Suit of Pentacles Tarot

Suit Name: Pentacles, Coins, Discs, Denarius

Keyword: Requital

Element: Earth ⛰️

Planets: Venus ♀, Saturn ♄

Zodiac signs: Taurus ♉, Virgo ♍, Capricorn ♑

Moon Phase: New Moon 🌑

Season: Autumn 🍂

Time interval: Year

Main card: Page 🃋

The suit of Pentacles is a desirable group of cards in divination for work or business. In the sphere of money, it is revealed most of all. The story shown from the One to the King could be an illustration for the book "Capital" by Karl Marx. It talks about the process of accumulating wealth. Along the way, there will be both gains and losses. In order for the spring to fill with a key, you need to periodically scoop out excess water. But in the opposite form, Coins turn into heavy stones on the path to happiness. Security becomes an urgent issue that stirs the soul at night. And even in the case of stability and prosperity, a person can remain deeply unhappy, because the fear of losing what he has earned will come.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Cups in Tarot

On all the cards of the suit of Pentacles in the classic Tarot Waite, colors are used for visualization – yellow, brown, ocher. They reflect belonging to the element of the Earth. Almost all Arcana has an image of coins engraved with a pentacle. The exception is the Three – here the symbol of the suit is shown as an ornament on a stone arch. Also, a noteworthy detail is the transition of shades from the cold color spectrum to the warm one, as the numerical value of the card increases. For example, on the Two, most of the Arcana is occupied by water and a blue sky, while on the Queen, dried earth is shown on a yellow background.

All components of the suit of Pentacles represent the financial flow, the process of distribution of wealth. Both the Page and the Knight are directed towards the Lady – this indicates that the energy of the Earth tends to accumulate the resource. Further, you can consider the cards of the suit of Pentacles in descending order. Thus, all social groups are shown here – the nobility, merchants, various craftsmen, workers, and even the needy. In this context, everything revolves around money. The level of wealth is a litmus test for the correct determination of the position of the heroes. Thus, richly dressed clothes vividly declare the high status of the characters, and patched ones – about poverty.

Meaning of the suit of Pentacles in spreads

In any spread, the suit of Pentacles is responsible for matters of money and wealth. Denarii show the income or loss of funds, the movement of financial flows. Material values are an invariable attribute of human life. The suit of the Earth also symbolizes papers, contracts, real estate and business projects. Coins correlate with the period of the new moon – disclosure and increase in the flow of energy. The cards represent autumn, harvest time. Within 12 months, the cycle of fruit ripening begins and ends – therefore, the group designates a time period of 1 year. The word that best describes the arcana of the Discs is requital.

The planets corresponding to the suit of Pentacles are Saturn and Venus. The main figure is Page. This is the card with the slowest and most mundane energy. If the Knight is replete with ideas about business, then the Knave deals with document management issues, fills out forms and signs papers. The hero of the card is tied to his place and works with what is at the moment. The Arcana can show the scope of the querent, his level of wealth, as well as psychological aspects and attitude towards money. With the help of the Disk group, it is possible to see unresolved negative beliefs that prevent you from building a career or getting rich.

Love and Relationships

In the context of a love spread, Coins are responsible for the standard of living, family life. The suit of Pentacles in the upright position, even on the smallest card, gives hope for changes in the future. Depending on the figures depicted on it, one can judge the distribution of roles in a pair. Someone is a philanthropist, the other is a poor relative. But, for example, the Ten will talk about general well-being, abundance and wealth. There is no oppression or inequality here. The Five will show a joint misfortune and a critical lack of funds.

If the cards of the suit of Pentacles fell out in an reversed position, then this is a bad sign. The opposite view indicates the difficulty of changing the current situation, dependence on external factors. Even security turns into a kind of prison, imprisonment. Money reincarnates as a stumbling block for both partners. Sometimes this will be an indication of a dishonest relationship, an attempt to rob a loved one. It is also possible that the second half pulls the querent to the bottom, negatively affects the financial situation.

Career and Finance

In the context of the work, the suit of Pentacles is like a fish in water. Here the cards most fully reveal their potential. In the upright position, they talk about open opportunities, the presence of prospects for the future. According to the Arcana, you can find out what kind of activity is best to do. Coins will also tell you when it is worth joining charity. Moreover, the suit of Pentacles indicates a favorable period for opening a business or closing it, bankruptcy proceedings.

Reversed cards represent plugs, problems on which the questioning person stumbles. Now, the suit of Pentacles signals the presence of unresolved issues related to society. If a fortuneteller has difficulties with communication, then this will certainly affect his financial situation. All the money belongs to someone, which means that you need to find a way to enter into the exchange. Reversed Arcana speak of inequality, deceit and missed opportunities.

Health and Spirit

In terms of health, the suit of Pentacles correlates with the digestive and reproductive systems. In upright form, the cards do not show serious problems. However, the Five of Earth can talk about disability or injury to the limbs. But even here the meaning will not be as fatal as in the opposite position. Coins symbolically show the cells of the body, as well as nutrients, vitamins. Sometimes the cards will indicate the solar plexus or the ability of tissues to regenerate. In the context of the psyche, these are generous people with a broad outlook and a lot of experience.

