The Chariot Tarot Card

Card Name: Chariot, Wagon, Charioteer

Category: Major Arcana, Mind

Position: 7

Zodiac sign: Cancer ♋

The Chariot is a card of triumphal procession, victory and the true path. The hero of the seventh Arcana of the Tarot marks the arrival of a new stage. He left behind a beautiful city, but intends to create an even stronger system. The card implies travel, movement in space. But in the opposite form, the Arcana hints at bumps and potholes. The trip is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. The character is forced to circle in search of a new road. But, often this way can remain unopened. The reversed Arcana shows a forced escape, unwise decisions and denial. The querent stands still or hides from himself, living in the past.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the The Chariot

In the Rider-Waite Tarot, the Chariot card depicts a noble man in a small wagon for one person. The protagonist is dressed in armor, decorated with the image of magical signs. The head is crowned with a crown in the form of a laurel wreath and a star in the middle. On the shoulders of the character "lie" two crescents with human faces. So, the one on the left shows an evil grin, and the one on the right smiles. In his right hand, the man holds a staff. The fabric at the top of the carriage is blue, with the image of white stars. This stylistic device resembles a real night or predawn sky. The crew is led by two sphinxes – black and white. The action itself takes place against the backdrop of a city and a river. The figure of the protagonist moves away from the fortress.

Arthur Waite borrowed most of the symbols for the Chariot from Eliphas Levi. The cubic shape of the wagon and the square on the hero’s chest represent fundamentality, materialism. The abundance of stars and cosmic signs hints at spirituality and enlightenment. Thus, the character symbolizes life itself, enclosed in a physical body. Huge wheels show the eternal movement forward, the transience of time. At the same time, sphinxes personify complete calmness and non-involvement. A blue wand with a yellow knob in his hand seems to indicate the direction of the path, and a red symbol on the carriage – life energy.

Meaning of the Upright The Chariot Card

  • Travel, physical movement, or frequent travel.
  • Moving forward, having aspirations and gaining skills.
  • Composure, the will to win, a well-deserved prize, triumph, strength.
  • A loud statement about yourself, a bright performance or luck.

In its upright form, the Chariot denotes movement both in the physical world and the inner one. This is a kind of growth, only forward movement. The laurel crown on the character’s head symbolizes victory and power. The wagon itself is very similar to the ancient Roman one, with the help of which the emperor moved. He rode into the city or the battlefield as a winner, and the crowd applauded after him. On the Charioteer card, there are several indications of the connection of two sides, energies: these are a couple of months, sphinxes. Therefore, the Arcana means composure, the ability to manage oneself and others. The character has both rational and irrational approaches.

The Chariot also shows a change of circumstances, cardinal changes. But here the important factor is a gradual, not a sharp movement. On the way to a better life, the querent acquires new skills and abilities. He manages to accumulate forces within himself, in order to apply them later to achieve the goal. The Wagon card represents the ability to see opportunities and grasp them tightly. The upright position of the Arcana hints at the favor of fate and good luck. What the questioning person so desires will definitely come true. The stars have aligned, and now getting what you want is only a matter of time.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • Development of relations, transition to a new level of trust.
  • A love affair at a distance, a long separation from someone.
  • Correspondence romance and acquaintance on a business trip, on the way.
  • Willingness to live together, moving to your half.

In the spread of love, the Chariot shows the transition of a relationship from one stage to another. Also, the card may imply a connection at a distance – one of the partners comes to the other. But the upright view of the Arcana gives hope for the reunion of hearts, the move for good. Even if a loved one cannot stay with his passion now, everything will change in the near future. His intentions are solid and unwavering. Separation only enhances feelings, gives an incentive for rapprochement and development of relationships.

For lonely people, the Chariot predicts a love affair that will begin on a journey. Perhaps the querent will go on a business trip and meet his fate there. The card also shows communication with foreigners, through dating sites or just in social networks. But even in this case, the relationship has a future. At first glance, a fleeting infatuation turns out to be something big. The fortuneteller himself will be ready to move, or he will ask a loved one to return.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Companies engaged in the sale or leasing cars.
  • Vehicle production is also frequent business trips.
  • Continuous development of work skills or simplification of processes.
  • Career growth, income jump, competent money management.

