Ten of Swords Tarot Card

Card Name: Ten of Swords, 10 of Blades

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Swords

Position: 10

Keywords: Inevitability, Emptiness

Active element: Air ๐Ÿ’จ

The Ten of Swords is a card of concentrated evil. Often the Arcana is perceived negatively. It implies cruelty, sad events and even physical death. Events are not in favor of the querent. They will bring loss and suffering. But the card also denotes a mix of power, impartiality and cold reason. After all, in order to deprive someone of life, you need to have the strength of the spirit. Not everyone can boast of such qualities. Sometimes, punishment is necessary. Retribution gives hope for justice. The position of the card will personify the direction of destructive energy โ€“ in relation to the questioner, or from him.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Ten of Swords

In the classic Rider-Waite Tarot deck, the Ten of Swords card depicts a death scene. The man lies face down on the ground. Ten blades are thrust into his body from head to toe. The victim is dressed in a sackcloth and a white shirt. The right hand remained lying in a gesture of blessing โ€“ the thumb and ring fingers are connected. The hero is covered with a scarlet cloth, which is very reminiscent of a pool of blood. The action takes place against the backdrop of a river bank, behind a reservoir and mountains are visible. A little higher, the sun-drenched sky is noticeably sunset or dawn. However, about half the scale of the entire card is occupied by the image of a black storm framed by gray clouds.

Famous tarot readers Tali Goodwin and Markus Katz believed that the Ten of Swords shows a mise-en-scรจne from Alfred Tennysonโ€™s play "Thomas Beckett". The archbishop was killed in the cathedral on the orders of King Henry II. It is believed that the same confessor is shown on the Major Arcana Hierophant. Church affiliation is indicated by the sackcloth, a coarse garment worn as a reminder of tolerance; as well as a gesture of blessing. According to legend, after the death of Thomas, a violent storm arose. The same landscape is visible at 10 of Blades. Sunlight serves as a reminder of past happiness that is about to end. The combination of the azure color of the water and the blackness of the sky symbolizes the eternal confrontation between good and evil. In this case, the latter won.

Meaning of the Upright Ten of Swords Card

  • The end of the battle, the defeat of the questioner and the collapse of all plans.
  • The fate of fate, constant bad luck, is also the beginning of a black streak.
  • Unequal forces, initially predetermined outcome and capitulation.
  • Major loss, depleted supply of forces and resources; fatality.

In the upright position, the Ten of Swords represents complete collapse, the point of no return. Nothing can be done, what happened is fatal and inevitable. You have to lose something, give up something. The situation on this card has no chance for development, positive dynamics. Itโ€™s all over, itโ€™s worth resigning to fate. All ideas and conclusions on this Arcana stumble upon an insurmountable barrier. An invisible wall will not allow plans to be realized. The querent is waiting for unpleasant events that will make you forget about your own desires. This is the beginning of a black streak, complete surrender in the face of fate. No need to hope for a speedy resolution of problems โ€“ it will only get worse.

Perhaps some unpleasant situations have already occurred. The Ten of Swords also denotes reflection, experiences. This is the emptiness that will certainly follow the shadow of the collapse, destruction. At the same time, nothing can be changed, somehow affect a more favorable outcome. Initially, only a negative scenario of events was assumed. Often, the Arcana shows the inequality of forces, the overestimation of oneโ€™s own figure. The whole world is against the querent, so it is foolish to dream of victory. Any business on the card Ten of the Air suit is doomed to failure.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • A painful gap, an unexpected stab in the back from a partner.
  • Betrayal of a loved one, unwillingness to continue a relationship.
  • Loss of trust, love, warmth in a couple; final care.
  • Complete closeness to the opposite sex and celibacy.

In the love spread, the card means something negative. The Ten of Swords symbolizes the final parting. Feelings are not just gone โ€“ they are trampled on and will never again visit the heart of the querent. The Arcana indicates a painful experience that needs to be experienced. Love cannot be returned, no matter how hard the couple tries. Perhaps one of the partners made an unforgivable mistake. Be that as it may, a break is inevitable. Now itโ€™s just a matter of time. The swords on the card can be compared to a heavy stone that rests on the heart of the questioner.

