Thoughts Tarot Spread

The thoughts Tarot spread is a powerful tool in order to find out all the secrets of a conceived person. After all, not everyone puts feelings in the first place. Some individuals are able to say "no" to themselves. They rely on logic and pragmatism. In order not to become a victim of dry rationalism, this Tarot spread will help.

Key features of the thoughts Tarot spread

There are people who carefully follow every word and gesture. It is not easy to understand their true motives of behavior, feelings, and even more so plans. After all, often sincere love is hidden behind external coldness and detachment. Or, behind the heartfelt participation, self-interest is hidden. The Tarot spread for thoughts will help to understand any confusing situation. The cards will show the intentions of the person of interest, his ambitions and goals.

The nature of the relationship is not important here – the Tarot spread for thoughts can be carried out on a new acquaintance, husband, friend. The Arcana will reflect all that is hidden. With the help of this fortune-telling, it is possible to find out even the thoughts of an ex-partner with whom there is no connection. In most cases, the deck will help reveal all the secrets. The only exceptions are those people who are engaged in magic and put on themselves the so-called "impenetrable". Here, the cards will show emptiness or closeness.

When is the best time to do the spread

It is better to carry out the thoughts spread immediately after meeting with a person. The information will be “fresh”, the querent will be able to quickly tune in to the desired wave. Divination is possible on a photograph or image at any time. In terms of visualization of the object, everything depends on the abilities of the questioner. If there has been no contact with the person of interest for a long time, then it is best to find a photo or the latest correspondence in order to resurrect memories. You need to try to feel the person.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

For the thoughts spread on Tarot cards, the classic Waite deck is suitable. It is better to choose a neutral tool, and then act according to the situation. If Tarot cards lead in the direction of love, feelings, then it is worth supplementing the spread with romantic Arcana. In the case when Waite showed a negative, you need to take a dark deck: Vampyres, Necronomicon. It is also possible that the thoughts of a man are focused on deception, use. Then you should stop the choice on the money orientation cards in order to view the person’s plans in more detail.

For beginners, it is better to try to use the entire deck, and not just the Major Arcana. The Tarot spread on thoughts implies many shades, subtleties. After all, the psychology of an individual can be confusing, incomprehensible. It is easier for a fortuneteller to find out what another thinks about him with the help of the Minor Arcana. This group will dilute the prediction, supplement it.

Preparation and rules of the spread

The questioner is advised to turn off the internal dialogue before holding the Tarot spread for thoughts. That is, you need to be able to hear the silence in your head. The inner vessel must be empty so that information from outside can be let in. At the same time, it is worth learning to perceive the message of any direction – both negative and positive. Being biased is a guarantee of failure in the interpretation of the Tarot.

If we talk about more mundane things, then it is worth mentioning the location of the session. The Tarot spread for thoughts is best done in a quiet and clean space. No need to sleep, eat or work at the computer here. Vibrations of a different kind will constantly interfere, knock you off the right wave. You should allocate a certain place for yourself and interact with Tarot cards only there.

Setting goals and formulating questions

Each fortuneteller will have his own initial request. It is conditionally possible to divide them into three groups. The difference here is only in the nature of the relationship. The first case is when people do not communicate, the querent is interested in a new acquaintance or, in general, an ill-wisher. Here, the Tarot spread on thoughts can show anything, up to revenge, negativity. The second case – the questioner thought of a former partner. There is still a chance that the Tarot Arcana will reflect exactly the feelings and romantic plans associated with them. And the third option is when the motives of the behavior of the current spouse are of interest. But even here there are surprises. Not always relationships will become a guarantor of fidelity and pure thoughts of the second half.

Schemes of the ex-partner Tarot spreads

Each of these Tarot spread for thoughts can be changed for yourself, correct questions. The choice depends on the specifics of the situation. It is important for some people to understand the accompanying feelings. Others just want to delve into the plans, motives and reasons for what is happening. This approach is inherent in psychologists. After all, if you find the weak points of a person, then you can always press them like buttons – that is, turn everything to your advantage.

One card

This scheme for the Tarot spread for thoughts implies only one Arcana. He is able to show secret desires, true goals or reasons for behavior from a long time ago. It is worth using all the suits of the deck. In this case, you can first work with Waite, and then supplement the answer with Arcana from another system.

Thoughts card

An example of an answer to the question “What does a ex-lover think of me?”:

«Hands up!» to analyze strange behavior

The same Tarot spread for thoughts is intended for those cases when it seems that a person is hiding something. He can be silent for a long time, look away, avoid answering. In this case, the specifics of the relationship is completely unimportant. You can think of a friend, colleague, sister, brother or parent. Cards will help you orient yourself in time and do something. After all, it often happens that it is simply difficult for a person to ask for help in a difficult situation. But it is possible that he is just plotting the querent. Positions are laid out in a row.

  1. How the intended person behaves. Shown actions.
  2. What does he think of the questioner. Perhaps what he hides.
  3. The reason for such ideas and plans.

Particular attention in this Tarot spread for thoughts should be given to card 3. It shows the true motives, why the person has such an impression of the fortuneteller. However, in some cases, the card will reflect the inner convictions, stereotypes of the intended person. Sometimes they will be very toxic, adopted from someone.

Example of reading cards in position 3:

«Thoughts of a man about me» with romantic overtones

This Tarot spread for thoughts is suitable for analyzing a man of interest in terms of building relationships. Parallels are also drawn here between feelings, the heart. As a result, one can draw conclusions not only about joint prospects, but also get a brief description of the personality. Indeed, often the attitude of a man to all girls will be exactly the same. If a person is closed to the querent or hypothetically can manifest itself poorly, then with other ladies the behavior will remain the same.

  1. What the man is thinking about at the moment. What worries him the most.
  2. What does he think about the questioner.
  3. Plans for love with the querent.
  4. True feelings. The presence or absence of them.
  5. Results. Future prospects.

In this Tarot spread, it is worth analyzing positions 2 and 4 for thought. It is possible that they will turn out to be opposite in meaning. This will speak of mental instability or an attempt to deceive the heart. It may be that a person simply convinces himself that he loves a fortuneteller, but in fact his soul is empty. Relationships are financially beneficial and convenient.

An example of analyzing positions number 2 and 4:

  • The Chariot (2) and The High Priestess (4) – a man believes that a woman helps him develop, move forward. In his soul, he perceives her as a temporary lady of the heart, a lover. The use here comes from the point of view of feelings, a feeling of support, ease of communication. As soon as the girl becomes more familiar, familiar, the twinkle in the partner’s eyes will immediately disappear. The muse must be inaccessible in order to continue to inspire.
  • The Empress (2) and Three of Swords (4) – the partner perceives the second half as a future wife, mother of children. She is stable in his eyes, has a good reputation. However, in the soul, the partner feels disappointment. Life pushes him to this decision in favor of the questioner. The man himself does not love the lady.

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

In any Tarot spread, it’s worth taking a closer look at the cards of Wands and Swords that have fallen nearby. This combination will indicate the implementation of negative scenarios. That is, a person will put sticks in the wheels, interfere in every possible way and show aggression. The Air group here is responsible for the bad intentions themselves, and the Wands will show specific actions. If people are in a couple, it means that the problem lies in intimate life, dissatisfaction.

But Cups can often fall on new acquaintances. In the Tarot spread for thoughts, they will show hidden sympathy. It is possible that a colleague or friend is afraid to show up first, to be rejected. Everything will depend on the intentions of the querent. Pentacles will show a purely business relationship. A person thinks about his own benefit, is not ready to share his emotions, to let him in.

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