The reversed position of the suit of Pentacles indicates the presence of problems with digestion, the reproductive system. Denarii can mean a conceived fetus, so there is a threat of miscarriage or improper development of the child in the womb. In the opposite meaning, the cards also speak of a lack of vitamins and an unfavorable external environment. The immune system cannot cope with the load and can fail. In terms of the psyche, these are people who are stingy with emotions, very greedy and limited in their knowledge of the world.

Situations and Questions

In the context of spirituality, the suit of Pentacles shows the union of opposites. Here, the cards are responsible for the combination of different facets of the personality. An enlightened person enjoys earthly pleasures, but does not become attached to them. This is a real art, which is owned by a few. Today the querent is fabulously rich, tomorrow hopelessly poor. Nothing matters but the inner light of individuality. Everything passes, leaving gratitude in the soul and, of course, the precious experience of life in human incarnation.

But in the opposite form, the meaning of the suit of Pentacles changes. Now, the cards represent people who are firmly chained by the chains of commercialism to the sinful earth. This attachment does not allow to develop and leave the base manifestations of personality. All material values are given along with the fear of loss. A person is afraid to take an extra step, so he stands still. Spirituality frightens him with the endless flight of the spirit, which means that he is not needed. However, materialism will sooner or later lead to inevitable disappointment. Death takes everything, and even more so – money and power.

What kind of people do Pentacles represent?

The suit of Pentacles most often denotes overweight people with tanned skin and dark or red hair. In terms of character, they are quite scrupulous and responsible individuals, focusing only on specific facts. They are self-sufficient, already in adolescence they know what they want to do. In the future, promising careerists and successful entrepreneurs will grow out of such children. They like to count money and make plans to increase financial turnover. Best of all, such individuals reveal their talents in trade, manual labor, or the creation of large corporations. Denariuses "love" the scale and breadth of views.

In the opposite form, the suit of Pentacles shows flaws in appearance. These can be: congenital anomalies, the presence of a hump or a disproportionate body. Often, the reversed cards imply excessive fullness, obesity. In the context of character description, these are mercantile persons with high expectations from the world. They believe that those around them owe them, so they are in no hurry to take responsibility. Such people do things dishonestly, they can steal resources from those closest to them. Greed becomes simply pathological and can lead to insanity. Even in matters of love, such a person will be guided by the principles of trade and market relations.

Meaning of the cards of the suit of Pentacles

The suit of Pentacles in the Tarot spread denotes everyday mundane things. In general, the Earth group is responsible for finances, work and career. However, each individual card will add additional meanings. The querent can take the role of the main or secondary character of the Arcana – the overall picture of the situation depends on this. In the reversed meaning, Pentacles will personify suppressed desires, unfulfilled needs. This position also symbolizes the presence of problems in terms of money. Social relations are difficult for a person, he does not know how to enter into an equivalent exchange of energies. Therefore, the querent will always remain in the red, or he will turn into a greedy landowner.

Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of the suit of Pentacles is the initial elemental energy. It gives a chance to improve the current financial situation. Others may offer to invest in a new project, act as a guarantor or intermediary. The One only outlines future brilliant prospects. But the reversed Ace shows an unused chance, a missed opportunity. The questioner only thinks about material well-being, but does nothing to get results. Also, the reversed Arcana denotes unexpressed desires, needs that recede into the background. The fortuneteller robs himself, does not think about his person.

Two of Pentacles

The Two of the suit of Pentacles shows the ability to tack and refine. This is a situation where you need to play for time or turn complex deals. It requires cunning, coupled with agility and a fast pace. On the plus side, such qualities can make a querent an entrepreneur to the core, not afraid of any difficulties. But in the opposite form, the Two symbolizes the debt hole, life from one salary to the next. The fortuneteller has fallen into a vicious circle and cannot escape from it. Life’s troubles unsettle and make you dance with a tambourine, just to get miserable crumbs from the master’s table.

Three of Pentacles

The Three of the suit of Pentacles is responsible for exclusivity and a high level of skill. This is a point kick that knocks down all the pins at once. The upright position symbolizes refinement and experience. The querent develops in one direction, therefore it achieves great results. The Arcana hints at a large flow of customers, incoming orders, applications. The reversed card represents mediocre results or the inability to "sell" your talent. It is also a fooling the buyer, a lie for the sake of profit. Also, the position of the card can show exploitation for one’s own purposes, a bad attitude towards subordinates.

Four of Pentacles

The Four of the suit of Pentacles signifies high status and respect. A person has achieved financial freedom, has the right to dispose of resources at his own discretion. He can also control other people’s valuables, money. This is the card of managers, accountants or even mayors of the city. The Arcana symbolizes rationality and respect for energy. The reversed Four of Earth, on the contrary, shows greed and stinginess. A person uses his position for the sake of accumulating wealth, but is not going to share it with anyone. She doesn’t care about other people’s needs. Bribers, corrupt politicians and dishonest employees pass under this provision.