In the context of activity, the Chariot symbolizes transport companies, leasing, car dealerships. The emphasis here is on ground vehicles. In terms of the situation, the card shows a great chance of success in the chosen business. The querent will be able to move up the career ladder, develop his own business. In all matters, the fortuneteller will be pursued by luck. It was as if he pulled out a lucky ticket, chose the right path. In some cases, the Arcana simply shows frequent business trips, work trips.

A person on the Chariot card will never be left without money. He is ready to change his place of residence, acquire new skills, does not stand still. A stop in development will invariably lead to a miss, so the querent does not hesitate. At the same time, a person moves gradually, step by step cutting through the road to happiness. He knows how to save money, wisely invests in his own and other people’s projects. Practicality and foresight will help to quickly open a profitable business, to establish cash flow.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Strong legs, pumped up calves, quadriceps; durability.
  • Endurance, strong core muscles, also running.
  • The ability to be in the moment and react in time, grasping.
  • Constancy of intentions, willingness to work, to improve.

In the context of health, the Chariot refers to the legs and spine. When upright, the card indicates endurance, strength and energy. A person can run, often trains the muscles of the legs and the cortex. The Arcana hints at an overabundance of adrenaline, the good work of the adrenal glands. From this, a person feels motivated, full of resources for increased activity. However, he also knows how to restrain himself and directs forces only in a peaceful direction. The card also can show a surge of energy due to the use of caffeine.

The state of the psyche is excited. A person feels in himself a huge supply of energy for the realization of desires. The Chariot here personifies grasp, a tenacious mind, capable of quickly responding to what is happening. That is why the questioner catches the opportunities provided by life in time. Success – from the word "in time". The card signals luck and at the same time composure. The fortuneteller not only wants to win, but he also intends to go and buy a lucky lottery ticket.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Refusal to stand still or readiness to rush into battle.
  • Active position or leadership qualities and abilities.
  • Movement in accordance with inner striving.
  • Successful achievement of all goals, triumph.

In different areas of life, the Chariot will be played in different ways. However, everywhere the main meaning will be this – constant movement. If an inner fire of motivation and desire to live burns in a person, then he will strive to fully realize himself. For some, the goal is personal relationships, for others – business achievements. The card promises victory for everyone. The querent himself will come to triumph, because he cannot but move forward. At the same time, it may seem to him that nothing is happening, everything remains the same.

The Chariot asks questions: “How to choose your direction?” and “How not to turn off it?”. A person must first understand what the soul lies to. Even in choosing dishes or clothes, you need to be sensitive to yourself. Then, when the heart prompts the answer, you can begin to move along the chosen path. In order not to turn off it, you must always remember the highest goal, the dream that made you go forward. This is hinted at by the canopy with the night sky depicted on the card. In order not to forget about what you want, you should always keep it in front of your eyes.

Spirituality and Karma (Upright)

  • Isolation that allows you to create, develop and grow.
  • Creativity and the ability to see beauty in the simple.
  • The desire to finish something, bring it to its logical end.
  • The eternal search for oneself, the true meaning of life and the highest idea.

From the standpoint of spirituality, the meaning of the Chariot is positive. The number 7, under which the Arcana is located, symbolizes the end of one stage and the transition to something new. The card character has left a beautiful city behind to build something grander. This is perfection, expressed in the power of the spirit, likeness to God. Man here acts as the creator of his own reality. And, although he moves through space and time, in fact, everything happens the other way around – it is the energy of reality that flows through the walking one.

As karma, the Chariot shows the fate associated with frequent movements. A person will have to learn a lot, immerse himself in someone else’s life, culture. The inner impulse will spur you to finish what you started to the end and immediately strive for new heights. Perhaps in the past the querent did not have time for something, he sat all his life in one place. But now the energy that was once restrained will gush like a waterfall. This desire will lead you in the right direction.

Meaning of the Reversed The Chariot Tarot

  • Choosing the wrong path, the fallacy of actions or judgments.
  • Unfinished business, problems of the past, open questions.
  • Delayed trip, obstacles on the way and frequent stops.
  • Returning somewhere or escaping from oneself, reality.

