Ten of Cups Tarot Card

Card Name: Ten of Cups, 10 of Chalices

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Cups

Position: 10

Keywords: Cheerfulness, Satisfaction

Active element: Water ๐Ÿ’ง

The Ten of Cups is a card of complete happiness, contentment and boundless joy. This gives everyone exactly what they really want. In this regard, the Arcana can be compared with a magic goldfish that fulfills sincere desires. At the same time, the sea sorceress feels a fine line where egocentrism begins and individual freedom ends. She patronizes only those people who take into account the wishes of others and do not harm loved ones with their own ambitions. And this is a kind of art, accessible to a few. However, for those who have mastered it, the tenth card of the water suit gives real pleasure in achieving the desired. Such lucky ones get even more than they originally wanted.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups card depicts a scene of a happy family life. In the foreground are a man and a woman, they embrace each other, free hands are raised up. Next to them, holding each other, a girl and a boy are dancing. The clothes of the male heroes are designed in warm colors, and the female ones in cold colors. At the same time, in adults there is a certain mixture of tones โ€“ the man is wearing blue underpants, and the woman has a red hem of the dress. The chosen color scheme is a reference to the energies of Yin and Yang, meaning the principle of the dualism of being in Chinese philosophy. A landscape is visible in the distance โ€“ green meadows, trees, a river. A little further away stands a house with a red roof. The whole picture is framed by a tricolor rainbow with ten bowls in the sky.

The Ten of Cups is another positive Arcana in the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. The numerical designation itself reflects completeness and integrity. The Ten can be compared with Ace, but has already shown its energy to the end. Now the human need has been transformed and realized in life. The element of Water gives it a sensual shade, so all events on this card will bring sincere joy. It is impossible not to take part in such a celebration of life. Each participant will be gifted with everything necessary โ€“ and small and big wishes will come true. This is hinted at by the two age groups depicted in the Ten of Chalices. And a shining rainbow says that the rains are behind, all the bad things are in the past, only the best is ahead.

Meaning of the Upright Ten of Cups Card

  • Family, marriage; the presence of children and close blood relatives.
  • A large friendly team, a certain organization or society.
  • Reunion, merger; partnership and mutual support.
  • Achievement of a common goal, satisfaction of any needs.

Traditionally, this is a family card, indicating the continuity of generations, family ties, relationships between parents and children. But also, the Arcana of the Ten of Cups has a second name: "Lord of complete success." It symbolizes the achievement of a goal, the fulfillment of a dream. However, this is not a one-man joy, as at the Nine of Water. It takes into account the desires and feelings of many people. A large society may not have a blood relationship, the main thing is that they are united by some common denominator โ€“ work, business, creative idea. Everywhere the card promises success, happiness and complete satisfaction of requests.

The Ten of Cups directly points to self-realization. But if we compare the card with the suit of Pentacles of the same number, the difference lies in the fact that it combines success with a feeling of joy. Ahead is a bright future, which the heroes have built themselves. Now you can relax, enjoy the fruits of labor. This is not a dry value judgment about the tasks accomplished. The mind connects with the heart, and the "inner child" wakes up in the soul. Memories of a childhood feeling of novelty make themselves felt in a person. Everything that happens on the Ten of Cups card seems to confirm the statement: "Everything is in our hands."

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • Desire to start a family, marriage proposal.
  • Moving to the territory of the partner, cohabitation.
  • The end of the period of loneliness, a serious relationship.
  • Partner with children or dependent relatives.

In love spreads, the Ten of Cups is considered the most desirable card for those who have long dreamed of marriage. The Arcana symbolizes a strong relationship with a future perspective. The partner is ready to start a family, give birth to children. The person is emotionally and psychologically mature to take responsibility for another. At the same time, he could initially have a focus on marriage or change his views over time. You can count on your beloved, he will never betray, he will support any undertakings.

A Ten of Cups Tarot in a love spread for singles portends a new stage in life. Soon the questioner will meet his fate, and life will change completely. If a person has children from a previous marriage, then a past partner may appear. Otherwise, the new lover is able to replace the real parent, to become a full-fledged member of the family. Sometimes the card falls on a partner who also has children or is responsible for caring for sick relatives. One way or another, people according to this Arcana of the Ten of Cups are mature individuals with great life experience.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Opening your own business, expanding the family business.
  • Career advancement; profitable new job.
  • Buying a house, commercial property, land.
  • Successfully closed deal, paid off investment of money, time.

In the career spreads, the Ten of Cups denotes large companies with branches in different cities and countries. This is a good, reliable place with stable wages and social benefits. If the questioner is only considering a similar vacancy for himself, the card unequivocally advises in favor of this choice. A person will completely cover his own and family needs. As a significator of activity, the Arcana personifies work in the field of real estate. Sometimes it speaks of the process of inheritance of any property.

