Strength Tarot Card

Card Name: Strength, Spiritual Power, Fortitude, Lust

Category: Major Arcana, Soul

Position: 8/11

Zodiac sign: Leo ♌

Strength is the card of real fighters. It, foremost, points to the inner core, and then to the external qualities. Even in a fragile woman, there can be so much power and pressure that others will be forced to step aside. The Major Arcana shows life according to certain principles, nobility and good breeding. “Good should be with fists” – this is the main motto of this Tarot card. But in the opposite form, it loses all positive qualities. Now the Arcana shows crime, unbridledness and lawlessness. A person realizes his influence and begins to abuse it. However, violence and cruelty have not yet made anyone truly happy.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Strength

In the classic Waite tarot, the Strength card depicts a young girl holding a red lion by the mouth. The heroine is dressed in a white dress decorated with flowers and leaves. The blonde’s head is crowned with a crown of the same plants. An infinity symbol is shown above the character’s figure. The animal is drawn in the style of medieval painting and resembles images in alchemical treatises. It looks like the lady is keeping the lion from showing aggression – if she does not hold the beast by the mouth, then he will bite. The action takes place against the backdrop of a meadow. A little further you can see the forest and the peak of a huge mountain. The sky is yellow.

The main character of the Strength Arcana, resembles a certain ancient Greek goddess, full of good intentions. She doesn’t have the task of cruelty to animals. Rather, the character here personifies protection and patronage. The lion itself is red, which symbolizes vitality. Thus, the opposition of something sublime and mundane is shown. The spirit triumphs over the body. That is why the card primarily denotes internal hardening, and not physical superiority. The developed will conquers everything with its pressure. The mountain in the background symbolizes the difficulties on the path of knowledge and the formation of man. The lemniscate represents infinity and wisdom.

Meaning of the Upright Strength Card

  • Strength of mind, the will to win, absolute fearlessness and hardening.
  • The desire to win, steadfastness or perseverance.
  • A chance to show abilities, to stand out, to find respect.
  • Calmness, the ability to quickly respond, solve problems.

In the upright position, Strength denotes fearlessness, endurance and self-confidence. All these qualities combine in the immortality of the spirit. Predatory animals are much more powerful than humans, but the latter is still considered the crown of nature. People have the ability to know and create, to be aware. Animals only exist in conjunction with innate instincts – to get food and multiply. And no matter how strong they are, a person will still win, even if by cunning. The Major Arcana hints at directness, honesty and a willingness to face danger. Sometimes life’s adversities will act as this very lion, otherwise – internal fears and complexes.

Before Arthur Waite, the Major Arcana of Strength has number 11. However, the author decided to move the card. Now, the numerical designation is closely related to the sign of infinity. The symbols are duplicated. In addition, the card continues the chain of astrological correspondences and shows the zodiac sign of Leo. In real life, the Fortitude Arcana will be played as pressure from the outside, the need to overcome obstacles and difficulties. But the upright position also alludes to triumph, complete victory and surrender of the enemies. Life will test the intentions of the questioning person for strength.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • Willingness to fight for your family or just a partner.
  • Deserved happiness, joint overcoming of obstacles.
  • The persistence of a new boyfriend or a spectacular admirer.
  • Constant attempts to achieve location or love.

In a love spread, Strength shows the struggle for happiness. There is a certain factor that prevents lovers from being together. However, the partners are ready to overcome the adversity that arises. The problem may lie in unresolved domestic issues, the disfavor of relatives, parents. But the upright view of the card gives hope for the resolution of disputes, the settlement of conflicts. The main thing is that in a couple there is love and trust, and everything else can be experienced. The Spiritual Strength card also shows the ability to think soberly, to forgive a lot for the benefit of both.

If the fortuneteller is alone, then the Arcana promises the appearance of a persistent potential partner. He will seek attention, be the first to talk, invite you on a date. Strength here is revealed as perseverance in achieving the goal. Until the gentleman or lady achieves the location of the person they like, they will not calm down. Often such people can pleasantly surprise with unexpected surprises and real shows arranged in honor of the querent.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Work as a policeman, security guard; great responsibility.
  • Hard work and a serious attitude to their work.
  • The ability to limit your desires, also small expenses.
  • Practicality that leads to prosperity or freedom.