In the reversed position, the Chariot changes meaning. The triumphal procession is hampered by obstacles that arise occasionally. Victory turns into an escape from responsibility. The reversed card also symbolizes movement, but now it is dictated by the desire to run away, hide. A person does not stay anywhere for a long time, does not have time to take root. Also, the Chariot in the opposite form hints at the fact that things cannot be completed. The questioner circles over his target like a bird of prey, but constantly misses. The resource is being wasted. The fortuneteller simply loses precious time in endless fruitless searches.

Also, the reversed Chariot can indicate a movement back to something familiar and familiar. Life will force you to face the past, and this is not always a pleasant meeting. In addition, the Arcana in the opposite sense shows unclosed gestalts, problems without solutions. At the simplest level of vibration, the positions of the Chariot card symbolize stagnation in business. Some issues require close attention, but they fail to focus. Trips are delayed or canceled altogether. The querent gets entangled in himself and goes in the wrong direction.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • The appearance of difficulties in relationships, non-reciprocity of feelings.
  • Fear of letting too close or developing as a couple.
  • Short-term relationships and nothing serious, high-quality.
  • Holiday romances or distance that only gets in the way.

The reversed Chariot of the Tarot gives an unpleasant connotation to the love spread. The position of the card indicates the indecision of the partner. Distance only hurts the couple. Sooner or later, someone will want to cross out such a relationship. The reversed Chariot Arcana symbolizes a “hanging” love affair with an open ending. Lovers cannot agree, come to common conclusions. The family boat will soon break on the rocks of everyday life. The reason for this is the inability to talk to each other, selfishness. Everyone pulls the blanket over to their side.

For singles, the Chariot in the opposite form promises relationships without a future. A new acquaintance will not lead to anything more than just a passing infatuation. The holiday romance will not be continued upon returning home. A potential partner is not aimed at something serious and fundamental. He has his head in the clouds and expects the same from his passion. There is nothing to be offended about here, because the gentleman or lady will immediately declare her true intentions. Further, the choice will be for the querent.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Traffic police points, work related to checking transport.
  • Lack of career growth and development of professional skills.
  • Delayed salary or delayed receipt of finances.
  • The crisis is also the difficulty of finding a suitable vacancy.

In terms of the field of activity, the reversed Chariot often shows the road-guard service, points that control movement. And as a significator of the situation at work, the reversed Arcana speaks of a lack of growth, promotion. The questioner stands still, he does not manage to achieve something worthwhile, outstanding. One can only dream of career growth. It is possible that the fortuneteller chose a profession only out of mercantile interest. The soul asks for something else, so there is no internal motivation. And from the constant "doping" from the outside, you can burn out.

Money comes with great difficulty. The Chariot in the opposite position often shows a delay in finances. The querent may have some savings, but they are difficult to withdraw. Funds got stuck halfway, settled in an illiquid product, unprofitable business. Also, the questioner can pull with going to work. All this leads to lack of money, need. The current situation does not allow to roam.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Fractures of the legs or improperly fused bones, cartilage.
  • Pain while walking and running, also inflammation of the joints.
  • Self-doubt and inability to express feelings.
  • Accumulation of grievances, a lot of unspoken or apathy.

The reversed Chariot indicates problems with the legs and spine. It can be: varicose veins, various fractures, sprains. In the worst case, the position of the card will show movement using a wheelchair. The Arcana in the opposite meaning also can symbolize the fragility of bones, diseases of cartilage. In any case, the querent has problems with movement. The knees may ache due to the onset of the inflammation process. Also, the position of the Arcana hints at the indigestibility of certain substances or an allergic reaction.

In the opposite form, the Chariot personifies indecision and fear. The querent cannot focus on one goal and finish what he started. He has a fear of condemnation, evaluation by others. Domestic complexes stop halfway. This can even lead to depression. The fortuneteller is unable to achieve outstanding results, to appear as a leader. He is always in someone’s shadow, so he is not satisfied with life.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Adventure travel, problems on the way to the goal.
  • Non-working mechanism; strategy that does not work.
  • Mediocrity or inability to emerge victorious.
  • Stuck in a situation, also a long “fix”, rejection.

In most cases, the reversed Chariot symbolizes the appearance of obstacles on the way. The meaning of the position of the card can be figuratively represented as a carriage that turned over. There is a certain reason that does not allow moving on. The course of events is disrupted, there is no way to stay afloat. This is a time of crisis that must be experienced. It may be that the stagecoach no longer makes any sense to repair – it’s better to just leave it and go on foot. This ballast can be a relationship or a chosen profession.