In terms of finances, the Ten of Cups Tarot card portends a profitable period. It will turn out to achieve a goal related to money. Family and relatives will help, perhaps financially support. Also, on this Arcana are major purchases, investments in a joint business with a partner, the opening of subsidiaries. Good luck will accompany you everywhere, everything will go smoothly, without much difficulty. At the same time, the needs and wishes of all interested parties will be closed. You will be able to reach a high level of income.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Recovery from the disease, long-term remission.
  • Childbearing age, high potential to become pregnant.
  • The ability of the psyche to self-regulation, recovery.
  • Positivity, ease of communication, support of loved ones.

The Ten of Cups represents good health. A personโ€™s immune system and all body systems work perfectly. Hormones are normal, there is enough energy and desire for everything. It does not matter what lifestyle the fortuneteller leads. Perhaps good health was inherited from parents. Also, the Ten of Cups card directly indicates that the querent is at an age favorable for the birth of a child. If the questioner has recently been ill, then the Arcana promises a complete recovery, renewal of the tissues affected by the disease.

The psyche of the Ten of Cups is also in order. A person is used to thinking positively and constructively. He easily achieves his goals thanks to this approach to life. At the same time, the querent knows how to relax and enjoy the results of his work. The questioner has not lost his childish spontaneity โ€“ he goes through the most difficult stages of fate, as if effortlessly. Therefore, from the outside, his life seems cloudless, but this is not always the case. Itโ€™s just that a person on this Ten of Water card has realized the importance of internal balance and always tries to maintain it.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Finding your place in society; social role in the organization.
  • Developed skills to communicate with others.
  • True happiness, vocation; satisfaction of the need to love.
  • The end of a certain stage; opened up new perspectives.

The Ten of Cups card asks the question: "How happy am I in a certain social group โ€“ a family or a team?" The Arcana makes you think about your needs. The upright position indicates the complete satisfaction of all internal requests. A person is happy as a separate person and therefore can share this with other people. He makes a certain contribution to the fate of loved ones. His absence does not go unnoticed. Tarot 10 of Chalices in this regard is responsible for good relationships in the group between all its members.

In spiritual terms, the card represents complete inner harmony. The seeker has managed to come to a balance in his soul. He left his home and returned to it again. However, now the traveler is not the same person as he was at the beginning of the journey โ€“ now he has become wiser and more prudent. The Ten of Cups is the Arcana that symbolizes the reward for all past hardships. This is such a simple human happiness, which, at times, is difficult to achieve. But the path is passed, the search is over. You can relax and enjoy life.

Meaning of the Reversed Ten of Cups Tarot

  • Sacrifices for a "bright future"; binding to a familiar place.
  • Limited by place of residence, family, foundations, beliefs.
  • Overrated dreams and plans; obsession with their standards.
  • Willingness to endure inconvenience in order to one day get what you want.

The reversed Ten of Cups card retains its basic meaning, but adds some nuance. In particular, classical happiness and satisfaction become, as it were, forced. Man becomes a prisoner of his own paradise. In order to save his family, to stay at his current job, he is ready to endure everything. Freedom or a new path is scary, so an advantageous position is chosen โ€“ to leave everything as it is. If the Four of the suit of Water represents the beginning of an internal crisis, then the inverted 10 of Cups nullifies all doubts: the questioner does not even allow thoughts of global change.

Turning the Arcana over, you can see that the rainbow with cups descends, and the scene of a family idyll is at the top. Now ephemeral becomes a priority. Reality takes a backseat. This unstable position of the Ten of Cups reversed resembles the Seven of the same suit. The fortuneteller reaches for the rainbow of his own dreams, like a donkey for a carrot. At the same time, it is not known whether they will ever be able to turn their dreams into reality. Definitely, a person is not guided by rational thinking, he is more inclined to hover in the clouds, romanticize events. Maybe in real life everything is so good, but maybe not. The card that fell next to the Ten of Cups will help you find out for sure.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Habitual family life, long-lasting relationship.
  • Romantized dreams of a joint future, marriage.
  • Sacrifice; common happiness is more important than personal success.
  • Interdependence, life for a partner, children, relatives.

The meaning of the Ten of Cups reversed in a love spread does not change to a negative one. The position of the card indicates the presence of high ideals of family life. Perhaps the partner is used to citing the experience of relatives or parents as an example. He seeks to recreate a similar pattern of relationships. Itโ€™s not always bad. Thus, the second half makes it clear that family and solidarity are important to her. The main thing is to keep your finger on the pulse and focus on real time, not the past.

Often, the Ten of Cups in the opposite form acts as a significator of long-term relationships. These are couples who have lived together for five or more years. The partners put their destinies on the family altar separately, so now they donโ€™t think of another scenario. Such people are ready with honor to overcome obstacles on the way to common happiness. For singles, the position of the Ten of the Chalices suit indicates unattainable dreams, and not a real focus on the family. The questioner can become a hostage of his own illusions, get scared when he meets real life with relationship problems.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Habitual place of work; budgetary government agencies.
  • Stability and predictability; education, experience.
  • Search for the right vacancy, your professional vocation.
  • Full immersion in work, avoiding family problems, affairs.

