Sex Tarot Spread

One of the most taboo topics is sex and everything connected with it. Many people even avoid stating their needs directly. Someone does not understand at all what exactly they want from a partner, how to establish an intimate life. In order to cope with such problems, you can make a Tarot spread for sex. There are special decks that perfectly reflect the "bed" questions. If the querent manages to accept himself, his other half, then a completely new happy stage awaits him. Sex is the basis of life. This is something that should please and inspire, and not create problems and complexes.

Key features of the sex Tarot spread

The Tarot spread for sex is a legal way to spy on someone else’s personal life. Cards can show the true desires of a new partner, his potential. Such an analysis is especially important at the very beginning of a relationship or during a crisis in the family. The Arcana will give the key to understanding a person’s sexuality, his taboo. The Tarot spread can even be a means to prevent cheating. Sometimes it happens that people just don’t fit together. They have different libidos, radically opposite needs in terms of intimacy. There’s nothing to be done here. It is better to leave such an alliance and find a more suitable partner.

Also, the Tarot spread for sex will help you deal with your own problems. Often the person themself can not figure out whatever wants. Suppressed sexuality has the power to provoke illnesses, both physical and psychological. In any case, intimacy is an integral part of life. It gives a chance to "discharge", throw out emotions, give a loved one passion, warmth and care. However, sex can also become a way of manipulation. In order not to fall into the clutches of a narcissist, a mentally unhealthy person, you should be attentive to the signals of the body. It always reacts sharply to unethical encroachments, attempts to force something.

When is the best time to do the spread

The sex spread on Tarot cards is best done at the very beginning of a relationship. This is a grinding period when the couple looks at each other. At this time, partners may be embarrassed to talk about their true desires. However, if you miss such an important period, then there is a great chance that problems will accumulate like a snowball. It’s best to do some sort of compatibility analysis beforehand. It happens that the second half does not attach importance to their needs for intimacy. In this case, the Tarot spread will help you find out all the secrets of your loved one, surprise him in the form of a romantic date. But you should always strive to have an open conversation, to talk directly about what is acceptable and what is not.

Also, the Tarot spread for sex can be carried out during periods of fading passion in a relationship. Sooner or later, this stage occurs in any pair. The cards in this case will show a further perspective. Perhaps this is just a temporary lull. In technical terms, the Tarot spread is best done in the evening. Working with cards will bring maximum results on certain days: full moon, eclipse, solstice. The energy of such a day will support the questioner, tune in the right way. At the same time, it is important not to do the spread in a state of emptiness or during times of severe stress. The mood of the querent plays a big role.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

For the sex spread, frank decks are needed. The cards should show the body of a person, as well as the process of intimacy itself. For such a spread, the Decameron, Manara, Casanova Tarot, Sexual Magic, Erotic Fantasy are suitable. Arcana will facilitate the task of the fortuneteller, help to tune in to the desired images. You can consider such decks as the Kama Sutra, which allows you to penetrate the consciousness of a partner. And it doesn’t matter if there was sexual intercourse between people or not yet. In any case, the Tarot spread will outline a certain image of ideal sex, what the person of interest wants to receive. Also, the gender of the partner does not matter. Some Arcana show different variations of sex. You can view same-sex unions. Here you just need to concentrate on your other half and imagine it instead of the hero or heroine of the card.

Also, the Tarot spread for sex involves the use of reversed positions. The cards in the opposite meaning indicate reduced libido, dreams of past days. Now a person does not have enough strength or there is no desire to experiment in sex. Sometimes such Arcana show suppressed instincts. In this case, a person may actively oppose something, although in fact he secretly dreams about it. The Tarot spread will give advice regarding the behavior of the questioner, so as not to destroy the relationship, not to put too much pressure on the partner. Beginners can generally use only the Major Arcana. The major group will show the most pronounced archetypes of this or that situation, behavior.

