Weekly Tarot Spread

The weekly spread on the Tarot cards is a fairly accurate predictive method. He does not take the event out of context, but gives details, focuses on important details. You can compare it with a film that spins at the request of a fortuneteller. However, this method is quite difficult to read for very beginners. It is so easy to get confused in the resulting images. After all, the picture does not always fit into a single puzzle. Sometimes it will more resemble a hodgepodge of relationships, study and work, as well as negative and positive.

Key features of the weekly Tarot spread

The important feature of the Tarot spread for a week is the presence of a sufficiently large number of cards. They will show a whole mini-story that will happen to a fortuneteller in real life. All Arcana here will complement and reveal each other. You can compare them to a compound train – each event is inextricably linked to the previous and next. Therefore, it is worth considering such a fortune-telling format as a kind of film. Pulling images out of context will not bring the desired result. But at the same time, each individual position will also carry a slice of information – the brightest energy on the day in question.

When is the best time to do the spread

The weekly Tarot spread can be done right before the period of interest. In this case, the cards will allow you to prepare for possible events. And the logical chain of prediction will “pull out” those questions that will appear in the next seven days to the surface. This approach is more ambitious than a daily spread. It will reflect the energy of the upcoming week, its "mood". Moreover, any day can be considered a reference point. A week is the next seven days from the moment when the spread is made. So everything can be customized.

Sometimes the Tarot spread for a week should be done long before. These are the cases when the querent is interested in a certain period of life, its key events. For example – the first time at a new job, the development of relationships in physical separation, and so on. That is, there must be an external factor that has the power to influence stability, the familiar environment. Then the deck will show exactly what you need to prepare for. Sometimes the whole situation really depends on a few days.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

For the weekly Tarot spread, decks that have a clear storyline are best suited. These are cards depicting a variety of activities. Characters on them should show some activity. Such a Tarot will show real events in bright colorful examples. It will be more comfortable for the questioner to work with him. After all, it is easier to read information, to draw parallels. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the reality in which the person is located. To view ordinary life situations for 7 days ahead, the Waite Tarot deck is suitable. If a person is currently involved in a relationship, then it is best to use erotic tools: Romantic Tarot, Sexual Magic. In the case when the tarot reader is engaged in magic, you should pay attention to esoteric decks.

Separately, we can highlight the issue of spiritual development. Situations of a similar context in the weekly Tarot spread will be played blurry, fuzzy. Because for the soul there are no frames, time, restrictions. But if a person practices certain methods of self-development, meditates, then you can still try to track progress. In this case, it is worth choosing a specific deck. For example, Osho Zen Tarot or Light Seer’s. However, all images need to be adjusted for themselves, read metaphorically. After all, the matter concerns not external reality, but internal.

Preparation and rules of the spread

Like all others, the weekly Tarot spread should only be performed in a state of complete silence. The practitioner needs to calm down, feel the inner emptiness. Only such an attitude will allow you to correctly perceive the information. Also, do not forget about the complexity of interpreting volumetric schemes. Therefore, beginners are advised to retire, so that others do not knock down the mood. Numerous cards require attentiveness and long-term concentration. In order to relax, let go of yourself, you can use aromatherapy. You should choose those smells that you like and tune in the right way. Warming ones are more suitable for someone: incense, patchouli, myrrh. Other predictors will give their choice to cold aromas: citruses, bergamot, wild berries.

Setting goals and formulating questions

Foremost, you need to understand what exactly the Tarot spread for a week is made for. The querent should choose a specific area that interests him. Or you can simply make a request for the brightest events of the upcoming period. In the first case, the cards will show only love, work, health. And in the second – a mix of circumstances. You can also do an analysis of events after the end of the specified period. Such an approach will help the beginner correlate past circumstances with the cards that have fallen. This is the best way to quickly learn the meanings of the Arcana, understand the language that the deck speaks.

It is also worth deciding for yourself what exactly each card will mean: attitude to the situation, attitude, or the dry residue in the form of specific results. Everything will depend only on the initial request. If in the weekly Tarot spread only the material component is of interest, then each position will symbolize the current financial situation. The story revolves around work, money and everything connected with it. So, the first Arcana will display a certain input, the initial level of resources, and the last – what you can come to.

However, all this does not apply to the weekly Tarot spread using many cards. Here, each position will be responsible for its own. You also need to decide on the use of reversed Arcana. With them, the answer will be more voluminous and eloquent.

Schemes of the weekly Tarot spreads

The Tarot spread for a week can be both short and very extensive. The choice of a suitable scheme will depend on the level of preparation of the fortuneteller. Larger ones are recommended when there are many expectations for the upcoming period.

