Relationship Tarot Spread

The relationship Tarot spread will always be at the top of the list of areas that people are usually interested in. And this is not surprising, because man is a social being. The soul requires love, friendship and understanding from the outside. And the mantle will help you find out whether it is worth trusting a loved one, opening up to him.

Key features of the relationship Tarot spread

In general, the Tarot spread for relationships is best used to view the situation with a specific person. And it will not always be about love and romance. This is exactly the fortune-telling that is suitable for analyzing relationships in the context of friendship, business partnership. In any case, there must be some subject. Even if he does not reciprocate, the spread will still show the true intentions for the questioner. There is no void in nature. Therefore, indifference will be read on the cards.

But, of course, the main request for a Tarot relationship spread is love and everything connected with it. Parent-child relationships also fit into this category. The emphasis here is always on the heart, the world of feelings, likes and dislikes. And this, as you know, is a very shaky and easily changing “substance”. Therefore, it is worth approaching such a question philosophically. Indeed, at any moment, trust can go out, and bias, on the contrary, can develop into a bright feeling.

When is the best time to do the spread

The first and most important condition is to be free from all kinds of experiences in the soul. The relationship spread on Tarot cards is easy to spoil with your mood. Any fluctuations in a person’s energy can affect the final result – a prediction. Therefore, one should not take up cards in a bad mood, after difficult events, or, conversely, too joyful. The Arcana can simply mirror the mood, dreams and fears of the individual. They will show all expectations, secret hopes. And the fortuneteller himself will perceive this information as a forecast for the future and a guide to action. It is worth being careful with this feature of any magic deck.

And the second condition is the ability to be disinterested in the result. Sometimes, too much hope is placed on the Tarot spread for relationships. A person wants to see sincere love even in the Tower. Here it is worth being able to face the truth and not try to distort the received answer to fit your ideas. It is necessary to take information into account in order to change life for the better, to avoid many problems. Therefore, there is no better period for conducting a relationship spread. The time of the day is not as important as the inner mood.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

Romantic decks are best suited for relationship Tarot readings. These are the cards that show the facial expressions of the characters, gestures. That is, the characters here are "alive", sensual. Tarot by Nicoletta Ceccoli, Renaissance, Triple Goddess – all these tools have a very soft and enveloping energy. But, one must understand that relationships will not always leave a pleasant aftertaste. Sometimes, you need to look at the situation in which enemies, ill-wishers are involved. Dark decks will already help here: Cthulhu Tarot, Voodoo or Vampires. The information received should be taken as a warning.

Beginners for relationship Tarot spreads can only use the suit of Cups or Chalices. This group of Minor Arcana most fully reflects the sphere of feelings. There is both sincere love and indifference. At the same time, you can go further and make the spread even more “pointed” and targeted. First, it is worth determining the nature of the relationship of interest, and then the desired group for work. Thus, the Wands will show the development or extinction of passion; Pentacles – communication on the basis of common affairs; Swords are the cold war and the future of today’s conflict.

Preparation and rules of the spread

Before you conduct a Tarot spread for relationships, it is worth preparing the space. It is best to create an altar in your home. It can be a small table or a tray made of wood or metal. You can add figurines of gods and goddesses here, with whom it is most comfortable to work. Someone is drawn by Indian culture with its color, while the other is the northern tradition with its restraint. Do not ignore the infernal creatures. The choice of the patronizing Force must be made strictly on the basis of one’s own character. It is also important not to mix energies. That is, in the place where work with the deck is carried out, you should not engage in other activities. Otherwise, the vibrations will interrupt each other, interfere with concentration.

Additionally, to tune in to the relationship Tarot spread, you can burn herbs and incense. At the same time, the scope of the question is completely irrelevant here. Yes, of course you can stock up on rose petals, red pepper and coconut flakes. These substances will give a charge of the necessary energy, tune in to the desired wave. But it will be much more important to simply sharpen your intuition in order to be able to accept a truthful answer. To do this, you can look at the mandala, visualize the light flux in the area between the eyebrows. In a word, you need to do everything that will immerse the practice in a trance state.

Setting goals and formulating questions

The first thing to do is to define your request. If the querent just wants to know the future of the couple, then it’s better not to do the relationship Tarot spread at all. It is especially dangerous to interfere in fate at the very beginning of communication. After all, a person must first understand his passion himself, be imbued with feelings. In addition, he can simply make a mistake during fortune-telling, thereby putting an end to the positive prospect of a relationship. Yes, magic can help determine the model of behavior, rethink a lot. But it is better to live in reality and get real experience than to hide from decision-making behind cards.