Preparation and rules of the spread

The Tarot spread for sex requires some preparation. Foremost, the querent should relax. To do this, you can turn on calm music, turn off the lights, light incense sticks. The atmosphere should enter into a trance state. You should first warn the household that they do not disturb for some time. Pets should also be kept out of the room. They can burn themselves on the flame of a candle, begin to distract the querent. In the process of working with the deck, the human consciousness is tuned to a certain wave. If at some point you get distracted, then as a result you can, in principle, lose your mood, make a mistake in the prediction.

In order for the Tarot spread for sex to be true, it is worth resorting to the help of spirits. You can put figures of goddesses paired with gods. Be sure to have two symbols on the altar table at once – men and women. It can be: Yin-Yang, Shiva and Kali, Lada and Svarog. You should choose based on your own culture, religion. In any case, the merging of the two energies is important. You can just take a bowl of water and light a candle next to it. First, you need to put a photo of the person of interest on the altar. It will not be superfluous to fumigate the room with a twist of wormwood. The vibrations of this plant will clear the space, tune in to the wave of divination. As an assistant, you can also use a stone suitable for energy, for example, carnelian, agate, turquoise.

Setting goals and formulating questions

The Tarot spread for sex can be carried out both on a new acquaintance and on a partner with whom a person is married. There are no restrictions here. Even if the relationship between people does not work out, all the same, the cards will be able to outline the needs, the secret thoughts of the conceived individual. To link to it, you can use a printed photo or just an open avatar from social networks. This also includes any personal items – a comb, a handkerchief, jewelry. A mirror is considered a good tool. If a person looked into it, then the cards easily read the imprint of energy, they will give out all the secrets of the owner of the thing. It is also possible to simply visualize the image in all its details, concentrating on the phantom.

Schemes of the sex Tarot spreads

All schemes for the Tarot spread for sex differ in specifics. The "Closeness" will show the compatibility of people in bed. You can apply this spread to a new acquaintance or to a spouse. The cards draw parallels between the two partners. But "Sexual characteristics" is only suitable for the analysis of one person. Anyone can view. The "Forbidden fruit" scheme shows the true desires of a partner with whom there is already a connection. Any spread can be modified, done for a person of your gender. In some cases, it is possible to take into work only the Minor Arcana of the Tarot of the same suit. Such a move will clarify the question, show the behavior of an individual of a certain nature. For example, Wands are suitable for a passionate bright person, and Cups for a soft and flexible person.

«Closeness» for compatibility analysis

This Tarot spread for sex allows you to evaluate the compatibility of partners from the side. Indeed, often quarrels and omissions can be avoided if you devote enough time to intimacy, be able to hear your loved one. But it also happens that sex life has long been put an end to. Or even worse – one of the couple is cheating, while the second is waiting and believing that the relationship will improve. In some cases, the difference in physical potential makes itself felt. Health problems, stress, age can negatively affect sexual function. Here the Tarot spread offers advice on the situation. Sometimes there is still a chance to find a middle ground.

Characteristics of sex in a couple
Woman’s preferences
Man’s desires
How to find a compromise
The ability to achieve harmony
What’s stopping you from getting closer?
Potential of a man
Potential of a woman
What a man doesn’t like
What a woman doesn’t like
Probable outcome, card 1
Probable outcome, card 2
  • 1 – general characteristics of sex in a couple.
  • 2 – woman’s preferences.
  • 3 – desires of a man.
  • 4 – the potential of a woman.
  • 5 – the potential of a man.
  • 6 – what a woman does not like.
  • 7 – what a man does not like.
  • 8 – will it be possible to achieve harmony.
  • 9 – what prevents you from getting closer.
  • 10 – which will help to find a compromise.
  • 11, 12 – the most likely outcome.

In this Tarot spread for sex, it is important to draw parallels between opposite positions. It often happens that only one partner gets everything, while the other patiently waits for a “happy future”. If nothing is done, then over time, sex will only bring disappointment rather than joy. It is important to enter into a dialogue with the other half in time, calmly convey your ideas, discuss them. Positions 11 and 12 will show the result of such relationships. Perhaps the couple has no chance. It is necessary to notice problems in time in an intimate way, so as not to be at a broken trough.