For lonely people, the Ten of Swords also does not bode well. The Arcana hints at the presence of serious problems that do not allow building a personal life. It can be a serious illness, being in an unfavorable environment, full responsibility for relatives, not allowing you to spend time on yourself. Sometimes the card says that the person himself has put an end to this issue for himself. There was an internal rejection of the sensual side of life. This is a kind of asceticism, dictated by previous grievances, pain.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Resignation, inevitable dismissal and business closure.
  • A heavy obstacle that does not allow a specialist to develop.
  • Inability to pay bills, bankruptcy and dire need.
  • The need to seek help from their relatives.

The Ten of Swords Tarot that has fallen out gives an extremely negative meaning to the spread for work. The card indicates a forced dismissal, the decline of a career. The questioning person has no chance to fix anything. However, in terms of the significator of activity, the Arcana simply personifies the emotionally difficult "dirty" work โ€“ the dismissal of other employees, the consideration of lawsuits, proceedings with partners, clients. The responsibility for the fate of the company falls on the shoulders of the querent. He assumes the role of an executioner, punishing the unwanted for the sake of future success.

In terms of finances, the meaning of the Ten of Swords is negative. The querent may lose business, a small business. All past ways of earning will no longer work. At the same time, additional problems and debt obligations will pile up. Often the card shows bankruptcy, loss of property. The fortuneteller no longer has the strength to fight. The collapse is inevitable, so it is better to come to terms with your situation. Outside help is required, as well as time to resolve current important matters.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • All diseases that can lead to death or coma.
  • Severe condition or constant pain throughout the body.
  • Getting a strong psychotrauma is also a blow to the very heart.
  • Unconscious behavior and reflection due to what happened.

In the context of health, the Ten of Swords shows a very difficult condition, serious illnesses. This is cancer of the third and fourth degree, tuberculosis, anorexia, heart attack. The person is in danger, the probability of death is high. The Arcana symbolizes the state on the verge of life and death, to whom. However, if we consider 10 of Pikes as a method of treatment, then the card speaks of acupuncture. Healing is possible due to the impact on certain points on the human body.

The mental state of the Ten of Swords can be called critical. Personality is completely broken, recently experienced something terrible. The psyche cannot cope with such a load, and therefore a person can sleep for a long time, refuse food and communication. The process of self-regulation is delayed. If the Nine of Air showed humility, acceptance of the situation, then the very fact of the blow occurs here. Mental anguish may not be realized by the querent himself. Rather, his mind is clouded, not yet fully aware of what happened.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Cruelty, an extremely negative manifestation of fortitude.
  • The desire for destruction and destructive vibrations.
  • War with others or with yourself and your ego.
  • Curbing oneโ€™s own self or victory over weaknesses.

The Ten of Swords symbolizes the peak of the activity of the element Air. The card has absorbed all the negativity that a person is only capable of. The blades on the card clearly belong to someone. The victim fell at the hands of a warrior. One blow would be enough, but the executioner decided to act for sure. The element itself represents the negativity of the mind. In a positive manifestation, this is the ability to protect oneself, a quick reaction, a refined flow of thoughts. But here the power reaches its climax. It turns into cruelty, sweeping away everything in its path.

In terms of spirituality, the Ten of Swords asks questions: โ€œWhat can psychologically kill me?โ€ and โ€œHow to use negativity to your advantage?โ€. The seeker must know his weaknesses and be prepared never to show them. But if a person finds these points, he can independently influence himself. This is necessary for curbing the ego. The enemy must be defeated by his own methods. This principle also works in terms of internal contradictions, subpersonalities. Sometimes you need to be able to independently stop your own impulses in the bud.