Five of Pentacles

The Five of the suit of Pentacles is a tarot card showing extreme poverty and need. Even in upright form, it predicts collapse, numerous losses. These are disability, serious illnesses, an acute shortage of funds even for the most necessary. A person faces a crisis, but is forced to move on, taking responsibility for other people. The reversed meaning is even more negative. Now the querent has no hope for the help of others. He sees no way out and therefore loses his temper. These are lowered hands, a complete loss of strength. The questioner ekes out a miserable existence in total darkness, not even believing in the very possibility of dawn.

Six of Pentacles

The Six of the suit of Pentacles is traditionally played as a helping hand. The fortuneteller acts as a benefactor who benefits society. Also, a upright position can show the improvement of the situation. At an unexpected moment, someone will help, vouch for a person, or simply give him money. The reversed position of the Arcana reverses the roles. Now the questioner himself becomes the needy. He will have to rely on another person, waiting for his answer. Sometimes the opposite meaning symbolizes begging and extortion. The querent can only be perceived as a tightly stuffed purse.

Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of the suit of Pentacles symbolizes the harvest season. This is a card of diligence, the ability to wait and hope. Often, the Arcana falls on situations that require sufficient effort and time. For example – the creation of a new business, long-term investment. However, a person is ready for difficulties and therefore will achieve success. When reversed, the Seven personifies unsatisfactory results that were not worth the time spent. The system has crashed and is not working properly. You can not hope for changes in the future, it is better to quickly close the project, which functions "in the red."

Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of the suit of Pentacles signifies a well-established flow and honing skills in any business. The Arcana shows the accumulation of experience, the passage of the path from an amateur to an ace in his direction. It also represents various enterprises, plants and factories. The coins here symbolize the final product. In the reversed position, the Eight shows defective goods and a waste of resources. The querent fails to establish a workflow, to come to stability. Everything falls out of hand, and others refuse to cooperate. The questioner makes mistakes over and over again, but does not learn from them at all.

Nine of Pentacles

The Nine of the suit of Pentacles symbolizes wealth and abundance. The fortuneteller managed to provide for himself. Now he has closed all basic needs and is looking for something sublime and beautiful. The card shows a passion for exotic hobbies, unusual things and entertainment. This is the prerogative of rich people, even if everyone sets the level of security for himself. But the reversed Nine of Denarius changes the positive value to a negative one. In this case, it falls on the opportunists and irresponsible children of wealthy parents. These people do not know the value of the money they earn, so they squander everything to the last cent. Entertainment for them becomes the meaning of life.

Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of the suit of Pentacles is a card of complete wealth and high social status. If the Nine spoke about meeting the needs of one person, then this Arcana shows a whole group. It can be a family or a work team. Community allows people to save and increase their finances, systematically reaching new heights. The reversed position represents only mercantile interest. Group members do not care about the needs of others. Although people are in the same "team", but everyone thinks only of himself. Such a team resembles a tangle of snakes that just want to sting at the first opportunity.

Page of Pentacles

The Page of the suit of Pentacles symbolizes the arrival of news. They will relate to the business sphere of life, career. The card also shows parcels, small items. It also personifies the signing of papers, documents. In addition, the Arcana denotes an obedient smart child. He is precocious and can give advice to adults. In the opposite form, the Jack of Earth shows a delay in the answer, the need to wait for the arrival of important documents. If the position of the Arcana denotes a child, then he will be unnecessarily closed, shy. His habit of keeping experiences in himself will sooner or later lead to an emotional breakdown.

Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of the Pentacles suit is responsible for work travel and business trips. These are movements in order to earn money, as well as increasing the level of specialization. The Knight of Disks gives a favorable forecast for the future, promising an increase in financial flow. The card also shows dark-haired guys who are career or business oriented. The Prince of Coins also symbolizes Virgos in the zodiac of any gender. In the reversed form, the Arcana changes meaning. Now it falls on financial losses, missed opportunities and missed trips. The man failed to seize the opportunity. In the context of personality characteristics, the reversed card symbolizes mercantile men who cannot succeed on their own.

Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of the suit of Pentacles shows successful women – mothers, grandmothers, bosses. They know how to take care of loved ones, put coziness and comfort in the first place in the pyramid of priorities. It is also Capricorn of any gender. The mistress can talk about a meeting with such a lady, or she lays down a description of the situation. In this case, the Arcana implies a profitable favorable period, the opportunity to make good money. The reversed Queen of Denarius shows dissolute girls who put money above human values, ethics. Moreover, the position of the card hints at unsuccessful attempts to improve the financial situation. The querent will not be able to bring his plans to life.

King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles is the most resourceful card in the entire Coin group. The Lord symbolizes ambition, the availability of time and resources, power. The hero of the card stands at the top of the social pyramid and therefore has the right to afford a lot. The Arcana shows wealthy men – bosses, business owners, deputies. In terms of astrological correspondence – Taurus, both gentlemen and ladies. The reversed card characterizes greed and bribery. These are the people who will betray for a few coins. In the context of the situation – the loss of a large amount or demotion.

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