The inverted Ten of Cups in terms of work denotes reliable organizations. They may not involve career growth, but they promise stability and social benefits. For example, government agencies. Working in such a place, the questioner closes the need for security, but sacrifices the ambitions of a careerist. The classic job in this case is a teacher or a doctor. If the profession of the querent does not belong to such a group, then the inverted Arcana predicts that everything will remain in its place, there will be no cardinal changes in terms of work.

In a financial spread, the Ten of Cups in the opposite position indicates the conjugation of money with connections. Useful acquaintances will help to achieve great results in material terms. Perhaps now the questioner is only in search of a suitable vacancy โ€“ he selects a job and passes interviews. Soon he will come to a result that will fully satisfy the internal requirements. Even in the inverted position, the Ten of Cups still promises success. For business owners, this promises future expansion.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Fading of childbearing function, physical maturity.
  • Diseases transmitted at the genetic level.
  • Orientation to the opinion of parents; transferred traits.
  • Selflessness, the search for true meaning in life.

The inverted Ten of Cups indicates traits that are inherited. In a positive sense, these are features of appearance โ€“ eye color, hair, height. In the negative โ€“ diseases. This also includes injuries received during childbirth or abnormalities that developed during pregnancy. If these factors are not present, then, minimally, an inverted position will mean a lack of vitamins and microelements in the body. There is also a hint of the end of the childbearing period, the approach of menopause.

When the Ten of Cups is turned upside down, it additionally denotes hereditary character traits. The querent can fully or partially copy the thinking and behavior of parents, close relatives. Everything that he absorbed in childhood will make itself felt in adulthood. Consciousness is closed, you can not add or remove something. The questioner is used to living in accordance with his views. He focuses on the experience of past years, is conservative and firmly believes in high ideals.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Conflicts and issues in the team, unresolved tasks.
  • Unfulfillment as a partner, friend, colleague.
  • Low or high expectations from other people.
  • Own underestimation in terms of contribution to communication.

According to the inverted Ten of Cups, all situations related to problems in the team go through. These include: the search for a suitable social group, positioning in society, interpersonal communication. The position of the card indicates an unresolved issue between several people. Also, the inverted Arcana draws attention to oneโ€™s own expectations and claims to the world. They may be unfounded. Sometimes, the situation is stable and everything is going well, but the querent simply does not notice this well-being.

When the Ten of Cups card is reversed, it offers the questioner the question, "Is this society my own?" The fortuneteller should think about whether he communicates in those circles. Perhaps the person took the wrong place or simply underestimated the available opportunities. For example, we can cite a situation where the querent chooses a suitable team instead of a good salary or an affordable partner instead of a true lover. As a result, he gets the usual comfort zone, although he secretly dreams of more.

Ten of Cups: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Ten of Cups Card

The Ten of Cups direct advises to rely on family and relatives. Close people can be entrusted with innermost secrets, tell about their experiences. They will not betray, they will provide all kinds of help and support in any endeavors. An inverted card, on the contrary, indicates that you cannot dedicate them to your affairs. It is best to solve the problem yourself, without even showing a view. This behavior will help maintain harmony. In the end, everything will be decided in favor of the questioner. Also, for the sake of family well-being, you should try not to mix work and home, i.e. leave problems at the door of the hearth.

In the context of a warning, the Ten of Cups indicates problems within a team. It will not always be relatives, perhaps a working circle of friends. There are people who can frame or slander. Do not trust confidential information to such individuals. The reversed Ten of Cups exacerbates the negative meaning. Now more than one person can stand against a fortuneteller. For a businessman, this is a rebellion of workers, for a family man โ€“ a betrayal of the second half. The opposite position of the Arcana warns of the danger of believing in the honesty of the people around.

Ten of Cups: Daily Card Meaning

As a card of the day, the Ten of Cups promises leisure time spent with family or friends. For couples, this may be the birthday of a child, an older relative. Also, the Arcana involves the arrival of parents, grandchildren. The day will pass in general fun. Everyone will find something for themselves, no one will interfere with each other. This includes joint creative or sports activities with children: various competitions, master classes. For those who have a second half, a serious conversation about future plans for life is possible. In general, an atmosphere of happiness and harmony will reign on this day.

The Ten of Cups reversed speaks of memories or thoughts about oneโ€™s own family. A day can pass in search of distant relatives, restoration of broken ties with loved ones. Querent will try to regain the trust of his own children, parents. Sometimes, the inverted position of this card simply means a trip to the art museum. In any case, this is an appeal to the experience of ancestors. For those people who have recently broken up or experienced a divorce, the day provides a chance to return to past relationships. Using it correctly, you can re-build a strong union of people who love each other.

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