Rival Tarot Spread

The rival Tarot spread is a great way to learn all about your partner’s or ex’s new lady of the heart. However, one needs to be full of determination in order to be able to work with such a sensitive topic. Therefore, the fortuneteller must determine in advance whether she is ready to see the truth. For the same ladies who decide to fight to the end, the Tarot spread will tell you the right path to victory. After all, even such a love war can be won if you choose the right battle tactics.

Key features of the rival Tarot spread

Each woman has a different attitude to the issue of cheating in a couple. Some ladies tolerate a double game of a man, they try to turn a blind eye to obvious things. Other girls fight for their love, learn from the situation and continue the relationship. The third – simply put an end to it. There is no universal recipe for happiness. Everyone must choose the path that resonates in the soul. However, the Tarot spread for the love rival can serve as a kind of “key” that allows you to take a broader look at the situation. Cards will help you understand yourself, point you in the right direction.

It also happens that at the moment a man does not have a mistress. However, he behaves strangely, may be late at work. To understand this behavior will also help the Tarot spread on the rivalry. The Arcana will tell whether there is a third party in the relationship at all. It may turn out that the questioner has thought of a lot of things. Such a prediction will remove the burden from the soul, reflect the real state of affairs.

When is the best time to do the spread

The rival spread on the Tarot cards can be carried out at any stage of the relationship. It doesn’t matter if a girl has known a guy for one day, a month, or ten years, the deck will immediately reveal the secrets of her lover. It would be useful to check in this way a new acquaintance. Sometimes it happens that a man communicates in parallel with the querent and with other ladies. It is better to calculate the dishonest gentleman in advance. But this is one version of the scenario. The other is when the partner is seriously passionate about his passion. Here it is also possible to see the future of this love.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

As with all questions that relate to personal life, a kind of deck will be required for the Tarot spread for an opponent. It must belong either to an erotic group or to a fantasy, romantic group. Casanova Tarot, Erotic Fantasy, Decameron – they all share the same thing. These cards reflect the interaction of the sexes, attraction or denial of each other. Choosing the right deck for the spread is half the battle.

Separately, we can note the magical side of the issue. If in the spread there is a negative impact on the opponent: quarrels, damage, love spells, then it is worth choosing a specific deck. It can be: Necronomicon Tarot, Vampyres, Sexual Magic. The cards should show the items used to cast the spell. But such Arcana are needed only in cases where the fortuneteller feels that the problem of betrayal lies beyond the usual meanness.

Preparation and rules of the spread

To begin with, the querent should prepare a place for holding a Tarot spread for the love rival. It is best to guess in the same space. Thus, this corner will absorb energy, tune in to the desired wave. It is worth removing all personal belongings from there, leaving only those attributes that help to enter a trance state. A pendulum, a lava lamp, an hourglass – these items stop a person’s internal dialogue, set up a Tarot spread. In the work area, it is best to use subdued lighting. The brightness will be confusing.

You should not tell anyone about the conducted Tarot spread for the rival. Cards love keeping secrets. The very language of the deck conveys information to the querent in ways that are intuitive. If a person spreads about the prediction, others may not notice or distort the main essence. The main task is to independently understand what the cards wanted to convey. You should treat the Tarot as a secret assistant and not give out its secrets to friends and relatives.

Setting goals and formulating questions

Before you conduct a rival spread, you should determine your request. If the questioner still has only suspicions, then you just need to think about your situation. In the case when the presence of a rival in a relationship has been confirmed, it is necessary to concentrate on the person. In addition, based on the characteristics of the mistress, you can find out what exactly is worth correcting in yourself. But not all girls will be able to understand and accept this approach.

Schemes of the marriage Tarot spreads

The larger and more voluminous the Tarot spread for the rival, the more informative it is. However, if the fortuneteller is not sure about the presence of a secret admirer of her partner, it is worth checking the guesses with just one card. In the event that an unpleasant truth has been revealed, one should try to draw parallels between oneself and a third party. It happens that betrayal becomes a trigger that will lead to a warming of relations. Some people are able to realize their mistakes and never repeat them again.

One card

This Tarot spread for the rival will show if there is a lover at all. It is worth using it when a man’s behavior has changed, he seems to be hiding something. It is better to find out in advance if there is a reason to worry. To begin with, it is worth drawing one card and see if there is betrayal in the relationship.