Meaning of the Reversed Ten of Swords Tarot

  • Loss for good or relief after parting, breakup.
  • Removing unnecessary people or circumstances from your life.
  • Cleaning the environment, internal negativity; righteous fury.
  • Forced actions, destructive manifestation of character.

The Ten of Swords is one of the few arcana in the Tarot deck that has a positive meaning in its opposite form. The reversed card symbolizes a sacrifice for good. These are inevitable losses, which ultimately bring relief. A difficult stage will be rewarded a hundredfold. Now the storm ends, dawn begins. Yes, you have to come to terms with the situation, let go of the past. But this is necessary for the well-being of the querent himself. The position of the Ten of Swords card indicates rage on the part of the questioner. A person will face a situation when it is necessary to show firmness of character, inflexibility. Weโ€™ll have to part with illusions, put an end to it on our own.

Reversed, the Ten of Swords gives you the chance to become the master of your own destiny. If in direct form the Arcana spoke of fate, a combination of circumstances, now the fortuneteller has the right to vote. He can cut social ties himself, refuse offers. The fact of having a choice gives strength, faith in oneself. The querent can defeat enemies, win. Also, the reversed Ten of Swords card sometimes indicates the need to shake someone up, put them hard in their place. Such individuals will themselves cling to the questioner. Like moths to a flame, they are drawn to a strong personality.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Rage leading to separation or prolonged provocation.
  • Patience, replaced by anger or payment for pain and tears.
  • Aggression towards the opposite sex, distrust, sarcasm.
  • Revenge and an attempt to recoup innocent people.

In terms of love, the reversed Ten of Swords shows a sharp change in orientation. The querent is tired of enduring anything, forgiving a partner. Now the victim herself becomes the executioner, through pain puts an end to it. This is the final decision, nevertheless taken on a surge of emotions. A breakup like this would never bring an ex-couple closer again. After such a relationship, wounds remain, resentment towards the opposite sex. But it is also a good experience, showing the boundaries of what is acceptable for the querent himself.

For singles, the Ten of Swords in the opposite sense predicts a difficult stage. A man once put an end to personal relationships. Now, all attempts to rectify the situation, stumble upon a fence of sharp convictions and bitter experience. A person can unknowingly injure other people, not let him close to his heart. Romance is replaced by physiology, and humor is replaced by sarcasm. Such a person does not believe in love, and most likely will never open up to anyone again. It is possible that the questioner is subconsciously taking revenge on the opposite sex, trying to recoup the innocent.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • A dismissal that brings relief or joy.
  • Cardinal changes in terms of work, activities.
  • Decrease in purchasing power, rejection of something.
  • Voluntary loss of finances, some opportunities.

In the context of work, the Ten of Swords in the opposite form speaks of a long-awaited departure, dismissal. Now the person himself is glad that he can speak out, throw out the negative. The past place of work did not satisfy his needs, rather, it suppressed and oppressed him. Therefore, parting with the position of the querent will survive easily. Perhaps there was a compulsion. And everything that is done under duress, sooner or later leads to breakdowns, outbursts of rage. Now the questioner can allow the answer "no" to uninteresting sentences.

The financial situation of the Ten of Swords reversed shows quite difficult. But this is the choice of the querent himself. He is ready to part with his property, change his job to a lower paying one. And all this for the sake of freedom. In the 21st century, such a phenomenon as downshifting is gaining momentum โ€“ a voluntary decrease in the standard of living. The position of the Ten of Spades card clearly characterizes the adherent of this philosophy. Such a person is not attached to the material, independent, and therefore happy.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Operable interventions in the region of the spine.
  • The most complex manipulations in the body of the questioner.
  • An explosion of emotions, a splash of negativity on offenders and enemies.
  • The process of self-purification and a protective reaction to the external.

In terms of health, the Ten of Swords reversed symbolizes successful operations, a way out of a critical situation. In fact, these are people who were on the verge of death, but by some miracle managed to survive. The querent has a chance to recover, to significantly alleviate the condition. According to the position of the Ten Swords card, such methods of treatment are undergoing โ€“ chemotherapy, replacement of joints or vertebrae with implants. These are complex surgeries. Also, the reversed Arcana can talk about wearing prosthetic arms or legs.

