Study Tarot Spread

Education is the basis for further success. Many deny this, referring to the fact that supposedly material independence is often obtained by those people who have not even graduated from school. May be so. However, the learning process itself trains the memory of a person, makes him more developed and versatile. The trick lies in choosing the right knowledge. And here the Tarot spread for study comes to the rescue. Even this area is easily worked out with the help of magic cards. It is only important to know how to ask the right questions.

Key features of the study Tarot spread

The Tarot spread for study can be used for different purposes. It is suitable for both schoolchildren who are just planning to enter a university, and adults who want to get a second degree or take additional courses. In the age of the Internet, education is no longer limited to the walls of universities. Online courses have become commonplace for a long time. Moreover, the benefits of this way of gaining knowledge are already beginning to be equated with long years spent in school or college. The cards will allow you to know in advance the percentage of the probability of passing the exams. Thus, admission to the right educational institution can become a predictable event, because the querent will have the opportunity to assess his abilities in advance.

In general, any Tarot spread for study can be easily adapted to the needs of the questioner. The scheme should show not only distant prospects, but also the very desire of a person to learn. It is better to know in advance what the soul lies in than to spend many years getting a hated diploma. Also, the spread for study can also show relationships with future fellow students, how the team will take on a personality. Mutual understanding with teachers is also an important factor. It is possible that a student or schoolchild will be in conflict with the teacher and therefore get bad grades.

In any case, the study spread on Tarot cards should cover both the internal needs of a person, his abilities and ambitions, and external factors – will there be enough resources to pay for tutors, to enter a university. It is possible that the fortuneteller needs to wait and not start the learning process in the near future. Or it may be that the choice of an educational institution should be given to a less prestigious place. The cards will show where and how the querent or his child can get the really necessary knowledge, which in the future will help to integrate into life, create a successful career or a profitable business.

When is the best time to do the spread

The Tarot spread for study should be carried out several months or weeks before a significant event. If a person has to take an exam, then it is better to turn to the Arcana in advance. The deck will show plugs, weaknesses and disciplines that need to be tightened up. This is a kind of express test that allows you to see your own mistakes and shortcomings from the outside. If it concerns the choice of the purpose of all life, then the same rule works here – the more time a person has to analyze his aspirations and desires, the higher the percentage that he will not make a mistake in such a responsible issue.

In technical terms, the Tarot spread for study is best done early in the morning or in the evening, when the moon appears in the sky. This is the perfect time to unleash your intuition. Information from the subtle plane is perceived much easier, the line between the worlds is erased. The days of the full moon or the eclipse are especially strong. At the same time, it is important to pay attention to your own state. If the querent is afraid to work with cards late at night, anxiety appears, then it is better to start practicing during the day. Gradually, the psyche will calm down, images and thoughts will become something familiar.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

The Tarot spread for study is inextricably linked with the issue of a future career, finance. That is why mundane decks are suitable here, which will reflect joint projects, money. The Tarot of the Gnomes, the 78 Doors, the Green Witch, and the Gypsy are excellent tools for working through the issue of learning. However, the very process of obtaining knowledge is inextricably linked with other people, society. Therefore, decks that show the interaction of personalities, likes and dislikes are more suitable for some schemes – the Wheel of the Year, Oppositions, Arcanum. It is also possible to combine cards from different groups, use several mantic systems.

At the same time, the Tarot spread for study can also be carried out with the help of individual suits. So Pentacles will be responsible for the assimilation of knowledge, the ability to achieve heights in career based on them. Cups will show relationships with classmates, fellow students, teachers. Swords are traditionally responsible for intelligence, speed of thinking, eloquence. And the Wands will show ambitions, internal motivation, whether the querent really wants to engage in the chosen specialty. In search of your business, you can use the mystical group: Muse, Notoria Tarot in Light. Also suitable: Pagan and Victorian Fairy.

Preparation and rules of the spread

The Tarot spread for study should be carried out only at those moments when the psyche of the questioner is stable, he is not in extreme states. If a person is depressed or very happy about something, then the cards may show an incorrect forecast. This factor is especially important in the case when a fortuneteller makes a spread for studying of his child. The inner desire to see what is possible and not, will interrupt the true answers. Therefore, to begin with, the questioner must learn to calm down inside in order to be able to hear the voice of intuition.

The environment is also an important factor. The study Tarot spread will give more information if the space is relaxing. You can curtain the windows so that the passing stream of cars does not distract from the process of reading the Arcana. Next to you is to put a censer with lit incense. The aroma of herbs and flowers can enhance intuition, tune in the right way. You need to warn the household in advance so that they do not distract from working with the deck.

Setting goals and formulating questions

The Tarot spread for study actually covers a whole range of questions. This includes both the intellectual abilities of a person, his vocation, relationships in the future team, as well as purely mundane aspects – finances and the ability to "pull" the training itself. The questioner must decide in advance what he wants, so that the spread for study gives the necessary information. Perhaps the fortuneteller is not sure of the correct choice of profession – here it is worth trying to find out what the soul really lies in. Or the querent needs to conduct an analysis between two or more institutions, courses or schools.

In any case, the Tarot spread for study can be carried out without any reference to the question itself. It is worth simply imagining your future, how this or that event will pass – an exam, admission, or the learning process itself at first. The fundamental factor is the ability of the querent to focus and tune in to the desired image. The more often the practitioner does this, the faster and easier it will be to resonate with the event or question of interest.

