Success Tarot Spread

Success is a very broad concept that everyone perceives in their own way. Often the fulfillment of a dream in one area entails losses in another. But achieving the golden mean requires a refined skill. The Tarot spread for success will help you understand yourself and choose the right goal. Further, everything will depend only on the person himself. After all, the main thing is to set the right direction, and the time to conquer the peak is not so important.

Key features of the success Tarot spread

The Tarot spread for success can be applied to different areas of life. A happy family, a brilliant career, a stable income – all this can be calculated using cards. The Tarot deck does not just give out the dry balance of numbers, situations and exact dates, the Arcana give the questioner a chance to choose the most appropriate path for himself. Therefore, the prediction should not be considered a sentence. You need to draw the right conclusions with the support of the spirits of the deck.

In addition, each person defines the concept of success for himself. For some, it is enough to have a roof over their heads, while for others, the norm is the presence of several properties in different cities or countries. However, the cards take for granted the point of view of the fortuneteller himself. Therefore, the Tarot spread for success in the planned business is suitable for everyone. You just need to adequately perceive what is happening and intentionally not overestimate your bar. For example, if the querent had no business experience, you should not ask if you can make millions in the first month.

In this case, it is best to do several spreads for success at once in various areas of life. After all, it happens that luck turns away in one case, and in another, on the contrary, accompanies. It is worth conducting a full analysis of life and see where it is better to spend your energy. External factors also play an important role. And rather than complain about fate, the questioner is invited to choose in advance for himself that area of life, the achievement of the goal in which will be easier than ever.

The spread for success on the Tarot cards should be taken as a road map. She warns against dangerous places, sharp turns, disguised traps. Some diagrams also show concomitant factors. After all, success in life can be achieved only through some effort. Even to get a profitable chance, it is worth taking the first step towards happiness. In any case, Tarot cards are put at the forefront of the person himself. He is the creator of his own destiny, which means he can build the desired future.

When is the best time to do the spread

If we talk about a convenient moment for holding a Tarot spread for success, then everything is individual. Someone will want to know in advance about the prospects with a certain person or business project. It is best to give yourself some time to conduct a detailed analysis of external and internal circumstances, resources. When the querent is immersed in events, then there is already a great risk of being disappointed if the Arcana suddenly gives a negative answer. Therefore, the most favorable terms are considered to be from 2 weeks to 3 months that precede the intended event.

In the context of the day, the success Tarot spread can be done at any time of the day. In this case, it is worth considering biorhythms, sleep and wakefulness. If the fortuneteller goes to bed early, then it is better to do the spread in the evening or in the morning. The emphasis here is on a person’s own potential, his reserve of energy. No need to take up cards in a bad mood, after a hard day’s work. Interaction with Arcana also takes away psychic powers.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

To get the most detailed and understandable answer, you should choose a deck in accordance with the specifics of the question. So for the Tarot spread for success in love, the cards of the erotic group are suitable: Forbidden Dreams, Decameron, Casanova. For business and work: Romani, Gnomes, Urban. The universal deck, as usual, is «Rider-Waite». On it, you can watch everything related to both mundane and spiritual topics. All suits here are already conditionally divided into different areas of life – love, work, study, development of the body and spirit.

Separately, it is worth noting the Tarot spreads for success in work or business with the help of magic. The sphere of desire does not play a special role. The most significant is the interaction with otherworldly forces, which give the desired result. The choice of the deck in this case should come from the egregore. So, light energies are easily visible on the Light Seer’s Tarot; dark ones – on the Necronomicon, Royo; spirits of the elements or animal helpers – on the Totem. In addition, it is recommended to use reversed values in the Tarot spread. They will reflect the nature of the events – a full or partial result.

Preparation and rules of the spread

Before conducting a Tarot spread for success, a fortuneteller should not eat fatty foods, take alcohol. Even such trifles affect the divination session. The main condition is a crystal-clear "pure" psyche, capable of capturing the whisper of spirits. The language of the deck can be compared to a stream of pictures, words, or sensations. This is how the body reads information. If you overload the body with exhausting workouts, eat too much or take some mind-altering substances, the result from the spread will be unpredictable.

