Woman Tarot Spread

Even women themselves sometimes do not understand themselves. At one moment she can be kind and affectionate, and in five minutes – closed and callous. Hormones are partly to blame. But according to Indian teachings, female energy is like water – sometimes slow and calm, sometimes raging like a waterfall. It can be difficult for men to fully know the soul of their beloved wife, let alone a new acquaintance. The Tarot spread for a woman will help you find out all the secrets of a partner, lover or girlfriend. The main thing is to use this information not to the detriment of the person of interest.

Key features of the woman Tarot spread

The Tarot spread for a woman is designed to help unravel the secret thoughts of a lady, her very soul. You can ask the cards about a girlfriend, rival, or even spouse. Time will not always guarantee a strong relationship. Therefore, it is better to play it safe and try to dot the “i”. The gender of the querent itself is not important in this case. You can watch your mother, sister, childhood friend or ex-partner’s girlfriend. The more information the questioner has, the easier it is to achieve your goals. For some, the number one task is to surpass the rival, for another person it is to find a way to agree, to communicate without quarrels.

Also, the Tarot spread for a woman will help you find out your fate. For men, the deck will show the future wife, her external data, character. The fortuneteller will know exactly where he can find the other half, how to get close to her, so as not to inadvertently push her away. For girls, this spread is good for finding a devoted girlfriend. Moreover, the age of the querent also does not matter. A feature of the spread for a woman can be considered the predominance of "emotional" cards. The weaker sex is considered to be empathic, with an inherent developed intuition. Arcana in this case will reflect the sphere of feelings, which most often prevails over a cold mind.

When is the best time to do the spread

In general, the woman spread on Tarot cards is best done in the dark. The night itself and the moon can be considered symbols that reflect the energy of girls. Strong sympathy is often hidden behind the mask of indifference, and coldness is often hidden behind vivid manifestations. At midnight, you can tune in to a certain wave, when it is easy to get a reliable prediction. At the same time, you should be ready for any kind of answer. You should not be biased and think up non-existent thoughts, plans, feelings of the girl you are interested in.

But when you definitely shouldn’t do a Tarot spread for a woman, it’s immediately after a quarrel. Strong resentment will make it difficult to calm down and concentrate on the cards. Moreover, the Arcana can even simply reflect the experienced feelings of the querent. As a result, an unreliable prediction will turn out, guided by which, the questioner will make a lot of mistakes. The same goes for joyful events. It is best to wait until the emotions subside, the person calms down.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

For the Tarot spread for a woman, decks that reflect the world of girls are suitable. The Manara cards is considered a classic in this regard. Here in the first place is the image of a woman and her various incarnations – mother, daughter, amazon, warrior or lover. Milo Manara showed even the most negative manifestations beautifully. That is why the deck is mesmerizing and gives accurate answers regarding the ladies. This also includes the Sexual Magic, Erotic Fantasy and the Light Seer’s. When choosing a suitable mantic tool, you should focus on the characters of the cards. Best of all, if girls prevail.

Of course, the Rider-Waite deck is also suitable for the Tarot spread for a woman. However, it is worth remembering that some heroes will have to be transferred to a different coordinate system. For example, a male benefactor from the Six of Pentacles may actually be a relative or girl friend who helps financially. Here you should focus on your own intuition, so as not to be mistaken. You can pull out an additional position to clarify the gender. At the same time, beginners can only use the Major Arcana to simplify the work. Reversed positions are only available to experienced practitioners.

Preparation and rules of the spread

As always, in the Tarot spread for a woman, the mood of the querent will play a decisive factor. Before working with the deck, you should prepare in advance. You need to throw out obsessive thoughts, preconceived notions. To do this, you can go in for sports, meditate or sing mantras. The result should be like an "empty" head. Such consciousness is open and able to perceive information from the subtle plane of being. If you can’t come to this, then it’s better to postpone work with the Arcana until better times.

Then the Tarot spread for a woman requires the preparation of space. You should clean the place of practice, light candles or incense. Men can turn to the patron gods, and women – to the shores. It would not be superfluous to put figurines of deities on the altar table. It is best to lay a tablecloth with a textured fabric in advance – cards can slide on silk fabric. In addition, a special blanket or handkerchief will protect the surface from wax influxes.