As a significator of activity, Strength shows work in law enforcement agencies. The card also symbolizes leadership abilities. The querent knows how to take matters into his own hands. Perhaps the fortuneteller himself holds a post in some organization to combat corruption or smuggling. In any case, a person is included in the control over a certain structure. In the context of the situation, the Arcana hints at the need to overcome fears and laziness in order to advance in terms of a career. The questioner seeks to climb the mountain of success, and he will definitely succeed.

There are some material restrictions. The querent used to save and save. He does not spend money on nonsense, but also restrains himself a little. Here, Strength will play out as a plan of action aimed at long-term enrichment. For the sake of financial well-being, the fortuneteller is ready to work hard and hard. If he has a family, then loved ones also automatically fall under the restrictions. But in the future, practicality will reward the querent a hundredfold.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Strong immune system, rapid recovery of the body.
  • Physical strength, developed muscles and endurance.
  • Focus only on their own priorities, aspirations.
  • Proud loneliness, life according to conscience or fidelity to honor.

In the context of health, Strength corresponds to human immunity. Upright, the card hints at an excellent ability to cope with diseases, inflammation. The body quickly reacts to pathogens, removes toxins and toxins. The querent can perform various cleansings from time to time, adhere to a healthy diet. All this has a positive effect on overall well-being. The body is hardy, copes well with physical and psychological stress. Any disease is easily tolerated.

In terms of the psyche, Strength indicates a huge supply of internal resources. The querent is resilient and unshakable in the face of danger. The individual is ready to fight for his beliefs and freedom of action. Often a person shows intentions too directly, he is not used to humiliating himself in front of someone. Honor for him is not just a beautiful word. That is why the questioner may not have many friends. The fortuneteller is used to being alone – this makes him practically invulnerable.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Constant tension and struggle for the best conditions, a prize.
  • Hone the skills necessary for survival; inner strength.
  • Awareness of the problem and willingness to solve it, to fight with it.
  • Courageous overcoming obstacles without losing yourself, will.

In different spreads, Strength will recoup in different ways. The only caveat is that there will be tension everywhere. The two sides are in confrontation. A worthy opponent enters the ring, who will have to be defeated. The querent has no other choice, since conscience will not allow to lose. At the same time, the card hints at a fair fight without the use of prohibited techniques. Honor and dignity will give a knockout, after which it is impossible to get up. However, you will have to fight hard for the coveted prize.

Power asks questions: “What prevents me from winning?” and “How to remove the obstacle?”. A flexible person is doomed to go with the flow. However, a strong personality must defend the right to a happy life. The laws of nature do not love the weak. Reality is a kind of game of survival, in which only the strongest will win. And even though there is no open fight in society, it is still present psychologically. The querent daily meets with someone else’s opinion, which needs to be "bent" for himself. Otherwise, the system will bring you to your knees.

Spirituality and Karma (Upright)

  • Great potential, the presence of talents, a powerful biofield.
  • The ability to influence people and situations, change a lot.
  • A difficult fate, full of trials and hardships, failures.
  • Deserved talents or patronage of the spirits of the family.

If you look at the Arcana from the side of subtle matters, then it is read as a huge energy flow. The querent has some abilities, has the patronage of the other world. Often, the fallen Tarot Strength hints at the protection of a guardian angel or a deceased relative, ancestor. In any case, the questioner somehow deserved such an attitude towards himself. He lives according to an inflated bar, proving his own worth to the Universe over and over again. The same abilities and talents are given for a reason. However, the demand from such a person will be great.

In terms of karma, Strength shows life like a steeplechase. Reality seems to train a person for endurance. The acquired skills are needed in order to more easily cope with the adversity that has fallen. In this life, the querent has no time to rest. He will always get into dangerous situations and look for a way out. And along the way, the questioner will learn to appreciate life and enjoy short moments of happiness. The time has come, so running away from fate is pointless.

Meaning of the Reversed Strength Tarot

  • Aggressiveness and cruelty for no reason, the destruction of everything.
  • Superiority used to harm or permissiveness.
  • Crime, crossing the line of morality or illegality.
  • Impunity or, on the contrary, suppression of oneself.

In the reversed position, Strength shows excessive assertiveness and aggressiveness. The querent himself becomes a red lion, who is stopped by space. The alternate name for the card is Lust. In the opposite view, it is this facet that is well shown. The energy of desire is not structured and therefore dangerous. The questioner cannot defeat the opponent, for he fights with himself. In this case, there is a process of destruction. And the most important thing is that the fortuneteller’s house is collapsing. Internal pressure can also be restrained, which is why anger and rage boil in the soul. The reversed Strength personifies an attempt to trample on laws and moral principles.

