State Tarot Spread

Not all people are open and sincere. Past bitter experience, upbringing, society leave an imprint in the soul. That is why many people try to hide their own feelings, whatever they may be. However, the Tarot spread for the state will allow you to reveal all the secrets. Magic cards are able to reflect everything that a person himself is unable to cope with. And this is very valuable information for a fortuneteller, because it can be used for your own good.

Key features of the state Tarot spread

Sometimes it is difficult to correctly interpret the actions and words of any person important to you. Often he can say one thing, but mean another. This is where psychology comes into play. For the soul itself is a mystery. If a loved one or relative behaves strangely, then you can make a Tarot spread for the state. The cards will show mental health, morale. And then you can already draw any conclusions.

Moreover, it happens that the received prediction refers to the personal problems of a person. The questioner may not have anything to do with it at all. Thus, the Tarot spread for the state is able to show problems at work, in communication with the family. Well, or the Arcana will reflect the excellent state of health, lightness and moral satisfaction from life. Here, the fortuneteller should think about why the person of interest broadcasts himself in two ways.

When is the best time to do the spread

The spread for the human condition should be carried out when there is an urgent need to understand what is happening. For example: a person does not make itself felt for a long time, dryly responds to messages. Or when a husband or child is silent, he constantly thinks about something, but does not want to share his feelings. Fortune-telling will help to correctly interpret the psychological state of a loved one in order to take the necessary measures in time. Perhaps you just need to give time, and the situation will improve on its own.

However, special attention should be paid to your own mood. The state spread on the Tarot cards will be correct only if the querent is able to cope with his emotions. Therefore, you need to choose the moment to interact with the deck when the questioner does not have urgent matters, important duties. The emotional state of the fortuneteller will play a key role. If we talk about the time of day, then preference should be given to the evening or night.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

The Tarot spread for the state can be carried out using the classic Waite deck. In addition to experiences, these cards will also show real events that affect a person. Four suits here will reflect all spheres of life – from work to personal relationships. It is best to draw parallels and look at the reasons for what is happening. However, beginners can only use the Major Arcana in order to simplify their task. 22 archetypes reflect ups and downs, moments of sadness and joy. But more experienced Tarot readers will need the Minor Arcana. They will add additional details to the big picture.

In addition to Waite, the Tarot spread for the state can also be done on romantic decks. The fact is that such cards are tied to emotions, feelings. And the querent, just the same, has the task of viewing “what is in the heart” of the person of interest. Sexual Magic, Rackham, Decameron – these Tarot decks subtly notice all the nuances. The emphasis on sensuality will allow you to study human psychology, an approach to life. The erotic prism well reflects thinking and also its unconscious side.

Preparation and rules of the spread

Before conducting the Tarot spread for the state, the questioner is advised to carefully prepare. The fact is that the cards themselves can often “catch” information from the querent. To prevent this from happening, it is worth throwing out all negative thoughts, as well as prejudice. Do not expect definite answers – such an approach will not allow you to get to the bottom of the truth. You can pre-take a contrast shower, work out or yoga. Here it is important to catch the mood, to be able to achieve inner silence.

Then you should pay attention to the cards themselves for the Tarot spread for the state. If the deck is new, then you definitely need to hold it under your pillow for three days. Also, any conspiracy to work with the deck will not hurt. You can ask in your own words from the spirits of the Tarot to show only the truth. If the Arcana is used in work for a long time, then it is worth moving a wax candle over them, fumigating with herbs. Thus, the accumulated vibrations will be removed, and the cards will be updated energetically.

Setting goals and formulating questions

The Tarot spread for the state involves reading information from the human body, as well as from its close environment. To understand the reasons for what is happening, it is often necessary to look at working moments, relationships with the family. At the same time, you just need to think of a personality, tune in to its wave. The querent can remember the last conversation, facial features, any characteristic gestures. Further, the cards themselves will show everything that is happening to a person at the moment.

Schemes of the state Tarot spreads

All schemes for the state Tarot spread differ only in the level of preparation. The more Arcana used, the more information the practice will have to decipher. But even a diagram for one position can show the most important. The choice here will depend on the tasks of the querent and skills. Large-scale spreads will allow you to thoroughly study the issue, get a multifaceted answer. Beginners who are working with large circuits for the first time should practice on themselves first.

One card

This Tarot spread for the state will show the strongest emotion at a given time. This is the vibration in which a person is. If the reason for what is happening is important, then you need to pull out an additional Arcana. You can work with several mantic systems at once in order to correctly interpret the answer. For example, if there are guesses about magical intervention, the position should be supplemented with a Arcana from a dark deck.

State card


«Psychologist» to assess mood and intentions

This Tarot spread for the state will help to get a psychological portrait of a person. Moreover, the final answers can be strikingly different from what the individual is trying to broadcast. The cards will reflect the perception of life, indirectly indicate the accompanying circumstances. To consider the situation in more detail, you can pull out three more Arcana to the position of interest.

Psychological attitude
Emotional condition
State of mind
State of affairs
Moral beliefs
  1. General state of affairs.
  2. Emotional plan.
  3. Psychological mood.
  4. State of mind.
  5. Moral.

Here it is worth paying attention to position 1. It will reflect everything that happens to the person, give the key to understanding the situation. Further, the rest of the cards in the Tarot spread for the state will only complement the first impulse. It is worth entering all the strokes into a single picture. Only this approach will allow you to see the situation correctly.

Example of reading cards in position 1:

«Comprehensive» for the analysis of all areas

But this Tarot spread for the state involves viewing all spheres of a person’s life. As a result, the querent will understand what is really happening with the hidden person. The scheme will help to draw parallels with what a person truly wants and what he gets as a result. If there are any problems in interacting with people, then this will definitely affect the psychological portrait. This scheme does not require additional cards.

Approach to life
Personal life
  • 1 – thoughts.
  • 2, 3 – a view of the world, an approach to life.
  • 4 – manifestation in society.
  • 5 – feelings.
  • 6 – important needs.
  • 7 – what’s in your personal life.
  • 8 – working moments.
  • 9 – relationship with money.
  • 10 – family, children.
  • 11 – body, health.

In this Tarot spread for the state, all positions are as important as possible. They make up a single symphony, a melody that the soul sounds. However, card number 6 will give the key to the heart. If you close the needs that are important for a person, then he, in turn, will begin to strive for the questioner. This will help build good relationships. But it is worth remembering that all needs can be just temporary.

An example of reading arcana in position 6:

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

Any Tarot spread for a state should ultimately give the key to understanding the situation. Therefore, the emphasis should be on finding the right solution. The querent must understand exactly how he needs to act, to broadcast himself. Often, almost all situations in theory can be turned to your advantage. Depression and longing, for example, can be healed with love and acceptance. As a result, the person of interest will become attached to the fortuneteller. Perhaps the best solution would be a mutual pause in communication. Everything is strictly individual here.

Therefore, the Tarot spread for the state should be taken in the context of advice from a psychologist. If the scheme is replete with cards of the suit of Cups, it means that the person likes everything that happens. It is possible that he simply took a childish position and is waiting for action on the part of the questioner. But numerous Arcana of the suit of Swords will tell about severe pain, discomfort. It may be that the individual needs specialist help.

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