Schemes of the magic Tarot spreads

Any Tarot spread for study can be adapted to your request. But for convenience, the schemes are divided by direction. You can ask questions about yourself or someone close to you. For beginners, it is better to use only the Major Arcana, so as not to get confused. This group is quite capable of covering all the most important issues. In this case, only the Minor Arcana or even a certain suit can be used. Thus, the prediction will be as accurate and understandable as possible.

«Exam» for pupils and students

This Tarot spread for study can be used both for schoolchildren passing state exams, and for students taking a session or writing a thesis. The key factor is the end result, as well as the efforts that the querent needs to make to succeed in business. That is why it is best to carry out this Tarot spread in advance, so that study is easier, and the points only please the person and his family, relatives.

What prevents from reaching a goal
Ability to learn
What will help to succeed
What to look out for
  1. Ability to learn, a brief description.
  2. What prevents you from reaching your goal of passing exams.
  3. What to pay special attention to.
  4. What will help you succeed.
  5. Result.

This spread of the Tarot for study should be taken fully, and not just take into account position 5. It is possible that there is some factor beyond the questioner’s control, even if he is armed with the advice of the cards. This happens when third parties come into play, those who prevent a person from getting a result. For example, an eternally dissatisfied teacher who finds fault with trifles. Or good grades can only be bought, but a person, in principle, does not have such an opportunity. Often all these factors will be shown by position number 2.

Example of reading the card number 5:

  • Ace of Pentacles – excellent results, goal achievement.
  • Four of Swords – the score does not reach the passing one, a retake is required.
  • Knight of Wands – success, easy passing of examinations.
  • Two of Cups – an agreement with someone, patronage, help.
  • The Tower – extremely negative results, failure.
  • The Devil – cunning, bribery.
  • The Sun – long-awaited completion of a course or school, success.

«In search of your destination»

This Tarot spread for study can be carried out by both former schoolchildren and adults who dream of radically changing their lives, finding themselves in something new. The scheme will help determine how suitable the chosen specialty is. It may be that the querent should think carefully and change the road leading to success in time. It is necessary to think in advance of a profession or field of activity so that the spread shows whether it is suitable for a particular individual.

Which is more suitable
Moral satisfaction
Potential in the chosen specialty
Material prospects
Difficulty of learning
Possible problems
  1. The potential of the questioner in the chosen specialty.
  2. What suits him best.
  3. How the training will be given.
  4. Moral satisfaction from this case.
  5. Material perspectives.
  6. Problems to face.

This Tarot spread for study should be taken as advice on what exactly the querent should do. To do this, you need to look at position 2. It will show the most suitable activity. If the first two cards are opposite in meaning, this means that the fortuneteller chose the wrong specialty. Ideally, these Arcana should match in meaning. However, even in the business of dreams, there can be pitfalls. For example, a favorite job in the future is not able to bring a good income. In this case, you should still get an education in this area, but apply it already in your business, develop the industry.

An example of reading cards in position 6:

«Choosing an educational institution»

But this Tarot spread for study is also suitable for choosing between several online courses or schools of additional education. For each option, the scheme will be repeated. Total – 7 cards per selected place. At the end, the questioner must independently compare the prospects and give preference to the institution that has the largest number of positive cards.

Relationships in the group
Fairness of the price
Work in the specialty
Difficulty of learning
What will disappoint
Additional benefit
Psychological condition
  1. Relationships in the future group.
  2. Whether the level of education is worth the price.
  3. Will the process itself be easy.
  4. What will disappoint, pitfalls.
  5. Additional benefit, bonuses.
  6. Psychological state during training.
  7. Will the person work in this specialty.

It is worth noting that the last position for each Tarot spread for study at different universities will be different. This is where the totality of knowledge gained, relationships with teachers and fellow students come into play. For example, someone who loved the exact sciences may forever refuse to work in their specialty if they were negatively set up by teachers, given the wrong idea about how to apply their knowledge in the future. This happens when the teacher himself could not achieve special heights in his field and simply does not have the experience of material success.

An example of reading cards in position 5:

  • The Hierophant – respect for relatives, friends, a certain status.
  • The Emperor – stability, study gives a chance to get a job for many years.
  • The World – the ability to communicate with many people or travel.
  • Three of Wands – prospects already during training, getting a job.
  • Knight of Pentacles – reaching a new financial level, a breakthrough.
  • Eight of Wands – motivation, gaining self-confidence.

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

The Tarot spread for study should be analyzed by the number of favorable cards of the suit of Pentacles and Cups. Ideally, these groups of Arcana should be in approximately equal numbers. This spread will indicate that the querent will be able to master the profession that will bring money and moral satisfaction in the future. But the predominance of the suit of Swords will not always show a negative. It is possible that individuals will have to completely immerse themselves in the educational process, give up a lot for the sake of further success. This option is often found in the case when the choice fell on the exact sciences.

If the Tarot spread for study is replete with Wands, then this is rather a negative sign. A person lights up, he is motivated and believes in himself. On this fuel, he can easily take sessions, negotiate with teachers. However, the knowledge itself will simply bypass it. As a result, you will get a specialist with a diploma, but without practical skills. And for medical workers or engineers, such an outcome can be fatal. In any case, the questioner needs to listen to intuition. After all, even conditionally negative Arcana in combination become quite acceptable or even positive. Any Tarot spread should be evaluated in aggregate.

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