«Card of the week»

This weekly Tarot spread involves the use of only one position. The Arcana will show the general trends, the energy of the coming period. At the same time, some conclusions should be drawn only after the end of the events. The card will mean the dry residue, the average result of all seven days.

Card of the week
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4 card spread

The querent needs to get 4 cards and lay them out horizontally. In this weekly Tarot spread, each position will mean several days at once + summary.

Start of the week
End of the week
Results of the week
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  1. Monday and Tuesday events.
  2. Circumstances of Wednesday, Thursday.
  3. What happens on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  4. General trends of the period.

If necessary, the day of the week of interest can be specified with an additional Arcana.

7-card spread + summary

The cards for this weekly Tarot spread can be laid out horizontally, vertically, or in a circle. The main thing is to designate for yourself the beginning and end of the planned period. So, the first card will symbolize Monday, the second – Tuesday, and so on. If, for example, the practitioner starts the spread from Wednesday or Thursday, then the first position should be considered the beginning of the period of interest. After all, events do not always keep pace with the calendar. Sometimes they burst into life suddenly, and there is no time to wait for the end of Sunday.

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This scheme for the weekly Tarot spread is simple. However, for a more complete and detailed analysis, the eighth position can be included here. It will show the results of the week – reflect the general background, give a hint in which particular way the life scenario will develop. You can lay out an additional card at the bottom, at the top, or at the end. Location doesn’t matter here. It should be done in a way that is convenient and understandable for the questioner himself.

It often happens that all the events do not seem to fit in meaning to each other. So, for example, the Tower falls on Friday, and the Sun falls on Saturday. Such turns hint at the dynamism of events. One day of the week will make all the difference. And yet, the emphasis should be on the last card. It will show the attitude of the querent to what is happening, whether he will be satisfied with the past period. It is important to remember that the cards will reflect only those events that will affect the questioner himself. They must somehow "cling" a person. However, you can also make the weekly Tarot spread for your partner, colleague, relative, and so on. In this case, the Arcana will reflect his reality, and the practitioner himself will receive important information for himself.

«7 questions»

This Tarot spread for a week implies 21 positions + significator card. The scheme will illuminate both the state of the querent in the future and real events. In this case, the significator should be pulled out in advance. This is the Arcana of the court, which reflects the character, gender, age or zodiac sign.

Energy, card 1
Family, card 1
Friends, card 1
Partner, card 1
Expectations, card 1
Events, card 1
Future, card 1
Energy, card 2
Family, card 2
Friends, card 2
Partner, card 2
Expectations, card 2
Events, card 2
Future, card 2
Energy, card 3
Family, card 3
Friends, card 3
Partner, card 3
Expectations, card 3
Events, card 3
Future, card 3
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  • S – fortuneteller himself.
  • 1, 8, 15 – the energy of the questioner, his well-being.
  • 2, 9, 16 – family relationships.
  • 3, 10, 17 – friends.
  • 4, 11, 18 – partner, relationship.
  • 5, 12, 19 – will the expectations of the upcoming seven days come true.
  • 6, 13, 20 – the most important events.
  • 7, 14, 21 – how will they affect the future.

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

Each position in any Tarot spread for a week can be supplemented with cards. If the message is not clear, then you should pull out a couple more Arcana. They will reveal the meaning, make clarifications. But it is worth remembering that all positions will only develop a general trend. If at the beginning there is a negative image, then subsequent positive ones can reflect the gloating of enemies, for example. Do not forget about the Arcana that fell out first. It will be decisive.

Foremost, in the weekly Tarot spread, you should pay attention to the presence of Major Arcana. They will show the most important events, the echo of which will echo through the subsequent periods. If Minor Arcana appears here, then life will not bring any surprises. Everything will remain in place. But the predominance of cards of the same suit will indicate a certain area. So, even if a person is only interested in a career, and cards of Cups fell out, then this is an eloquent gesture from the deck. In the near future, life will focus on personal relationships, no matter how hard a person tries to avoid this.

The weekly Tarot spread is a powerful weapon that should be used for your own purposes. This is not just a way to lift the veil of secrecy over something prescribed from above. On the contrary, the querent is able to correct the situation on his own. After all, cards are not a sentence. They only suggest a possible outcome. There is a practice when you need to lay out the Arcana yourself in the right sequence. A person becomes the creator of his own reality, no longer depends on fate or the Higher Forces. This method sets thinking positively, allows you to believe in yourself. After all, even the Tower with its destructive energy can be "turned" in your favor. Therefore, it is worth first making a variant with the most expected events, and then, if desired, your own.

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