Temperance Tarot Card

Card Name: Temperance, Abstinence, Art

Category: Major Arcana, Soul

Position: 14

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius ♐

Temperance is a card of longed-for peace. This is an oasis of silence, which tired travelers so long for. The Arcana symbolizes the middle, the golden ratio, the ideal. Everything in life is good – you can give yourself the rest you need. However, in the opposite form, Temperance shows lack of initiative and weakness. If you do not increase the load, then over time the muscles will atrophy. The same thing happens with character. Therefore, the reversed position indicates a prolonged stop. It’s time for the Bedouin to go, but beautiful mirages are holding them back. However, if you hesitate a little longer, the tale may turn out to have an unhappy ending.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Temperance

In the Rider-Waite Tarot card, Temperance depicts a blond-haired angel pouring water from one golden goblet into another. The hero is barefoot, dressed in a white long dress. A symbol is visible on the chest – a square with a triangle inscribed in it. Rays of light are drawn around the character’s head. The forehead shows a yellow circle with a dot in the middle. The angel has large scarlet wings that take up almost half of the card. With his left foot, the mythical hero stands on land, and lowered his right foot into the reservoir. Nearby is a whole field of yellow irises. On the left, a path is shown leading from the very mountains to a pond or river. Above the peaks of the rocks, the bright sun shines with the image of the royal crown. Sky is blue.

There are a lot of solar signs on the Temperance Arcana – this is a disk on the forehead of an angel, yellow irises and the luminary itself. All the details hint at the positive vibrations of the card. Waite wrote that the mythical hero is male, which speaks of the manifested energy. A square with a triangle inside represents the material world. The angel himself promises protection and patronage. The poured water symbolizes patience and calmness. Everything happens slowly, and therefore relaxing. Water and earth together give a balance of feelings and actions. This is harmony, trust in the world and yourself. A person can control his own emotions and desires.

Meaning of the Upright Temperance Card

  • Slow down and calm, inner confidence, truth.
  • Steadfastness, quiet joy, the ability to relax.
  • Settlement of discrepancies and coming to a common opinion.
  • Resolution of old problems, a second wind, a good result.

In the upright position, Temperance means the settlement of inconsistencies, gives a good forecast for the future. Yes, there will be no breakthrough, but minor troubles will be resolved. The vibrations of the card are very calm, down to earth, but at the same time uplifting. The Major Arcana says that everything will remain as it is. There will be no major shocks or problems. It is also protection, patronage from a certain person or structure. Temperance symbolizes the balance between desires and possibilities. The card also represents the ability to wait, to act slowly but surely. Only with this approach is success possible.

The numerical designation of the Temperance Arcana hints at inviolability, stability. This is the same Emperor, but more exalted, spiritual. Roman numerals are not placed in the middle of the card. They are right above the angel’s head. Perhaps such a move represents inner harmony, which does not depend on external circumstances. They say Paradise is where the angels are, and not vice versa. The current situation will also allow you to relax and unwind. There is no place for haste or indiscriminateness here. The querent will be able to rethink many things and draw certain conclusions.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • Relations without quarrels, upheavals, emotional swings.
  • Long family life or a habit in a good way.
  • Solitude, a chance to know yourself and prepare for the future.
  • Protection of the Higher Forces from unreliable partners or deceit.

In the spread of relationships, Temperance symbolizes habit, trust in each other. The partners became so close that they no longer think of life separately. The card also shows respect, the ability to relax together. This is a safe harbor that you don’t want to change into a roller coaster. People have managed to build ideal relationships for themselves, enjoy them. Not everyone wants an Italian family. Someone aims for quiet happiness. Temperance also shows the desire to isolate personal life from prying eyes.

If a lonely person asks, then the card does not predict new acquaintances. Temperance will play out here as a continuation of the current period. The querent can enjoy the tranquility that solitude brings with it. Perhaps fate itself is now protecting the fortuneteller from the wrong potential partners. Therefore, you need to trust the passage of time and not rush things. At the right time, everything will work itself out. Long lonely evenings are better spent on art, hobbies.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Housekeeping and cleaning staff.
  • Work as a nurse; also small but regular tasks.
  • Non-attachment to material values, finances.
  • The ability to maneuver between your income and expenses.

