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Losing something is always accompanied by tremendous stress. And the more valuable this item is for the querent, the more acute the issue of finding it quickly is. In this case, the Tarot spread for the search will help. He will remove all doubts, prompt the correct course of action. The cards will also come in handy when a permanent job or even a loved one is lost. There are no obstacles for Tarot egregor. Magic Arcana will reflect the necessary information when the usual methods no longer work.

Key features of the search Tarot spread

The search Tarot spread is a universal way to find anything. Fortune-telling will help in the case when all methods have already been tried, but the loss has not been found. Moreover, the topics can be different: job search, any thing and even a person. The main emphasis here is on the surrounding space, so the cards will reflect different places. Also, the accompanying Arcana in the Tarot spread will illuminate additional questions. Indeed, in the search for love, friends, vacancies, the mood of the questioner is also important. It is necessary to make an analysis of behavior in order to correct it in the future.

At the same time, you should be prepared for a negative answer. The prediction in the Tarot spread for the search can easily turn out to be negative. It is possible that fate itself takes the fortuneteller away from going to a new job or starting a relationship in the near future. It happens that right now the querent should be alone, understand his true intentions, change. But in the context of searching for a lost item, negative cards will indicate that the item has been stolen or destroyed. Here you can only accept and let go of expectations. However, you should be especially careful when working with a spread to search for a person. In this topic, the deck can give information about physical damage or death.

When is the best time to do the spread

Any spread for searching on Tarot cards is best done at the moment when emotions subside. If a person is on edge, is very worried, then fortune-telling will not save him at all. On the contrary, it will only add questions, because the deck will reflect the emotional background of the querent. Confusion will lead to even more stress. In order to avoid such an outcome, it is best to calm down in advance, do the practice of meditation. It might be worth waiting a few days, allowing yourself to rest and cool off.

In terms of time of day, the Tarot spread for searching is best done in the evening or at night. Darkness opens the door to the unknown world of one’s own intuition. She sets the right mood, which guarantees the success of the event. As lighting, it is best to choose wax candles. Living fire will plunge the querent into a trance state even more, and will allow you to turn off the internal dialogue.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

The choice of a deck for the Tarot spread for the search should be based on a given topic. If the questioner is looking for a job, then it is best to give preference to the classics – Waite. In the case of searching for an item, the worked out details in the deck will be an important factor – Rackham, Dulac. The same applies to situations when you need to find a person. It is worth choosing cards that reflect specific places, the environment. After all, the emphasis here is on space.

In general, the Tarot spread for the search can be done on several decks at once. For example, the first of them will be responsible for the external manifested world. The cards will show establishments, offices and even countries where, hypothetically, the questioner can find his happiness. But the second group of Tarot decks should reflect the inner space of the fortuneteller. It will help you to correctly calculate your own mood, in order to then work with mental attitudes and requests. On a certain position, it is necessary to lay out a card from the desired deck.

Preparation and rules of the spread

Preparing for the Tarot spread for searching involves working with your own energy as well as the vibrations of what the querent is looking for. Therefore, foremost, you need to take care of the internal mood. You should not take on Tarot cards if a person has recently quarreled with someone, acts impulsively on emotions. It is best to calm down, let go of the situation, taking a certain lesson from it. The same negativity only teaches us to be more aware, loving and fair.

Next, for the Tarot spread for the search, it is worth focusing on the subject, person, or job. You can take a photo, an accompanying thing. If the querent is looking for a job, then you need to tune in to the image of the ideal company. As a reference, you can print a real photo of an office. Here the tuning itself to the wave of the event plays an important role. For those people who have a developed imagination, photos for the search Tarot spread will not be a prerequisite. It is only important to present something in detail in order to catch the necessary vibrations.

Setting goals and formulating questions

After preparing for the Tarot spread for the search, the querent will have to choose for himself a list of questions that should be covered. For example, the fact that the questioner cannot find a suitable vacancy already indicates the presence of internal conflicts, uncovered "gaps" in the energy plan. Therefore, the scheme in this case should include an analysis of behavior, existing skills, as well as mistakes made. At the same time, the Major Arcana will be responsible for the most important factors that are difficult or impossible to overcome. They should be taken for granted.

Schemes of the search Tarot spreads

The Tarot spread for the search includes many subtopics. The questioner is invited to choose from all the schemes the one that reflects his request. At the same time, questions for positions can be changed at your discretion. However, most of the spreads here are more suitable for professionals. If the fortuneteller is a beginner, then it is better to choose a universal scheme so as not to get confused. It is worth remembering that the more cards involved, the more voluminous information.


This search spread is perfect for both beginners and experienced tarot readers. Three positions will allow you to get a short answer. Arcana are laid out in a row from left to right. Questions can be customized. At the same time, the querent also has the right to use several decks at once to clarify the answers. An important point here is to work with the Minor Arcana. This group of cards will allow you to get more information, small details that affect the final result.

Potential of the querent
Loss localization
What will help
  1. The potential of the querent, does he have energy, does fate favor.
  2. Localization of the missing.
  3. What will help in the search.

In this Tarot spread for the search, the second position will display the specific place where the person or the lost item is located. In the case when the question concerns the establishment of a personal life, the map will show the space in which it is easiest to find the other half. These can be restaurants, libraries, and resorts. When it comes to work, the Arcana will display the ideal vacancy at the moment.