Rival card
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Arcana responsibles for the presence of a mistress:

If the fears are confirmed, you need to choose from the deck of four Queens. In some systems, Knights will also feature women. In this case, they are also worth getting.

Characteristics of the Queen by her suit:

  • Wands – a passionate lady who is not afraid to appear first.
  • Cups – a dreamy person, romantic woman.
  • Pentacles – work colleague, subordinate or boss.
  • Swords – a woman in years or a strict, uncompromising one.


This spread of the Tarot for the rival is suitable in the case when the fact of treason has been confirmed. And it doesn’t matter if lovers meet on an ongoing basis or not. The scheme will help to understand the reasons for this behavior of the partner, to find out what to do to the querent. That is, you can draw parallels between one girl and another, thereby understanding what prompted the vicious relationship.

Prospects for personal life without this man
If you fight for a partner
Forecast of a relationship with another woman
Feelings of a rival
If you let go of your partner
Feelings of a man to the questioner
Plans for a mistress
Will the couple be together
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  1. Feelings, the true attitude of a man to the questioner.
  2. Intentions and plans for a mistress.
  3. Feelings of a rival for a man.
  4. What will happen if the querent fights for a partner.
  5. What happens if you let go of your partner.
  6. Will the couple be together.
  7. Forecast of a lover’s relationship with another woman.
  8. Prospects for the personal life of the questioner without this man.

Here you should pay attention to positions 4 and 5. It happens that you need to give up for a while, so that the partner feels that no one is going to fight for him. Otherwise, the fortuneteller has a chance to return everything, one has only to thoroughly take up the resurrection of feelings. It will also not be superfluous to analyze the Arcana number 2 in this Tarot spread for a mistress.

Cards showing frivolity in position 2:

«Love triangle»

This Tarot spread for the rival is a kind of mirror reflecting the questioner herself. If you perceive what is happening as a spiritual lesson, then everything falls into place. The appearance of a third party in a relationship can give rise to a rethinking of many things. You can use this scheme only if the presence of a mistress has already been confirmed.

Partner’s character
Feelings for the questioner
Feelings for a mistress
Querent’s sexuality
Rival sexuality
Disadvantages of the questioner
Disadvantages of a mistress
Serious relationship with the questioner
Probable future of the couple
Forecast for relations with a rival
Serious relationship with a rival
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  1. Partner characteristic.
  2. His feelings for the fortuneteller.
  3. Emotions towards the mistress.
  4. How attractive is the questioner intimately.
  5. Another woman’s sexuality.
  6. What I don’t like about the querent.
  7. Mistakes of the opponent.
  8. How the partner sees the relationship with the questioner.
  9. The seriousness of intentions to the mistress.
  10. Probable future of the couple.
  11. Forecast on the relationship of a man with another lady.

In this Tarot spread for the rival, you should pay attention to position 6. This card reflects the true reason why a man is looking for a second passion. If you work on your shortcomings, it is quite possible that the relationship will change dramatically. But, if the Arcana here does not show any specific reason, then the point is in the partner himself and his frivolity.

Reasons that can serve as an impetus for betrayal:

  • Five of Pentacles – boredom, the inability to find a common language, to talk about something.
  • Ace of Wands – intimate problems.
  • Queen of Cups – the girl does not take care of herself enough, does not think about her appearance.
  • Nine of Swords – it is hard for a man with a querent; victim syndrome.

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

When interpreting any Tarot spread for the rival, you should pay attention to the Major Arcana. The cards of this group signal some kind of karmic elaboration. This situation does not just happen to the querent. It is necessary to draw conclusions, to learn a lesson. But the Minor Arcana in the Tarot spread simply show more mundane things. It is possible that the man is just morally immature, not ready for responsibility. In this case, you should not fight for happiness, it is better to just leave. This approach to solving the problem will also serve as a lesson to the partner.

It is also worth taking into account the suits that have fallen out in the Tarot spread for the rival. The abundance of Wands will speak of a purely sexual binding. Cups will tell about true love, affection. Pentacles will hint at the coupling of money with the sphere of feelings. That is, such relations can be built on the "market" principle. But the Swords will tell that the partner acts like this out of hopelessness. He himself suffers from his decisions, he needs help.

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