In the context of activity, Temperance shows cleaning companies as well as medical institutions. This is a routine job that needs to be done constantly. And as a signifier of current events, Temperance symbolizes a stable situation. Everything will remain in place. Conflicts can be resolved peacefully. In general, the activity completely suits the questioning person; you don’t have to think about leaving for a more prestigious vacancy. Right now, there are all the resources in order to enjoy work and subsequent rest.

The financial component of life certainly does not take first place in the querent’s rating. Money is just a tool for him. Temperance in this regard shows the presence of higher ideas, destiny. However, material values seem to be attracted to the fortuneteller themselves. They will always be enough for the most necessary. The questioner knows how to feel the balance, does not go to extremes both in making money and spending.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Immediate improvement in well-being or full recovery.
  • Wound healing without scars and proper bone healing.
  • Exceptional cases of recovery from a serious illness.
  • Peacefulness, non-conflict and the ability to listen to others.

In terms of health, the meaning of Temperance is positive. Here the card shows recovery, correction. All systems and organs work in harmony. There are no serious deviations from the norm, diseases. The balance of hormones provides a calm mood. If the querent was sick with something, then he will soon fully recover. The card also shows the miracles of medicine, when even the most difficult patient recovers, gets back on his feet. The fourteenth Arcana of the Tarot promises positive dynamics in such cases.

As a psychological portrait, Temperance draws the image of a good-natured person. Peace of mind is important to him. Such a person is ready to listen to others, help and reassure. Able to smooth sharp corners, reduce the degree of heat. Therefore, it is simply impossible to quarrel with such a person – he will translate everything into a joke or try to accept the opponent’s point of view. However, this is not weakness, but common sense. It is better to make peace than to waste vital energy on scandals and squabbles.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • The need to slow down, dive in and relax.
  • Repetitive cyclicity, frozen eternity or peace.
  • Focus on inner feelings, freezing or overestimating.
  • Equanimity, the ability to "keep face" and not give up.

In various situations, Temperance primarily shows calmness. This is the ability to accept everything as it really is. No wonder the card shows a bright sun. This is not the Priestess or the Moon, with their closeness. During the day, everything is visible at a glance. Therefore, the Arcana implies humility, a willingness to work with what is. Now, the querent may not emphasize super-efforts. On the contrary, life makes you turn to yourself and pay attention to the sensations inside. Whatever the circumstances, you still need to keep your focus.

Temperance asks questions: “How can I calm down?” and “What’s going on around here?”. Sometimes in the bustle of days, people do not notice either internal needs or external circumstances. Everything rushes by at the speed of light, not even leaving five minutes for reflection. The card also focuses on slowing down. Deeds and obligations are eternal. However, it is worth paying a little attention to your own requests. Directly, the card hints at contentment, a life of conscience.

Spirituality and Karma (Upright)

  • Humility, the ability to limit oneself or not to sin.
  • Refraining from negative manifestations of ego and mistakes.
  • Effortlessness, hope for patronage and help.
  • Full trust in the Higher Forces or the guardian angel.

From the position of spirituality, Temperance is played as an inner will, hope. The card does not show external actions, it focuses on the soul. This is a reed that does not break from the wind, unlike huge trees. Temperance means a willingness to endure, wait and learn new things for a long time. Also, the Arcana symbolizes cleansing from past negative experiences. He is like an oil that smears spiritual wounds. After all, only those who have already known many hardships can notice the beauty of the world, enjoy it.

In the context of karma, Temperance means the test of time. In this incarnation, the querent will have to wait too much – love, material wealth, knowledge. However, they do not play a decisive role. The most important thing is character building. Of course, the questioner will often make mistakes by acting recklessly. But in the end, he will understand the pointlessness of hurrying somewhere, rushing things. Fate had already decided everything before the birth of man. It would be naive not to admit it. In some decks, the Arcana is called Abstinence. This name well reflects the essence of spiritual purification, becoming.

Meaning of the Reversed Temperance Tarot

  • Justification for their own: impotence, indifference, weakness, fears.
  • Focus is not on important matters, lowered hands, loss of will, trust.
  • Willingness to lose, to give the palm to an opponent, an enemy.
  • Excessive softness and compliance, missed chances or dreams.