Setting goals and formulating questions

Before conducting a Tarot spread for a woman, the querent needs to decide on the task. For someone, it will be important to know the rival, the mistress of her husband or boyfriend. Here the emphasis should be on the features of appearance and character, on what exactly attracted the second half in this lady. Another thing is if it has already been identified and a more detailed Tarot analysis needs to be done. In any case, you should just tune in to the image of the girl, try to imagine her energy, even if there is no photo.

For men, the Tarot spread for a new woman also involves working with the subconscious. Sometimes even the person himself does not know what he is looking for. However, the cards are able to read such information and give out a ready-made "ideal". The spread also can show a relationship with an existing woman. This includes: both friends and directly the second half. If the questioner asks about an acquaintance, it is best to prepare her photograph in advance, even if it is digital.

Schemes of the woman Tarot spreads

All schemes for the Tarot spread for a woman can be divided into different situations. You should choose the one that resonates most with the querent and suits him. But it is worth remembering that almost any spread can be adapted to suit yourself. In some cases, it is possible to simply change the questions, in others – to remove the Minor Arcana from the deck, and for positions that affect appearance or character – to choose only the court group.

«Female Stranger» for the analysis of a rival, future girlfriend or wife

This Tarot spread for a woman is universal. Its essence is to describe a lady so far unfamiliar to the querent. You should decide in advance who it will be – the guy’s alleged mistress, the image of an ideal girlfriend or business partner. All questions can be changed for yourself, so that the Tarot spread is even more accurate. In the event that at the moment the partner does not have a mistress, he does not cheating, then the cards will show "emptiness" – a chaotic mixture of images. Or the deck is able to count the desires of the second half and show his personal ideal.

Attitude towards children
Moral values
Goals in life
Habitual behavior
Attitude towards men
Appearance of a woman + Advice to the questioner
Karmic lesson
Common interests
What is afraid of
Meeting point
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  1. External image of a lady, bright features.
  2. Habitual behavior.
  3. The values it conveys.
  4. Dignities.
  5. Disadvantages.
  6. Where you can meet her.
  7. What to interest.
  8. The main goals in life.
  9. Education.
  10. Attitude towards children.
  11. Attitude towards the opposite sex.
  12. What is she afraid of.
  13. The lesson she is going through.
  14. Advice to the questioner.

This Tarot spread for a woman is similar in scheme to a butterfly or a mask. The right side will illuminate the external manifestations of the lady, and the left side will illuminate everything that is often hidden. Position 14 will give advice on what the fortuneteller should do. Perhaps this woman does not need to communicate if they ask about a mistress. In the event that the querent is a man, then the Arcana will show the most advantageous strategy of behavior.

An example of reading the court Arcana in position 1:

«Venus in Scorpio» for the analysis of love relationships

But this Tarot spread for a woman is suitable for analyzing existing relationships. Moreover, age and status are not important here. The scheme is suitable for men who want to understand the true intentions of the passion, her feelings. It is possible that the lady is shy, and it is simply difficult for her to show emotions. Well, or she is deceiving the querent. The spread will also show the prospects for communication in the future. As a result, the questioner will be able to draw conclusions and decide whether to develop a relationship.

Impression about a woman
Querent’s feelings
His influence on woman
How will the relationship work out
Relationship with partner now
Impression about a man
Partner’s feelings
Her influence on man
Distant perspectives
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  1. Relationship with partner at the moment.
  2. What impression does the girl leave about herself.
  3. And what a querent.
  4. Feelings of the questioner.
  5. Feelings of a partner.
  6. How exactly does the querent affect a woman.
  7. Her influence on a man.
  8. How will the relationship develop in the next 3 months.
  9. Distant perspectives.
  10. Tip.

In this Tarot spread for a woman, position 9 can be used to judge whether the relationship will be long-term. And sometimes external circumstances come into force, which are difficult to influence. You can draw additional cards to this position to clarify the answer. The influence of parents, illness or a change of goals – all this will be shown by the Arcana. But the final factor must still be considered as Tarot card number 10. She will give advice on the situation and affect the final decision.