Also, the position of the card sometimes implies cruelty that has reached its goal. The querent wants to break out of the fetters, but it is they who help to be "afloat". Freedom can have a destructive effect on the life of the questioner. Strength in the opposite sense also symbolizes real crimes, crime. In addition to the internal code of honor, there is also an external one, called a set of laws. Anyone who once crosses the line will forever lose the right guidelines. Therefore, the reversed card indicates an unfriendly view of the world and also of oneself. This is cruelty and aggression, aimed outward and inward, because this is a double-edged sword.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • An attempt to force love, excessive jealousy.
  • Unwillingness to give freedom to a partner or let him go.
  • Suppressed anger that comes out of control.
  • A lot of claims, anger at others.

In the context of love, the reversed Strength shows the pressure of one of the partners. A person tries to force his passion to show warm feelings. Of course, this is impossible, because love is like a butterfly – he squeezed his hand a little, and she died. As a result, the person does not receive anything, and from that he is even more angry. However, the partner does not want to let go of his idea, somehow change and grow. On the contrary, he will become more skillful in contriving and not giving "air" to the second half. And often such couples can stay together all their lives, but they never know happiness.

For loners, Strength in the opposite form predicts the rage shot by an arrow into the opposite sex. The querent is driven by past grievances, traumas. Now his soul seemed to be split into two parts. One wants relationships, sincerity and feelings. The second is embittered, seeking revenge. Such contradictions hold the questioner in place and do not allow one to find true happiness. It is best to leave the idea of finding a partner for a while and work on repressed emotions with a specialist.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • "Criminal" money or a dishonest method of earning.
  • Willingness to commit crime for the sake of big profit.
  • Financial problems that do not allow you to accumulate the amount.
  • Loss of the right to conduct some activity or work.

The reversed Power in the Tarot gives a negative meaning to the spread for work. Now, the position of the card hints at illegal activity. It can be both banditry and "black" fraudulent schemes on the Internet. In any case, the querent is connected with the underworld, does not shy away from taking other people’s money. As a characteristic of the situation in the workplace, the reversed card hints at excessive suppression on the part of superiors. The questioner cannot fully show his abilities and talents. He is treated like a second-class citizen, the working class.

In the context of the financial situation, the reversed Strength personifies a difficult situation. The fortuneteller cannot cope with current expenses, payments. Problems are accumulating like a snowball and sooner or later will be crushed under their yoke. Sometimes the position of the card will speak of the loss of the right to work in a certain structure, organization; but also the revocation of a license. In any case, the money will be given to the querent with great difficulty in the near future.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Diseases of the digestive organs or teeth.
  • Duodenal ulcer or gastritis, hemorrhoids.
  • The process of self-destruction, short temper, also anger.
  • Uncontrolled aggression, accusations of their troubles.

The meaning of Strength in the opposite form in the health spread takes on an unfavorable one. Now the position of the card shows indigestion, heartburn and other digestive problems. Ulcers may open, causing the ability to digest food to disappear. Also, the reversed Arcana shows an acute allergic reaction, Quincke’s edema. These are always serious conditions that require immediate medical attention. The immune system reacts incorrectly to pathogens. There may also be problems with the teeth and oral cavity.

The mental state is unstable. Personality prone to frequent outbursts of rage. The reversed Strength shows everything bad and dark, looking for a way out of the depths of the subconscious. In the past, the querent could himself be in the position of the victim, but now everything has changed. The desire to take revenge on the whole world makes you commit rash acts, resort to physical and psychological violence. The questioner should turn to specialists in order not to bring himself to an extreme state.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Trampling of one’s moral character, status in society.
  • Rabies, selfishness, strong rejection of interference.
  • Selfishness and bringing to the handle or action on emotions.
  • Unexpected behavior or thoughtless actions.

If Strength fell reversed, then the card in all spreads shows the loss of honor and dignity. A person slides down to the level of an animal and wants to live according to animal laws. Personality is dominated only by primordial instincts. However, in this situation it is impossible to achieve happiness. The querent acts like a lone wolf, so he does not accept team play. But the essence of humanity lies in community. Until a person learns to live in peace and harmony with loved ones, he cannot fully realize himself.