In the reversed position, Temperance denotes empty expectations, unwillingness to take action. A person resigns himself to any conditions, gives up. Excessive slowness only works to the detriment of the querent himself. He loses good chances over and over again. The reversed card symbolizes an escape from reality, faith in a miracle that will never come. Marking time in vain wastes energy, because nothing changes dramatically in the end. Temperance in the opposite sense also hints at a lack of resources or time. Important details are missing to solve this puzzle.

In addition, the reversed Temperance symbolizes being stuck in a situation. Everything can go well, but there is no excitement, no desire to live. The personality flies away to the subtle worlds, but completely forgets about today. Sometimes circumstances require the use of aggressive force, bitterness. However, the fortuneteller is simply not able to give vent to feelings. He is focused on himself, and negative events only drive him into a corner even more. Now, hope plays against the questioner himself. It gives soap bubbles, beautifully shining in the sun. However, the slightest breeze can destroy this beauty. Living in rose-colored glasses is very dangerous.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Humility in front of an abusive partner, swallowing grievances.
  • Habitual, but disgusted family life, fear of change.
  • Trust in the wrong people, who are dangerous for starting relationships.
  • Closure, obsession with feelings about personal life.

The reversed Temperance of the Tarot gives a negative connotation to the relationship spread. Now, the position of the card here indicates the need to endure something for a very long time. The second half seems to be testing for strength. Over time, her demands only increase, and the needs of the querent only decrease. However, a person is ready to put up with such injustice. He was used to being patient and silent. Perhaps the questioner has already had a lot to forgive his passion. However, this does not exactly sound like a healthy relationship.

For singles, Temperance in the reversed position promises a long wait for a partner. The fortuneteller is not ready to openly show sympathy. Instead, he prefers to wait for the first move from the person of interest. But such lack of initiative only repels others. They cannot understand what exactly is on the mind of the querent. Not everyone is aware of their feelings. Most people want to understand a potential partner, and not make empty guesses.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Low-paid work or small, unimportant tasks.
  • Full return of all resources for a hopeless business.
  • The habit of living modestly, not even dreaming of well-being.
  • A convenient worker who cannot refuse to ask.

In terms of work, Temperance in the opposite sense symbolizes Sisyphean labor. These are meaningless but permanent tasks. For example, posting viral articles on the Internet, sending spam. A person receives mere pennies for this type of earnings. He does not self-actualize, he does not move forward. Rather, the querent simply wastes time and good opportunities by doing such work. The position of the card can also indicate excessive diligence and reliability of the questioner. These qualities are used by colleagues and superiors.

The financial situation has not oppressed the fortuneteller for a long time. He’s just used to the minimum wage. The personality has given up so much, does not believe in itself, that it is ready to put up with the current situation. The reversed Temperance also shows the fear of asking for help. The fortuneteller will need it, but will never notify loved ones about it. Shyness also manifests itself in the fear of asking for a pay rise.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Problems of the genitourinary system, dryness, dehydration.
  • Long recovery from illness and weakness in the whole body.
  • The desire to hide, to run away from problems or others.
  • Shy character or kindness to the detriment, softness.

The reversed Temperance characterizes an imbalance in the body. All processes are too slow. For example, regeneration of the skin, metabolism. As a result, the querent is being treated for too long, achieving a stable positive result. Also, the position of the card can indicate incontinence, kidney problems, or gallbladder ailments. There are problems with fluids in the body. In some cases, this is dryness of the mucous membranes – the eyes, mouth or sinuses.

The person on the Temperance card in the opposite form is too shy and kind. He can remain silent where it is necessary to defend his rights. This shortcoming is exploited by others. Over time, they get used to reliability and simply “ride” the questioner. The position of the card hints at the fear of showing up in society, talking about one’s own needs. The personality wants peace and quiet, but all this is too expensive for itself. Some people cannot be justified or defended. They must be punished for what they have done.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • "Swallowing" negative words in relation to oneself.
  • Lack of will, that prevents you from living and achieving your desires.
  • Tendency to succumb to other people’s influence and bend.
  • Fear of standing out in any field or mediocrity.

In the Thoth Tarot, the 14th Major Arcana is called Art. If you turn the card over, then it hints at wandering in the clouds instead of specific actions. The questioner does not just smooth out sharp corners, he does it to his own detriment. Such an approach will bring nothing but deep disappointment. As a result, a person receives some kind of psychotrauma, and then, over and over again, lives it inside himself, reflects. The reversed Temperance shows being stuck in a negative experience, afraid to work with it. After all, it is much easier to give up the fight than to show courage.