It is best to determine in advance for yourself the time for working with cards, to prepare for the session. To do this, you can take a shower with sea salt, sing mantras, draw mandalas. There are many options, the main thing is to learn to listen to yourself. The Tarot spread for success must be read correctly, otherwise you can independently set yourself up for the wrong result. To develop intuition, to become more sensitive, you need to include meditation practices, yoga or visualization in your every day. Only daily training will bring stable results.

Setting goals and formulating questions

Before you conduct a Tarot spread for success, you should decide in advance what exactly is considered a victory. Someone will pursue the goal of revenge, to punish enemies. In this case, the loss of negative cards will indicate the achievement of the goal. For others, the attention of many men or women is important – which means that one relationship will not speak of the fulfillment of a dream. That is why it is worth including reversed positions in the work.

What the querent conceived will be transferred to the egregor of the deck. The success Tarot spread will also highlight related questions that may not have been asked. Therefore, it is worth focusing only on the picture of the desired. It is necessary to imagine color, sound, smell as detailed as possible. It is worth trying mentally to find yourself where the soul so aspires to. The deck “feels” precisely the energy of a person, rather than dry words and questions.

Schemes of the success Tarot spreads

To choose the right scheme for the Tarot spread for success, you can focus on the sphere of life. You also need to take into account the level of knowledge and skills. Most schemes can be upgraded, changed for themselves. To do this, you just need to clarify what exactly is intended. For beginners for volumetric schemes, it is recommended to use only the Major Arcana.

Three cards for business success

This Tarot spread for success will allow you to see your mistakes in the past in order to prevent their repetition in the future. After all, half the battle depends on the behavior and mood of the person. If you choose the right key to the situation, then the right door will finally open. Opportunities already exist at the point where the querent is located. Therefore, card number 1 should be associated with Arcana number 3.

Past mistakes
Current results
Probable future
  1. What the questioner has done wrong in the past; the root of the problem.
  2. What did this behavior lead to; current results.
  3. The most likely future; will the dream come true.

Five cards for all areas of life

And this Tarot spread for success illuminates several areas at once. After all, a person can achieve complete happiness only if he comes to a balance. The presence of a round sum in the account is nothing if its owner suffers from an incurable disease. You can set goals for each area or just focus on the near future. Deadlines also vary. Everyone must choose the period of interest to him. The cards are simply laid out in the form of a five-pointed star.

  1. Health, both physical and moral.
  2. Money, everything related to business, career.
  3. Relationships; you can think of just partnership or love.
  4. Spirituality; abilities and talents.
  5. Advice for the future; what to do to achieve what you want.

«Break through» on 7 cards

The same Tarot spread for success pointwise shows everything that concerns only what was conceived. Therefore, you need to guess in advance only the area of interest. The deck will help you navigate in external circumstances, in communicating with people and direct it all in the right direction. In this case, a negative answer is not implied. Everything will depend only on the efforts and sacrifices of the querent. The final Arcana will show whether a person will become happy after achieving the goal. This scheme is perfect for those questioners who decide to resort to the help of Higher powers, magicians or sorcerers.

  1. What or who prevents you from getting what you want.
  2. What should be excluded from life.
  3. What to focus on.
  4. How to communicate, broadcast yourself correctly.
  5. What to hide.
  6. What you have to pay.
  7. Will the fortune teller be satisfied with the result.

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

At the beginning of the analysis of any spread for success, you should pay attention to the presence of "signal" cards. The Six of Wands is considered a universal Arcana, showing the achievement of the goal. This is the card of the first victory, the man leading the way. But in terms of love, the following are considered good: Ten of Cups, Two of the same suit. A brilliant career promises the Three of Pentacles. The Minor Arcana will indicate the specifics of the question, give a more detailed answer.

But negative “signals” in the Tarot spread for success can be considered cards that are opposite to the theme. For example, if the querent made a breakthrough in work, then the Four of Swords that fell out will show a stop in business, a pause. The request for things to go smoothly, for there to be no surprises, will easily be blocked by the Eight of Wands. The card will show imminent changes, unwanted outside interference. Thus, all Arcana should be read only in the context of a particular issue.

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