«Looking for love»

This Tarot spread for search will help you understand yourself, the mistakes of the past. And all this baggage of experience is easily applicable in the present. It is only necessary to correctly approach the issue of partnerships. As a result, the scheme allows you to: analyze your behavior, see the psychological portrait of the right person nearby, find out exactly where he can be found.

Past experience
Meeting time
What needs to change
Ideal partner
Cause of loneliness
Place of acquaintance
  1. The reason for loneliness or failure on the love front.
  2. What previous experience teaches.
  3. What should I do to improve my situation.
  4. Which person is best suited.
  5. Where to find it.
  6. When this happens.

In this Tarot spread for the search, you should not pay too much attention to the last position. The fact is that the timing depends on the study of the causes of loneliness. Therefore, it is best to look at the third card. She will show a specific way out of the current situation. And the faster the querent uses the proposed method, the faster he will be able to find the other half.

Example of reading cards in position 3:

  • The Empress – you need to work on your femininity.
  • Ten of Swords – you don’t have to do anything, you have to live the painful experience.
  • Four of Pentacles – you should invest financially in yourself.
  • Eight of Cups – you need to keep a secret, talk less about your personal life.
  • Three of Wands – you need to communicate more, get out of your comfort zone.

«Finding a job»

The Tarot spread for finding a job will show the most likely vacancy that the querent will enter in the near future. The scheme will help in the case when the questioner is confused, does not know what and how to do. The Tarot spread gives a brief analysis of the behavior and steps taken. The individual must make the final choice. You can also think of a certain vacancy in advance to check whether it is worth accepting it.

Querent’s actions
Inner mood
Job vacancy
  1. The effort of the questioner, how exactly he is looking for a job.
  2. The inner mood of the querent, whether he wants to do the chosen activity at all.
  3. General card showing the new place of work.
  4. Salary.
  5. Collective.
  6. How best to present yourself.
  7. The presence or absence of prospects at this place.
  8. Advice.

This Tarot spread for searching can be done not only for yourself, but also for a relative, the other half. Often the person himself is not able to correctly assess the situation, because he is immersed in emotions, a certain given context. In this case, an outside view will reveal the true causes of failures, get practical advice. It is possible that a long period of lack of demand is justified only by the inability to build relationships in a team or by the lack of important competencies.

«Loss of a thing»

This Tarot spread for the search is suitable for finding any items: documents, jewelry, and even ordinary trifles. The images on the cards will reflect external circumstances, the place in which the loss is located. That is why it is important to choose the Tarot deck, in which special attention is paid to drawing small details. The spread will highlight the problem from all sides and generally help to understand whether there is a chance to return yours.

Before the loss
After the loss
Reason for missing
Incident location
Where is the item now?
How to find a thing
  1. What did the fortuneteller do before losing the thing.
  2. Actions after loss.
  3. Reason for missing.
  4. Location of incident.
  5. Where the item is currently located.
  6. What should I do to find the item.

This search Tarot spread can also be used to find a pet. The scheme perfectly reflects any objects and subjects. Particular attention should be paid to position 5. Often the card will differ from Arcana number 4. This indicates that the thing was moved. In this case, it is worth pulling out an additional card to find out if it will be possible to find the item at all.

An example of reading Arcana in position 5:

«Search for a person»

But this Tarot spread for the search is considered the most difficult. You need to correctly read the information from the cards, so as not to mislead yourself. Often, such spreads are resorted to in the case when a person is missing, does not answer calls or messages for a long time. Here it will be important to understand whether he is alive at all. Based on this, it is worth further considering the scheme, trying to determine the location and the way to get in touch. All positions are laid out in two rows of four cards.

Is the person alive
Mental health
Where is
Will he be found alive
What’s broadcasting
Will be found dead
Physical condition
Reason for loss
  1. Whether the person is alive.
  2. Where it actually is.
  3. What he broadcasts to others (perhaps what he said at the last meeting).
  4. Physical state.
  5. Psychological well-being.
  6. Will be found alive.
  7. Will be found dead.
  8. The true reason for the loss.

Position number 1 in this Tarot spread for the search will play a decisive role. It is from her that one should repel. Also, the scheme will help to find relatives with whom there has not been contact for a long time, old friends, and so on. Not always the first question will concern any crime. It is possible that the person was in years or was ill for a long time. In this context, the remaining positions should be considered as something past, and card number 6 should not be taken into account at all.

Arcana, indicating death in position 1:

Cards indicating that a person is alive:

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

Any Tarot spread for the search should be analyzed foremost for the predominance of one or another suit. Separately, it is worth noting the Seven of Swords – this card will always show theft, lies, betrayal. Whatever the querent is looking for, everywhere the Arcana signals the most negative. In general, most of the Tarot Arcana of the Air group will show unpleasant moments. It is possible that the questioner will not be able to find a job, establish a personal life or get in touch with a loved one in the near future.

In addition, for each Tarot spread for the search, you can pull out an additional card. It will show the karmic lesson that the querent must go through. After all, even the most unfavorable outcome can be used to your advantage. It all depends on the development of the soul, consciousness. Letting go is also a life skill. It gives freedom, allows others to make mistakes, so that they get their own unique experience.

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