Strength reversed asks questions: “What am I suppressing in myself?” and “How to bring this negativity to the surface?”. The same anger is a great fuel for motivation. On emotions, a person can do a lot. But still, rage should be directed in a peaceful direction. If you leave everything as it is, you can break down from the inside and lose your taste for life. Suppression is a direct path to emotional burnout and identity crisis. You should not try to turn a blind eye to problems yourself, but society also does not need to be given the right to limit itself.

Spirituality and Karma (Reversed)

  • Work with dark egregor or lower vibrations.
  • Justified cruelty, deserved punishment for the case.
  • The need to show strength and not feel sorry for your enemies.
  • Knowledge of unpleasant moments of earthly life, danger.

In terms of spirituality, the reversed Strength implies lower vibrations. The person is an adherent of a dark religion. He practices animal sacrifice, works with bones. Such actions leave an imprint on the character of the questioner. Personality becomes more aggressive, impregnable. It does not consider other people’s opinions and often simply devalues them. This is not bad and not good – a common reality. If there is an up in the world, then there must be a down. And someone will definitely do “heavy” and unsightly things.

The reversed Strength shows clumsiness and stubbornness. A person is used to being soft and flexible, so life makes you know the other side. In this incarnation, the querent will have to face not very pleasant manifestations of power. Fate now and then will “throw up” situations in which the problem should be solved with fists. The person must come to terms and try to accept everything that happens as a given.

Strength as a Significator of a Person

If the card lies upright, then Strength shows the Leos – bright creative personalities of the Fire element. They are not afraid of anything and go towards their own dreams with an open visor. Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez and Charlize Theron combined strength and sophistication in their characters. This is beauty that takes its toll. Leos have a wide soul, they are always ready to help. They just need constant attention from others. They use it as fuel to achieve their goals.

In the reversed form, Strength symbolizes criminal authorities, criminals. But even in this field, people manage to find glory. They attract with their danger. The halo of conjectures and conjectures has a soporific effect, and for a while a person may seem like a kind cat. However, the wild start sooner or later will make itself felt. The reversed card will always talk about success, which came in a dishonest way. But even notoriety seduces Leo "in the red". It helps spread wings and fly up to the stolen sun.

Strength: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Strength Card

The upright Strength advises to show steadfastness and endurance. A person must gather his thoughts and strike a decisive blow. All problems can be solved by the querent himself, if he prepares properly. Resistance must be overcome, otherwise nothing will work. The card also warns of the danger of acting outside the law. The success plan should include items about maintaining the boundaries of the people around you. You should not act hastily. Even enemies should be punished after carefully considering their revenge. The fiery lion can only be extinguished with the help of a cold mind.

The reversed Strength advises, on the contrary, to abandon all restrictions and deterrents. You need to release all the anger in order to cleanse and cool down. The space does not allow you to advance by legal methods, so you should choose an alternative path. As a warning, the reversed card hints at learned helplessness syndrome. It is also possible that external barriers have already disappeared, but the person still stands. In this case, he is dominated by the patterns of the past. If you believe them, you can immediately put up with the inevitable defeat. The human subconscious has the power to elevate to heaven, but also to cast down into the depths of Hell.

Strength: Daily Card Meaning

As a card of the day, Strength shows the emergence of a difficult situation. The querent will require a manifestation of stamina, perseverance. Old problems may resurface, or new ones will emerge. However, all this is intended for one purpose – to make the questioner even more mature and self-realized. The card also shows a meeting with representatives of the law. But in direct form, this does not pose any serious problems. In other cases, the Arcana implies observation from the side of the manifestation of willpower. The fortuneteller can be inspired and start moving in the same direction. Even more rarely, the card will imply a trip to the circus or nursery. There the querent will see the taming of a wild animal.

The reversed Strength promises an extremely unfavorable day. On this day, all efforts will be unsuccessful. At the same time, others can violate personal boundaries and nothing will happen to them for this. This kind of injustice is more exhausting than defensive. There will come a moment when the querent will not even want to explain anything, to defend his own rights in any way. Today there will be a desire to talk to someone about the sore, but nothing more. It is imperative to pay attention to outbursts of anger and try to work them out. A walk in the fresh air can reduce the degree of stress or completely neutralize the charge.

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