Example of reading cards in position 3:

«Sexual characteristics»

This Tarot spread for sex can be used both for introspection and gathering information about a new acquaintance. The cards here affect the psychological overtones of behavior, highlight various deviations. All this can be used both for good and for harm. It is always worth adhering to a certain golden mean, harmony, so as not to indulge in all serious. In addition, the querent has a chance to preview the behavior of the individual in sex. This reduces the risk of disappointment. In any case, the Tarot spread will give advice on the situation. Sometimes opposites attract. However, provided that in their intimate life everything is in order.

Sexual needs
Rapprochement advice
True desires
Disadvantages and complexes
Secret fantasies
Important points
Personal taboos
Result of the date
  • S – significator, a brief description of the personality.
  • 1 – needs for sex.
  • 2 – what the person would like to receive.
  • 3 – secret fantasies.
  • 4 – personal taboos.
  • 5 – how the date with the querent will go.
  • 6 – important moments in intimacy.
  • 7 – are there any physical flaws or complexes.
  • 8 – advice that will help partners get closer.

In this Tarot spread for sex, all positions are important. However, special attention should be paid to card number 5. If the couple has not had sex yet, then the Arcana will allow you to know in advance the most likely outcome of the first time. However, you should not focus only on this episode. It often takes a while for a person to open up and relax. Position number 6 will show, in principle, the behavior of the partner in the future, his characteristic features. And card 8 will give specific advice for the future. If negative Arcana fall here, then the couple has no chance to get closer, to create harmonious relationships.

An example of reading cards in position 7:

«Forbidden fruit»

This Tarot spread for sex can only be applied to your partner with whom you already have an intimate relationship. The scheme will help to understand the causes of the crisis, the cooling of feelings. The second half and its preferences are at the forefront. Such information can even save the union. The Tarot spread gives the key to all the secrets of a loved one or beloved. If you apply what the cards advise, then the querent will have a chance to revive old feelings, start the honeymoon again. But there is a caveat here. It happens that a person a priori wants to see another person next to him – more beautiful, intellectually savvy, rich, and so on. Interest in your current partner is irretrievably lost. Only radical measures will help here – leaving and searching for a new love.

How to get close
Sexual relations in the future
What to avoid
What inspires
What do not like
Partner wants and needs
What does a partner get in sex
  1. The true desires and needs of a partner in sex.
  2. What does he actually get.
  3. What you don’t like.
  4. What inspires.
  5. What should a querent do to get closer.
  6. What not to do.
  7. How the partner sees the sexual relationship in the future.

In this Tarot spread for sex, positions 1, 2 and 7 are especially important. It happens that in a couple only one person gets everything. The situation can completely suit the second half, while the questioner does not satisfy his needs. Such sacrifice will sooner or later lead to apathy and disunity. Along with questions of sex, one has to deal in principle with relationship problems. Intimacy only highlights what you should pay close attention to. But in some situations, Arcana number 5 can really help achieve harmony. You should start from the general picture shown in the spread.

Example of reading cards in position 3:

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

In any Tarot spread for sex, many cards of the suit of Air or Swords should alert. Such Arcana speak of both the presence of serious deviations and the impossibility of agreeing. A partner may perceive the querent as a toy in terms of intimacy. He is not interested in the needs and desires of the second half. Of course, in this case it is better to leave. After all, sex is joy, harmony between two people. But at the same time, intimacy can become a means of manipulation or a splash of negativity. If the questioner has suspicions about the betrayal of a partner, then Tarot cards are also able to show the presence of third parties. For each position, you can pull out an additional Arcana in order to clarify the information.

Also, the Tarot spread for sex allows you to analyze your own person. In this case, any erotic deck will show what is suppressed in a person. True desires can be based on a lack of love in the past, lack of attention, warm words. All this a person seeks in sexual relations. If the questioner notices destructive behavior behind him, then it is better to seek help from a psychotherapist. However, most fantasies do not carry any negative. Rather, it’s just a game, a masquerade, which will allow you to get an unforgettable experience of sex. Only two criteria work here – reciprocity and voluntariness.

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