Situation Tarot Spread

Sometimes, not everything depends only on the person. Sometimes a certain force intervenes in life, radically changing fate. And therefore the logical approach will not always be true. If the querent is interested in future events, then the situation Tarot spread will help him. This is a universal way to get the better of fate and prepare for both a positive outcome and a negative one.

Key features of the situation Tarot spread

The Tarot spread on the situation sheds light not only on the actions of the questioner, but also on the decisions of third parties, interested parties. This fortune-telling is a metaphysical Rubik’s cube, a term of many moves. The event can relate to any area of life: love, friendship, career, health. It is only important to set the initial data so that the deck produces a finished prediction. Moreover, you can also view the root of the problem, which originates in the past. After all, if we take into account the law of karma, then it turns out that nothing just happens. Chaos turns into order, but this is influenced by external and internal factors.

When is the best time to do the spread

Of course, it is best to conduct a situation spread on the Tarot cards long before those very circumstances. You can predict the outcome in advance and try to prepare for it. But, as a rule, the human mind is mainly focused only on current tasks. Thus, the alleged events, along with reflections on them, are sent to the "urn". Therefore, the spread of the situation can be done already being in the very mouth of the volcano. The time of day, the day of the week will not play a role here. It is better to concentrate on your condition in order to be able to catch "zen".

The most advantageous time for the situation Tarot spread is the moment when the fortuneteller can let go of all problems. You should not try to pick up a deck of cards, being discouraged or in a state of moral exhaustion, stress. Negative vibrations will confuse, will not allow you to relax and let go of the flow of thoughts. The practitioner must understand that it is the mood that plays the main role in interacting with the Arcana. Yes, there are "strong" days that fall on the solstice, eclipse. They feed energy, and therefore less human strength is spent on the spread. But situations are different. It is not always possible to wait for those very magical days.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

The choice of deck for the situation Tarot spread will depend on which area the question is related to. So, it is better to guess about personal life with the help of special magic cards: Manara, Decameron, Mermaid. Career and business will be shown by Viking Tarot, Gnomes. But those moments that are associated with the otherworldly, it is better to look at a separate group of cards. White and Black Magic Tarot, Gothic, Necronomicon reflect what cannot be traced by logic.

If the querent is a beginner and does not yet have many decks in his arsenal, then you can choose only one tool. For the situation Tarot spread, the 78 Doors or Rider-Waite cards are perfect. It is also possible to select the Minor Arcana of the same group. Cups show the sphere of love; Swords – negative moments; Wands – questions of development of something, growth; Pentacles – job, career, business. Thus, each suit becomes a kind of key that opens a certain door. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the choice, to understand the very essence of what is happening.

Preparation and rules of the spread

Before you conduct a Tarot spread for a situation, you need to mentally move away from your problem. The mood of a person will decide half the battle. To "empty" this vessel, you can meditate, do physical exercises. Thus, all the energy from the head goes to the lower chakras. If you conduct a divination session in an excited state, you can not consider any information at all. Images will be mixed with conjectures, expectations. Therefore, working with yourself, with your inner world, is the first step.

Next, to conduct the situation Tarot spread, you need to prepare a place. Cleaning will never be superfluous. If the inner space is pure, then the outer space must also correspond. You need to respect the egregor of the deck. The very process of working with the mantic system must become a sacrament. Only in this case, the Arcana will show the truth. If the practitioner decides to try new cards, then it is worth preparing them. To do this, you need to hold them under the pillow for three days, on which the tarologist himself will sleep directly.

Setting goals and formulating questions

Initially, it is worth doing an analysis of the circumstances. You need to understand what exactly the Tarot spread for the situation concerns. That is, the direction of the question is important. Sometimes, it is enough to get a small forecast: what will happen at work, in a relationship with a partner or in a family. There should be several terms that affect a specific result. But in other cases, a detailed analysis is needed. Indeed, depending on how the story ends, one can conclude what the fortuneteller should do.

Schemes of the situation Tarot spreads

The choice of the Tarot spread scheme for the situation depends on the level of practice. For beginners, a smaller one will do. And you can use only the Major Arcana, so as not to get confused. But professionals are able to read information from a large scheme without losing the thread, the very essence. However, you should always go ahead and complicate your task. Only in this way will there be real progress. One way is to use reversed card positions. But here it is best to practice on yourself at first, so as not to inadvertently voice an incorrect interpretation to the client.