But in the case when the fortuneteller intends to work on himself, strengthen the union, then you can safely proceed to the Tarot relationship spread. After all, everything is in the hands of the person himself. Sometimes, the most negative and unpromising situations can be changed radically. One has only to find the very key to your partner. In this case, no questions can be asked. You just need to concentrate on the mysterious person, vividly imagine his image.

Schemes of the relationship Tarot spreads

There are many relationship Tarot spreads. Their distinctive feature is, as it were, a mixture of two energies, a certain sum of all components. This is not the case when everything is decided by one person, as in business, for example. The influence of the second half, friend or colleague will always appear here, depending on the nature of the relationship. Here are the most popular schemes. The choice will depend on which option the soul of the questioner lies most of all.

One card relationship spread

This is a standard Tarot spread for relationships in just one position. Initially, you should guess what exactly the Arcana will mean – the past of the partners, the present or the future. You can also ask for advice on how to behave with the intended person in order to improve relations, make peace. Even if the couple is now separated, it is still possible to shed light on the future fate in order to be prepared. After all, sometimes parting precedes even greater rapprochement.

Relationship card

Brief explanations of the most "talking" cards for the Tarot relationship spread:

«Station for two»

Despite the very romantic name of this Tarot spread for relationships, the scheme is still suitable for different communication formats. This option is useful when you want to shed light on the true intentions of a hidden person, as well as understand yourself. After all, the answer will not always be on the surface. Each position can be supplemented with cards of the same or another deck.

Partner’s thoughts
Questioner’s thoughts
Partner’s feelings
Questioner’s feelings
Partner’s actions
Questioner’s actions
  • 7, 2 – thoughts of the partner and the querent about each other.
  • 6, 3 – feelings of each separately.
  • 5, 4 – actions, how people behave.
  • 1 – what is currently happening between the two (this position should be disclosed last, when the full analysis has already been done).

In this relationship Tarot spread, it is worth focusing on the first card. It can show both the nature of the connection and the obstacles between people. Here is a short explanation for an example:

  • The World – harmony, full acceptance of the pluses and minuses of each other; also a joint child.
  • The Devil – secret relationships that are condemned by society.
  • The Fool – a waste of time, a non-committal game.
  • Five of Wands – competition, the desire to be above the partner.
  • Four of Swords – calm, habit.
  • Two of Wands – perspective on the future, development.
  • Three of Cups – just a pleasant pastime.
  • Any court card – the presence of an opponent or rival, as well as the intervention of relatives, friends.

«Dark heart» for difficult relationships

This Tarot relationship spread is suitable when people are in conflict, have some problems and seemingly insoluble difficulties. The scheme will help to resolve differences, come to harmony. But, sometimes, the cards will advise you to simply get away from a difficult person. Everything is individual here. Positions are laid out in the shape of a heart. Additional cards are not expected.

Couple perspectives
Forecast for the year
How to fix the situation
Influence of fate
Why stay together
Current position
What repels
Cause of controversy
Root of the problem
  1. What is currently happening. The true state of affairs.
  2. The biggest reason for disagreement.
  3. What caused this conflict. The root of the problem.
  4. Why people are still together, what keeps them.
  5. Which, on the contrary, turns away from each other.
  6. What to do to positively change the situation.
  7. How fate will turn out, what cannot be influenced. (the most important position in the spread)
  8. The couple’s outlook for the coming months.
  9. Forecast for a year or more.

Even if this Tarot spread for relationships has led a person to a difficult decision, you still should not despair. You should make a detailed analysis of yourself so that in the future you do not repeat mistakes. Positions 3 and 5 can be safely considered outside the context of the second person. After all, sometimes the root of troubles is hidden in the character of the one who asks. The partner just serves as a mirror reflecting the problems that already exist.

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

As always, in any of these relationship Tarot spreads, you should pay special attention to the Major Arcana. This group of cards shows fateful events, those lessons that need to be learned from communicating with a mysterious person. Therefore, relationships should be considered philosophically, not too idealistically. Such an approach will prevent disappointment in yourself, getting injured. This is especially true for spreads with a clear negative connotation.

Also, the relationship Tarot spread can be supplemented with a card-advice. It will be much more appropriate than the usual position for the future. After all, initially it is worth focusing on the energy of the creator, which is in every person. In part, future events depend on the querent. It is important to be able to read between the lines and not be too radical.

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