animal Totems or Tarot of the Gnomes. At the same time, the questioner can use several tools of different directions at once to complement the dropped card. Reversed positions can be included in the work only if the querent already has sufficient experience.

Preparation and rules of the spread

Before making a Tarot spread for a question, the fortuneteller must enter a certain state. As already mentioned, strong emotions and experiences will confuse you and will not allow you to get the right answer. Therefore, first the querent needs to calm down, relax. This will help: aromatherapy, chanting mantras, any suitable meditation technique. Even listening to classical music can put you in the right state. The choice of method will depend only on the preferences of the questioner.

The next step is to prepare the space. Before conducting the Tarot spread, you need to warn loved ones in advance so that they do not distract with conversations or enter the room – interference from the outside can completely knock down the mood. Then the person must send a request to the energy field of the Universe or to the egregor of the Tarot deck itself. Those who practice in a certain tradition can interact with Gods and Goddesses, Spirits. To do this, prepare an offering in advance and place it on the altar. After a divination session, you should take the gift to a tree or to a crossroads – depending on the deity.

Setting goals and formulating questions

In general, the Tarot spread for a question implies a monosyllabic answer. This is an ideal approach for beginners who are not yet able to master the volume of diverse information. But do not underestimate the influence of the querent himself on the situation. In most cases, circumstances can be beaten, something can be bypassed, and something, on the contrary, can be attracted. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to consider the issue from two sides – from the standpoint of fate or external factors, as well as from the point of view of the fortuneteller himself.

You can also include advice on the situation, viewing different development scenarios. As a result, the querent should see his own desires and ambitions. The Tarot spread for a question is an attempt to know oneself, to understand what is good and what is bad for a person. After all, not always a negative answer will indicate an unfavorable outcome. It is possible that the querent will be able to avoid a big disaster through small losses. Everything is very individual here. The fortuneteller is required to be able to perceive information from a philosophical point of view, so as not to drive himself into a corner.

Schemes of the question Tarot spreads

All schemes for the Tarot spread for a question can be divided by the level of preparation, as well as by the amount of information. More experienced practitioners are able to cope with a large stream of images, hidden meanings. This approach gives room for a deep analysis of the situation and a qualitative breakthrough. But for beginners, it’s better to choose schemes for just a few cards, so as not to get confused. You can even start with a single card. The result should be a one-word answer that will lead to one or another decision.

«Answer to the question» on three cards

This Tarot spread for the question highlights only the most important factors. At the same time, cards can show some additional details. Everything will depend on the skill of working with Tarot. Then the diagram will show the most beneficial path for the querent. It is best to follow the advice, whatever it may be. Also, this spread warns against undesirable actions, because on emotions a person can break firewood.

  1. Answer to the question.
  2. Advice on how best to proceed.
  3. What definitely shouldn’t be done.

«Seven cards of fortune»

But this spread for the question reflects the accompanying factors more accurately. After all, the situation of interest is not “hanging in the air”. A person came to this point because of specific steps in the past. And in order to emerge from the prevailing circumstances as a winner, it is worth analyzing the mistakes, correcting the path in the future. In addition, it often happens that the querent asks the wrong question, which actually interests him. This scheme will help you understand yourself and, as a result, independently create a plan for your future life.

  1. The querent’s background is an important factor.
  2. Present moment.
  3. Foreseen future.
  4. Problem on the surface.
  5. What really worries me.
  6. Obstacles in the way, what gets in the way.
  7. The answer to the intended question.

Here it is worth paying attention to positions 4 and 5. Their analysis in this Tarot spread for the question will help to understand the true intentions. Often the positions will be radically opposite. However, card number 7 will answer exactly the question that the querent originally asked. Final conclusions should be made after analyzing all positions.

An example of matching cards 4 and 5:

  1. Six of Cups
  2. Seven of Cups

Interpretation: card number 4 denotes concern for children. The querent worries about their future. But if you dig deeper, he’s actually worried about himself. The Seven of Cups in position 5 will denote untapped potential, unfulfilled dreams. Thus, the spread of the question suggests that the querent needs to pay attention to himself, rather than worry about children and their future.

«Trine of Truth»

This scheme again emphasizes the potential of the questioner. This Tarot spread for the question puts the querent’s strengths at the forefront as opposed to external circumstances. The attitude of the person is of great importance here. The situation is considered from several points of view. As a result, the fortuneteller will understand exactly where he should move and whose help to enlist. Even if he receives a negative answer, all the same, Tarot cards will tell you the right path to your own happiness.

How to gain confidence
Important goals
Will the plan come true
Help from outside
What to give up
Reference point
  1. Resource to focus on.
  2. What is the weakness, vulnerability.
  3. Will the plan come true, will the hopes come true.
  4. What you need to take into account, take into account.
  5. Obstacles; what or who they are associated with.
  6. Internal barriers and difficulties.
  7. What will help you gain confidence.
  8. Help from outside (will or not).
  9. Summary
  10. What will help to get the result.
  11. What will only distract, what should be avoided.

In this Tarot spread for the question, all positions are important. But still, card number 9 is of particular importance. It will show the final result. It doesn’t matter how hard a person tries. It happens that karma, fate comes into play. These are factors that are difficult or simply impossible to change. This is where you just have to be calm.

An example of reading suits in position 9:

  • Cups – the situation will be resolved easily, and in favor of the fortuneteller.
  • Wands – circumstances require effort, but victory is for the querent.
  • Pentacles – no matter how the situation develops, as a result it will give practical experience; will have to invest in resources.
  • Swords – defeat, the inability to fix anything.

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

A tarot spread for a question can often take you in the other direction altogether. It happens that the initial request does not correspond to the real problem. The arcana in any case will reflect exactly the situation that really haunts. Therefore, if it seems to the querent that the Tarot deck broadcasts incoherent information, disparate facts, then this is not so. It is only necessary to slightly change the angle of view, and the prediction will develop.

In this case, special attention should be paid to court cards in the Tarot spread to the question. The Arcana of the court group will show specific people involved in a particular case. They can be both helpers and ill-wishers. If such cards fell out, it is worth pulling out another additional one in order to clarify exactly how it should be done. It may be that the help of a friend will only interfere, and rivalry with a competitor will inspire you to conquer new heights.

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