One card situation spread

For this Tarot spread for the situation, you only need to draw out one Arcana. He will show the near or distant future, the outcome. The questioner will receive a short answer or a hint. Everything will depend on the original question. If the image is not entirely clear, you can draw an additional card.

Situation card

Below are brief explanations for the reversed Major Arcana.

  • The Fool – fatal stupidity, bringing only problems.
  • The Magician – self-interest, open manipulation.
  • The Priestess – "skeleton in the closet", an unpleasant secret.
  • The Empress – excessive guardianship, the intervention of a woman.
  • The Emperor – power, more reminiscent of abuse, tyranny.
  • The Pope – a pseudo-teacher, a lesson that the fortuneteller did not learn.
  • The Lovers – wrong choice.
  • The Chariot – a factor out of control.
  • Strength – aggression, violence.
  • The Hermit – avoidance of solving problems, avoidance.
  • Wheel of Fortune – variability that will interfere.
  • Justice – an attempt to avoid punishment, to cheat.
  • The Hanged Man – the position of the “victim”.
  • Death – unwillingness to let go of something already gone.
  • Temperance – fear of moving away, starting to act.
  • The Devil – serious addiction, shackles.
  • The Tower – minor damage.
  • The Star – life in the clouds, dreams.
  • The Moon – a deception that will soon be revealed.
  • The Sun – a small victory.
  • Judgement – freezing, degradation.
  • The World – inopportuneness.

«Bridge of Fortune»

This Tarot spread for the situation is made using three positions. It will help in the case when the questioner does not understand the essence of what is happening or a lot of things are hidden from him. The scheme will highlight "blind spots", indicate true motives, and also give advice on behavior.

How to act
What’s happening?
What do you want?
  • 1 – what is actually happening, a side view.
  • 2 – what the querent really wants to get, his interest.
  • 3 – how to act in order to turn everything in the right direction.

In this situation Tarot spread, it is worth paying special attention to the last card. It happens that a conditionally negative Arcana falls here. This is a sign that you need to accept and not try to change fate. Sometimes, life in this way simply saves from even worse consequences.

Examples of such cards:

«Secret of the Priestess»

The same Tarot spread for a situation with a very telling name will help to consider fate from all sides. At the same time, it does not matter what exactly the question will concern: a career, living together with a husband, or a state of health. In any case, the cards will show the whole movie, consisting of a plot, development and climax. In total, 8 Arcana are needed. The center of the scheme is a cross – the key to understanding everything that happens.

Current situation
Dominant circumstances
Disappearing factors
Internal causes + External circumstances
Secret factor
Manifested events
Life lesson
End result
  • 1 – internal causes.
  • 2 – external circumstances.
  • 3 – the present moment.
  • 4 – strength, the influence of which increases.
  • 5 – what will leave.
  • 6 – the secret factor.
  • 7 – manifested events.
  • 8 – the end result.
  • 9 – the lesson taught by these life circumstances.

This Tarot situation spread is tied to lunar energy. Therefore, all positions are very inert, fluid. The scheme does not imply any closed ending that cannot be influenced. On the contrary, it puts into the hands of the querent a powerful instrument called knowledge. Depending on how exactly the person disposes of it, the end of this film will depend.

Decks that better reveal this Tarot spread for the situation:

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

Any of the Tarot spread for the situation can be supplemented with cards from other decks. Sometimes, the initial information is not entirely clear. In this case, you can clarify what exactly the Arcana meant. Pay special attention to repeating cards. That is, the same, but from different systems. It’s kind of a double warning. But, it also happens that none of the schemes showed a specific result. This should be considered a hint of the power of circumstances. Do not try to outwit fate.

However, the Tarot spread for the situation still gives specific advice regarding behavior. It must be remembered that a person himself attracted the circumstances of his life. Let unconsciously, not from evil. In addition, most complex "scenarios" simply serve as a lesson. Having passed it, the individual must become stronger, stronger in spirit. This approach to working with Tarot will save you from unnecessary worries.

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