The psyche of the Ten of Swords in the opposite form is quite aggressive. A person can endure something unpleasant for a long time, but eventually explode. When this happens, even an angel will turn into a demon. The querent forced someone to teach a lesson, to punish. The surrounding people seem to be testing the fortuneteller for strength. The position of the Arcana speaks of righteous anger that needs to be thrown out. Enemies must be put in their place. After the rage is shown, the psyche will again return to its previous state.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Punishment of enemies, accomplished punishment, the principle of counteraction.
  • The role of the arbiter of other peopleโ€™s destinies or a teacher for unintelligent people.
  • The need to stop communicating with very toxic people.
  • The choice is in your favor, the ability to refuse or not go on about.

In the context of spirituality, the Ten of Swords reversed symbolizes some kind of higher punishment or karma. The Bible calls this phenomenon righteous anger, and it is not sin. Sometimes a person must take on the role of the Creator who punishes the wicked. In this case, the questioner may be faced with the need to firmly defend his rights, to keep enemies away from his soul. Often, advisors and well-wishers are actually wolves in sheepโ€™s clothing. Their only mission is to pull a person to their side, not to allow them to develop, grow spiritually.

The Ten of Swords reversed asks the questions: โ€œWhat do I need to give up?โ€ and โ€œHow to determine the right choice?โ€. Sometimes there are obstacles on the spiritual path. Sometimes, these are the closest, it would seem, people. They do not want the questioner to become better than them. The fact of development will oppress, suggest thoughts about themselves. Therefore, you often have to refuse to communicate with those who drag you to the bottom. The querent is invited to take a fresh look at his own life, environment, and make a choice in favor of himself.

Ten of Swords: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Ten of Swords Card

If the Ten of Swords fell out upright, then the card advises to come to terms with the loss. No matter how much effort the querent now makes, it will all be in vain. There is a certain factor that does not allow breaking through, reaching a new level. Therefore, you just need to forget about your idea, abandon the implementation of plans. Also, the Ten of Swords warns of even greater losses if the questioner does not stop. On the chosen path, he can lose absolutely everything. In this case, the blow will be unexpected. Even if at first glance the situation promises only success, you need to realize its illusory nature. There are only negative moments ahead.

If the card lay upside down, then the Ten of Swords advises to solve their own problems on their own. It is necessary to bring the enemies to clean water, or publicly punish ill-wishers. You should directly declare your unwillingness to endure the situation any longer. Thus, the questioner will lose problems, and also gain respect. In the context of the warning, the reversed Ten of Swords suggests that it is important for the fortuneteller to have a hand in punishing enemies himself. Punishment from above will not follow, you need to seize the moment and show toughness. If you do not do this, then you can become a victim of your own unexpressed negativity.

Ten of Swords: Daily Card Meaning

Today the querent is going to have a very difficult day. The Ten of Swords indicates that he will face a categorical refusal to cooperate, any kind of interaction. Plans will crumble like a house of cards. Moreover, everything that happens can happen unexpectedly, without any prerequisites. The person will feel rejected. Thoughts about your own unfulfillment may creep in. A series of failures will affect personal life, professional activities. Or maybe both at the same time. Unpleasant events pass through the card, leaving a void in the soul. Dreams collide with harsh reality.

When the card fell upside down, then the Ten of Swords promises a manifestation of negativity on the part of the fortuneteller himself. Today, the querent will be forced to refuse someone, to put a person in his place. In this case, the victory will be on the side of the questioner. Rigid methods of control and suppression at the moment are most welcome. Perhaps the querent himself does not want to be the aggressor, but circumstances force him to take out his saber. On these days, some devastation can be felt inside, a lack of empathy. The hand holding the sword should not tremble under the pressure of feelings. This day seems to be destined for the implementation of difficult steps. Today, it will be easiest to break off relations or punish enemies.

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