The reversed Chariot asks questions: “Why am I standing still?” and “What should be changed?”. It is possible that the querent initially chose the wrong path. The road leads to an impenetrable swamp, which is sure to tighten. Or maybe the questioner broke down inside. He lacks the courage and strength to continue the journey towards happiness. It is worth doing an analysis of the situation and to the end to understand what is happening. Until this is done, the fortuneteller will remain at the starting point.

Spirituality and Karma (Reversed)

  • The inability to find the true path, one’s destiny.
  • Escape from upsetting memories and everything undone.
  • A life lived in vain in throwing or meaningless searches.
  • An attempt to hide from fate, karmic debt, duty.

If the Chariot is drawn upside down, then the card shows a stop on the path of spirituality. The seeker is disoriented, does not know where to go next. The reason for this may be internal problems, throwing from one to another. After all, the body is not eternal. While the querent is incarnate on this earth, he has a limited amount of time. If you stand still, you can lose the chance given to the Universe. The diversity of the material world should not distract from the main goal – self-knowledge.

In terms of karma, the Chariot in the reversed form symbolizes an escape from one’s own "I". There is a problem that keeps me awake at night. However, the questioner does not want to solve it. Instead, a person continually changes his place of residence, relationship or job. But all such actions are aimed at one thing – to close your eyes to the really important things. You won’t be able to hide from your own conscience all the time – it will convey meanings with the help of dreams, snippets of conversations or direct messages from others.

The Chariot as a Significator of a Person

If the card lies straight, then the Chariot shows real dreamers, romantic natures. But at the same time, they know how to achieve goals, without looking back to run towards fate. The Arcana corresponds to Cancer. Pierre Cardin, Elon Musk, Princess Diana are famous representatives of this zodiac sign. These people dreamed of many things and managed to bring their dreams to life. The card symbolizes an endless stream, expressed in one detail. Thus, a person becomes great simply by following his own dreams and fulfilling them one by one.

The reversed Chariot shows those who have problems with self-realization. Such people want a lot, but achieve little. When a person lives only in fantasies, it de-energizes, deprives him of strength for real actions. Energy is spent on building castles in the air, and not on specific steps. You can still live in fantasy and never get closer to your dream in real life. And the worst thing is that such personalities stop the development of others, they can put spokes in the wheels because of their own dissatisfaction.

The Chariot: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the The Chariot Card

In the upright position, the Chariot advises to stick to the chosen path. It is necessary to be guided by the principles and skills that were chosen initially. The beaten track will not let you down. It is worth staying at an existing job, developing current relationships. The Chariot also warns of the danger of turning onto the wrong road. Trying to run away from responsibility will only take time. As a result, the questioner will still have to rake up the accumulated cases. Therefore, it is best not to even stare at alternative options, but to focus on what is available. This concentration will give strength for a qualitative leap forward.

The reversed Chariot advises trying to avoid predetermined events. Parents or their own family can force them to do something, even if the querent does not want it. Here it is best not to make specific promises, but to try in practice to change the way, the way of life. As a warning, the reversed Chariot hints at the danger of moving along beaten paths. Proven methods will not bring happiness to the fortuneteller. Rather, they will lead into an emotional swamp full of unpleasant factors. The traveler needs to change his inner guidelines as soon as possible so as not to lose himself.

The Chariot: Daily Card Meaning

The Chariot, as a card of the day, promises the beginning of a journey. Movement may be dictated by work matters or personal interests. In any case, the querent will be able to achieve his goal. Things will argue, and those around you will only be amazed. The influx of energy must be thrown out somewhere. And it is best to direct forces to achieve previously set goals. You can also go in for sports to "discharge". Sometimes the card will simply show watching car races. The day is suitable for decisive action, the implementation of old plans. Some things need to be completed, and it’s best to do it now.

The reversed Chariot in the spread of the card of the day, on the contrary, symbolizes stops and unforeseen situations. A trip by car may be delayed due to a flat tire, an unexpected breakdown. In the opposite form, the Arcana often shows accidents, so you should be careful. Today the dream will be close, but it will not work to reach the star. Reality now and then will turn away from really important matters. Unpleasant little things can bring to white heat. Therefore, it is best to postpone the planned steps. Still, the plan will not be realized.

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