Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card

Card Name: Ten of Pentacles, 10 of Coins

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Pentacles

Position: 10

Keywords: Welfare, Harmony

Active element: Earth ⛰️

The Ten of Pentacles is a card of prosperity, a happy fate. A person is fully provided for, can give his descendants a comfortable life. This is a Arcana of great luck, material wealth. There is no top without a bottom – here the card symbolizes a strong support, a base on which something beautiful can grow. But in the reversed position, the soil ceases to be fertile. Now flowers of evil are growing on it. Against the background of permissiveness and financial freedom, there is disrespect for elders, parasitism. A person loses moral character in pursuit of new pleasures. After all, one who does not know how money is obtained will never appreciate what is available.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Ten of Pentacles

In the Rider-Waite Tarot card, the Ten of Pentacles shows a wealthy family of four. In the foreground, with his back to the viewer, sits a gray-haired man. He is dressed in a luxurious cape. On the fabric, the outlines of the decor in the form of grapes are guessed, as well as the monogram of the author of the deck. With his right hand, the elder strokes the white dog. In the background are a man and a woman. A little boy looks out behind the lady. The child pets the second dog. All the action takes place within the walls of a stone house. On the left, several tapestries are visible – depicting a fortress, scales and an angel or a person. A fortification wall is shown behind a semicircular arch. Coins are placed on the card in accordance with the Sephiroth tree.

The Minor Arcana of the Ten of Pentacles contains many mysteries. So, exactly seven eyes are drawn here, and the same number of windows in each of the buildings. These details may be a reference to Freemasonry and the "all-seeing eye" symbol. It is believed that this is a secret society of the richest people in the world. The very numerical designation of the card represents completeness, luxury and abundance. A family couple personifies the arrangement, the formed group. The fortress is a symbol of security, confidence in the future. The presence of animals and a child on the card hint at responsibility, the ability to provide for oneself and loved ones.

Meaning of the Upright Ten of Pentacles Card

  • Respect for the eldest family member, leader and teacher.
  • Large structures, numerous groups with common goals.
  • Megacities, real estate, dowry and inheritance.
  • Arranged life, reliability, strong rear or security.

In the upright position, the Ten of Pentacles denotes a comfortable life, success. According to Arthur Waite, this is the very first card to be considered in the suit of Disks. From the Ten comes a further development of events, shown on all other Arcana of the group. The element Earth gives the energy of material abundance, diversity. The 10 of Coins for the questioning person is a kind of lucky ticket. It predicts stability, prosperity and harmony. Indirectly, the Arcana hints at the respect of the elders, the built hierarchy. Here, all people are united by a common goal and know how to interact with each other.

When the Ten of Pentacles appears in a reading, it is a good omen. In addition to financial success, the card also represents a large society outside the context of the family. But if the Ten of Water meant strong feelings, then here the emphasis is on purely material things. This is a calm energy, the presence of a huge potential for realization. But the Ten of Pentacles also represents the results already obtained. The querent has everything he wanted, and even more. He will be able to establish a financial flow, join the team. Moreover, the card denotes a pension, inheritance, property in the form of real estate. This is the Arcana of large cities and large structures.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • The presence of a strong family and children, and a long proven marriage.
  • Trust in a couple and far-reaching plans for a life together.
  • Common property, blessing of parents, mutual assistance.
  • Acquaintance with a reliable person with serious desires.

In the context of love, the Ten of Pentacles represents solid intentions and plans. Both partners are ready to build a family, to invest in these relationships. The card also shows the presence of children. These are stable feelings that eventually turned into a habit and mutual respect. People think not only about love, but also about the material side of life. In the upright position, the 10 of Pentacles symbolizes a comfortable life, joint rest. Lovers live in the same territory, take care of each other. It may also be an indication of the construction of a family nest.

For lonely people, the Ten of Pentacles predicts an early acquaintance. The person will be aimed at creating a family. You can trust him, rely on his decisions. Soon the questioner will radically change his fate. Both official marriage and civil marriage are possible. In any case, the Ten of Pentacles speaks of the appearance of a reliable shoulder nearby. With such a partner, no adversity is terrible. Men will have a chance to show their best qualities as a protector, head of the family.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Huge chains of stores, salons, restaurants and holdings.
  • Big business, big financial flow or wealth.
  • A stable job with a good salary, bonuses or benefits.
  • Closed needs, the ability to save money, multiply.

As a significator of activity, the Ten of Pentacles shows large corporations, financial exchanges, and a built-in system. Also, these are groups of sponsors, philanthropists or owners of shares. The card symbolizes the highest degree of wealth for a particular person. It denotes the closure of all existing needs, as well as responsibility for others. The workflow has been adjusted, the querent has integrated into the team. The worker is respected and appreciated for his work. The Arcana can show an increase in wages or promotion up the career ladder.