Temperance in the opposite way asks questions: “What am I tolerating?” and “Why am I doing this?”. The secondary benefit here can be an attractive image of a good girl or an obedient boy. Sometimes cultural education plays against the personality itself. Where it is necessary to repulse the offender, she begins to mumble and "deflate". Over time, this behavior forms a complaisant character. However, one should not expect any super results from such an individual. He will always remain in the middle – no better, but no worse than others.

Spirituality and Karma (Reversed)

  • A vain belief that meekness, gentleness will allow you to be saved.
  • Falling into childhood, manipulation of guilt and duty.
  • Bringing to white heat is also a test of patience.
  • Attracting aggressive personalities that infuriate or anger.

If Temperance is rolled upside down, then the card shows religious obedience. However, it only forms a weak, weak-willed character. Such a person is always beneficial for confessors and politicians. Morality can be easily manipulated. Yes, and the person herself is used to suppressing her desires for the sake of public opinion. He breaks himself from the inside, trying to match the ideal invented by someone. Often you can observe meek pious people who, nevertheless, are ready to explode at any slightest provocation. The suppression of anger only forms a sick consciousness.

On the plane of karma, Temperance reversed shows the test of good character. In this life, the querent will have to bend under the pressure of others occasionally. He can forget about his own desires and goals. And this will continue until the questioner himself says “stop” to himself. The problem is inside, not outside. It is necessary to clean the filter that passes through itself someone else’s opinion. There must be immunity that rejects the negativity and manipulations of others.

Temperance as a Significator of a Person

If the card lies upright, then Temperance shows very kind and positive personalities. They always believe only in the best. Astrologically, the card correlates with Sagittarius – a cheerful sign. Russian Orthodox priest Pavel Ostrovsky became famous for his sparkling humor. Through social networks, he conveys ideas in simple, understandable language. In his sermons there are no classical moralizing, instructions. But it is precisely this approach that is most conducive to itself and makes you listen to advice.

When reversed, Temperance shows classical religious representatives. Such people believe that absolutely everything should be endured. But, as you know, silence is a sign of consent. And if this is so, it means that all obedient individuals give way to the real evil. Prayers alone cannot always help. Sometimes, calmness and long-suffering only fan the flames of hatred. Therefore, the opposite view of the card symbolizes people who are weak in spirit, unable to fight back and defend themselves.

Temperance: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Temperance Card

The upright Temperance advises patience. There is no need to take any action now. It’s better to give yourself time to rest. In addition, the environment only contributes to relaxation. You need to seize the moment. As a warning Temperance says that at the moment all efforts will be in vain. The situation will not move from a dead point. At the same time, the current situation is already satisfactory. There is no need to hope for something even grander. Chasing a better life, you can be left with nothing. Therefore, it is worth focusing on what is already available.

The reversed Temperance, on the other hand, advises you to stop being comfortable. You need to try to take control of the situation, to show strength. But at the same time, it is worth acting gently, without violating other people’s borders. This is a kind of art that is not given to everyone. As a warning, the position of the card suggests that swallowing grudges will lead to a nervous breakdown. No need to try to adapt to everyone, to settle for less. Sooner or later, the powder keg will explode, one has only to throw a careless word into it. The fortuneteller must pull himself together and put an end to injustice.

Temperance: Daily Card Meaning

Temperance in a straight position promises a calm day. It is suitable for relaxation or long reflections about the future. You can read a book, take a walk in the park or go to a museum. It is better not to disturb yourself with thoughts about what has not been done and what is to come. On this day, it will be possible to resolve long-standing conflicts and achieve peace. However, you can not expect any grandiose events. The card seems to show 0 – not a minus and not a plus. Everything will remain in its place and this should only be rejoiced. It is better to postpone unnecessary worries about some things for another period. Now you should allow yourself to take a break, relax and forget about everything for a while.

The reversed Temperance as a card of the day shows weariness from idle pastimes. Perhaps the querent has been unemployed for a long time. Today, this laziness will start to really bother. There will be a desire to break the vicious circle, to do something extraordinary. But you can not expect support and understanding from loved ones. Rather, on the contrary. Circumstances will force you to calm down, not to make hasty conclusions. But the way the card fell out hints at the imminent end of this period. The questioner must be patient and survive the protracted stage.

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