An example of reading cards in position 7:

«Threat to marriage» for the analysis of a specific rival

This Tarot spread for a rival is only suitable for those ladies who know exactly who the partner is cheating with. The scheme shows what exactly he found in his mistress and why he started a relationship with her at all. Perhaps there is a chance to change everything radically and establish a connection with a husband or boyfriend. In some cases, the partner is looking on the side for what is missing in an alliance with the "official" other half. The Tarot spread illuminates the most burning questions and gives advice on what exactly to do for the querent.

Where did they meet
What attracts him to her?
What makes a mistress better than a wife
What is the mistress inferior to the wife
Does the man have future plans with her?
Relationship outcome
Advice for the questioner
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  1. Where the acquaintance took place.
  2. What did she hook.
  3. What makes a mistress better than a wife?
  4. Which is inferior.
  5. Do you have plans for the future with her.
  6. Relationship summary.
  7. Advice for the questioner.

Here it is worth comparing positions 6 and 7. Perhaps the Tarot spread for a woman will initially show temporary relationships. In this case, you can analyze position 3 in order to understand what exactly the partner is looking for, what he lacks. If a girl can forgive her beloved and work out the relationship, then there is a chance to work things out. However, you should also focus on the Tarot card at number 7. It is possible that the King will fall out here, which will symbolize the new man.

Example of reading cards in position 3:

«Mirror of the Goddess» for introspection

This Tarot spread for a woman with a beautiful name can be used to analyze yourself. Girls will be able to better understand what is hidden in the subconscious, in their negative character traits. Also, the scheme will help to see the true goals, what is better to do in life, what to strive for. But the Tarot spread can also be used to analyze a mother, sister, girlfriend or colleague. It is possible that some woman simply interested the querent, and he wants to get to know her soul better without sexual overtones.

Positive traits
Karmic lesson
Revealed talents
How to work them out
Level of awareness
Hidden potential
Chosen path
Perfect path
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  1. The level of awareness or processing so far.
  2. Positive qualities.
  3. Shown talents.
  4. Hidden potential.
  5. The path the girl is following.
  6. The one that fits best.
  7. Disadvantages.
  8. How to work them out.
  9. The lesson of this incarnation.

This Tarot spread for a woman reflects spirituality more. Even if a girl has reached the heights in her career, it still affects her sophistication and experience. In this respect, there is nothing sublime or base in life. Everything is a kind of lesson, having learned which, the spirit becomes stronger, conditionally moves to the next level of being. Relationships, hobbies, health – it all adds up to a single puzzle. And if a girl does not live her own life, goes the wrong way, then the result can be depression even against the backdrop of overwhelming success.

An example of reading cards in position 6:

  • Ten of Cups – family, children, assistance to relatives and the older generation.
  • Eight of Pentacles – career, skill in the chosen direction.
  • Six of Wands – leadership, the need to lead.
  • Page of Cups – the birth of a child or work in a kindergarten, school.
  • The Hermit – writing scientific papers, research in the field of medicine, physics.
  • Two of Cups – relationship with a man, the ability to love and trust.
  • The Fool – life from scratch, a radical change of scenery and social circle, avoiding a negative scenario of fate.

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

When analyzing the Tarot spread for a woman, you need to pay attention to the accumulation of cards of the same suit. So Cups will show intuition, gentleness and kindness. Wands – a bright character, initiative. Swords symbolize strict ladies who believe only in facts. But Pentacles will show zealous women, mistresses of the hearth. It is best when all the suits fall out in some balance. After all, one and the same person has many sides, subpersonalities. Going to extremes never leads to good things.

And it happens that the Tarot spread for a woman draws an image that is generally far from what the wife or girl broadcasts. This happens when a person hides his true face for one reason or another. It is possible that strict upbringing, the need to adapt to the desires of others is to blame. The querent is invited to try to win over the lady of interest in order to improve relations. Still, the Tarot spread simply gives advice, but the actions also remain for the fortuneteller.

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