The financial situation is stable. The questioner can own a thriving business. He manages to save and increase money. The Ten of Pentacles symbolizes complete security. The querent stands firmly on his feet, does not need anyone’s help. At the same time, for different people the concept of wealth will be different. In any case, the fortuneteller has enough for a comfortable life and the fulfillment of his own desires.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • No problems with reproductive organs and gestation.
  • Excellent health, inherited from the ancestors – parents, forefathers.
  • A strong psyche, the ability to find support in oneself and give hope.
  • Consistency in thoughts and actions or a logical approach.

In the context of health, the meaning of the Ten of Pentacles is positive. In upright form, the card means fertility, excellent work of the reproductive system. A person is strong in body and spirit, retains a sober mind, a healthy body until old age. At the moment, there are no serious illnesses. Strong immunity can be inherited from older family members. In this case, the Arcana shows the inheritance of the positive traits of the ancestors, both in terms of health and character.

As a portrait of the psyche, the Ten of Pentacles represents the ability to cope with any task. For a fortuneteller, there are no unsolvable problems. You can always rely on a person. A person realizes his own importance and necessity. This allows him to develop and move on. The card hints at the support of relatives. If the questioner is in old age, then he himself becomes a reliable rear for children and grandchildren. In this case, we are talking about mutual respect, a calm manifestation of love.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Continuity of generations, transfer of knowledge from the master.
  • Search for a mentor, preceptor, guru; also a learning process.
  • Accumulation of own knowledge and proven methods.
  • Joining a religious society and following the canon.

The Ten of Pentacles that has fallen out of the Tarot gives a positive meaning to the spirituality spread. Here the card speaks of the presence of rich life experience, gained wisdom. The gray-haired man symbolizes the accumulated knowledge. He can pass them on to the young. Also, the elder has the right to give really practical advice, to guide and show the way. The Arcana personifies the continuity of generations, adopted traditions. It also includes visiting temples and monasteries. The seeker joins some society in an attempt to comprehend the truth.

The Ten of Pentacles asks questions: "What is my competence?" and “How to pass it on to others?”. Often the traveler himself is in the role of a student, but even now he is able to teach others. Even a small experience can transform a person. The Ten of Coins are played as meticulously collected meditation techniques, magical practices. This is the knowledge that people go to the mountains and forests for, in search of an enlightened master, a spiritual guru.

Meaning of the Reversed Ten of Pentacles Tarot

  • Receiving an inheritance along with debts from the previous owner.
  • A divided team, a "ball of snakes" under the auspices of kindness.
  • Memories of past happy days and inevitability.
  • Hyperresponsibility that does more harm than good.

If you turn over the Ten of Pentacles card, then the meaning changes. In the opposite form, the Arcana denotes complete immersion in the life of a particular group. A person thinks of himself only as a part of society, but not as a separate person. This is a slave dependent position. Now the querent is forced to follow someone else’s laws, which may not suit him personally. The system makes you bend, accept the rules of the game. A gray-haired old man can act as a despot, and vice versa – a character who is devoid of respect and honors. An reversed card symbolizes various intrigues and disunity. People stick together only for the sake of money, material values.

The reversed position also speaks of past well-being. Happy days are gone, only memories remain. Sometimes the Ten of Pentacles in the opposite sense indicates an unbearable burden. On the shoulders of the questioner lies the responsibility for a large team and its results. Otherwise, real estate with an encumbrance or debts. It is also a gift of fate, which obliges and smothers with its generosity. A fortuneteller can show hyper-custody or he himself becomes an object for imposing other people’s ideas, postulates. Now, the universal happiness is just a beautiful external picture.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Life in two families, deceit, dishonest position, deceit.
  • Money is more valuable than human values, love and joy.
  • Relationship with a married or egoistic partner.
  • Keeping a person with a common child or property.

In terms of love, the reversed Ten of Pentacles shows the manipulation of the family. The partner seeks to put a loved one "on a chain", to close in four walls. At the same time, he hides behind noble intentions, caring for the second half. However, everything that happens is one of the signs of psychopathy. Also, the position of the card may indicate the presence of a second family or betrayal. There is no sincerity in such a couple. It is easy to break the entire external gloss with one confession of one’s own or mutual lies.

For single girls, the Ten of Pentacles in the opposite sense promises a meeting with a married man, and for men – with a married young lady. At the same time, a potential partner will be silent about his status. Also, on the reversed Arcana of the Ten of Pentacles are offers to become a kept woman or a kept woman. There can be no talk of any sincere feelings here. Rather, the person is simply accustomed to trade and market relations, which applies the same laws in love. It is better for the querent not to have illusions that his passion will leave the past life for him.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • One-day firms, organizations for money laundering.
  • Property and business are at risk due to debts or loans.
  • Dependence on someone in terms of money and the "golden cage".
  • Unfair distribution of duties or a heavy burden.

