Travel Tarot Spread

Any movement is always an adventure. After all, new places, people and events leave an imprint in the heart of the traveler. And it does not matter for what purpose he went on a journey. Fate is a very capricious lady, but the Tarot spread for the travel will allow you to cope with her stormy character. The questioner is invited to take a look at the metaphysical road map, on which dangerous places and turning points are pre-marked. And the further choice remains entirely with the querent.

Key features of the travel Tarot spread

The tarot spread for the travel is a big topic that can be viewed from different angles. Some people are interested in the question of career, how the work road will affect the current situation. Others think of a love sphere. Still others are vacations, trips to get away from the routine. In any case, the questioner wants to know in advance the important factors in order to bypass all the pitfalls.

Therefore, the Tarot spread for the travel can show both a specific time period and actors. In a word, this is all that will surround the fortuneteller at the moment of movement. At the same time, you can only think of a hypothetical possibility to hit the road. Cards will outline the prospects, the most anticipated development of events.

When is the best time to do the spread

It is best to do the travel spread long before the road itself. This will help to find out all the pros and cons of the event, to prepare for them. In addition, there are Arcana that indicate accidents. In general, they can become a weighty argument in favor of refuse an appointment or canceling a business trip. Everything will depend on the ability to correctly read information, relying solely on one’s own intuition.

If there is no such danger, then the travel spread on Tarot cards should be repeated immediately before the trip. Here it is already necessary to consider the scheme in more detail, try to take the most important ideas and meanings. We must not forget that the prediction is supposed, it can be corrected by just changing one’s own behavior or attitude towards certain things.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

For the Tarot spread for the travel, the classic Waite deck is perfect. It has cards that personify the road, movement. But for a change, you can work with other systems. It is worth giving preference to those decks in which there are characters, various landscapes and places. Such details will help not to get confused, because they will refer to real points on the map. This is especially useful when the querent cannot choose a vacation location or a country for work. A great example is the Illuminati Tarot.

But "static" cards will only distract, confuse. It is quite difficult to work with them, not only for beginners, but also for experienced practitioners. Crowley, Marseille – these systems require good card reading skills. In the context of the Tarot spread for the travel, it is best to “filter” such decks, that is, choose only the Major Arcana. The minor group here is quite capable of misleading.

Preparation and rules of the spread

Working with Tarot cards is built around the practice itself. Therefore, the most important condition will be the correct internal attitude to fortune-telling. The tarot spread for the travel should be carried out only when the querent is absolutely calm, confident in his abilities. The topic implies the presence of potential danger, so it is important to have the skill to weed out your own fears, to see only the truth. Any suitable meditation technique will help achieve this. Even if there is no way to retire, you can always put on headphones and listen to pleasant, relaxing music.

Next, pay attention to the work area. The Tarot spread for the travel is best done in a special place. It must be "made". Here you should not eat, sleep or work with documents, papers. The space for dialogue with the Arcana is the sacred altar. Those vibrations that the questioner gradually puts into it are important. Sooner or later, all the efforts expended will pay off handsomely – they will support and nourish the resource of the fortuneteller.

Setting goals and formulating questions

Before practicing reading the Tarot spread for the travel, it is worth thinking about the ultimate goal. In one case, it will be important for the querent to find out if there are any obstacles on the way, obstacles. These can be both external and internal factors. Otherwise, a person is interested in a specific result after the whole event. Here you need to compare what is expected with what the cards show. In the third version, there is a choice between different points, locations. In any case, the questioner should concentrate well and simply mentally send a request to the spirits of the Tarot.

Schemes of the travel Tarot spreads

There are many schemes for a similar topic. However, any Tarot spread for the travel can be divided into three branches – this is romance, work and leisure. And for each request, you should choose the appropriate scheme and deck. You can also modify the spreads, change the questions for yourself. Then the choice of the appropriate method will depend on the skill level of the tarologist – the fewer cards used, the easier it is to read the information.

One card

This travel Tarot spread is simple and versatile. You can use it to find out if there will be a road at all, how it will pass, if there are obstacles. The only position will briefly but succinctly reflect the most important idea. If the “yes-no” format is chosen, then it is worth looking at the aura of the cards. So, conditionally negative, with static plots will serve as a negative answer. But active scenes, "live" suits – this is an unambiguous "yes".

Travel card

Examples of cards that indicate movement:

«Victory» for work questions

This Tarot spread for the travel is imprisoned for working moments. It will show all the nuances of the upcoming business trip. Moreover, the querent can only go to get a new job. In any case, the Arcana will reflect the final result, give advice on whether it is worth getting involved in an adventure at all. But it is also possible to use this scheme universally. It can also be used in romantic overtones. The positions themselves involve viewing all the negative aspects in order to try to avoid them.

Dangers on the way
Outcome of the event
Possible errors
What will help
Possible failures
Behavior model
Atmosphere on the road
  • S – the significator of the questioner (any card of the court, which most accurately reflects the character of the person).
  • 1 – are there any dangers on the way, obstacles.
  • 2 – probable errors on the part of the questioner.
  • 3 – whether there will be failures during the trip.
  • 4 – general atmosphere on the road.
  • 5 – the best way to behave.
  • 6 – which will help to get around all the failures.
  • 7 – outcome of the event, total.

In this Tarot spread for the travel, attention should be paid to position 3. It can show both problems in relationships with people and external negative factors. It is better to know in advance all possible obstacles in order to be able to prepare for them. If negative Minor Arcana or the same cards of the major group fell out here, it is better to abandon the idea altogether.

Пример «негативных» позиций:


But this Tarot spread for the travel is very easy, pleasant to work with. After all, the topic chosen is very positive. Moreover, the questioner can only view the very prospect of recreation, use the scheme to compare two countries, resorts. This method is suitable for collecting information about a place where the querent has not yet been. In addition, the Tarot spread can give out something about personal life, work. After all, even a vacation is not limited to rest from work. New places can connect with the right people.

Will the trip take place?
Preparing for the road
Moment of movement
Results of the trip
Continuation of a story
  • S – a signifier card that will show the fortuneteller’s readiness to move.
  • 1 – whether the trip will take place, whether there is such an opportunity (you should first guess a specific date).
  • 2 – how will the preparation for the road go.
  • 3 – the moment of movement, how everything will develop.
  • 4 – stay in a new place, comfort.
  • 5 – aesthetics of nature, external facade.
  • 6 – dating, meetings.
  • 7 – leisure, will it be fun, emotional state.
  • 8 – potential difficulties on the trip, for which you should prepare in advance.
  • 9 – the result, how everything will go.
  • 10 – the process of returning home.
  • 11 – whether communication with people from position 6 will continue.

This Tarot spread for the travel approaches the issue from a very positive side. Card number 9 can be considered an important position here. It will reflect the final result. You can compare the expectations that the querent lives with and what he will actually receive. This approach will allow you to compare several types of travel. For example – "civilized" accommodation in a hotel or with local people; active or passive rest; frequent change of location or stop in one place.

An example of reading cards in position 9:

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

As always, the Tarot spread for the travel can be upgraded and changed for yourself. However, if we talk about the scheme itself, then first it is worth evaluating the general background of the cards, the aura. Numerous cards of the suit of Swords should alert. Perhaps now is not the time to go. But the group of Cups gives a chance to find your love, even if the question was originally about a career. Everything is individual here, it is worth listening to the voice of the heart.

You also need to pay attention to the Arcana of the courtyard. In the travel Tarot spread, they will show specific personalities who will play a decisive role. It is possible that the road depends on the husband or wife, boss, child. It is worth pulling out an additional card in order to understand exactly how to interact with the hidden person.

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