In a work spread, the reversed Ten of Pentacles shows the presence of hidden problems. According to the position of the card, organizations with a large monetary debt are listed. Even if the querent is the actual owner of the company, another person is in charge of management. The fortuneteller falls into dependence, becomes a hostage to his own position. If the questioner works for someone, then here they tie his hands, condition him. But for the sake of money and stability, a person is ready to endure and swallow all this.

The finances are debatable. The Ten of Pentacles in the opposite position represents both the presence of debts and life at the expense of the family. In any case, the querent cannot dispose of the funds as it suits him. Here there are obligations to relatives or the borrower. External well-being remains apparent. Sometimes this will also mean that the questioner "pulls" children, grandchildren. In this context, he is wasting all his energy and savings. In the future, a person will not be told “thank you” for this.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Hereditary diseases and dependence on loved ones.
  • Premature aging or the appearance of gray hair.
  • An unformed personality, still dependent on the family.
  • Tightness, too strict upbringing and the presence of fear.

In the context of health, the Ten of Pentacles upside down indicates diseases that are transmitted by gender. It can be both congenital anomalies, and manifested with age. The opposite position signals the danger of getting an ailment that a relative suffered. Sometimes it will be addictions, otherwise it will be serious illnesses. The querent needs to monitor weak organs and systems, include preventive procedures in his day. Only in this way can the threat be avoided or at least minimized.

The mental state is depressed. The person is stuck in a dependent position, feels like a weak-willed child. The reversed Ten of Pentacles, even for older people, speaks of infantilism. This provision indicates financial dependence – one of the signs of an unfinished process of growing up. Over time, a person learns to adapt to the expectations of others, which completely loses his own goals and desires. It is learned helplessness that only leads to wasted living.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Lost time in worldly affairs and worries or work.
  • An unlearned lesson in money or other temptations.
  • Lack of respect among the younger generation, humiliation.
  • An unused chance and a soul blind to other people’s sorrows.

The reversed Ten of Pentacles falls on a wasted life. Man spent his time on acquiring material values, but forgot about the soul. Now time is lost, we can only hope for the next incarnation. At the same time, the person was not truly happy. Money could not replace sincere feelings, love and devotion. The questioner has not learned the lessons of his life. All the accumulated experience was precipitated by anger, mistrust and greed. The position of the Arcana indicates a meaningless path to nowhere.

The Ten of Pentacles in the opposite form asks questions: “What have I missed?” and “How to let go of the situation?”. All attachments firmly hold the soul of a person. If there are unfinished business in earthly life, then the spirit will not find peace in the other world either. The fortuneteller is invited to try to assess the current situation and think about moral values. Sometimes, young people are much smarter and more experienced than gray-haired wise men. Age plays no role. In this regard, the receptivity of the heart and intuition are more important.

Ten of Pentacles: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Ten of Pentacles Card

If the Ten of Pentacles fell out upright, then the Arcana advises relying on the team – both work and family. Everyone has to play their part and that will be enough. The card hints at the presence of a strong rear. The querent can trust relatives, ask them for help and support. As a warning, the Ten of Pentacles indicates the danger of leaving this society. Behind the walls of the house is a cruel world, hostile to the fortuneteller. In order not to make a mistake, you need to look at the already existing structure. Only here a person can open up as much as possible, feel comfortable.

When the card lay upside down, then the Ten of Pentacles advises to get out of the influence of the family. Relatives negatively affect the querent, perhaps bothering with their problems. They see a strong personality in the questioner, so they try to throw off any responsibility. You need to openly declare your aspirations and show discontent. Also, the position of the card warns of a danger that is very close to the fortuneteller. The traitor may be the closest or most reliable colleague. Don’t trust anyone too much. It is better to prepare the rear for a retaliatory strike in order to teach the enemy a lesson in sheep’s clothing.

Ten of Pentacles: Daily Card Meaning

Today, the questioner will feel a commonality of views, mutual support. He can go to the family nest, to his relatives. The Ten of Pentacles promises a harmonious day full of intimate conversations and memories. All cases will be argued, especially those relating to financial matters. There will be a chance to negotiate with an influential person, ask him for help. On this day, the questioner can start a new business – physical or online. In general, the card predicts a positive development of the situation, quick success and complete satisfaction of all the needs of a fortuneteller.

But if the Ten of Pentacles fell upside down on the card of the day, then this is an unlucky sign. Today, the querent will again feel the pressure of the family or the work team. A dilemma will appear – to choose yourself or material values. It is also possible that they will turn to the questioner himself for help. In this case, the exchange will not be equivalent. Rather, the person is perceived as obligated. On these days, there is a great risk of unleashing a conflict on the basis of material problems. Someone does not fully fulfill their own duties, so disputes arise over and over again. Some major fraud may be revealed, and its consequences will affect the querent himself.

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